Tuesday, 28 July 2015

One half will not deviate from the Truth. The other half will twist the Truth

Jesus' Message here covers a few topics in His Hope to restore our love for Him on the earth. Our Nations will be punished with tremendous pain for the pain we have inflicted on the unborn. Our murderousness is under scrutiny and thankfully so. Murder of the unborn must stop. Australia - we will lament in our woes as we pick up the dead from the street after calamity. God has our Nation in His Sights. Stop abortion! Stop this atrocity and abomination! Those of you who have aborted your children, go to Jesus and ask for forgiveness, repent for your sins and ask for His Mercy! Stop this evil! God will not hold His Hand back from us any longer. Weep for your country! Get back to Church! Avail yourselves of the Sacraments! and include Jesus in your everyday life. STOP IGNORING HIM!!!

One half will not deviate from the Truth. The other half will twist the Truth

"My dearly beloved daughter, for every stern Message I give to all of God’s children always remember that My Love is ever Merciful.
My patience is all enduring and I will save every single person who calls on My Mercy, irrespective of the gravity of their sins.
How I yearn to free all from the grasp of the deceiver who tightens his hold on every soul he has seduced, so that many are powerless against his strength.
Let no man fail to understand this. When you have sold your soul, willingly, to Satan, he will not let you go free. Only I can set you free.
When those souls, who are lost to Me because of the sinful lives they lead, try to change their ways, they too, will struggle against the beast. For this is a beast who is aggrieved and he is vicious.
For many, even those who are devoted to Me, their Jesus, he will become like a thorn in their side from time to time. Nothing will satisfy him until you yield to his temptation, which differs from person to person.
Because every single one of you is a sinner, and will continue to be one until you are cleansed of sin, accept sin as a fact, but fight it.
To those of you who know Me intimately, you know that you can trust in My Mercy, always.
You know the importance of keeping in daily communication with Me. This can be as simple as chatting to Me during your working day. This is a perfect time to offer little sacrifices to Me.
If someone hurts you, offer this trial to Me so that I can save souls because of it.
If you are disturbed about the struggles you face, which you have no control over, you must allow Me to take your burden away.
Many people work long hard hours both inside of and outside of the home. All I ask is for you to turn to Me in your thoughts when you need support and help, for I will answer your prayer.
Never make the error by thinking that you can only communicate with Me during your time in Church, or before and after receiving the Holy Sacraments. I am there at every moment of the day. I respond to every request, if it is according to My Holy Will.
My beloved disciples, you are all God’s children. I unite you, nation with nation, so that I can bring peace and unity amongst the chaos, which will come.
Let Me bring you into My Holy Family and you will be strengthened.
Then you will rise and surge forward, renewed and with a new lease, to lead My army, which has not yet been formed in many countries.
Keep loyal to My instruction.
Please spread the Seal of the Living God everywhere. It must not be sold. It must be available for everyone. Pass copies to all those who need to be protected.
The division between the loyal followers, those who accept My Father’s Book, the Most Holy Bible, and those who want to change the Truth, is about to become wider.
One half will not deviate from the Truth.
The other half will twist the Truth.
They will do this to suit their own political and personal motivations, which will be hidden behind a couched language.
The Truth will soon be declared to be a lie and God will be accorded the blame.
They will disrespectfully declare that the laws laid down by My Holy vicar are old fashioned and do not suit modern society.
Every cunning argument will be in direct conflict with the Laws of God, which amount to this.
These people want to introduce laws, which legalise sin. They do not love God. They say that they do, and many of those who promote such laws are atheists, but do not reveal their true beliefs.
Many of their plans include the banning of Christian laws.
On the one hand, they tolerate the laws, which allow women to abort children because of lifestyle choices. They use the arguments of choice, but this choice applies to the needs of the mother not the child.
Many women will be tormented after they destroy life in this way. Many will feel a sense of loss because they will know in their hearts that the life that they destroyed was created by God.
Every powerful and convincing argument will be made to bring about the legislation of abortion. Every trick, used to garner support, which amounts to abortion being introduced for all.
For this sin, I will tear down their countries.
The sin of abortion causes My Father great pain and He will not allow this to continue.
The nations, which constantly try to make it available to more women and who promote it as being a good thing, will be taken out and dealt a punishment from which there can be no recovery.
They will be guilty of the sin of murder and will be one of the first groups who will suffer pain during The Warning.
God will not allow you to touch the lives He created.
His punishment will be meted out upon you in the form of earthquakes and many nations will continue to receive punishment after punishment until the day of the Lord.
Abortion and murder will be the two sins for which My Father will cast down a severe chastisement upon the world.
Sin, My disciples, is something like a stain, which blights your souls every day. But when you are in a state of grace, that sin diminishes. The more you receive the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confession, the greater the graces you receive.
To those of you who attend daily Mass, very special graces are given to you. For you, My devout followers will be passed through the Gates of My Paradise quickly.
Go now and spend a little more time with Me. Chat to Me. I like light chatter and it brings Me closer to you. I yearn for you. I yearn for the intimacy I crave, so I can bring you closer to Me.
You can build a wonderful relationship with Me simply by becoming a friend first. Then our love will build until such time that your heart will burst with love for Me and Mine for you.
It is not complicated, to begin a new fresh beginning, to prepare for My Kingdom. Start now. Call on Me.
If you love Me, you will soon trust in Me and this will lead you towards the cleansing of your soul. You will be happier, at peace, and nothing of the outside world will mean anything, except for the pain of sin, which you will witness.
I am right here. I am waiting for you. I want mankind to be able to get to know Me properly.
I love you.
Your Jesus"

Virgin Mary: You must pray that those poor souls who continue to crucify my Son turn away from sin

Our Blessed Mother of Salvation, we implore You to draw us closer to Your Son. Give us the Grace of Wisdom and Understanding to see what Our Dear Lord asks of us now, so we can always stay close to His Sacred Heart. We love You Blessed Mother, help us in our time of need. Amen

Virgin Mary: You must pray that those poor souls who continue to crucify my Son turn away from sin

"My child, all of my children who love my Son must unite in prayer at this time of strife in the world.
You must pray that those poor souls who continue to crucify my Son turn away from sin and implore my Son to forgive them.
Time is short and only those in a state of grace can enter my Son’s Kingdom.
When before, it took many years of prayer and sacrifice and devotion to me, your Blessed Mother; now there will only be a very short time left for you to seek redemption.
Pray, my little ones, hard for those who insult my Son and who dishonour My Father, God the Most High.
So many have turned their backs on God. The evil one has succeeded in turning their hearts into stone.
Very few honour the life, which was given to God’s children. Your lives are in God’s Hands. Any one who interferes with God’s Creation will be punished.
My child, you must call on all those who have been given the Book of Truth to pray to me, the Mother of Salvation. I have been accorded the task of helping my Son in the redemption of humanity.
Allow me to help you children to see the way to my Son with clarity and love in your hearts.
I will help you to overcome every obstacle, which blocks your journey towards my Son’s Mercy.
Please remember that my Son is all forgiving. He loves all of God’s children, no matter how they torment Him.
All you must do is to turn to Him and ask for His Mercy to bring you close to Him.
Pray, pray, pray for all those who have offended my Son and who have desecrated His Churches, for they need your help.
They are lost souls and must be brought back into the Bosom of my Son. Otherwise this would break His Heart.
Thank you for responding to this call from Heaven.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation"

This group of twelve, representing powerful nations, is an affront to the existence of My 12 apostles

Sounds like the U.N and other groups like it. Masonic forces are at work too and our nations will be in for the biggest shock when God decides to sort the wheat out from the chaff. Make no mistake if the leaders of our Nations decide it will always be OK to KILL our babies, then woe to us for their rebellion to God's Law! Nothing is as tantamount in saving our very existence as SAVING THE UNBORN! Our lives will be given up for those we have killed! To the Australian Government, heed God's Laws and debase those actions which will see abortion continue, homosexual union continuing to be recognised as legitimate and Christianity removed as 'a choice' from your agendas! God has spoken! This nation of Australia will be punished beyond our imagining if you don't listen to Him NOW!!!

