Tuesday, 15 August 2017

God the Father: The Credo Prayer, which acknowledges Who I Am, will be changed

Please give yourself time to digest this one. God is Speaking about the imminent change to the Creed at Mass. Jesus is the Only Authority Who can change His Teachings and Doctrines as set down by the Early Church Fathers as He Instigated.

Now it seems the 'powers-that-be' are deciding to change it! This Creed will now have wording changed to reflect the paganism to enter the Church in the coming months.

This is the commencement of this occurring! God is really Angry!

We should ask ourselves how long do we think He will allow this to happen to His Son's Bride before He puts a stop to them taking His Son's Church away from His children!

He tells us here that He will basically send calamities befitting the crime to those who have justified this new 'creed'. His Justification for His Chastisement is Sacrosanct!

He is God!

If people don't get a clear clue that what they are doing to Crucify the Church soon, then following this new false Church will be their undoing! Please, please don't repeat the words of this new creed as it is being read! Please stay silent!

God does not want any of us to fall prey to the conscionable deception by saying the words out loud. To utter them is to do satan's bidding! God wants us to remain loyal to His Son!

God is being very specific in his description of what wording will appear before us and why they will twist the Truth to become a one world pagan church! Jesus will not stay where He is not welcome!

We pray that God will tell us the time down to the moment when we see or hear the changes, to turn our backs there and then and flee in order to wait for the Holy Spirit to Guide us to a Safe Refuge where we will hear Holy Mass in Truth and receive the Holy Sacraments in Truth.

We will not be left without for too long. But for now, keep your eyes and ears open to the changes they bring in and wait for Jesus' Instructions on what to do when the time is called for.....and pray!

God the Father: The Credo Prayer, which acknowledges Who I Am, will be changed

 Monday, May 26th, 2014 @ 16:22

 My dearest daughter, the time will come when the Credo Prayer, which acknowledges Who I Am, will be changed to honour false gods instead.

When the one world religion is introduced, it will be done carefully, so as not to give an impression that I, the Eternal Father, Am no longer revered. If I Am not revered then this new prayer will become an abomination and must never be recited, if My children want to remain with Me and who desire Eternal Life. Far better if you remain silent than to utter one word of blasphemy, which will be introduced into all churches everywhere, which honour Me, your Father and who accept My Son, Jesus Christ, your Saviour.

 Words, which venerate My Name and that of My Son, will be twisted and expressions, which refer to My Son, will include such terms as “Jesus of the Light.” This new prayer will place the emphasis on the superiority of man, his responsibility to ensure the welfare of his brother and to welcome, as one, all religions to honour God. All references to My Son, in the way which He is meant to be revered, will be replaced by this new title they will give Him. The world will be told to honour the beauty of the Earth; the wonders of the world created by a God Who is One for all and Who accepts every kind of worship. This will be the time when the world will come together into one world, as a pagan religion. Because so many religious expressions will litter this new creed, it will take those who are blessed with discernment to truly understand what is happening.

 How futile their efforts will be, because those who inflict this darkness upon My children will suffer for their rejection of their Creator. And when this prayer is taken at face value, another abomination will be inflicted – the introduction of the rewritten Word, which will bear nothing but rotten fruit.

 In time, a special symbol, which will represent the new man-made god, will be created, so that it will seem to those who are asked to wear it that they will be doing a good thing in showing solidarity to one another. All these things, they will be told, are for the good of all, where your first duty is to seeking the perfection of man. This, they will tell you, is important before you can face God. You cannot do God’s Will if you do not seek justice to free humanity from bondage to religious persecution, poverty and wars. The focus will be on all things to do with My Creation – the Earth; the nations; the people and political rulers. All will be tied together as one in order, they will say, to serve God better. All they will be serving will be the king of lies, who will bring all of these things about. And, while the world will applaud these new seemingly innovative advances in global matters, humanity will be coerced into paganism. Paganism will bring with it an appalling darkness of the soul. Then, for everything that is leveled against Me, I will replicate their abominations – upon the Earth they walk on; the water they drink; the mountains they climb; the seas they cross and the rain, which feeds their crops.

The battle between the mighty, the proud and the evil amongst men and Me, their Eternal Father, their Creator, will be a hard fought one.

 Your Eternal Father
 God the Most High

Once paganism grips My Church, this will mark the final chapter

Jesus isn't mincing His Words! - So on His Behalf - I won't either!

