Friday, 2 February 2018

A perfect world will replace all that is stained and corrupt

We will be made perfect again in body and soul! Free of all that is opposite to God in the world. Little by little but moving along a little faster as the days go by, we will see humanity freed of all the corruption, violence, hatred, anti-Christ behaviours through sin! Wow! There truly is so little time left that these things will be with us. We must stay so strong in our faith - we are the Remnant that will herald in the New Jerusalem. This is such a privilege.

How much does God love us to entrust the helping of souls reach their Salvation, to us! He gives us all the Instruction we need and all the Consolation we need. All that is left, is for us to get through with all the zeal for faith that we can muster in order to encourage others to find the Truth also. How much easier it will be for souls who seek Him out to free them from the shackles which bind them to satan. Jesus will do everything to manifest this.

Remember this hymn?

"Come to me all who labour and are heavy burdened, And I shall give you rest.

 Take up my yoke and learn from me, For I am meek and humble of heart.

 And you’ll find rest for your souls, Yes, my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall never be in need, Fresh and green are the meadows where he gives me rest."

A perfect world will replace all that is stained and corrupt

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 @ 15:15

My dearly beloved daughter, My Peace will be yours soon and all who serve Me, Jesus Christ, in this life, given to the world by the Power of My beloved Father.

I bless all of you who try to remain loyal to My Word and, especially, all those who are starved of it. While you may think that people of all other religions, including those who do not believe in My Eternal Father or those who do not accept Me, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, are lost, that would be incorrect. Every soul that attempts to seek out spiritual perfection and who may be ignorant of the Truth is loved by My Father, Who is All-Loving, Almighty and Perfect in all He does.

The human race is imperfect because of sin and yet each man was created in the Image of He Who gave him life. As such, every man, woman and child will become perfect, both in body and soul, again, once the scourge of sin is eradicated. When the enemies of God are banished and when the imperfection of the body and soul no longer creates obstacles between man and God, all will be in One with My Father. The New Kingdom, consisting of Heaven and Earth, will become one. Man will become One in God, through Me, His Only-Begotten Son and His Plan for the world will be completed.

You can never feel complete, because once sin exists, it causes separation from God. But the time will come when all sorrow, which blights the Earth, is wiped out. Love and joy will engulf it and a perfect world will replace all that is stained and corrupt.

Only then will all of God’s Creation become whole again.

Your Jesus

When trust is broken, it is usually because the culprit has allowed pride to dictate his thoughts

Jesus what You must be Seeing of humanity to cause You such Pain and torturous astonishment of mankind's narcissism! Humanity in general is at opposite poles to the Father of all Creation! He is all-Knowing, yet we know so little. He is all-Powerful, yet we are powerless on our own. He is all-Loving, yet we don't understand True Love. He is all-Infinite, yet we are so finite, so bereft of knowledge. He is all-Humble, yet we are so proud and egotistical and selfish.

When will humanity find that tiny place in their hearts and souls that houses You?

When will we acknowledge the Gift of our lives we have been given by Our Father?

When will the arrogance of humanity be overcome and replaced with humble acceptance of The Father and all His Creation?

When will we see an end to man's inhumanity towards man?

The answer is in submission!

When we finally submit to God and live in His Will as It Is in Heaven, so to be in His Will on earth. How many souls have forgotten their intrinsic nature and why they were created. We are mere creatures, Created by the Creator! He made us from clay, the earth, dust! Yet with all the trappings of man-made creation using the knowledge created in us by God, we have been duped into being of this world's making and have pushed God right out from Centre Stage!

Where did humanity go wrong! What happened to make us forget our roots and Who created us! When God gave us our own free will, He gave it so we would love Him, follow Him and obey Him! But what did we do instead?

We did things for ourselves, for our own lusts and desires, for our own self-promotion, for our own selfish acts of self-fulfilment! Wow! Did we get it wrong! So now we have to double back and bring ourselves to humility! Can we do this on our own? No way!

So God is going to show us how to get humility back! He is going to assure us that we cannot cope without Him, we cannot live without Him! How will He do this? The only way He knows how! Through suffering and sacrifice -it wasn't enough for Him to salvage us through His Son apparently as we have shown since that Dreadful Day on Calvary!

So now it will be shown by our own suffering and sacrifice - luckily for us, Jesus has given us His Mission to help facilitate these elements! We are given a way of prayer, fasting, self-sacrifice and suffering - all to be offered up for souls of others and for our own. He has found a way for us to be humbled in the love of Christ that we feel for eachother.

Only those who find it hard to move in this direction, will be shown 'other ways'. Let's pray they choose to be shown the easier way! Otherwise God will not hold back His Hand in dealing with those who won't drop their pride!

When trust is broken, it is usually because the culprit has allowed pride to dictate his thoughts

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 @ 19:59

My dearly beloved daughter, I came as a King, but now, today, I call out to you as a pauper, for I hold not one ounce of pride, as this would be impossible.

I cry out to God’s children with longing, so that I may awaken within their hardened hearts a glimmer of love – a love borne of My Eternal Father, but which lies dormant and forgotten about. I, Jesus Christ, Am also forgotten, although there is not one person in the world who has not heard of Me. They know Me, but forget Who I Am. Some know My Name, but it means nothing to them. Some love Me, but are too busy to speak with Me, other than a nod here and there in recognition of Me. Others have heard of Me, but I Am simply an icon in their eyes, something of a bygone era – a prophet, perhaps, who may or may not have been authentic. As for other souls, who have little understanding of spiritual matters, I do not Exist. I Am a figment of the imagination, a creature created in the minds of fervently devout people, who are clinging to straws in the hope that a new world will exist after this one. Let Me assure you – God is God. Humanity was created by My Eternal Father, because it was part of His Plan for the eternal universe. All Was, Is and will Be, by the Command and Will of He Who Is and Who will Be. All bow before God, including His enemies, in the world of My Father’s Creation.

As man becomes more slavishly devoted to all that he sees, touches, and feels by his physical self – his spirituality will become barren. When you believe that all begins and ends with this world, you are saying that I do not Exist. You deny Me, the Son of man, sent to salvage you from the deceit of the devil. I Am of My Father. I was part of His Great Divine Plan. We are all one, but you, my beloved children, have been living in a desert bereft of life and in ignorance of what My Divinity means. My Kingdom is perfect and was created by My Father. The human race was perfect, until it was destroyed by the greatest sin in My Father’s Eyes – the sin of pride. Be wary of the sin of pride, for this evolved because of Lucifer’s self-love. Lucifer, the highest amongst My Father’s Hierarchy, believed that because he had free will that he could do anything he wished, but he failed to understand this. He was given not only the Gift of free will, but My Father’s trust. My Father showed complete trust in all of His Creation. Sadly, this was not reciprocated.

When trust is broken, it is usually because the culprit has allowed pride to dictate his thoughts, mind and actions. Once pride sets in your soul, you will immediately create a distance between you and He Who created you out of nothing, but a handful of clay. He molded you and gave you Gifts. Pride is the greatest threat to humanity, because it convinces you that you have more knowledge than God. If you believe that, then you are not worthy to speak either in His Name or at all. And when you do, you will create an environment in which all sins will be accepted as being a good thing. When that happens you will not only deceive others, but you will only fool yourself.

Your Teacher

Your beloved Jesus

Mother of Salvation: He, who shows no respect for human life, does not acknowledge God

I think all of us have been patiently waiting for a Message acknowledging the horrors of war particularly war involving the persecution and killing of innocent Christian people. The little children, their mothers and fathers. It has been a horrible time in our recent history. As it continues we are given this Crusade Prayer to help alleviate the plight of these victims. How senseless the ravages of war can be! No war is valuable to God! No slaughter or death of any kind is sanctioned by God!

These wars escalate because strings are being pulled by satan. The antichrist is fuelling all these wars and then watch as he 'the prince of peace' swans in and declares he has a solution! Woe to those who bow at his feet!

God sees all and He is removing those who are evil and promote evil. He will not allow these things to go on much longer. His Chastisement is a breath away for all the innocent lives destroyed by the hands of men and women. He will not turn a blind eye! We have the prayer now to be an instrumental part of the True solution! Please recite it daily! This time is now for wars to end, not by the antichrist's false claims and promises, but because God sends forth His Hand over those who inflict terror on His children.

We are living in the End Times.

Who is so blind that they cannot see that the world has no ability through human terms to continue on without self-destruction? Be careful of the global vaccination on the doorstep too! There are significant developments by the Global Elite to depopulate the earth and through vaccinations (for our so-called wellbeing) is a huge way they plan to annihilate humanity for their own ends. This is not a theory - Jesus has described this to us in detail.

Let's not be naïve during these days. We must always hold fast to the Truth given us through these Messages to give us the best chance of offering all assistance we can to help save souls. Now we are being asked to help save those facing the atrocities of war and terror.

Not too much to ask?

Mother of Salvation: He, who shows no respect for human life, does not acknowledge God

Thursday, July 24th, 2014 @ 16:48

My dear children of God, you must never forget how special you are in God’s Eyes, for He loves you all unconditionally. How He loves you is beyond your comprehension. He smiles when you smile. He laughs when you laugh. He weeps when you are blighted with pain and sorrow and He becomes enraged when you suffer persecution at the hands of others.