This group of twelve, representing powerful nations, is an affront to the existence of My 12 apostles

"My dearly beloved daughter, many insults are being flung against Me, the Saviour of man, and they are disguised under a veil of deceit.
Satan has infested Christians, in particular, all over the world at this time. He does this in the most cunning way. He convinces them that they must show allegiance to their brothers and sister by getting them to believe in lies.
People, by their nature, have a caring side born of a natural love for others. This is a gift from God. Satan uses this emotion to draw man into a web of deceit over which he has little control.  He manages to get them to believe in laws which amount to grave sins against God.
By supporting others in their quest to bring about laws, which condone murder, war and blasphemies against God, many people believe that they are doing the right thing.
When you believe that sin is acceptable and that it is justified, because it is for the good of others, you have fallen into a carefully orchestrated trap.
It is no coincidence that excuses for division in Christian Churches are mounting. It is no coincidence that any excuse to condone abortion is presented to you at this time.
Every nation is linked and every public outcry to introduce abortion, condone war and bring about changes in Christian Churches is being planned by one entity. This group has been planning these events for many years. They know exactly who they are and what they are doing. They are very powerful and dangerous.
Stop, watch and listen, for by now you must accept that what I tell you is in the Name of God. All these monstrous and repulsive actions, presented to you as plausible and caring changes in your society, have been planned and coordinated on a global basis by the group of twelve.
This group of twelve, representing powerful nations, is an affront to the existence of My twelve apostles.
They will present and support the antichrist in the world, just as My twelve apostles presented Me in public during My time on earth.
Their power means that each powerful nation supports each other to bring about sinful laws to ensure that they will be accepted.
How you, My beloved disciples, will suffer because of your access to the Truth. The Truth will open your eyes to the evil all around you. You must never fear the Truth. It is only when you accept it that it can protect you from these wicked laws, deeds and acts.
Know that those nations who partake in the introduction of wicked laws will suffer the most during the final purification.
They may believe that they are beyond reproach, but they will only succeed in achieving one thing. That will be a punishment, so severe, that they will not be able to hide or cover their faces to avoid it. They will, first of all, have to answer to Me. Many will spit, even then, in My Face. And then, they will join the antichrist, the beast and all those fallen angels for an eternity of pain.
I now warn you. To those of you who try to bring abortion into your nations; to those who defile My Christian Churches and to those who honour the beast; your days are few.
For you, there will be no future, no eternal life, no access to My Kingdom.
Your Jesus"

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Turmoil will be evident in every corner of the earth and only a blind man will fail to see the changes

Get ready! It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Turmoil will be evident in every corner of the earth and only a blind man will fail to see the changes

"My dearly beloved daughter, there is only one way to Eternal Life and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. There are, however, many paths which lead to Me.
Many who follow My Truth will find it easier than those who know the Truth but who do not pay homage to God.
My followers, you must understand that those amongst you who know the Truth, but who sit back and allow the Word of God to be deemed a lie, that you have a responsibility to Me, your Jesus.
Never accept laws, which honour Satan. You will know, in your hearts, which laws I mean when they are paraded before you. For then they will disgust you just as they disgust Me.
Let it be known that the battle against the Word of God has begun. The way in which this will happen will become clear to you.
Many changes in My Churches on earth; many trials amongst My sacred servants; rows between nations; and the conflict in Israel will all increase, in their intensity, all at the same time.
Turmoil will be evident in every corner of the earth and only a blind man will fail to see the changes all around you. Each of you will be affected in some way, but know this.
I have promised you that I will be with you, guiding you at every turn, easing your pain for every stone you step on in your quest for peace, love and harmony.
Keep by Me. Stand close to My Sacred Heart and allow Me to keep you strong.
Walk through this jungle of pain and confusion, with faith in your heart and trust for Me, your Jesus, and you will survive.
Never allow your conscience or commitment to the Truth of God to be swayed, for anyone, no matter how convincing they sound. No matter how many, so called tolerant, laws they force upon you so that you will accept them.
You will know, in your hearts, the difference between truth and fiction.
Your Jesus"

A number of events regarding the Churches, which honor Me in the world, will begin to surface

We must keep all priests in our prayers. I feel very uncomfortable with a lot of the Clergy here in Australia. There is an air of defiance amongst a lot of them. They have not been formed in the Seminary properly and are wishy washy at the pulpit. They have forgotten their Divinity within them that the Holy Spirit gave them as His Gift for their Priesthood in the Order of Malchizedech. Our priests will only tell you what you want to hear as long as it doesn't cause controversy. So abortion, homosexuality, mortal sin, hell and end times are all off the agenda! Now it seems our Bishops are being pressured to separate from Rome in this contrived Church called the Catholic Renewal Church of Australia! Just wonderful! NOT! So pray for our priests. They have a proud and worldly armour which is difficult for Jesus to penetrate without our prayers and sacrifice. Then for all the Clergy who are devoted to following Jesus in the Institution that He set down, we also have to pray for as they are on the frontline doing battle and being mocked by their brother priests! They have much suffering ahead of them. But they have the Remnant Church's support all the way to the New Paradise!

A number of events regarding the Churches, which honour Me in the world, will begin to surface

"My dear mystical spouse, My dearly beloved daughter, your trials have given you a new strength and the passion needed to touch the hearts of many.
This is one of the ways in which I will touch the souls of those who need My Graces. I will do this through your work for Me, so that conversion can spread quickly.
During this time a number of events regarding the Churches, which honour Me, in the world will begin to surface.
The schism in My Catholic Church will soon be made public.
When this is done it will be to the sound of applause for those who have separated the Truth of My Teachings from the Commandments laid down by My Father.
The planning and co-ordination of this grand scheme has taken some time, but soon they will announce the schism before the world’s media.
Many, shouting at the top of their voices present lies, not only against the laws laid down by My Teachings. What they really want is to create a new god. The new figurehead of My Church will be promoted as like any high profile election of political leaders.
They will make you want to believe that the Words of old are deceitful. Then they will tell you not to believe in them. They will change the ways in which they have lived My Teachings and change the way they honour Me.
They will now push My Laws to one side and will worship laws of their own making.

They will change their solemn vows to justify their participation in the building of a new temple – the new temple dedicated to the rule of the false prophet
Then they will no longer be servants of Mine, for they will switch allegiance and honour the false prophet.
Then they will worship a false god, a brand new concept, which will allow for certain laws of God to be abolished and replaced with obscenities before My Eyes.
This is My warning to those priests amongst you who will pull away from the Catholic Church.
When you stop trusting in Me fully, your heads will be turned to believe in lies. When you trust deceitful rulers you will fall into terrible sin.  You will honour the beast, who will defile My Church by plunging the crown of thorns on the Head of My Church, My true Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict.
You will suffer terribly when you serve the beast, for you will be depriving God of His children. Turn back to your true roots. Do not allow My Church to be defiled by the sins planned by people who want to destroy Christianity and other religions, which honour My Father.
You, My sacred servants, who disobey your Holy Orders, cut off your hearts from Me, while these deceivers will steal your souls.
The biggest sin you are about to commit is to honour a false god. Dressed in jewels, he will be charming, subtle and with a seemingly good grasp of the Teachings of My Father’s Book. You will fall under his spell. He will twist My Teachings so they become heresy.
This religion, an alternative to the Truth of God, is worthless. Yet it will have an exterior of charm, love and wonder, and dressed with new gold and precious stones, it will feature as the new one-world religion on all altars.
To those faithful priests, I tell you this. I will bless you with the Graces to understand the Truth at all times.
Such idols, presented to you as the Truth, are but clay. They are made of wooden objects. They are nothing. They do not have any meaning. No Graces will be emitted. God, the One True God, will simply not be present in their churches. Only the Living God can be present in My Churches. When God the Father witnesses this final insult, He will exile those who bring alive these pagan practices. Then He will demand an explanation from those who cause the schism in His Holy Church on earth – these same servants who arrogantly dismiss the Word of God so casually.
When they face Me, during the Warning, they will know how they have hurt My Father. No person or sacred servant has control because there is only one Master. Only one God. They are introducing a man-made god. He does not exist, yet they will steal My flock from Me. They will be given every grace and shown much patience. If they do not repent, they will be destroyed.
Each of you will be repaid for every soul you have lost to Me.
Your Jesus"

The Crowning of Thorns during My Crucifixion is symbolic

Jesus saying His Crowning of Thorns is symbolic in no way suggests it didn't happen, but that it happened as a sign to mankind that indeed the Son of man took upon Himself, all the sins - of intellect, of the mind, of humanism, relativism, empiricism, atheism, creationism, communism, fascism, deism, science used for control of what is God's to Control etc. They are all sins of the mind. Any wonder the Crowning of Jesus' Divine Head with thorns which tore out His Eye and pierced Him so cruelly, was so barbaric and aggressive! He did it all for us! We are always by Your Side Jesus. We love You!