When the First Commandment is broken by His Church, then literally all hell will break loose!

God's Wrath will be felt, make no mistake- worse than when He Issued the Great Flood!

How else will He bring purification to this world! But just remember - God gave us His Gift!

He gave us the Seal of the Living God!

No one with the Seal placed upon their foreheads will come to any harm! (Spiritually speaking)

Wars that escalate around us will not harm us!

The Seal is the Passover!

The Passing Over of all homes and souls who have accepted His Seal!

Like the Blood of the Lamb!

Be assured of this and remain confident and trusting!

God will not leave His children who are loyal and steadfast to His Son!

Give God what He needs! Our absolute concession and submission!

He is the Master at Work!

He will accord His children with Great Grace if we but remain with Him!

No one has the Authority to change a single Doctrine or Law of the Church!

No one! And he who tries will be severely dealt with! That is a Promise!

Once paganism grips My Church, this will mark the final chapter

 Saturday, May 24th, 2014 @ 21:20

 My dearly beloved daughter, the main reason so many people today, and especially the young, do not want to know Me is because of their unmitigated self-interest. Self-obsession, and a desire to please only one’s self and desires, has meant that real love for one another is missing and there is little charity present in such souls. When they separate themselves from others, in pursuit of self-fulfilment, they cannot love their neighbour. When they do not love their neighbour, they cannot love Me.

Separation from God has never been so widespread. With little love in their hearts, evil finds a welcome environment in which to take root. Once evil is planted, in the souls who become easy prey, it will grow and spread quickly. The further it spreads, the less love will there be in the soul and a hatred for others will be instilled within it. Soon, hatred, jealousy, envy, avarice and greed will become the common traits, which unite modern society, until eventually, it will become synthesized until souls will feel nothing. Emptiness of spirit leads to great danger, for the evil one is intelligent and he will use souls at that stage to wage war against the Presence of God in the world. When the world becomes self-obsessed and demands every kind of right, which it deems to be more important than giving generously of one-self – then nothing good can come of this.

 When Lucifer disobeyed My Father, it was pride, which led to his downfall. Pride and a love of self, where all else comes second, will lead to the final downfall of the human race. Disobedience to God is rampant at this time. So little regard for His Commandments can be seen and this has meant that man will disobey every single one of the Ten Commandments. When the First Commandment is broken by My Church on Earth – the final bastion of My Father over His children – the world will witness the worst chastisement since the flood.

Once paganism grips My Church, this will mark the final chapter.

 When God’s children love themselves and preen before Him, He weeps bitter Tears. But, when He is replaced in the hearts of all by paganism and a false god, His Wrath will be unprecedented.

 Your Jesus

You do not have to understand the Ways of God – you must simply accept them

Jesus just wants SIMPLE!

So many times we see pages on facebook that pick to bits each line of the Messages, even down to grammatical errors for pity's sake just to pick holes to see where 'Maria' has slipped up!

Goodness me! We know that Jesus is Speaking and not one thing in Truth can be in error in any way!

Then we also see each day, where 'prophets' loud and proud yell out the events they have read about in the news and then 'preach' about them with all the references they can associate with Scripture.

A basic non event like a piece of satellite falling from orbit and it is translated into an end time meteoric event that God uses for punishment or purification! It was just a common piece of space junk!

Then we have seen those who are very theologian and Scripturally based that analyse too and fro each item up for 'debate' of what Jesus tells us in His Messages! Why do they feel they need to 'second guess' God or do the 'one upmanship' thing?

Do they really think they know more than Him? Arrogance!

Jesus gave us the JTM community to share our thoughts and faith. He knows we will get excited about the things to come, but He also knows that we can get too focussed on these things ie the date of the Warning, Mary's last Appearance at Apparition sights etc and get all bent out of shape when things aren't happening as quickly as we want them.

God knows what He is Doing!

Let's just forget about all the semantics and logistics of how tomorrow unfolds and concentrate on the Graces and Blessings we are given each day being part of This Mission and keep praying and speaking to Jesus like little children. He loves us just being with Him.

I had to get fireweed out of our paddock today (toxic to horses) and said "Jesus You better do as good a job as I hope to, so we can have that cup of coffee sooner rather than later!" - This is just a little conversation with Jesus, my Buddy!

We must try to include Him in everything! That keeps Him Consoled!

He is so fretful and Sorrowful when we discard Him!

Every moment should be shared with Jesus!