At this time in history, when hatred infests nations everywhere and when innocents are tortured, oppressed and killed, His Hand will reach out and punish the wicked. When humanity defies God by showing no regard for the Laws of God and, in particular, respect for the life of another human being, His Punishment will engulf the world. He, who shows no respect for human life, does not acknowledge God or His Divinity.

God is the Creator and Author of Life – He gives it and only He has the Authority to take it away. Oh how much sorrow there is at this time in His heavenly Kingdom, because of the aggression, which is fuelled by the evil one, against His Creation.

You must ask God to alleviate the suffering, which is caused in the world by men whose hearts are cold, angry and full of hatred. Those who inflict terror on others need your prayers. Please recite this Prayer to protect the weak and the innocent and to alleviate the horrors which man has to endure at this time.

Crusade Prayer (162) To protect the weak and the innocent:

O God, Father Almighty, please protect the weak and the innocent, who suffer at the hands of those with hatred in their hearts. Alleviate the suffering endured by Your poor helpless children.

Give them all the Graces they need to protect themselves from Your enemies. Fill them with courage, hope and charity, so that they can find it in their hearts to forgive those who torment them.

I ask You, dear Lord, my Eternal Father, to forgive those who defy the Law of Life and help them to see how much their actions offend You, so that they can amend their ways and seek solace in Your Arms. Amen.

Children, pray, pray, pray for the protection of those who suffer because of their allegiance to God, the Eternal Father, and for those who are the victims of cruel and senseless wars.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

When you trust in Me it must be free of any condition

No one in this world can or will give the Peace that Jesus gives. He loves us freely without conditions. He wants us to love Him like a little child with abandonment to His Will. Some of us can grapple with this from day to day. We are not really or entirely sure that we have what it takes to trust in Jesus implicitly or surrender to His Will unconditionally. Our lives, our emotions, our hearts can often dictate terms by our own free wills which leaves Jesus off to the side.

This is not ideal for Him. He cannot nor will not command us to love Him in this way.

But He waits patiently and sends us Graces to help us recognise the limitations to that love and trust, so that we can open like a flower from a bud to a fully and beautifully made bloom that melts His Heart. Somehow through each relevant experience we have in our lives, Jesus is Guiding us ever so gently to understand more fully what He Desires from each of us. With time and perseverance, we can see opportunities to be what He wants us to be and do what He wants us to do.

Each time we take on an opportunity, we are strengthened with those Graces to be a beacon of Light again and again. It could be seen as a test. If we pass the test, He will graciously send something to confirm we have done what He needed and He will ensure the next test is within our reach to achieve. If we fail a test, then it is assured that we will continually receive the same test, though perhaps with a different tone, until we achieve the desired end that God requires for the good of our souls.

When we are challenged in faith, when we are mocked and sneered at for our faith, know without reservation, that Jesus is by our side and we are close to His Sacred Heart. Sometimes I for one feel that I must let Him down very badly, because I don't seem to get as many of these things happen to me as some others do, so I am not sure if I am close to Him then, this is my test. Maybe this is something I can see as being a good thing or a thing I need to improve.

It is good to challenge ourselves and even 'go that extra mile' to almost encourage self-penance to please Jesus. This is why fasting is so important and a test that I find very difficult. I would ask that we continually encourage eachother to fast. We know how significant fasting is in helping save souls. Jesus be our Strength to accomplish all You need of us.

When you trust in Me it must be free of any condition

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 @ 17:04

My dearly beloved daughter, trust is a very misunderstood term, when it comes to My relationship with you. To trust is not an easy thing to do, for man is a sinner and can, at any time, betray a trust even amongst those he loves.

To trust in Me takes great effort on the part of souls. When you trust in Me, it must be free of any condition or on your own terms. When you say you love Me there are many stages involved. The first stage is one of belief and love for all that I taught and because of Who I Am. The second is inspired by love for My Teachings and a deep compassion for Me. The third stage occurs when you are in full union with Me, when you feel My Love, My Pain, My Sorrow and understand – without knowing why – what it means to be a true child of God. It means acknowledging that I Am the Beginning and the End and that all comes from Me.

When you love Me with an open heart, like that of a child, you will love Me without condition. You will know that I will come to your aid when all feels hopeless, you will know that My Love for man is ceaseless, free of malice, free of discrimination and that not one sinner will I reject – no matter what they have done. By then, you will have no doubts left about My Divinity and you will surrender to Me completely. You will leave all to Me, although you will, without question, suffer at the hands of man when you love Me in this way.

Because My Light will shine within your soul, those who reject Me will do all that they can to belittle you; to mock you; to scourge you and to make life difficult, for make no mistake, Christians have always been despised and will continue to be persecuted, just as I was, until the Final Day.

Trust in Me and I will ease your burden and while you may suffer verbal attacks, by those who hate you because of Me, you will be at peace. Please recite this Prayer whenever you feel separated from Me and I will come to your aid. I will fill you with a Peace that cannot, nor ever will, be found anywhere in this world.

Crusade Prayer (161) For confidence and peace:

Jesus, I trust in You. Help me to love You more. Fill me with the confidence to surrender in full and final union with You. Help me to grow my trust in You during difficult times. Fill me with Your Peace.

I come to You, dear Jesus, as a child, free of all worldly ties; free of all conditions and I hand You over my will to do with it as You see fit for the sake of my own and that of other souls. Amen.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: Jesus Christ, is not loved by humanity as He once was

Mother of Salvation's Heart is breaking for humanity as Her Son will be discarded by all nations as 'yesterday's news'. We cannot imagine our faith being taunted and ridiculed as will happen soon. It is difficult to fathom that we will be told to be silent because their poor ears cannot be brought to hearing Jesus' Name! Publically we will see a very visible and shocking display of all things anti Christ so because this will be acceptable, any talk of Jesus will be met vehemently with criticism.

Sin will become the 'norm'. So if the Truth of Christ and the Ten Commandments was spoken of, they would be tortured with that Truth and rather than 'take it on the chin' they will scream like banshees and writhe in pain at the mere mention of anything representing Good!

We have really no idea at this present time, how massively distorted things around us are going to become, but throughout all of what we experience first hand or what we read in the papers or see on the news, remember that Mother and Jesus both hold us close to Their Two Hearts and we have nothing to fear. They will help calm our resolve to press on during times of turbulence. We must not underestimate God's Timing in all things. Remember Jesus in the boat with His Apostles.

God will take painstaking efforts to remove all evil and those who commit evil away from us, so His Paradise can come soon.

Mother of Salvation: Jesus Christ, is not loved by humanity as He once was

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 @ 16:50

My dear children, my Son, Jesus Christ, is not loved by humanity as He once was. The indifference to His Existence has developed into a distaste of all Who He is, all that He represents and all that He promised. This has brought me much pain and sorrow.

As apostasy grows and spreads, He, Jesus Christ, will be denounced by every nation, until those who love Him and who follow His Teachings will be unable to declare their allegiance to Him, without having to suffer ridicule, mockery and slander. Those who are loyal to Him will be unable to proclaim the Truth unless they spend time in prayer, begging Him to help them to cope with the opposition they will have to face every day.

In order to remain loyal to Jesus Christ, you must love Him unconditionally. To love Him truly is a great blessing and is also a Gift from God. To those whose love for my Son has weakened, I ask that you recite this Prayer.

Crusade Prayer (160) Help me to love You more:

O Jesus of mine, Saviour of the world, help me to love You more. Help me to grow in my love for You. Fill my heart with Your Love and Compassion, so that I can attain the Graces to love You in the way that You love me.

Fill my ungrateful soul with a deep and abiding love for You and all that You represent. By the Power of Your Graces help me to love my neighbour as You love every child of God and to show compassion to those who are in need of Your Love and who are without faith.

Unite me in union with You, so that I can lead the Christian life, which You taught us by Your example during Your Time on Earth. Amen.

Love my Son, children, and He will spread His Love, so that every child of God will be drawn into His Great Mercy.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

God the Father: Be brave, My little ones, for My Great Kingdom will soon be yours

When we read God's Words in this Message, isn't it the most wondrous thing to imagine, that we will be in Paradise where Heaven and earth will be combined rid of evil, rid of pain, rid of suffering, rid of hate. It sends a little flurry of butterflies through me when I read His Heavenly Consolation to us.

We know there is a war to be won, we know that we will be Christ's foot soldiers, but aren't we so Blessed to be His little warriors! Our names as His Remnant are in the Book of Life, the Cross of Baptism invisible (not to God) on our foreheads. We shall Inherit Christ's Kingdom.

This should never be doubted. If we doubt God's Grace and Love for us, then this give satan a little idea to prod away until he completely undermines our trust and confidence that God will save us. Always be at peace and have much joy in our hearts for His Providence in our lives.

We exist simply because of His Love and Generous Spirit. Give Him all the credit for wanting us to be happy. Don't we understand that this is what we were originally intended for - happiness?

His Promise is coming soon! We will share in all of it! Stay brave, be brave, become brave - this is all God wants so we can do this together.

Pray, hope and don't worry! All is well!

God the Father: Be brave, My little ones, for My Great Kingdom will soon be yours

Monday, July 21st, 2014 @ 14:23

My dear children, when I created the world, it was to share My Existence with each of you. My Love was then divided and it was then that the world became one in Me. My angels rejoiced in My new found Kingdom and My Love spread beyond My Realm, because I desired that this be the case.