The Crowning of Thorns during My Crucifixion is symbolic

"My dearly beloved daughter, the crowning of thorns during My Crucifixion is symbolic for the end times.
Just as the Church is My Body on earth, so it too will be crowned with the thorns of scourging as it was during My journey to Calvary. The Crown of Thorns signifies the Head of My Holy Church on earth. Pope Benedict will suffer much as he will be persecuted for speaking the Truth.
He will be crushed, as Head of My Church, and no mercy will be shown to him. The opposition will mount quickly as he will be declared no longer relevant.
Those who will claim to be more modern in their approach to apostolic ways will swipe at him and ridicule his words. Then the Head of My Church will be replaced by the Head of the Serpent.
The scourging I endured during My Crucifixion will now be reenacted in My Catholic Church. The serpent moves quickly now, as he will try to devour My Body – My Church on earth. Then all Christian Churches will be swallowed up and forced to honour the false prophet as the right hand of the beast.
While many of you may be fearful remember your prayers are delaying these things, and in many instances are mitigating such circumstances.
Prayers, and enough of them, will delay and weaken the work of the evil one on earth.
It is the antidote to the persecution planned by the evil group who are ruled by Satan. With conversion and your prayers, My disciples, much can be overthrown. Prayer can destroy this wickedness. Prayer can and will convert mankind. Then if enough souls follow Me, all will be easy. Then the transition into My New Paradise will be easier.
Your Jesus"

I solemnly promise you that the transition will be swift

So many times we see Jesus refer to "blink of an eye" "swift" etc in His Messages. Many believe this refers to the Rapture and get very excited about the prospect. It doesn't matter how it will be done, just know that God is getting prepared to take back what is His! We are His and He is preparing the all important journey for us to Enter into His New Kingdom on Earth. We do not need to be concerned about the logistics of it all, just prepare our souls and spread the Word and keep praying the Crusade Prayers daily. This is the difference between us seeing Paradise for all or just many. Let's make it for all!!!

I solemnly promise you that the transition will be swift

"My dearly beloved daughter, it is always important to remember that when you suffer it is not your pain only, which you feel. It is My pain you endure. The pain I speak of, is not that which I endured during My Crucifixion, but that which I face today as I watch and feel the pain of humanity.
People are suffering in the world because of their darkness of soul. Even those who live simple lives and who try to follow My Teachings are suffering. They can feel wretched as they struggle to love each other. They also suffer because of the doubts, which they experience in their faith.
So many do not understand the meaning of eternal life or the fact that life does not end when a person dies on this earth. This is why so many do not prepare themselves for the next life.
Many people in the past did not prepare adequately and are either in Hell or Purgatory.
This generation is being given a Gift, which no other generation has benefited from. Many will simply make the transition from this life instantly without having to experience death, as you know it.
My Second Coming will bring with it this extraordinary Gift. So do not fear. Rejoice, for I come to you to bring you a prosperous future.
Think of it like this. While you will endure some difficulties, and you will have to witness the way in which My Existence will be denounced, it will not last long.
I realise many of you worry but I solemnly promise you that the transition will be swift. Then, when you witness the New Jerusalem as it descends upon the New Earth, the New Paradise, you will be filled with ecstasy.
No words can describe this beautiful Creation. My Heart bursts with Love when I think of how you and your loved ones will react with wonder. That will be when the mystery of the final covenant will become clear to you.
The clarity of My Promise to come again will be truly understood at last.
The world will become one holy family and will live an existence in accordance with, and in union with, the Divine Will of My Father.
This is going to be a time of re-union, as the first resurrection for the dead will take place.  Those who have been cleansed on this earth, through the purification, will join those who have also been purified in Purgatory to live in the New Paradise.
Much will change but all those who follow Me and join Me in My New Era of Peace, over which I will reign through My spiritual direction, will find peace of soul.
At last the suffering experienced, under the reign of Satan on this earth, will be no more.
Every pain, every suffering, every prayer, every effort endured by you to gather the souls who languish behind and who kick and struggle all the way, will be worth it.
The New Paradise is ready. All you need to do is to prepare your souls and walk towards the gates. Those of you, who redeem yourselves, in My Eyes, will be given the keys to open the gates.
Persevere during this coming tribulation for it is something, which must happen as it has been foretold in My Father’s Book.
Your prayers will mitigate much of it and My Father will intervene at every possible stage to prevent evil deeds from being inflicted on His precious children.
Your Jesus"

Global Vaccination: One of the most wicked forms of genocides ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler

The evidence of evil is very real and this show of their plan will leave no doubt that we are at war with the devil! Parents please place all your hope and trust in Jesus always. Just for being obedient to Him and taking His Advice in regards to vaccinations, He will reward your children with good health through the crisis which the evil one will create in his plan to destroy our children. Do not fear, God is at the controls! He will not allow His Children to be annihilated. Yes genocide may occur to a point, but He will bring His Hand down swiftly and aggressively. His patience has now run out. We will see many of these evil "higher ups" taken down!

Global Vaccination: One of the most wicked forms of genocides ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler

"My dearly beloved daughter, how the Truth can shock you. Although you accept My Holy Word, it is only when the prophecies I reveal to you materialise, that you understand the seriousness of this Mission to save humanity.
The introduction of a global vaccine, targeting infants and young children, will be one of the most wicked forms of genocide ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler.
This evil plan will be possible because many of your governments forced their people to accept changes in their laws giving their governments power to enforce laws against your innocent children.
Remember that the only thing that has stopped My Father from bringing the world to an end is because of the love of those loyal servants amongst you.
My Father has, because of His Love for every child and every Creation of His, held His Hand. Now the time has come for Him to finally dissolve the times, so that the world He created out of Love and according to His Divine Will can continue in peace.
He will now destroy those who perpetrate this wickedness upon His children. He will no longer stand for this evil and now His Hand will fall in punishment.
His Anger will now manifest in a world, which will be startled as to the magnitude of punishment, which will befall the earth.
Those among you, responsible for inflicting terrible suffering on your fellow countrymen and fellow citizens, know this.
You will be struck down finally with the scourge of illness and then you, and those who pay homage to the one world group, will be wiped out before the Battle of Armageddon begins.
You will not be tolerated by My Father and He will not allow you to infest His children any longer. Woe to you and those among you who anger Him at this time.
The time for My Father to show you whose Power will be sustained forever will now be proven to you. Your theories about your creation, which are flawed, will be shown to you for what they are, at last. The Truth, as promised to you in the Book of Truth, foretold to the prophet Daniel, will be shown finally.
So many people are oblivious to the Truth of God. Many well-meaning souls seek nothing in their lives other than titillation. Many waste the time they have been accorded in their lives on earth, as they do not know the Truth of God’s Existence.
Now the Truth is being presented. The time of reckoning has come about.
My Father will make the world alert finally to the Truth. Those who ignore the Truth will deny themselves access to My New Kingdom on earth.
Instead of living an eternal glorious life, full of wonder, joy, love and prosperity, they will be cast away to rot in the depths of Hell.
I urge all of God’s children to heed this warning.
It may be harsh. Many who say: “this does not come from God for He is Merciful” heed this.
The time has come to divide the chaff from the wheat. That day is very near. Whichever choice is made by man will be the final choice.
Free will will always be honoured by My Father up to the final day. The Day of Judgement.
Your Jesus"

This vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a global healthcare plan

Not sure how our Australian Government will enforce these vaccinations as they have left it up to the parent before to choose. I have never sat easy with them being given for random events. Our bodies must retain some of it's own immunity to fight these nasties. I have a 5 year old and I will have not allowed any vaccination nor will I in the future. If they take my right to a doctor away as a retaliation, then The Great Physician will keep His Promise to Protect us with the Seal of the Living God. As it is they retained my government family payments on account of my refusal to vaccinate. But it matters not! What matters are my children! My insurance policy is underwritten by God the Almighty Father - In Him I trust!

This vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a global healthcare plan

"My dearly beloved daughter, in just two years, millions of souls have now been converted and saved because of this Mission. Your suffering, alone, has saved ten million souls, as I promised you. So while the world’s woes may seem to be increasing, many souls are being saved through your prayers.
Suffering in My Name always gets worse and becomes so painful that it is hard to bear. It is at its most intense when Satan is angry. His anger at present is intensifying and this is why the attacks on you are so distressing. He and his demons are surrounding you, but cannot harm you in a physical way for My Father’s Hand protects you. This does not lessen the scourging you are enduring at this time, the second anniversary of this Mission. But know this.
The most suffering is endured when a Mission, or the work of the victim soul, is succeeding. The more souls who are saved the more violent the attack by the evil one becomes. His actions have been increasingly evident in the world. He, who goes to great lengths to hide his existence, is working his way into the spirit of those poor people who leave themselves open to him, because of their lust for worldly pleasures and love of power.
Satan’s strength lies in his ability to deceive humanity into believing that he is only a symbol used by Christians to explain the difference between good and evil.
Satan knows the danger of exposing his presence. If he did that, then more people would accept that God exists.
He does not want to do this, so he creates awareness of his existence amongst those who pay homage to him. These people, who accept the existence of Satan, worship him just as people hold Masses in Catholic Churches or hold services in churches in order to praise God.
So many souls have been stolen. God, My Eternal Father, intends to win them back through His Warning and the chastisements, which will be inflicted on those, when they gather to honour the beast.
My Father will expose Satan’s followers, who defile His Churches.
They are the target for His chastisements and unless they stop what they are doing, by their own free choice, they will be struck down by the Hand of God.