While My Love was rebuked, I knew that My Sorrow would be replenished when I renewed the Earth to bring an end to sin. My Time is soon, when all will live according to My Will. My Holy Will, will be Present in the hearts of My children. All will be joyful again. Until this Great Day, much pain will be borne by man because sin has created such a separation from Me.

As long as sin exists, man will suffer the trials meted out to him by he who hates Me. He, the evil one, will present himself as if he loves you, as if he cares about you and he will continue to influence each one of you, until I send My Son to gather you into His Sacred Arms. Be brave, My little ones, for My Great Kingdom will soon be yours and you will, along with your families, live within My Holy Will. When My Divine Will is accomplished amongst you, the world, that is comprised of Heaven and Earth, will become one. When We are one, there will be no more pain or sorrow, because sin will be completely eradicated.

Your Eternal Father

God the Most High

Man-made doctrine will not feed your soul

Lord Jesus, how many moments I am sure we feel insecure with what will unfold in the Church, Your Church - once these false gospels, doctrines and back-to-front sacraments will be prevalent within. We will see a lack-lustre new creed which will wipe all traces of You from it and we can only imagine Your deep Sorrow when that day comes when You Yourself will not be welcome by Your Bride.

Please help us find the strength and commitment to You to stay by Your Pierced Side always.

We will be fish swimming against the tide and although feeling exhausted and weakened, we will manage to reach our Destination because that is Where You will Be!

Please, like the Good Shepherd You are, please seek out the lost lambs, seek out the stubborn lambs, bring Home the lambs who turn away from You, the lambs who don't know You, those lambs who have allowed the goats to contaminate their pasture.

Be like Footprints in the Sand - if we feel in a desperate moment that You are no longer beside us holding our hand, then help us understand without any doubt, that in those moments, You are Carrying us - Home! We love You Lord Jesus, You are our Rock Whom we will remain steadfast to, You are our Sword Who will defend us against the foe, You are our Shield Whom we will seek security behind when the enemy seeks us out. We have nothing to fear but alone for ourselves and the choices we make.

It is By Your Will that he hope and pray, will be our choosing. Nothing man-made will ever sustain us, but Your Word alone, will nourish us. Please accept our prayers as an offering for souls for their Salvation.

Please show us the Way to The Father along the perilous path ahead. Mother of Salvation Protect us. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Man-made doctrine will not feed your soul

Sunday, July 20th, 2014 @ 16:45

My dearly beloved daughter, when the world is under the spirit of darkness, it becomes very difficult for those who believe in Me, Jesus Christ, to stay true to My Word. When My Church falters, then the faithful will feel disillusioned with all that I taught and they will struggle in their faith.

It is not My desire that you divert your attention from the Word of God and when you do, you will not find Me Present. When My Word is not adhered to, and when you allow yourselves to be taken into a false sense of security – when sin is pushed aside as being of no consequence – then you will find it difficult to remain loyal to My Teachings.

Rise, all of you, and hear My Voice now as I tell you this. Everything that I taught you, as being Sacred, will be pulled asunder. Many of you will find it confusing when so many Teachings, given by Me to My Church, will soon be dismissed as being not for these times. The times you are facing ahead will bring much anguish, for you will not be given the direction upon which My Church was built. The edifice will crumble, the faith of My sacred servants will be weakened, beyond your capacity of understanding, and all Truth will be demolished. Man-made doctrine will not feed your soul. Only I, Jesus Christ, can feed you with the Faith, which will make you fit to follow Me. Whatever you are told, you must always remain true to Me, for I will always remain loyal to you.

When you separate from Me, I will be standing close to you constantly, trying to draw you back to Me. And while you may wander away and adjust your lives into accepting falsities, I will never desert you. And when you are completely lost, I will find you and bring you back into My Realm. I will never forsake you although you will forsake Me.

Your Jesus

God the Father: When My Will is established peace will reign

I do hope as many people will read God the Father's Message here! Any doubts of His Love for each of us will be washed away. He has so much Love and He will show Himself through His Son Jesus, very soon. Because we have always prayed the "Our Father' we have been Gifted with knowledge that God's Will will be done on earth as It Is in Heaven. This has been a rather stupendous clue we have had all along but the timing was never discussed - until now. Although God will not and need not reveal the hour, He has been Gracious to help us understand more fully and to the point that we are the Chosen Generation who will see God's Kingdom restored in a new earth and a new Heaven.

Paradise is assured for all those who return to The Father, all their love, their commitment, their trust and their confidence, that He IS the Creator of ALL things! He is the Master of His Own Canvas, He will restore all that is Good! Evil has no place in God's Plan for Paradise. The Plan that is already prepared and given. In the blink of an eye, we will be assumed into the Paradise Promised, rid of hate, hurt, sorrow, grief, deception, narcissism etc. His Will on earth! Trust in His Divine Intervention - have faith that He will not do anything to hurt those who choose Him above all others.

He gave us the Ten Commandments - we must live by them down to the letter - all 'I's' dotted and all 'T's' crossed! He will not continue to tolerate evil and evil doers. Those who are hardened, He will give chances to through Graces to change from their wicked ways, but lo those who ignore these opportunities - He has been patient up til now, but He is giving fair warning, that if we don't turn back to Him, He will cast us out! It is completely our choice. There is no point believing that if we are permissive, tolerant and supportive of all things against His Will and Creation, that we will not be held to account!

We are living in a fool's paradise if this how we reckon our actions. Be awake! Know that everything is under the watchful Eye of God - He knows the number of hairs on our heads! He has a very long memory!

God the Father: When My Will is established peace will reign

Friday, July 18th, 2014 @ 15:52

My dearest daughter, the world is Mine and I belong to all of My children. I Am yours.

My offspring will face a great upheaval, as I send My angels to bring forth My faithful, and all evil will be banished soon. My enemies, I will crush until every trace of pain and sorrow, which humanity endures, is wiped clean. No more tears, no more sorrow, no more pain, for all Power is Mine.

My Plan is already unfolding, though few people will be aware of it. But I tell you this. Wipe away your tears. Do not fear My Intervention, for it is My Will that will be adjoined to that of My children – soon. When My Will is established, peace will reign, not only within your hearts, but on Earth as it is in Heaven. Trust in Me.

Fear not My Hand, for only those who completely reject Me will suffer. I do not desire revenge and I will penetrate the hearts of even those who curse Me. My Mercy means that very few will want to be separated from Me, when I make Myself known through My Son, Jesus Christ. The weak will become strong. The fearful will become courageous and those with hatred in their hearts will be infused with My Love.

I love and desire all of My children and because of this I will regain My Kingdom with the least amount of suffering possible.

Please trust in Me, completely. For the day is near when only the Light of My Divinity will reign on Earth and all peace will be yours.

Your Eternal Father

God the Most High

The human intellect is not capable of understanding all that is of Me

Do we really understand what suffering is and why it is given? Most of us just despise it when it happens. Our human frailty relies on good health and happiness, but what becomes of suffering is a utopic joy in Heaven. Our suffering is never in vain, nor are we ever alone in it. If we realised our Angels and Saints in Heaven are right beside us. Do we call on them to alleviate some of the despair that comes with suffering? If only we could fathom what The Holy Trinity does with even the smallest headache we offer up to them for a soul. We must not waste any suffering how ever small or big. Heaven is not blind in our suffering. What we offer becomes of the utmost importance for anyone needing Salvation - we don't know who it helps. But what God wants too from us is our fiat. Before we go for the headache tablet, ask ourselves 'Why has God given me this headache right now?' and does God want me to Praise Him for it because it is so useful to Him as a little offering, a little Salvific tool for someone I don't even know? That makes a very powerful motivation to carry on with a headache and leaving the Panadol in the cupboard!

The human intellect is not capable of understanding all that is of Me

Thursday, July 17th, 2014 @ 17:17

My dearly beloved daughter, the greatest pain that those who love Me must endure is that of darkness of the soul. The more you join with Me and in Me, the more I will suffer within you. For when I reside within your soul, the more you will have to endure pain because of this.

When a soul becomes part of Me, in full union, and when he surrenders his will to Me, the more My Presence will be evident in that person. He will draw down upon him the hatred of others, he will feel My Own sorrow as he has to witness the unfairness, injustice and wickedness because of sin in the world. His senses will become acute, his understanding of spiritual matters – borne as a result of suffering with Me – will reveal many things, which will awaken within him a deeper understanding as to the battle that exists between God and Satan.

He will understand what has engulfed his soul, his body and his senses, but this does not mean that he will find it easy to accept. The human intellect is not capable of understanding all that is of Me or all that comes from Me. But if he will trust in Me and accept that all good comes from Me, then he will enable Me to grow within him, for the good of all.

I can achieve great things when you allow Me to reside within your soul. So many people can be given My Gift of Mercy when you allow My Love to spread in this way. It is through the victim soul that I can intervene to save the souls of others. Always accept that when I present the Gift of Suffering it brings great rewards for humanity as a whole. My Mercy is My Gift to you. Accept the different ways in which I work, with graciousness, for the pain of being in union with Me will be short-lived.

Accept Me as I Am, and not as you think I should be.

Your Jesus

The world has forsaken Me, as foretold, and the greatest betrayal upon My Body has been inflicted

Lord I sense Your Sorrow for these poor, lost souls. We will continue to pray in earnest with great confidence to help You save them. Through my mother's suffering I can see that souls are being saved. Please accept all that she and all who suffer pain and sickness offer to You so nothing will be wasted. Everywhere in the world today are people of all walks of life, of all ages in pain, whether in body, heart or soul.

Through this Mission I have encountered these humble souls who even through their own suffering, are compassionate in uniting and offering all they can give for another who is also suffering. This is Your Abiding Love in action Lord Jesus! This gives those of us privileged to see It so much hope and confidence in our future with You in Your Glorious Kingdom to come.

It doesn't matter all the bad we see or read about - none of it matters. God has a Purpose for each and everything that manifests itself because each and everything is Designed in His Will. We may not encounter every experience in His Will, but rather through our own instead, nevertheless He will turn every adversity into a Great Good!

He always has a Backup Plan!

So no matter the burden, no matter the tribulation in our lives, we can have implicit trust and faith, that God has a handle on it all. He will lift us up out of all of it and make us perfect again just as we were meant to be.

Boy oh boy! Have we got so much to look forward to!

The world has forsaken Me, as foretold, and the greatest betrayal upon My Body has been inflicted

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 @ 18:00

My dearly beloved daughter, the world has forsaken Me, as foretold, and the greatest betrayal upon My Body has been inflicted.

My Word is being torn into shreds and many of those who say they are wise to My Teachings will be oblivious to the persecution, which will be inflicted upon My Church. Just as I was cursed, during My Crucifixion, by those who proudly boasted of their supreme wisdom in My Ways, will I be denounced at this, My second time to come to claim My Kingdom.

Ungrateful souls, devoid of simplicity or humility, they will never accept the voice of those they consider to be unworthy to utter the Truth. They will never accept the Truth, for when they accept falsities in My Name, there will be no room in their hearts for the Spirit of God to flood their souls. Instead of preparing humanity for My Great Mercy – the Day I promised the world – they will turn their backs. They will not recognize the Divine Signs sent to open their hearts in readiness for Me, because of their proud and hardened hearts. They will also do all that they can to stop the Word of God from reaching out to every sinner in the world and for that I will never let them forget this.

He who loses Me a soul, loses his own. He who blocks My Path will have nowhere to turn himself. He who swears against the Will of God will be cursed. What have you truly learned from Me if you cannot recall the Truth of My Promise to come again? My Kingdom will come on Earth as it is in Heaven and those who have failed to grasp what I said will be none the wiser. They will have squandered the Graces I send now and barricade themselves into a prison of such darkness that they will be blinded by My Light on the Great Day.

My Time is soon and there is only so much that I can do to prepare you. My Love remains as Great as it is Merciful, but you must also help yourselves, for it is not easy to be made worthy of My Promise of Salvation.

Your Jesus

Knowing what I taught is, in itself, no good, unless you love one another as I love you

On a personal note during the hours of my mother dying, I found I am partially at fault for not being as 'open' in proclaiming Christ as my Loving Saviour as I could have this past couple of days. At best I asked my sister with one brother present, if I could pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with my husband by Mum's side. The response wasn't an ideal one, but we pushed on and did it anyway, telling them that 'it is what Mum would want for the Hour of Mercy' - didn't go down to well. Anyhow I know if I had more strength where my siblings were concerned, I should have been more open to explaining what I meant by 'Hour of Mercy' for Him. I might not have been given the 'rolled eyes' then. Jesus gives so many opportunities and as I have found out, we can fail in taking up those opportunities.

Knowing what I taught is, in itself, no good, unless you love one another as I love you

Sunday, July 13th, 2014 @ 16:27

My dearly beloved daughter, God’s children can be likened to the buds of a flower. The buds, because of the nourishment of the soil they find themselves in, prosper and grow. But, unless the ground is fertile, the buds cannot blossom into mature flowers that delight the eye of the beholder.

If the soil is rich, the flower will be healthy. If it is riddled with bugs, then the flower will not blossom. Even the healthy soil, if infested with poison, cannot produce a healthy living plant. Unless God’s children listen to the Word of God, digest the Truth and obey the Commandments of God, they will be empty and lacking in spiritual peace. It is only by allowing yourself to listen to what the Word of God promises, can you expect to thrive or find peace.

Many people, because of the lies, which Satan spreads throughout the world, in order to deceive souls, find themselves lost and without spiritual life. Life can only be attained by accepting Me, Jesus Christ, as your Saviour. Even that, in itself, is not enough. You must also remember what I taught you. Knowing what I taught is, in itself, no good, unless you love one another as I love you. When you stand up and proudly proclaim that you are a disciple of Mine, then unless you show love to others and do onto others as you would expect to be done onto yourself, you are a hypocrite.

If you know Me, you will love others, no matter what sins they are guilty of. You will never judge others in My Name, for that is not your right.

Your Jesus

My Word is very simple, easy to understand, but not as easy to live

We will see all the tricks under the sun that satan will use to bring good, holy souls into a state of confusion - he uses the truth (which he cannot bear) and twists It into his own distorted version - the lie. Good, God-loving people will begin to fall into a catacomb of deception in the Church primarily, but all around us. Even though this will appear to be the case, Jesus has a Plan!

He will show us through events, miracles, wonders that no man (scientist or otherwise) will be able to explain away. They will try to of course, because that is satan's modus operandi, but they will fail. They cannot succeed in any of their courses of action - God simply allows what He allows, nothing more, nothing less. God has the Final Say!

When we identify as Christ describes those who claim to be holy servants of God but are really Truth twisters, then they can really get their little backs up and raise a cuffuffle! The old saying 'He who protesteth too much' is a tried and true way of seeing those afflicted by another leading them to Truth which they just cannot handle. They don't want to hear that they may not in fact have all the answers.

Only God has all of those!

Only Jesus knows what God permits.

We can only try and try to bring ourselves to humility to hear Christ's Word as It Is, not any other version or distortion. We can try to put it in 'layman's terms' -what I try on here, but the Only Words we must hear and never step away from are the Holy Words in these Messages. We miss vital Gifts from the Holy Spirit by way of the Grace of Discernment when in a State of Grace, if we insist on 'splitting hairs' for every inference Jesus gives in the Messages.

If we want to dissect all He gives then I think we have too much time on our hands. Let's just accept with God's Love, the Great Gift we have been given and positively and confidently continue to bring His Word to those hard of hearing.

All this Mission requires is True humility and docility.

My Word is very simple, easy to understand, but not as easy to live

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 @ 15:48

My dearly beloved daughter, My instruction to all those who revere Me is to pray hard for the turmoil which will erupt soon in the world. Many events will evolve, all of which are linked to divisions caused by religious hatred and greed. But when contempt for Me, which is evidenced in the world already, comes from within My Own four walls, then you will know that the time is close. For when they curse Me and persecute those who love Me, then they will witness My intervention, which will be like a thunderbolt.

Many will confuse My willing acceptance of persecution, which will always be the lot of those who follow Me, with an acceptance of evil things and a willingness to allow these things to thrive. But that would be incorrect. All Love comes from Me. All evil comes from Satan. When the two clash great disruption will unfold. Evil cannot thrive when I rise up against it. Even Satan himself can only spread his venom according to the Will of God.

The evil, which contaminates the world, will be destroyed. Be in no doubt about this. You must, however, recognise evil for what it is, for Satan will always present it as being a good thing. His favourite tactic is to present a distorted view of My Teachings and include within it great deceptions, which will only be identified by those where the Spirit of God resides within their souls. So many spread different versions of My Doctrine and create their own interpretations and this confuses many. When those who profess to know Me crucify Me, by tormenting those who serve Me, then know that they are not of Me – for how could they be?

Be at peace, for all you need to know is contained in My Holy Word. My Word is very simple, easy to understand, but not as easy to live. Live by My Word and love will be the driving force behind every word you utter; every act you make and every gesture carried out by you. When you do not witness love, from the mouths of those who profess to be holy, then it is not the Word of God that you are listening to. Instead, you are hearing a human interpretation, which is flawed.

Anything, which does not spring from My Divinity, is not of Me.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: Only with the Love of God in your souls can you spread the Word of God

This Message has come at a perfect time, I am sure, for all of us in a special way. Having just experienced the love that Mother of Salvation describes, in my family, I hold onto Mother's Words fervently, having faith and confidence that with God's Grace, more of this love will reach into the hearts of the most stubborn and proud souls. We all grow and learn each day.

Some of us don't like having a red flag held to us, but if the Truth is to be told then we each must try our best to impart that Truth. We can't afford to be 'hung up' on those who are really doing their best to guide us even though we may not have the humility enough to accept that guidance. 'One upmanship' falls short of the love Mother is speaking of.

Our human condition can sometimes have it's ego bruised, but then I suppose we have to think about having that ego in the first place. Ego = pride! We can rest in the knowledge that each time we stumble Jesus will help lift us up again. He will dust us off and bring us strength to commit to Him again.

We know when we have the Love of God in our hearts - we feel warmth and lightness of spirit. We feel teary in a joyful way. We feel the love through the other person we are engaging with. We feel God's Presence with us.

There are numerous times that we might be able to pinpoint this happening in our lives, but the Promise of God, is that one day, we will come to know this always, each moment! Imagine a world (Paradise) where this Love of God will surge through us like that! Are we in for a treat!