The rise of these Satanic groups who present themselves to the world, through business and networking organisations, is rampant.
They are everywhere; scheming, holding rallies, plotting and creating wicked plans to destroy millions of innocent people.
They will introduce a form of genocide, through compulsory vaccinations, against your children with or without your permission.
This vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a global healthcare plan.
Their plans have now materialised and they have already begun to introduce them. Some of their plans in one European country were stopped by My Father because of the prayers of victim souls.
Look in front of you and behind you. Look carefully at seemingly innocent new laws introduced into your countries designed to make you feel as if they are to improve your lives. Many of them are simply to enslave you by getting you to sign away your rights under what appear to be democratic laws.
Democracy will be replaced with dictatorships, yet they will not be presented to nations as such. When millions have signed away all their rights, in the name of new tolerant laws, it will be too late. You will become prisoners.
The main leaders in the world are working together to bring their new plans about. They are part of the elite whose goal is greed, wealth, control and power. They do not accept the Power of God. They do not believe My Death on the Cross was to save them from the fires of Hell.
I must make them see how wrong they are. The time has come for Me to prove to them My Mercy, My Love for them.

Please recite this Crusade Prayer (84) to enlighten the souls of the elites who rule the world.

O dear Jesus, I beg You to enlighten the souls of the elites who rule the world.
Show them the proof of Your Mercy. Help them to become open of heart and to show true humility, in honour of Your great Sacrifice by your death on the Cross when you died for their sins.
Help them to discern who their True Maker is, who their Creator is, and fill them with the graces to see the Truth.
Please prevent their plans to hurt millions of people through vaccinations, shortage of foods, forced adoptions of innocent children and the splitting up of families, from taking place.
Heal them. Cover them with Your Light and take them into the bosom of Your Heart to save them from the snares of the evil one. Amen."

Your Jesus

Monday, 20 July 2015

I need your help. Just as I needed My apostles and disciples when I walked the earth

So happy that the Clergy are now getting on board! Though many bishops are encouraging priests and parishes to ignore this Mission. So very sad! I hope to see very soon, priests and bishops openly referring to these Messages in their Homilies. Wouldn't that be marvellous, a sign from Heaven that God's Will is finally being begun! Praise Jesus!

I need your help. Just as I needed My apostles and disciples when I walked the earth

"My dearly beloved daughter, My disciples, sacred servants and members of the clergy are now gathering throughout the world in response to this call from Heaven.
I, their beloved Jesus Christ, am present in their hearts with My special graces.
They recognise this Divine calling, for the Holy Spirit has covered them with the knowledge that it is, indeed, I, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, Who is communicating with them.
You, My beloved and cherished congregation, are entwined with My Sacred Heart at this time.
I am driving you towards the pathway so that you can communicate the Truth to lost souls in need of My great Mercy.
My Gift to you is this. I will touch your hearts in a way in which you will know instantly that this is Divine Inspiration.
Don’t you know how much I love you? How much you are protected under the Power of your Divine Saviour, who has promised the world salvation?
My Second Coming is close and I desire to save all sinners, irrespective as to how blackened their souls are. Remember that it will be by your commitment to allow Me to guide you that such poor souls can be taken away from the grasp of the evil one.
Do not hesitate to respond to My call, but know that you must be careful as to how you do this. I need to build My army in such a way so that they can gather privately, in order to join as one, so that they can present their prayers before Me.
You must act quickly and those souls, once they recite My Crusade Prayers, will be drawn to you.
I need your help. Just as I needed My apostles and disciples when I walked the earth.
Come now. Do not be afraid. Do not listen to those who challenge you, who will poke fun at you or who will cast a slur on My Holy Word. Your time to serve Me has come. Stand up with courage and follow Me. I will fill you with love and joy in your hearts. Soon you will have no doubts as to who is making this request of you.
I thank you for responding to My call. I bless you and guide you at all times.
Your Jesus"

Much of humanity will be cleansed and will then be ready for the long awaited Era of Peace

Let it begin Lord, we are awaiting Your Return. We have no fear as we place all our trust in You.

Much of humanity will be cleansed and will then be ready for the long awaited Era of Peace

"My dearly beloved daughter, all the world will feel the changes, as every country will experience a stillness and a sense of anticipation, yet many will not understand why this is happening.
Life will change and, for those who trust in Me, you will have much to look forward to in the future.
Think of the world as if it is a living person suffering from a terrible illness. He must suffer, feel pain, and endure the period during which the disease is treated by his doctor.
Many people respond to treatment quickly. Others more slowly. Others not at all. Some patients have hope and accept that their body will have to endure a sometimes-painful treatment before he will feel well and healthy again.
The world is suffering from an infestation caused by the influence of Satan where he, and his demons, coax, tempt and convince God’s children that sin does not exist.
They plunge from one crisis of the spirit to the next. How they displease My beloved Father. How much pain they will have to endure before they can live life the way in which the Laws of God dictate.
Once this illness, however, is treated and after the pain has gone, much of humanity will be cleansed and will then be ready for the long awaited Era of Peace. The Era of Peace, promised to all those who follow God’s Teachings, will await those who have redeemed themselves before My Eyes.
Each of you will be shown the Truth. Then you will be able to distinguish between the ugliness of sin and that of the purity, which is required to enter My Glorious Kingdom.
When each person has been shown the Truth, none of them will doubt it, but not all will embrace it.
It is time for mankind to see what has happened to the world because of greed, selfishness and a love of self. No regard is paid to the welfare of those who are unfortunate in life. There is little regard for human life anymore.
You must drop your arrogance, for if you don’t you will be stripped of all that you possess.
The various leaders in different nations will soon join ranks and prepare to destroy Christianity throughout the world.
Because of this, the bowls of fire and lightning will be poured out over the world to punish the wicked.
You must understand, however, that much of the chastisements planned by My Father have been mitigated because of your prayers.
Keep strong. Continue with My Crusade Prayers and never give up hope.
Your Jesus"

God the Father: The hierarchy of all the angels in Heaven gather at the four corners of the earth at this time

See once again, God the Father Calls us to trust Him implicitly. He will Provide, He will Protect. Fear and panic are useless emotions which send us off in the wrong direction, like a rabbit in the headlights!! Trust in Him completely. The Seal of The Living God will Protect us in our homes! He will make our homes invisible to the enemy! He will set up places of safety for us to worship and pray freely, but He doesn't want us to flee our homes and not believe His Promise, that the Seal will do more than we can, by running and trying to self-preserve. We have to be focused on others, praying for them, giving them The Seal. Please let God be the One Who knows what He is doing. There is no supposition needed. He will not forsake us!

God the Father: The hierarchy of all the angels in Heaven gather at the four corners of the earth at this time

"My dearest daughter, the hierarchy of all the angels in Heaven gather at the four corners of the earth at this time. They prepare now for the onslaught of chastisements, which will be unleashed on humanity.
All these things must come to pass – storms, wars, famine and dictatorships – will befall the earth as the battle commences, as foretold.
The earth will shake in the four corners of the globe and many will be shocked, for they will not have seen such turmoil unfold before them.
You, My children, are in the end times and the period which lies ahead will be difficult. Those of you who are loyal to Me and who place all their trust in Me will withstand these upheavals.
Much change will now erupt in the world and for those of you who know the Truth be thankful. You will realise that, while it will mean the end of the times you have known up to now, it will also be the time, as foretold, to herald a new beginning. A fresh start.  A New Paradise on earth.
This will mean freedom, children. You will be taken swiftly into My Arms to await the new dwelling I have carefully created for all of you.
The times will be hard to bear for many, but only those who accept the Truth will persevere and prosper, for they will be protected.
My Seal must be shared. My Love must be made known to every child of Mine, of every religion, creed and especially, to those who do not know Me, as well as those who reject My Existence.
I prepare My army in the Heavens, just as I prepare My army on earth.
Together, we will fight the wickedness, which is about to be introduced by every nation upon their helpless people.
If you stand up and refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast, I will protect you.
Centres, organised by My prophets over the years, will spring up, each like an oasis in the desert. Here you will be able to pledge your allegiance to Me, your Father. Here you can gather to pray for the souls of those who will be lost under the power of the antichrist.
Pray, pray, pray. Your time has been assigned and the Second Coming of My Son will take place soon.
Only I, your beloved Father, know of this date. Even My precious Son, Jesus Christ, is not aware of it. But know this.
While you are being prepared through this, and other Missions, that it will be announced suddenly, when it will be too late for many to turn. Instead they will run away.
Be strong, My children. My plan is to destroy the beast and save every one of My children. Your prayers can help Me salvage each precious soul.
God the Most High"

The earth will groan in pain as the antichrist prepares his entrance

What else would herald the antichrist from making his appearance on the earth? Nothing good that's for sure. As the Warning approaches we will see ecological and cosmic events shortly that fall nothing short of being horrendous, and shortly after we experience the Illumination of Conscience, the man of iniquity will show himself. God will allow him a short and tumultuous time, but following this with the aid of our Crusade Prayers, his time will be short and weak! God rules! - OK?