Mother of Salvation: Only with the Love of God in your souls can you spread the Word of God

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 @ 16:00

My sweet children, don’t you know that it has been through God’s Love for all of you that He permitted me to proclaim His most Holy Word at every apparition of me, the Mother of God, which took place in the world.

It was the desire of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, that I made myself known, so that conversion to the Truth could take place. And so it will be at all of my holy shrines, throughout the world, that God will make known the Truth until the Great Day of the Lord dawns. You must all unite to give glory to God at all of my shrines, so that He, in His Mercy, will pour great Graces over even the most undeserving souls, for they are the ones He seeks out the most.

It is not only the well educated in matters of the Holy Gospels that He, my Son, desires to come to me. No, it is those who feel an emptiness within their hearts, where no matter how much they search for inner peace, they are unable to find it. Many people search for happiness, peace and joy in this life and rarely find it. They can never find true peace if they cannot find love. Only love for others can bring you close to God, because without love you will never find God Present.

I ask you, dear children, to come to me, the Mother of Salvation, and ask me to pray, so that God will fill you with His Love. When you recite this prayer I will ask my Son, to respond to your call. Seek out love and show whatever love you have, in your hearts, for others and share this. When you do, my Son will fill you with so much love you will then be ready to share this amongst you. Love will eradicate hatred. If you feel any kind of hatred for another human being, then you must plead with my Son, Jesus Christ, to rid you of this infestation.

Crusade Prayer (159) Plea for God’s Love:

O Mother of Salvation, I ask you to intercede on my behalf as I plead for God’s Love. Fill my soul, an empty vessel, with the Love of God, so that when it is overflowing, it will spill over the souls for whom I struggle to show compassion.

By the Power of God, I ask that I am freed from any feelings of hatred I may harbor for those who betray your Son.

Humble me in spirit and fill me with generosity of soul so that I can follow the Teachings of Christ and spread His Love into every part of my life. Amen.

Love is spoken about as it if is easy to feel, but for many it requires great humility devoid of all ego. Without lowering yourself before God, you will not feel His Love. And without the Love of God, you cannot thrive. Only with the Love of God in your souls can you spread the Word of God.

Without His Love, the words you speak in His Name, will be barren and bereft of life.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Mother of Salvation: I will work closely with my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in His final act to salvage humanity

From Our Beloved Mother of Salvation, a great line: "Allow me, your Mother, to guide you in the times ahead, for I am your Advocate and Jesus Christ has given me great Graces so that I will be able to take you with me along the path to great glory". 

Now is the time to get a strong relationship with Blessed Mother! If any of us have had difficulty giving Her our attention, I think now is a good time to begin. From experience with a former Anglican in my family, there is a stubbornness and difficulty in seeking Her out! Mary is Christ's Mother, I am not sure why that alone doesn't get Her some much needed love and attention! She is Instrumental in Jesus' Plan to salvage humanity. 

Revelation (11:19 - 12:6): "Then God’s temple in heaven opened and in the temple could be seen the Ark of the Covenant. There were flashes of lightning and peals of thunder, an earthquake and a violent hailstorm. A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. Because she was with child, she wailed aloud in pain as she labored to give birth. Then another sign appeared in the sky: it was a huge dragon, flaming red, with seven heads and ten horns; on his heads were seven diadems. His tail swept a third of the stars from the sky and hurled them down to the earth. Then the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth, ready to devour her child when it should be born. She gave birth to a son — a boy destined to shepherd all the nations with an iron rod. Her child was caught up to God and to his throne. The woman herself fled into the desert, where a special place had been prepared for her by God; there she was taken care of for 1260 days." Mary is align with the Church, She is the Mother of the Church. Our experience as the Remnant Church will be the Abomination of Desolation - being sent out into the Desert for The Great Tribulation lasting 1260 days! There is a parallel here.

Mother of Salvation in this Message also makes mention of 'Blind faith'. How many of us have been told following these Messages is the 'blind leading the blind', 'following like blind sheep'. Often a few of us have said, 'well if following Christ in these Messages is being blind, then I never want to see again!'. Now Mother tells us that blind faith is actually a Great Gift given by God - Yay! It's a good thing to have! It might give a clue if we have been given this Gift, (which we have been given if we Truly believe these Messages without any doubt whatsoever), that Mother sees us as being tender of heart and devoid of ego - isn't that something to smile about! This in itself is a Gift from Her!

 Please don't miss the real chance we have, to find all the reasons and excuses under the sun to deny Our Beautiful Mother, our love, trust and confidence. She has cried so many tears for each of us - bitter tears and sometimes tears of joy! Doesn't She deserve to have the relationship that She Craves from us. Mary is so eager to guide us all the way through the quagmire - how much easier will it be with Her by our side with Her Holy Mantle around us?

Mother of Salvation: I will work closely with my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in His final act to salvage humanity

Sunday, July 6th, 2014 @ 14:25

My child, my time as the Mother of Salvation, when I will work closely with my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in His final act to salvage humanity has been firmly established.

I will, as and from this day forward, do all that is required of me to respond to Him as He intervenes in the affairs of the world to reveal His Mercy.

The road to salvation is a very difficult one, as it is never easy to open the eyes of the blind to the Truth. There is nothing more frustrating to witness than those poor souls who cannot see because they refuse to. Man’s stubbornness is a great barrier and because of this great acts of prayer and sacrifice are required by all those who are blessed with the Light of God in their hearts. It will be your generosity of free will, as you bring my Son the gift He desires, which will enable the Holy Spirit to descend upon those souls who are in great need of my Son’s Mercy.

It can be a great challenge to proclaim the Truth, by your faith alone. But while many people are loyal to my Son they do not have the gift of insight. Blind faith in God is a great Gift and is given to those who are tender of heart and devoid of ego. Rise therefore, dear children, and prepare for the great battle for souls. It will be the greatest task even for the strongest amongst you. Allow me, your Mother, to guide you in the times ahead, for I am your Advocate and Jesus Christ has given me great Graces so that I will be able to take you with me along the path to great glory.

Go in peace to love and serve God. For those who follow Him, as little children, every Protection will be accorded to you.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Man responds to love with love, just as hatred breeds hatred

Wow what a Blessing! Jesus has poured out His Spirit of Love through the Holy Spirit over all nations last Saturday! We will see great acts of charity from one nation to another. I just hope we don't become cynical and think these acts are out of some kind of hidden agenda. How can we be sure that it is a truthful action? I guess the fruits are what we look for!

For example Putin wiped the billions of dollars debt Cuba had with them. The same Cuba was the 'babysitter' for Russia's missiles in the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy got his way when he told them 'no way!' - ok this is a simplified version of all the Cuban missile drama, but why would Putin wipe their debt? Out of philanthropy, out of Christ's Outpouring of Love, or so that he can place his missiles back into Cuba as a 'backup' to dirty deeds of the then Obama U.S administration?

Anyhow what I am trying to say is, it will be difficult for us to see what is real love for one another, or what is the ac's plan to bring about his plan to control the world. By the fruits we will know. If there is no sign of Cuba being a pawn in Russia's game, I guess we can call it an act of great charity on Putin's part. If not, I guess we will see this played out another way! Through all this though, we are assured of Christ's Love and we will be Blessed to see wonderful things happen in our nations because of this Outpouring!

This won't just be the big things, it will be the little things as well. Just today a beautiful hearted friend sent me via a pm, a yellow rose of friendship with the promise of a dozen more and another beautiful soul sister sent me a Blessed Medal of Salvation for my mother because my Medals (up until today coincidentally) were delayed in the mail. My little 4 year old daughter just gave me a handful of jelly babies saying 'Mummy these are for you" - See? Jesus Love is intended for all of us and we will benefit greatly from this Holy Spirit's enkindling in our souls! Praise Jesus - Isn't He just so Lovely?!

Man responds to love with love, just as hatred breeds hatred

Saturday, July 5th, 2014 @ 17:46

My dearly beloved daughter, let Me bring great Blessings to the world today, as I bestow the Spirit of Love, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, upon every nation.

This Gift of Love will envelop many, including those who do not accept Me and the world will witness great acts of charity. When you hear of such miracles, when nations will help other nations, who are in great need, then recognize these as signs from Heaven.

My Love will entice many as it is spread through this, My Special intervention, at this special time. Listen to Me, My beloved disciples for I want you to know that when you pray for peace, My Peace I give you. When you pray for love to conquer hatred, My Love I will give you. When you pray to increase your faith, I will pour over you My Love and your faith will grow. When your faith grows, you will spread My Word through example. When you show love, without condition, to others, you walk in My Name. By your actions, others will follow your example.

Man responds to love with love, just as hatred breeds hatred. To conquer hatred you must always respond with love, for love weakens the spirit of evil. If enough people showed love to each other, in every aspect of their lives, then hatred could not thrive.

My Love is growing amongst you. Take it with you and spread it, for it will give life to all, including those who need it the most.

Your Jesus

God the Father: I Am the Truth. Take My Hand and follow Me. All Life comes from Me

God the Father: "I have created an Eternal Paradise, which belongs to you. It will provide you with Eternal Life of the body and the soul. It awaits you. Do not squander your inheritance. This will break My Heart if you do and you will regret this decision for eternity. Hear now My Call. I Am the Truth. Take My Hand and follow Me. All Life comes from Me" -

What would be the best thing we would ever do for our kids from a human perspective - ie take them to Disneyland? Let them loose in the biggest lollie shop? Why would we do this? Well we hope that we do this out of love and as a reward for the good our children do or the joy they give us. We certainly wouldn't do these things if our children were naughty or they didn't make efforts to be good!

Place aside the fact that these are worldly ideas for a moment - From a parent's perspective, we love our kids, we want to 'give them the world', we show them our love in the little things but once in a while we call up the cavalry and give them something incredible to remember to show them 'Well done!".

Well now look at God's Perspective as our Father, our Parent. He loves us so much that He is willing to share with His Kingdom! He is showing us His Wonders and Signs to bring us a greater understanding of what we need to have a wonderful, incredible life ahead.

But in order for us to know His Gifts are given and why they are given, we must understand that God won't give them to us if we are wayward, sinful, disobedient or unrepentant. He wants us to share all He has to Give, but we must deserve it, we must be worthy for Him to say to us "Well done!".

Why is this so hard for us to grasp?

Why are we so self-indulgent, so full of our own self-importance that we couldn't care less what God has to offer?

Or are we happy to take, take, take and not care less about the rest?

Would we be happy for our children to behave this way to us?

I think not! So when are we, God's children going to get it right and rely on God and His Goodness for us and place all our hope, trust, love and loyalty in His Holy Hands?

It is time for humanity to finally GET GOD! We have to start realising that as much as we have the Gift of free will, it was not given to us to squander and place God last on our list! This Gift by His Grace was given to lead us to Him. But with all those Gifts He poured out on us beginning with a beautiful Garden called Eden, we have used all to satisfy our greed, our lust, our worldliness, but the One thing we have not even given a second thought too - is the Heavenly Father Who gave it all in the first place!

So how are we going to begin to grab an opportunity, any opportunity, several opportunites to show God "THANKYOU"?

How long must He Wait to have His children return to Him in gratitude?

Will it be today, tomorrow, next week?

Will we continue to procrastinate and lose wonderful moments of opportunity that He places in our path?

All He wants is us! Let's give Him what He wants - AND DESERVES!

God the Father: I Am the Truth. Take My Hand and follow Me. All Life comes from Me

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 @ 16:40

My dearest daughter, man is in control of his own destiny, because he has been given freedom of choice, as a Gift from Me.

Some choose the correct path towards My heavenly Kingdom, which is through My Only-Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Others choose unwisely. Because of man’s gifts, which include intelligence, knowledge and free will, many become proud. Others seek falsehoods and great material gifts, which the world makes possible, until eventually, only their immediate desires become important to them. By adhering to selfish acts and deeds; by becoming self-obsessed and by seeking out personal fulfilment, at the expense of others, they condemn themselves to the sins, which will enslave them.

By refusing to accept the Gift of Eternal Life, which I bring to all of you, who will share in My Kingdom, you, dear children, will separate from Me for eternity. I come to intervene at this time because the self-absorption in the world has eradicated all love in your hearts for Me. I come to bring you the Truth; the knowledge of My Kingdom and a reminder of the two choices, which you will be presented with. The first choice is to accept My Hand of Mercy and live a glorious life by sharing in the Divine Life of My New Kingdom. The second choice is to choose eternal darkness and become slaves to the abyss, where Satan will remain forever.

So many of you refuse My Love, the knowledge I gave you through My Holy Word, and the warnings given to you by the prophets. Do not believe that the world today is any different to time on Earth up to now. Humanity has not changed. Sin is still your curse and it will only be by fighting the enemy – which brings you misery and sorrow – that you will become capable of accepting the Life I have created for you.

Listen now as I remind you of My Promise. I have created an Eternal Paradise, which belongs to you. It will provide you with Eternal Life of the body and the soul. It awaits you. Do not squander your inheritance. This will break My Heart if you do and you will regret this decision for eternity.

Hear now My Call, for I will send every sign; every Miracle and every Grace, so as to awaken your jaded hearts until I stir, within you, the knowledge of the Truth.

I Am the Truth. Take My Hand and follow Me. All Life comes from Me.

Your Eternal Father

God the Most High

Mother of Salvation: It will soon become unlawful to declare that you follow Jesus Christ

We are entering a phase in the very near future when Christianity will become hidden, simply because our faith will be treated with contempt. I say phase, because this part of the fulfilment of Scripture will not last long. Be assured that if we remain loyal to Christ without waivering, going to the safe Refuges that we will be lead to and making best use of those holy servants who along with us will not refute Christ, then know that God is with us! hell cannot prevail against the True Church - we will be very soon the Remnant Church, we are the Remnant Army now, so when Jesus gives us the nod, we will be guided safely to these Refuges where God will Protect His own! Have trust and confidence in all He has Told us in these Messages!

He will not allow the evil doers to hurt His children!

He will bring His Hand down with precision.

Those who surreptitiously cause good souls to be duped into the One World pagan religion will feel God's Wrath! He has reassured us of this!

We will see persecution, jeers, mocking and excommunication, but shouldn't we be happy to have this happen? - Jesus has told us if we follow Him the way He Desires, then this is what SHOULD happen to us! Otherwise we can't be doing the job of staying True to His Word, His Teachings, His Doctrines very well and with conviction!

There will be Pharisees in every corner, but what does it really matter? We don't need to engage, we just need to raise our eyes to Heaven as all the great Saints did when faced with tribulation and with calm unreserved faith, believe and pray "God Who Art with me, defend and protect me, your servant against the foe, today and forever. Your Will be done"

Mother of Salvation: It will soon become unlawful to declare that you follow Jesus Christ

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 @ 16:40

Dear children, if humanity were to witness the Majesty of my Son, Who sits on the Heavenly Throne, at the right hand side of the Eternal Father, they would hang their heads in shame and remorse.

My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, is adored, honoured and lavished with great love by the angels and saints in Heaven. On Earth there is very little respect shown to He Who suffered a terrible death to salvage the human race from sin. How the Heavens weep at this time in history, as every attempt to rid the Earth of every sign that represents my Son is being made everywhere. Not content with banishing public displays of the Most Holy Crosses, it will soon become unlawful to declare that you follow Jesus Christ.

Very little tolerance will be shown to Christians who remain true to the Word and who follow the path to God. Even those holy servants who profess to serve Jesus Christ will be too weak to defend Christianity and they will allow themselves to be forced into accepting these laws. In many cases the traitors amongst them will facilitate the abolition of the Cross and the Truth of Christianity. In time, they will all adore a false doctrine, along with other faiths which will not come from God. Because they will choose the path of error, by their own free will, this means that they will refuse to accept God’s Mercy and they will condemn themselves to the darkness.

You must never betray my Son for any reason, for He is the Way of the Truth and only He can bring you Eternal Salvation.

Your beloved Mother

The Mother of Salvation

Your faith will be tested like never before

Remember always Army of Christ that as the Remnant we are duty bound to remain in Jesus and reflecting Jesus' Love, His Patience, His Perseverance, His Endurance and His Obedience and His Truth forever. He will cover us with His Protection and promises that our faith will never diminish once we fight with the Sword of God.

We are Crusaders!

We are God's warriors!

Trust in Him!

Your faith will be tested like never before

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 @ 20:50

My dearly beloved daughter, the love, which radiates from My disciples who follow Me at this time, is all encompassing. It is the Light, which is aflame amidst you that is sustaining My Love, which is felt everywhere I Am revered. The Holy Spirit continues to be poured down upon My Church on Earth, as it struggles against the trials and tribulations, which face it every day.

The spirit of darkness, however, continues to weigh heavily upon nations, as every effort is made by the agents of the evil one to drive out every trace of Me, My Word and My True Church, from the face of the Earth. Be assured, no matter how heavy your burden is, that I Am with you, walking beside you and helping you to overcome adversity, every step of your journey. Your faith will be tested like never before; your courage may leave you from time to time; your perseverance tested to its limits and your acceptance of the Truth challenged. You will be picked on; scoffed at and sneered at, all of which will be caused by the wicked acts of those who Satan uses to fight Me, Jesus Christ. But nothing will destroy My Church – My true followers.

Those who remain obedient to the Word of God, as it has existed for so long, will continue to represent Me on Earth. My Protection will cover you like an invisible sheath and your faith will never diminish once you fight with the Sword of God.

Remain true to Me and My Light will continue to shine upon the human race. My Promise is that My Church will remain intact, although smaller than it is now, until the Great Day of the Lord dawns.

Your Jesus

You can only uphold the Truth, for I Am the Truth. Deny the Truth and you deny Me

In the moments reading this Message, I was overcome with a deep sense of foreboding for priests should they deny Christ's Truth, that of His Teachings, His Doctrines, The Gospels, The Sacraments when they turn back to front. Only those who have held fast to the Truth all their time of Ordination, might have a better chance of seeing the deception for what will be manifested that it is. But they really need to be already seeing the false prophet for what he is and the changes he is making and the humanistic priorities he has shown up to this point with more horrors to come. Only those who are so deep in faith, that they pray moment to moment, say Mass each day, hold fast to the Sacraments in their True Form, really know that It Is Truly Jesus Real and Present in the Holy Eucharist.