The earth will groan in pain as the antichrist prepares his entrance

"My dearly beloved daughter, the world must now prepare for the great changes, which I have permitted, in order to prepare humanity for the Second Coming.
Much work has been done through My beloved followers, to save millions of souls; through the prayers I have given them.
Your loyalty to Me, your Jesus, My beloved followers, means that you have given souls over to Me who are now safe and who would, otherwise, have been cast into Hell.
So powerful are your prayers, that in time, as millions more accept My Messages of love and hope that billions of souls will be saved.
My work through you, My disciples, saves thousands and thousands of people daily. You must, therefore, never allow doubts, which will naturally assail you, from time to time, and which may prevent you from praying.
Now you must listen.
Much will happen now. The storms will increase all over the world and the earth will groan in pain as the antichrist prepares his entrance. It won’t be long before he will present himself.
Keep focused, My daughter, on the spreading of My Word, although many obstacles may face you. Let nothing delay My Messages from being given to everyone.
It will not be the number of people who will receive The Book of Truth or My Messages, but the number of people who recite My Crusade Prayers, that will make the difference.
The prayers will weaken the power of the antichrist.
It will be the chastisements sent to earth by My Father, which will slay those leaders and groups who dare to hurt His children.
The Power of God will cover those who love Him.
The Power of God will protect those who convert.
God, My Eternal Father, will keep pouring His Graces until His Power covers and protects all of His children on earth.
Go in peace, hope and love. Trust in Me, and all will be well.
Your Jesus"

The road to My Eternal Kingdom is riddled with sharp stones and boulders

Don't take your eye off the ball. Never feel complacent or confident that we will get through these times without having been battered and bruised. This is a battle we are in and the devil wants our souls. He goes for those who are closest to Jesus and His Mother! He feeds off our love for Them. Stay focused and alert and prayerful. The Rosary is our weapon and The Crusade Prayers to weaken the evil one in his tracks. Let's never place our own importance in our daily lives above The Mission which Christ Himself has engaged us in. He needs His Army to drive the devil to hell! This battle for souls is nearing it's completion. Let not one soul fall by the wayside!

The road to My Eternal Kingdom is riddled with sharp stones and boulders

"My dearly beloved daughter, let no man ever think that he can remain strong in his faith, without having to fight for the right.
There are many obstacles, which block your faith in God, and only those who persevere in prayer can keep the flame of their love for God alight in their souls.
The road to My Eternal Kingdom is riddled with sharp stones and boulders. It is akin to walking barefoot, for miles, where you experience every cut, every sharp pain, and where you will trip up for every step you take. This is why many, well-intentional souls, fall by the roadside, because the journey is so arduous.
When you follow Me your journey will always be painful. It will never be easy until you say: “Jesus take my pain, heal me and take my cross”.
Only then will you find it easier to follow My journey to My glorious kingdom.
The Crucifixion will be experienced, every single stage now, by all who love God – right up to the last day.
In the lead up to My Second Coming, Christians and all those who love My Father, God the Most High, will have to endure the suffering of My Passion.

It will start with the accusations that God does not exist

I was denounced, as the Son of God. This time, God the Most High will be rejected.

All those believers will be scourged and persecuted, as the pagan laws, of times gone by, will be introduced. Yet, many people, who do not know the ways of the Lord, will not heed such wickedness, so caught up will they be in their pursuit of personal pleasures.
Then there will be the punishments meted out to those who dare to show allegiance to the one True God in public. They will not be tolerated and will have to hide in order to honour My Father.
The daily Sacrifices, the Masses, will eventually cease, as foretold, because the false prophet will declare that a new form of Mass be held, and the old format will no longer be relevant, he will say.
My Presence in the Holy Eucharist will be banished and the Food of Life will no longer feed God’s children. And then will come down the Hand of God on the heathen who dare to say they speak in God’s Name. Their allegiance to the beast will influence many and they will lead those who are misled into the prison of darkness.
The divisions will increase, until finally they, all God’s children, will have to make the choice. They will either follow the false illusion, presented by the false prophet, who will say that he speaks in the Name of God, or they will follow the Truth.
Never believe that you will be strong enough to withstand this pressure from those false priests who will represent the beast. Their influence will be great. Without My help, you will be tempted to turn your back on My Teachings.
Wake up before these times come about. Call to Me every day for My help.
Your Jesus"

Soon sin will be no more. The scourge of sin will be a thing of the past

We should be looking forward to the day very soon, when sin will be no more. We have much to look forward to besides this one very special aspect. The devil will be thrust back into hell, never to hurt us again. But please keep praying for the 2 billion lost souls to turn back to Jesus and be given Immunity from hell. Their hearts can only be softened and humbled if we pray hard enough. We must not judge anyone, just pray for God's Will in their lives.

Soon sin will be no more. The scourge of sin will be a thing of the past

"My dearly beloved daughter, when souls fall away from Me, and when they succumb to sin, they must never fear Me.
As soon as you sin, My beloved followers, you must immediately turn to Me.
Never be ashamed or embarrassed to come running to Me after you commit a sin. This is the only way in which you can gain the strength to walk with Me again.
If you don’t turn to Me, and instead avoid Me, you will be weakened even further, and you will leave yourself exposed to the temptations placed before you, every day, by the evil one.
Sin is something every child is born with. Original sin must be eradicated, through the Sacrament of Baptism.  Even then, souls will still be tempted for as long as humanity remains under the reign of Satan.
To free yourselves from sin is simple. Firstly you will know, in your heart, when you have committed sin. Many people in the world today dismiss sin as being of no consequence. Yet, if people were to openly admit how they feel after they sin, you would find that their inner peace has been torn in two.
Sin is felt by most souls until they become so darkened that only sin will satisfy their lust. This is why you must seek the forgiveness of God, each time you sin. If you don’t, then sin will fester within you and you will find it more difficult to resist temptation.
When you feel remorse in your hearts, call on Me, your beloved Jesus, to help you.
No sin cannot be forgiven, except, for the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Always call Me to your aid, no matter how ashamed you are, because of the sins you commit.
My heart goes out to all of God’s children. You are His precious creation and He loves you all despite your sins. Fight sin by seeking redemption, every single time you sin.
Soon sin will be no more. The scourge of sin will be a thing of the past.
Your Jesus"

Virgin Mary: Turn and ask my Son to guide you towards His Great Mercy

Let's just do this shall we? Pray and ask for Jesus' Mercy. We will be ok. Just trust in Him to show us the way. Always turn to Blessed Mother to help us and Intercede for us to Her Son. She is with us always!

Virgin Mary: Turn and ask my Son to guide you towards His Great Mercy

"My child, the darkness, which falls over the world, will be seen in a number of ways.
Laws, introduced, which divide the family unit, will be testament to the influence of the evil one in your governments.
The laws, introduced to condone abortion, breaks the Heart of my Father. No one has the right to interfere with the Creation of God, yet this is what humanity does, on a daily basis, without any sense of shame or guilt.
My child, you must pray hard for the redemption of humanity, for very soon, they will be divided into two halves; those faithful to God, and those who reject Him. Brother will be separated from brother, neighbourhoods divided, and families will be split into two halves.  This time has been foretold.
To ensure that God can save as many souls as possible, He will give them many opportunities to turn back to Him.
Pray now, for your families, your friends and neighbours before the final divide evolves. Then the day for my Son’s Second Coming will be close.
You, my children, are so confused. This confusion, and emptiness of soul, is caused by a lack of belief in God. No soul can survive without the Love of God in their hearts.
They are like empty vessels floating in the sea with no idea of their final destination. They float aimlessly in a wide void where nothing satisfies; where nothing in the world can bring them true peace.
Turn and ask my Son to guide you towards His Great Mercy and He will bring you the peace you strive for. All you need do is to ask.
Ask me, your beloved Mother, to take you to my Son. I will guide you and protect you always, every step of the way.
Your beloved Mother
Queen of Peace
Mother of Salvation"

You have been given the armour. Use it

satan your butt's going to get kicked! Our prayers are going to put you where you belong!!!! God our Father, we love You , we honour You, we console You in these times Dear Father. We offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ Jesus Your Beloved Son and Saviour of the world for all the sins of each soul. Our gratitude is with You as we know You Love us and Protect us and Cherish us. We will pray for satan's end and for Jesus to be Returned His Rightful Reign over us for Eternity. He wants us all, we want Him for all for us!

You have been given the armour. Use it

"My dearly beloved daughter, you must now rise and gather united in love to prepare for the difficult times, which lie ahead.
You, My strong army, are blessed and you are protected with the Seal of My Father, the Seal of the Living God.
For everything, which will be thrown at you, on every side, remember that I am with you.
Many events, including ecological upheavals, wars, the schism in My Church on earth, the dictatorships in each of your nations – bound as one, at its very core – will all take place at the same time.
So many disruptions will cause many tears and gnashing of teeth, but one thing will remain intact. That will be the Power of God and His Love for all of His children.
This battle will unfold before the world and you, My army, must not tremble in fear. All is well in My Kingdom and your place is secured there. It’s the others you must concern yourselves with now.
You have been given the armour. Use it. My Crusade Prayers will help mitigate much of the horror, caused by the sins of humanity.