Those who pray the Holy Rosary and love Blessed Mother with True Love - I can think of many priests like this, but boy oh boy, can I think of many who aren't. Those I come in contact with and I dare say those you come in contact with who are ambitious, careless, non-committal, homilies that are clap trap, no effort for Adoration, The Holy Rosary, Stations, no Hail Mary's in Mass, no belief in the Divine Mercy devotion and then being led by the one dismantling the Church piece by piece!

It is terribly sad to see young priests fresh into their priesthood who have been brought through their Formation with a casual and almost 'job like' attitude out of Seminary because they are not formed in Truth.

Ecclesiatical masonry is not a fabricated, distorted opinion that someone just conjured up. It is real and it is happening. They have infiltrated the Church decades ago and are placed all over in every chair to bring an undermining of Christ to up and coming Clergy. If we deny this as fact, then we must really begin to question why many priests are so quick to discard the Sacrament of Confession, not visiting the sick or taking Holy Communion out to those who cannot get to Mass, give Holy Communion happily in the hand and to non-Catholics on a regular basis, no genuflection during the Consecration, or washing of their hands, cutting out parts of the Consecration to devalue God etc, etc.

It goes on and on! Some of us are very lucky who still regularly attend Latin Mass and who are able to go to daily Confession if they so desired! Some priests are so tuned into to their Divinity given by Christ at their Ordination, that doing the very best they can do for the flock is no chore, no job, no problem! These are the priests who will find the times ahead very difficult, but they are the very ones whom Jesus will hold up on high! He will give them their beautiful Reward in Paradise.

We must pray for ALL priests, the weak, the conflicted, the confused, those who deny Christ, the holy, all priests need our prayers! They are Jesus' holy servants. They can never be just ordinary men! Adopt-a-priest should be a National Day for all Catholics and for those servants in other denominations for Christians as well.

Just pray for them - it is our duty!

You can only uphold the Truth, for I Am the Truth. Deny the Truth and you deny Me

Monday, June 30th, 2014 @ 23:50

My dearly beloved daughter, you, My dear followers, must know that the gates of Hell will never prevail against My Church, although much of My Church on Earth will be crushed, as foretold. But, the Truth can never die. My Word will never die out nor will My Teachings be forgotten by those who are in true union with Me.

Only those who remain true to My Word can say they are part of My Church on Earth. Those who applaud any form of tampering of the Holy Gospels or adaptation of My Teachings will no longer be able to claim that they serve Me. Should a holy servant of Mine dare to proclaim an alternative doctrine to the one given to man by My apostles and the prophets, before My Time, they will be immediately expelled.

I warn all those who embrace anything, which is deemed to be sacred – but which is formed by human hands and creation – and who accept this as Mine, that I will cast you out, for you will no longer be able to call yourselves My servants. And should you lead souls into error, your punishment will begin in your time and will continue long after you depart from this life.

My Anger is unknown to you, because you have yet to witness it. But know this. You who will betray Me already know who you are, for your faith has already weakened. Many of you have already fallen and your weakness will be your downfall. You will betray Me; deny Me and embrace My enemies, for you will be so caught up in the new religion – the secular humanism, which will come as a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing to devour you – that I will be forgotten. Your ambition and desire to please those enemies of Mine, who will rise to great heights, within the echelons of My Church – will blind you to the Truth. This will be the cause of your demise and all those whom you will pull into grave error.

It is when My Church turns My Teachings upside down; inside out and back to front, that you will know that the time has come for the antichrist to take centre stage. Those who worship the beast will sign their own death warrant and will hand over their free will, a Sacred Gift from God, to My enemies. Once you swear an oath to this new false doctrine, you will be guilty of crucifying Me and your punishment will be severe.

Why, you may ask, would you be punished for your obedience to your elders? The answer is simple. When you swore an oath to serve Me, you agreed to uphold the Truth. When you break this oath, because of your obedience to those enemies of Mine to come, then it is not I, Jesus Christ, you will serve.

You can only uphold the Truth, for I Am the Truth. Deny the Truth and you deny Me. When you deny Me, as a servant of God, you will no longer be fit to instruct God’s children towards their Eternal Salvation.

Your Jesus

You must never reject God because of the evil acts of those who falsely claim to serve Him

Thankyou Lord Jesus for this Message!

A few people I have come into contact lately have done this very thing! They blame God for all the evil acts perpetrated by so-called religious people saying it is His fault or He allows it to continue. They have no idea about free will and the Gift it is to each of us that God will not meddle in.

It is by man's free will that he does satan's work on earth. satan cleverly disguises himself so God gets the blame!

People leave their faith and their religious beliefs then to follow worldliness and 'freedom'.

A false freedom that satan promises!

Many feel they can't trust God believing that God has forsaken humanity to 'battle on our own'.


God would never condone evil, evil acts of any kind, murder, abortion, population control, science gone 'frankenstein' or any persecution or entrapment of any soul on earth! This is simply impossible! God is a God of Love, Mercy and if we play our cards right - Forgiveness! These people who hide behind God telling the world that they kill for God is simply ludicrous deception! God is the only Giver of Life and it is only He Who can take it away! They missed that bit in Scripture! It is satan and satanic work that inspires these so-called religious 'holy' people to hurt others!

We can certainly see with eyes wide open, who are for God and who are for satan, by the very acts that they indulge in! A simple question: 'Would Jesus approve if He was in the room?". Not that you will get many terrorists or fanatics to ask that question before they lopp off someone's head, but it is the very question that should be so easy to answer and prevent us from doing things that are just not with God! So keep awake! Understand that satan is clever at hiding himself. Why else do we have the word 'occult'. It means 'hidden'. he works behind the scenes, making sure he gets his minions to do his dirty work. None of it comes from God!

These people that claim to know God are kidding themselves! He is a Mystery! He by His Very Nature is in Control and either permits or doesn't permit and the permission He gives is on account of achieving the Greater Good! God is giving satan enough rope to hang himself with! God is on our side! So anyone purporting to do 'good' in God's Name by killing, maiming, committing horrendous acts on, taking away someone's liberty, unjustly accusing etc etc are going against the 6th and 10th Commandment especially - all of the Commandments in some form or other! So for goodness sake don't blame God for anything bad!

 If we are given suffering, it 's to better our souls. But those things that display vicious, aggressive and murderous behaviour is satan's trade standard!

You must never reject God because of the evil acts of those who falsely claim to serve Him

Sunday, June 29th, 2014 @ 20:20

My dearly beloved daughter, any man who hides behind religion to inflict evil upon people of other religions does not come from Me. Religions which camouflage hatred and demonize other denominations do not serve God.

When men use Me, Jesus Christ, as a shield to hide behind, in their quest to murder and slaughter innocents, this is the greatest sacrilege. Men, who believe in God, must know Who God is; what He has told the world and how He has instructed His children through the Ten Commandments, in order to serve Him.

God is Love. He does not condone hatred of any kind. If and when you see people using the cloak of religion to inflict pain upon others, for whatever reason, you must know that this has nothing to do with love for God. Hatred comes from Satan and he spreads his venom amongst religious radicals, in order to vent his anger against God. By infiltrating those, who have a distorted understanding as to Who I Am, he succeeds in spreading hatred against God. People will then ask: “How could God permit such evil in His Name?” The answer is that evil will always be found in places where God is revered, because such places are carefully sought out by the evil one, to bring shame to any religion, which honours God. By his actions people will then turn away from God and He will be blamed for every vile act, perpetrated by those who claim to serve Him.

Hatred is careful to disguise itself. It will usually be presented by those who claim to represent God, so as to be seen to bring justice to the enemies of God. It will be seen as the ‘voice of concern’ and its condemnation of what it desires the world to believe as being an evil thing. Churches of different denominations, all over the world, have been infiltrated by God’s enemies from within. The aim is to bring shame upon the Name of My Eternal Father. As a result, there has arisen, in all corners of the world, a deep suspicion and lack of trust in God. The natural assumption is that God’s representatives have instigated evil in His Name and therefore, faith in God is flawed. This is why the world has been plunged into hatred, corruption and wars, because Satan’s plan is to destroy every religion, which honours the True God. Those who cause these evils have no love in their souls.

You must never reject God because of the evil acts of those who falsely claim to serve Him. If you do, and you remove yourself from God because of this, you have fallen for the lies, which Satan wants you to swallow. Never judge others because of their beliefs – good or bad. Never judge My Eternal Father or Me, Jesus Christ, His beloved Son, for the sins that those who serve His Churches commit. Man is, and always will be, a sinner on this Earth. Sin will always be the curse of man, until I come again. But to accuse God of sin is as much a terrible sacrilege as it is impossible.

Wake up to the fact that Satan exists and that he is careful to hide this fact, so that he can fool souls into cursing God, the Creator of all that Is and ever will Be. Soon, all these atrocities will come to an end and all Glory will be Mine. It will not be long before Satan is destroyed and the human race will be able to see clearly Who I Am and the Glorious Life I will bring at My Second Coming.

You must remain alert to all that is presented in My Holy Name, for you will find that not all comes from Me.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: The True Church will become a Remnant

Mother of Salvation is reiterating what we have been told at various times during this Mission.
We are to turn our backs on false doctrines and false gods.
We cannot serve two Gods.
That which will be introduced in the Church which Christ began and was Present in, will draw many, many priests and clergy into a realm of deception and evil.
So Jesus will not continue to be Present when these abominations come to bear.
Will that stop these priests from being sucked into the vortex of satan's plans - No apparently not!

All they have are our prayers! And God's Mercy!  Mother gives us another Crusade Prayer to protect us from the one world religion.  So many imposters and interlopers will flock to this new form of church!  We will be shunned for staying with the True Doctrines, the True Christ, the True Cross! This will be an arduous journey. 

Think of Christ carrying His Cross for all those miles to Calvary.

The journey took what seemed like an eternity.

The pain He endured was endless.

The sun scorched His already beaten and battered Body.

The mockers, the scorners - ranting, jeering at Him the entire Way!

Spitting at Him, throwing dirt at Him, laughing at Him!

Now think of us taking that same journey with Christ - uniting our suffering to His Calvary! 

We are in the beginnings of this walk of endurance and pain!

 Soon we will be beginning the Battle uphill to where we will see Christ's Bride - Crucified!
 We will be crawling on our bellies over stones, between brambles full of thorns - what joy! What elation!

We will be Christ Jesus' support, loyal to the End!

We will be His warriors!

We will face all the challenges full of anticipation prayerfully!

Victory will be ours, just as The Cross was Christ's Victory!

Then we will behold Our Mother, the Sweetest Fragrance of Love and Purity!

All our pain will be taken away in one moment!

We will be united with Christ and the Heavenly Realm!

Stay with Him always!

Take up our cross and follow Him!

Jesus is our Rock, our Sword, our Shield!

He is Alive!

What have we to fear?

 Mother of Salvation: The True Church will become a Remnant

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 @ 15:03

My dearest child, the greatest deception, which will descend upon humanity, will come from within my Son’s Church on Earth and it will be instigated by His enemies, who have infiltrated it by devious means. Satan will enter my Son’s Church and the signs will be clearly seen by those who have the Spirit of God firmly implanted in their souls.

The faith of my Son’s holy servants will be shattered, as many will feel compelled to desert Him through acts of sacrilege. Many poor unfortunate servants will be asked to swear allegiance to a new oath and they will be too frightened to walk away, although many will know, deep within their hearts, that it will be wrong.

Many new rules will be introduced into my Son’s Church on Earth, as thousands of newcomers will be sworn into the Church and they will not be authentic, for they will not have the True Spirit of Christ within their hearts. They will enter the Church and will bear witness to a new one world religion, which will not honour my Son, Jesus Christ. Not only will they not serve Him, their duty will be to serve the needs of humanism, which will, at its very core, deny the Existence of the Supernatural State of God and all that He stands for.

The clergy, who once pledged their lives to God, will be drawn into this great deceit and as a consequence will lose the True Faith. They will not promote the importance of the salvation of souls, which was made possible by my Son’s death on the Cross. The Cross is at the centre of Christianity. There is only one Cross and it will be through the Cross that the first visible signs of the betrayal of my Son will be seen. New kinds of crosses will be introduced which will snub the Sign of the Cross and what it means in the hearts of man.

Non-believers, who up to now, had no interest in Christianity, will be drawn into the so-called new one world church. Along with all other religions, which do not spring from the Truth, they will scoff and sneer at the children of God, who will remain true to the Word of God.

The True Church will become a Remnant and this Army will unite throughout the world to become the latter-day saints and they will be empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to sustain the Truth. They will be spat at; laughed at and accused of being radicals, just as my Son, Jesus Christ, was accused of heresy when He walked the Earth to preach the Truth.

It will require tremendous courage to stay true to the Word of God, for you will be accused of wrongdoing. Your crime they, the enemies of God, will say is that you spread untruths about this abomination. Everything, which comes from God, will be declared to be a lie, while the truth, which they will say is represented by the new one world religion, will be a lie.

The Holy Spirit will, however, cover those who continue to spread the Holy Gospels and my Son will cover you and protect you. The future of the survival of the human race and the right to the Eternal Life, promised to every man, woman and child, will rest on your shoulders. It will be the Remnant, which will keep the Light of God aglow in a world, which will be plunged into darkness.

Many of you will be challenged and lies planted within your hearts, by the spirit of evil, to turn you away from the Truth. Sadly, many of you will find it too difficult to remain true to your convictions and you will be tempted to turn your backs on my Son.

To ensure that you remain strong, courageous, calm and at peace, as you take up the Cross of my Son on your shoulders, you must recite this Crusade Prayer. For many of you who find it difficult to accept that these things are to come, there will come a day when you will recite this, Crusade Prayer (158) three times a day, because the pressures, which will be placed upon you to deny my Son, will be overwhelming.

 Crusade Prayer (158) Protect me from the one world religion:

 Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the new one world religion, which does not come from You. Sustain me on my journey to freedom, along the path to Your Holy Kingdom.  Keep me in union with You, whenever I am tormented and forced to swallow lies, which are spread by Your enemies to destroy souls. Help me to withstand persecution, to remain firm to the True Word of God against false doctrines and other sacrileges, which I may be forced to accept. Through the gift of my free will, take me into the Domain of Your Kingdom, to enable me to stand up and proclaim the Truth, when it will be declared to be a lie.  Never let me falter, hesitate or run away in fear, in the face of persecution. Help me to remain firm and steadfast to the Truth for as long as I live. Amen.

Go, my dear children, and accept that these things will happen, but know that if you remain loyal to my Son, you will help to save those souls who will be plunged into error.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

My Church, when it divides and falls, will embrace humanism with great relish

We must keep our eyes wide open in these days. The changes in the Church characterised by the notion that we as good Christians should become humanistic in our thinking and place all importance on the temporal needs of those who are poor in their environment for many reasons. However, what this change and 'new evangelisation' will do, is place Jesus in last place. He will be whitewashed from homilies, in the presentation of the Sacraments, in the new 'creed'.

All this will take place soon to herald in the One World Religion and it is then that those with good hearts, always thinking of the poor will be duped into believing that the 'revolutionised' church should administer money, clothing, shelter and food, which it will with berGOGlio's guidance. Of course what this does is take good souls away from Jesus. Why? Because the Spiritual food and nourishment won't be seen as important - only the physical needs of these poor.

What Jesus is asking of us, is to keep our total focus on Him! Not to allow Him to be superseded by humanism under the false prophet. This will be a rather impervious plan by satan to snatch good Christians and make them feel guilty should they not take part in the new form of worship. Worship of all that separates Jesus from His Church.

Once the major changes come into being ie the change in the Creed and the Sacraments being turned back to front, will be the time that Jesus will no longer be Present in His Church. This is the Apostasy!

Jesus will not stay where He is not welcome!

This is what will change our lives as Catholics. Though every Church denomination will be involved somehow. God's Remnant Army will take the True and Holy Apostolic Church as the New Jerusalem to the New Paradise. It is increasing everyday. Holy servants of Christ are in the wings, waiting to guide the flock in Truth. They are silent for now, but they are keeping their eyes wide open and focussed on the Truth.

As they see things unfold, they will contemplate their next move and behold, God's Remnant Army will flourish with many priests and servants of God. Keep praying for them - they are fighting in the front line! We must support each of them as they tread a very slippery slope under this 'pope'. The Holy Spirit will strengthen their resolve and perseverance! Enkindling their hearts with His Love! God is giving us all strength!

My Church, when it divides and falls, will embrace humanism with great relish

Friday, June 27th, 2014 @ 22:11

My dearly beloved daughter, you will never identify the work of Satan in the world that easily, for he is very cunning. He will rarely expose his deeds in a way, which would cause people to question his influence. Throughout his reign on Earth, he went to extraordinary lengths to convince the world that he does not exist. Rarely will you see the truth, because it is camouflaged through those people he uses to convince people that God does not Exist.

The objective of the devil is to fool people into believing that the world and the existence of the human race is a means to an end. His greatest triumph was the introduction of humanism and, in particular, secular humanism.

Humanism, a so-called desire to look after the needs of the human race, through the elimination of social injustice, is flawed. Those who adopt humanism in their lives do so as a substitute for a belief in God and it is understandable why they do this. Sadly, many religions have produced dissidents, whose behaviour is not influenced by God. Their hatred for others and their murderous intent is exercised in the Name of God when, in fact, it is Satan himself who inspires their every move. He does this to drive people away from God. These dark souls commit terrible injustices and use the Name of My beloved Father to carry out wicked acts. They then justify these acts in the name of their religion and they cause many people to reject all belief in God.

Secular humanism, while applauding all good things in the name of social justice, is very appealing to those souls who are tender of heart, for their intentions are good. Sadly, when they embrace this doctrine, they are saying that the Creation of the world was an accident, caused by nature. But this is untrue, for the world was created by My Eternal Father. No scientist will ever be able to explain the Creation of the world, because this knowledge will never be made known to man.

To reject the supernatural and the Divine Existence of God means that you reject moral guidelines, which derive from God. This means that morality, a deep sense of what is or not pleasing to God, cannot be sustained and this leads to darkness. Instead, man will become focused only on his physical needs, and he will neglect his soul. Upon death, his soul, which he refused to accept as a life-giving Gift from God, will still not accept God’s Mercy. Many of these souls will have completely alienated themselves from God’s Mercy at that stage.

My Church, when it divides and falls, will embrace humanism with great relish. And, as a result, it will draw all those souls into a flawed interpretation of the Truth of their existence. The world will then embrace this new type of church – a church concerned with social injustices - and not one word about the importance of the salvation of your soul will be uttered.

Your Jesus