Please recite this prayer for the mitigation of chastisements.

Crusade Prayer (83) for the mitigation of chastisements

O dear Father, God the Most High, we, your poor children, prostrate ourselves before Your Glorious Throne in Heaven.
We beg You to rid the world of evil.
We implore Your Mercy for the souls of those who cause terrible hardships to Your children on earth.
Please forgive them.
Please remove the antichrist, as soon as he makes himself known.
We ask You, dear Lord, to mitigate Your Hand of chastisement.
Instead, we beg You to accept our prayers and our sufferings, to ease the suffering of Your children, at this time.
We trust You.
We honour You.
We thank You for the great sacrifice you made when you sent Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from sin.
We welcome Your Son, once again, as the Saviour of humanity.
Please protect us. Keep us from harm. Help our families. Have Mercy on us. Amen.

You, My army, are prepared in every way. All you must do is trust in Me. When you trust in Me completely, you will be able to surrender all your love, your suffering, your worries and your pain over to Me, your Jesus.
When this happens you must then leave all in My Holy and Compassionate Hands.
Thank you for responding to My call.
Your Jesus"

At this time in the world, the mere mention of a belief in Me, your Jesus, creates embarrassment

"Very soon you will accept that the increase in suffering is a direct result of the opposition to this Mission by the evil one. He is extremely frightened because his battle is at an end. He hates you because of the souls, which are being saved through this Mission of salvation."
Lord, the evil one can go on hating us, because we will not stop loving You and doing Your Will in This Mission. We've got Your Back Jesus! Amen

At this time in the world, the mere mention of a belief in Me, your Jesus, creates embarrassment

"My dearly beloved daughter, you must know, by now, that the suffering you endure, in My Name, will continue until the very last day of this Mission.
This is difficult for you to hear, but know this. This Mission is the most difficult of all the Missions, which came before you. You will be cast into the wilderness and you will feel isolated and lonely. Your voice will be ignored, but My Holy Word will touch the hearts of millions.
My Holy Will, will be heeded by you at all times, although you often feel that you will not be strong enough.
Your weakness is your strength, because of your trust in Me. Because of this I will never desert you or leave you without the help of others. Yet, you will walk alone in this Mission. Your only companion will be Me. I conjoin our suffering as one.
You, My daughter, will always need My Graces of endurance. To endure this Mission, and proclaim My Holy Word to an ungrateful world, will not be easy. It will require a great sense of determination and courage.
This applies to all of My disciples, including those who love Me, but who do not accept these Messages.
The obstacles you will face, at this part of the Mission will increase for all of you, My devoted army.
You must accept, with dignity, that when you follow Me, that you will suffer. Very few souls can handle the suffering, which affects everyone who aligns themselves with My Teachings.
At this time in the world, the mere mention of a belief in Me, your Jesus, creates embarrassment.
Not only does it cause you discomfort, when your allegiance to Me is declared in public; you will suffer because of Me.
Remember, to suffer is a special grace. It is very difficult to endure and many souls turn away from Me because of it. But you must remember this. When you suffer in My Name, I will hold you and pour over you My Graces. Despite your sufferings, this will bring you a peace of the soul.
Please, My daughter, never give up. Never feel abandoned for I am even closer when you feel alone. I am even closer to you during these times of torment. You must keep asking, for all the help you can, get by requesting My beloved Mother and all the saints to come to your aid.
Very soon you will accept that the increase in suffering is a direct result of the opposition to this Mission by the evil one. He is extremely frightened because his battle is at an end. He hates you because of the souls, which are being saved through this Mission of salvation.
Your Jesus"

Monday, 13 July 2015

His great chastisements, of a magnitude never witnessed in the world, before now, can be mitigated

It has begun....... The Hand of the Father will come down in Chastisement to purify the earth, like never seen before. Those atheists with hardened hearts will know it is God's Hand, they cannot ignore Him anymore. All of us, every country who opposes God in their laws and their "brand of justice" will be affected by God's Wrath! Our prayers will mitigate what happens. So pray to save our Nations!! God please purify Australia -the Land of the Holy Spirit so our hearts of stone will be softened and inviting of You back into our lives and our souls! Amen

His great chastisements, of a magnitude never witnessed in the world, before now, can be mitigated

"My dearly beloved daughter, as I have said, the tide of change has begun, as the Hand of My Father now falls in chastisement, not only in the USA, but in other countries.
All these ecological upheavals will continue everywhere, until humanity, has been purified.
You must pray that those souls who reject God can be saved from the Fires of Hell, through the generousity of others, through their prayers.
These signs are to show humanity that times have, indeed, changed. Nothing will, nor can, be the same until the earth is purified, to enable the Second Coming to take place.
At this moment, when sin ravages the earth, it is not worthy to receive the Messiah.
These signs are of the end times, My followers, and you must prepare your souls.
Very soon there will be few, including those atheists with hearts of stone, who will be able to ignore the Hand of My Father.
However His great chastisements, of a magnitude never witnessed in the world, before now, can be mitigated and weakened through your prayers.
Nevertheless, they will continue until mankind accepts the Truth.
The day of the Lord, the day of the Second Coming, is drawing close, although many events must take place first.
This will be a difficult time for all of God’s children, including those who have strong faith. Yet, for those who show love and loyalty to Me, their Jesus, many will be at peace, for they know that I come to bring them into My New Paradise.
The prosperity of this New Kingdom must be sought out and you must long for this great Gift.
Keep strong and trust in Me. You must understand that My Father must punish those who plan terrible acts. He has promised to bring their actions to a halt and they will be swept away.
The signs will now be seen in every corner of the earth to ensure that humanity can be left in no doubt as to Whose Power is at force.
Only God commands such Power. Any other power will be short-lived. The Power of God is Almighty and no man will ever overcome the Creator and Maker of all that is seen and unseen.
Your Jesus"

Those who humiliate My Word, given to you My daughter, cut Me through to the bone in agonising pain.

We will continue to pray for those who vehemently oppose Your Word Jesus as they drag so many others with them. Please have Mercy on them as they have no idea what their actions and pride do to their own souls and those with them. Lord protect Maria always, your faithful servant in sharing Your Messages with us each day. We are so grateful for her fiat to You. May we all endure as long as You need us to in bringing souls to You regardless of the opposition we will get. All for You Lord!

Those who humiliate My Word, given to you My daughter, cut Me through to the bone in agonising pain.

"My dearly beloved daughter, My Kingdom on earth is about to become a reality.
For so long promised by My beloved Eternal Father, the New Kingdom, the New Paradise is the greatest gift.
The secret to understanding My New Kingdom lies in the mystery of My suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. When I fell prostrate before My Father, weeping with grief, it was because of the loss of souls in the future who would burn in the fires of Hell, despite My Sacrifice on the Cross.
My humiliation at the hand of Pontius Pilate was not painful to Me because of the public scorn, but because I knew that those same souls would be lost to Me. And so I wept tears of sadness as I watched them deceived by Satan, an evil force they could not see but who infested every fibre of their being.
When you see Me, My daughter, worried it is for good reason. For those souls who pour scorn on these messages do I also weep. They are not in the full state of being in union with Me. Because of their sin of pride, arrogance, lack of knowledge and humility, they insult My word.
They then try to prevent the hearts of those, I wish to reach, from embracing My Holy Word.
For them do I also weep for they do not know the serious consequences of their actions as they betray My True Word, as it is being presented to every one of God’s children, at this time.
So many souls, deprived of My Word, because of the actions of those who say they represent Me in the world, will be lost.
Just as I suffered a terrible agony, when facing the jeers of those who stood next to the golden throne of Pontius Pilate, I suffer today. The pain I suffer, through you My daughter, is not different today than it was then.
Those who humiliate My Word, given to you My daughter, cut Me through to the bone in agonising pain.

They have driven the final nails, through My suffering soul as I try, once again, to salvage the human race from destruction.

Pray that My Father, through His Mercy, will be tolerant of such souls who strive, by the hand of the deceiver, to render the Word of God impotent.
Be wary My children of those who vehemently oppose My word, through these messages. You must pray for their souls.
Your Jesus"

They will question and analyse My Word for fear of making a terrible error

There is a strange excitement building as we come to spread The Word of Jesus to mankind. We will have some who will reject us, but the beauty will be seeing those who embrace the Crusade Prayers and Messages that will stir within their hearts. It will be a slow start, but Jesus has Promised He will do the rest if we just call our prayer group simply, "Jesus to Mankind". Jesus we Trust in You!

They will question and analyse My Word for fear of making a terrible error

"My dearly beloved daughter, so much work needs to be done by My followers to purge the earth of the infestation, which spreads, like a blanket, over many people who do not believe in God.
So many wander the world without any sense of direction. They are empty of spiritual feelings and are ignorant of the Love of God. They are the souls I yearn for, and for whom, I wish to embrace with the Truth.
You, My followers, must go to them and tell them that I, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, The Messiah, will come soon. They must know that they will not be cast away, for it is because of you, of this generation, that I come at this time.
Many others, who are spiritually aware of the existence of God, will be curious, but hesitant, in accepting My Messages.
Others, who proclaim My Word, and who are devout Christians, will be wary and slow to embrace all that I say.
They will question and analysis My Word for fear of making a terrible error. They are fearful of being fed a lie.
Then there will be the clergy in Christian churches who will rise and respond to My Call. Some will respond quickly, for they will feel My Love surge through their veins when they read My Messages.
Others will feel an instant calling through My Gift of the Holy Spirit, contained in My Holy Word. Some will be more cautious than others, but, in time, their numbers will increase to millions.
This is why you, My followers, must persevere. While many will reject you, in My Name, in the beginning, this will change. When the Truth is widely known and welcomed, you will be sought out. My Word will be treated with love and respect, although by doing so, these souls will suffer.
It does not matter how much opposition there will be against Me, for My Mission will not fail.
Endure such opposition. Accept the abuse, which will be meted out to you, because of these Messages.
This is to be expected, when the Word of God is poured over the earth. Those in darkness will not accept My Word, as it will disrupt their lives.
It will make them re-evaluate their beliefs, which they will not want to have to face.
To accept My Word would mean they would have to change their ways. They, sadly, have no desire to change their ways, for it does not appeal to them.
I will not rest until I open their eyes to the Truth. Nor, do I expect you, My disciples, to stop until as many people as possible unite, as one, in the Eyes of God.
Your Jesus"

I wish that My army recite this Crusade Prayer for the Victory of the Remnant Church

We pray for the success of Jesus to Mankind prayer groups sprouting all over the world. Many have already been established in every corner of the globe with many still coming on board. A wonderful achievement in the 3 years since being requested by Jesus to create prayer groups. If there aren't any near you, please consider beginning one of your own. Jesus is in our Midst with 2 or more in a group. There are also online Crusade Prayer groups.

I wish that My army recite this Crusade Prayer for the Victory of the Remnant Church

"My dearly beloved daughter, you must encourage all of My followers to continue to set up Prayer Groups everywhere.
The time has come for Me to call out, and gather all of you, to form My army, so that the march to eternal victory can commence this very day.

On the 9th of November 2012, the second anniversary of My first call to you, My daughter, I wish that My army recite this Crusade Prayer, for the Victory of the Remnant Church.

Crusade Prayer (82) For the Victory of the Remnant Church

Jesus, King and Saviour of the world, to You do we pledge our honour, our loyalty and deeds, to proclaim Your Glory to all.
Help us to gain the strength, and the confidence, to stand up and declare the Truth at all times.
Never allow us to falter or delay in our march towards victory, and in our plan to save souls.
We pledge our surrender, our hearts, and all that we possess, so that we are free of obstacles, as we continue the thorny road towards the gates of the New Paradise.
We love You, dearest Jesus, our beloved Saviour and Redeemer.
We unite ourselves in body, mind and spirit within Your Sacred Heart.
Pour over us Your Grace of Protection.
Cover us with Your Precious Blood, so that we will be filled with courage and love to stand up and declare the Truth of Your New Kingdom. Amen.

I ask you, dear followers of Mine, to gather, grow and spread My Holy Word to every nation. I ask that you focus on Me, always, and work with Me towards the final victory of salvation.
Your Jesus"

Virgin Mary: The swell of my Son's remnant Church will continue

Our Lady, we ask You to Intercede on our behalf to Your Beloved Son, to present each of our prayers to Him as a sweet-scented rose, to let Him know that we will do our best to be His Soldiers in His Command, to help save all the souls of humanity. Jesus please accept our token of love for You, to show You that any little service we can offer You to bring Your Plan It's success, will be our priority. Amen.

Virgin Mary: The swell of my Son's remnant Church will continue

"My child, more and more people are being drawn to these Holy Messages for the whole world than ever before.
Many do not understand the real purpose of the Messages. What they must know is that they are a Gift to humanity, in order to bring about conversion.
They are being given to the world to draw souls into the habit of prayer, and, so that they participate in the Holy Sacraments.
Above all, these Messages provide a form of calm and peace of the soul, so that more of God’s children will be made worthy to enter the New Paradise.
Because of the fruits of these Messages, the faith of God’s children will be witnessed.
The swell of My Son’s remnant Church will continue, because of these and other holy Messages, given to genuine visionaries all over the world.
God loves His children so much, that everything will be done to ensure that the salvation of all souls is achieved.
My Son has prepared well and all His plans, to be achieved through these Messages, will be fulfilled.
This is why you must never feel despair.
Hope is all that is important.
Trust in my Son, where you surrender fully before Him, will mean that He can finalise His plans to save every single sinner, through your commitment to Him.
You must pledge your promise, children, to accept His instructions, and His Love will envelope you to make you strong.
Your Mother
Mother of Salvation"

You must never reject private revelations without the qualifications or the humility required.

Trust in Divine Messages coming from Heaven, now in the case of Maria's. We have so many things being told to us right now, so we must not deviate or be distracted by those who are trying to thwart God's Plan. Pray each day and those who attempt to thwart the Truth in this arena will lose their power. God's Hand will come down swiftly on these individuals who deny these Messages and push others to deny them as well. Priests will have the Graces associated with their vocation stripped from them. This is serious. Priests must drop their armour of pride, arrogance and resistance to meet with Jesus in these Messages. There is too much at stake for their souls and the flock they shepherd. Again we must pray for them!

You must never reject private revelations without the qualifications or the humility required.

"My dearly beloved daughter, it is important that you do not listen to those who attack My Holy Word.
Block your ears to attempts, which will now be made, especially, those by those who claim to be Catholic theologians, to reject My most Holy Messages.
As I have told you, the greatest attacks will be from those in the Catholic Church who claim to know Me, but who do not understand the Book of Revelation, nor the secrets contained therein.
They cannot know these, for I, the Lamb of God, have not revealed them all yet.
How they frustrate Me. How they hurt Me. For every cruel jibe they inflict on My Messages, they plunge another nail into My Body.
For every instruction I give, for the good of all souls, which they reject vehemently, they crucify Me again.
Yet it does not matter how they hurt Me, for I would die a thousand deaths, were it just to save another soul.
They may dismiss My Messages; ridicule you, My daughter, and reject Me, but they will not prevent the Will of My Father from being finally brought to completion.
These poor souls believe, at times, that they are behaving responsibly by telling people not to accept My Messages.
What they are doing is preventing the Word of God from being presented to God’s children. Should they continue to do this they will be silenced by the Hand of My Father.
No man will stop Me in My quest to save souls.
To those sacred servants who persist in blocking My Word from being listened to, know this.
Your constant words and your blasphemous accusations will strip you of the graces accorded to you in your vocation. Unless you call on Me, through prayer, for the answers you need, I cannot help you.
You must never reject private revelations without the qualifications, or the humility required. Even then, you can never judge such claims. Be silent.
Pray for the gift of discernment at all times. Otherwise you will be found guilty of the worst crime in My Father’s Eyes – the crime of preventing Him from saving souls, through the Holy Word of His Son.
Your Jesus"

I wish to call upon all of God’s children in the United States of America

Let us all pray earnestly for our friends in the United States with their upcoming election. Their choice will affect the whole world, including Australia! Unfortunately with the global forces putting another notch in their belt if Obama gets in, this will have very serious consequences for Australia as it isn't a stretch to know how much we are in the U.S's back pocket! Vote with the babies in mind uppermost and you will be voting in God's Will. Those who believe in Christ's Teachings are "workable" for Our Lord, Obama batts for the other side, so stand up for Truth, do God's Will and He will ensure that your Nation will be rewarded.

I wish to call upon all of God’s children in the United States of America

"My dearly beloved daughter, I wish to call upon all of God’s children in the United States of America to pray for their faith.
Just as it will be in other Christian countries, your faith will be attacked, and every attempt will be made to wipe out all traces of Me, your Jesus.
You must form as many Prayer Groups as you can, so that united through My Sacred Heart, you will be given the graces to withstand such persecution.
The Christian faith will be banned, in time, along with other religions, which honour My Father.
You, My beloved followers, will be protected from the Heavens, but you must pray for strength, for the shift of democracy is about to turn on its head, upside down.
As the greatest nation in the world to proclaim freedom, through democracy, you will soon be denied the right to be a Christian.
This right, although denied to you, will be seen as a democratic move. These new laws, soon to be introduced into your nation, will be seen as inclusive laws, so that everyone is protected, under a one-world religion.
These laws will desecrate My Holy Name, but I will not forsake you. I will give you all the help you need. All you need to do is ask Me.
I watch and protect you, as the time for the overturn of Christian Churches is close.
They may close down, My children; tamper with My Sacraments, so that they are rendered useless; discourage My sacred servants and bully you, but it will be of no use. Their power will be no match for your simplicity of faith, humility of soul and love for Me, your Jesus.
Your beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ"

You must not allow fear of the future to overwhelm you for that is not My desire

Lord we know You accept the state we are in. We cherish every Word You Say and are eager to do Your Will. Be our Light always in the darkness, so we can find our way back to You. Amen

You must not allow fear of the future to overwhelm you for that is not My desire

"My dearly beloved daughter, so many people who accept My Messages worry unnecessarily about the future of the world. This is understandable.
They must never feel that they must drop everything and ignore their day-to-day lives, neglect their job, their family, or loved ones, in order to save souls.
I, your Jesus, will look after My own, always.  You have nothing to fear from Me. All I ask is for your prayers to save souls.
You must not allow fear of the future to overwhelm you, for that is not My desire.
I do, however, expect your time in prayer and sacrifice, as I have instructed you in these Messages. Continue with your daily lives, although, My Holy Word will change the way in which you look at life, forever.
You will never feel the same about worldly goods; in the way you viewed them in the past. While they will continue to be part of your life, they will no longer be the master of your life.
You must remember that you cannot serve two masters, for there is one, and that is God.
I do not expect My disciples to renounce all to follow Me. I do not expect My followers to turn away from their daily responsibilities to follow My Messages. No, all I ask is your love. You must follow the Laws of God. Live out your lives according to My Teachings. Honour the Sacraments. Show love to each other, and pray for the souls of those who will not help themselves.
Go in peace, in the knowledge that My Mercy is great, and My Love for humanity will overcome the deeds of the beast, and the terrible suffering he inflicts in this world.
Be at peace. I bless you.
Your Jesus"

When they try to create a Sacrament, in My Churches, out of an abomination, they will say it was because of the rights of same sex couples

It certainly won't be long before we will see these things unfold in the Church. But we know The Holy Spirit protects the Church and Enoch and Elijah will influence the preaching of the Gospel soon, so we have nothing to fear. Just be on watch and walk out if you know there is sacrilege committed during the Consecration. This is a personal protest to let others know "something isn't right" and you are standing up for Jesus. Then pray for those who have lost sight of the Divinity within their Priesthood.

When they try to create a Sacrament, in My Churches, out of an abomination, they will say it was because of the rights of same sex couples

"My dearly beloved daughter, the visions I allowed you to be shown, of souls plunging into Hell, was not to frighten you. Instead, it was to show you the reality. In this way you will now understand how I suffer, every day, as I watch souls plunge into the depths of Hell.
Oh if people only knew the terror of Hell, and the way in which the beast devours such souls, they would avoid sin at all costs.
Those same souls can still be saved, My daughter, through the prayer of the Grace of Immunity. By doing so, you, My disciples, will bring Me relief from this terrible heartbreaking scourge.
Those, who die in mortal sin, are destined for the fires of Hell. Many commit these sins, in the belief that if there really is a God, then, He is merciful. And so, they continue to sin, until they justify their sins, so that they become, eventually, in their eyes, to be of no consequence.
They will say that they had no choice because their sin was necessary in order to benefit others.
With the sin of murder, they will say it was to avenge the death of another.
With the sin of prostitution, they will say it was to help their family put food on the table.
With the sin of abortion, they will say that it was to benefit the life of the mother and to make her life easier. In the case of sexual deviation, they will say that it was just a natural thing.
In the case of those who participate in the practices of the occult, they will say that it is harmless fun, yet they honour the beast when they do this.
When they persecute others and destroy not only their name, but their livelihoods, they will say that this was a necessary punishment, for the sins of others.
When they destroy another person in mind, body and soul through dictatorship, they will say it was for their own good.
When they try to create a Sacrament in My Churches, out of an abomination, they will say it was because of the rights of same sex couples who have the same rights as others.
When they destroy My Church, from within, they will say that all churches are equal. They will use the excuse that there is only one God, so they can introduce a pagan church.
These sinners are the lost souls I speak of.
To help them, you must first of all look into their eyes. Think of them as your children or your brothers or sisters. See them through the Eyes of God. Then you will feel love. But terror will fill you, because you know in your heart, the terror, which will face them. How you must pray that they will see the Truth, soon.
How you must pray for the salvation of these souls.
Every child of God, including those whose souls are black, is loved.
Their sins must be destroyed, before all God’s children can unite, as one family, in My New Kingdom.
You, My daughter, have been given all the graces and the ammunition to destroy sin and to save, not only your own soul, but, the souls of others.
Thank you, My daughter, for having responded to My Call.
You have much work to do.
Your Jesus"

The billions of souls already in Hell are those who rejected Me shamelessly during their life

Thankyou Jesus for allowing us to know this information about hell. Too many times priests have us believe that we will have Eternal Life - like it's a given. We know we have to work hard to save our souls. People are of the false belief that they can sin, sin, sin and with a flick of a switch , go to Heaven. Some Catholics only think that Purgatory is for the "really bad people" and hell is for people like Hitler or those who weren't Baptised! Well You Lord have certainly debunked that myth! Please enlighten the hearts of Your faithful so we can be worthy to enter Your Kingdom. Amen

The billions of souls already in Hell are those who rejected Me shamelessly during their life

"My dearly beloved daughter, the vision I permitted you to witness last night, was to strengthen your spirituality, and to show you the Truth of life after death.
During the first hours after death, Satan sends his demons to tempt souls – even at that stage.
He tempts them to reject the state of Purgatory. He does the same thing to those, who have died in a state of grace, who are destined for Heaven.
I showed you the speed by which souls plunge into Hell and the terrifying persecution they face, in order to warn those who do not believe it exists.
Billions of souls are there already, and there are so many entering every second, that it appeared to you like a shower of fallen stars, like a hailstorm, falling into the lake of fire.
I showed you also the shock and the joy of those souls faces, when they have been plucked, at the last minute, and saved. This is due to the suffering accepted by victim souls, for the salvation of such souls from Hell.
You saw, first, the terror, and then, the fear in their faces, as the Truth of their final resting place dawns on them. Then you were shown the joy on their faces when they realised that they had been spared.
The billions of souls, already in Hell, are those who rejected Me, shamelessly, during their life on earth. Many were smart, intelligent people, in positions of influence in the world, who went to great lengths to ensure that the Word of God was not heard. Many were responsible for ordering the murder of thousands of innocent people. They executed God’s children without one ounce of remorse in their hearts. They performed vile acts, involving sexual perversities, which are offensive to God and detested by Him.
Many, caused persecution against God’s Churches through secular activities, and in some cases, joined the enemy in black masses, where they worshipped the beast.
These are the souls you are saving, My daughter. Those with blackened souls and hearts of stone.
There are ten times more souls in Hell than in Purgatory. The billions of souls in Hell, all in different levels, outnumber those in Heaven by thirty-three for every single soul.
It is not easy to go to Heaven, and it takes much commitment to prepare your souls to enter the gates.
This is the time of the Truth. The Truth is not always pleasant, but it is necessary for all of God’s children to understand.
My Mercy is, however, great. When you ask for it, for yourselves, your prayers will be answered. When you ask for another soul to be saved, especially at the time of their death, your call will be heard. If you do not ask for My Mercy, it cannot be given.
At the time of The Warning, My Mercy will be poured all over the earth. Then you must ask Me for My Great Mercy, to protect you.
To those who reject My Mercy, this will be by their own free will.
My Mercy is plentiful, yet so few ask for it.
Your Jesus"

For the Jews, they will finally accept that the True Messiah has come

Lord we await Your Return and plead with You to make us worthy!

For the Jews, they will finally accept that the True Messiah has come

"My dearly beloved daughter, My Second Coming will be the final chapter in the fulfilment of My Covenant. This Covenant will see the birth of the New Jerusalem.
This New Jerusalem will signify the unification of all God’s children, who accept the Word of the Lord.
For the Jews, they will finally accept that the True Messiah has come to bring them the salvation they crave.
I, Jesus Christ, from the House of David, will come as Saviour, according to the Holy Will of the one True God.
They rejected Me, the Son of God, Who came in the flesh the first time. This time, I will come from the Heavens and will envelope My Chosen People with the gift of My New Kingdom.
They will finally be at peace, for the Truth, will be seen by them, and they will accept the Existence of the Triune God. There is only one God. There can be no more. Yet I Am in union with My Father. I Am God. I came in the flesh to show humanity My Mercy and to salvage them from final damnation. My Holy Spirit is also in union with the one God as It manifests within the souls of the prophets and inflames the souls of God’s children.
So many people will fight fiercely against My Second Coming, including those who believe in the one True God. They will not, as has happened in the past, accept the Word of God, as it is revealed through the prophets.
Many good and devout Christians will continue to reject My Word, right up to the end.
My Word will be challenged and torn apart, by the Catholic Church, in particular. But know this. The time for My Second Coming is close, and those who continue to reject Me, and the promise I made to My Father to Create His Kingdom on earth, will be left to one side.
After My Great Mercy is revealed, and when every opportunity has been given to all those who won’t accept the Truth, then My patience will be exhausted.
Your Jesus"