Those things we hate doing like the vacuum cleaning - "Jesus come on, let's do this together to get it done faster! We can have a chat while we clean!". Then speak with Him! He will answer!

The peace and gratitude we feel is enormous!

He is not 'up there'. He is right with us, every moment! Simple child-like humble LOVE!

 You do not have to understand the Ways of God – you must simply accept them

 Friday, May 23rd, 2014 @ 18:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, come, all of you who love Me, and bring Me your love, for I Am in great need of comfort. I Am your Jesus, the Son of man, Saviour of the world and yet I weep. Every Grace bequeathed to man is thrown back at Me by ungrateful souls. My generous Heart is open, so I can draw all of you to Me, but you turn away. Even those of you who do love Me do not give Me your time. Instead of talking to Me, you talk to each other about Me. Too much talk about the Mystery of God’s Plans and what is to come can cause distraction and confusion. Too much analysis and so-called intelligent debate takes away from Me.

You do not have to understand the Ways of God – you must simply accept them. I never asked you to understand the Mystery of My Divinity, because the souls who truly love Me will love Me because of Who I Am and not what I bring. They will not seek out glory for themselves. They will not develop their spirituality to merely gain a foothold in My Kingdom. They will never use their knowledge of Me in a boastful way to score points. The souls who will reside within Me are the souls who ask for nothing, only that which they ask for the good of their own souls and that of others.

 When you say you represent Me, you do not talk and shout about how much you say you know Me. You must simply show love to others and follow My Teachings with a soul, which is empty of pride. So, if you are truly Mine, you will spend less time trying to define what I have told you; what I have taught you and what I promised. I ask that you come to Me and spend more time in quiet contemplation with Me. When you do this, I will reveal Myself to you more clearly and you will know in your hearts what it really means to serve Me truly.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: As Christians, you must prepare to fight for your Faith

Mother of Salvation: "You are each blessed with great courage when you recite this Crusade Prayer. Go in peace, my children, to love and serve my Son, Jesus Christ"

We are invited to be hopeful when we pray for strength and courage to carry out our Christian duty to defend the faith. This prayer will help us in this quest. When we seek to bring souls to Jesus, we must understand that satan is cursing us all the way! so he will make trouble for us, but that doesn't mean that we are helpless in forging The Way ahead!

Never give up the fight!

Never dismiss someone who won't listen to Truth!

Just remain silent and pray!

Not everyone is ready to have a conversion towards faith. Sometimes our own conversion needs nurturing properly before we are led to help others.

We can't very well steer the yacht with half a keel!

If we suffer for standing up for Jesus, then take it as a Blessing because in the suffering Jesus takes us into His Sacred Heart instantly! He is Joyful when we accept our cross and follow Him!

Let's do all we can to offer up our every moment to Jesus so that He is comforted by our efforts!

Keep marching forward even when the drum stops beating!

Mother of Salvation: As Christians, you must prepare to fight for your Faith

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 @ 15:26

 My dear children, the suffering, which my Son endures, because of the sins of man, is intense at this time. The hatred against Him and His Most Holy Word – as contained in the Most Holy Bible – is manifested within the hearts of many people and this includes the false religions, where they do not acknowledge the Triune God, as well as those who profess to be Christians.

Every sin that is committed hurts my Son and every mortal sin is felt as a vicious blow inflicted upon His Body. For every act of heresy committed, it is as if another thorn is plunged into the Crown of Pain, which He already endures. As my Son’s suffering increases, at a time when every sin against God will be denied, so also will the suffering of true Christians increase.

 While suffering is a terrible thing and while the pain of those who defend His Word is beyond endurance, it can be the way to become more intimate with my Son. If you accept suffering as a blessing, rather than see it as a curse, you will understand how my Son uses it to defeat the power of the evil one. When you accept the pain of abuse and ridicule, which you can always expect when you walk in union with my Son, many Graces are given to you. Not only will such pain make you stronger, but my Son will reveal to you His Compassion for others, whose sins He can wash away, because of your sacrifice for Him.

 So many people do not realize that when you develop a closeness with my Son, and when He resides in certain souls, that this will always result in pain for those who agree to take up His Cross. My Son can only truly immerse Himself in the souls, which are open to Him and who are without pride, malice or self-love. But as soon as He resides fully in such souls, the Light of His Presence will be felt by many with whom they come into contact. They will draw others into becoming disciples of my Son. They will also become targets for the evil one, who will fight hard to draw them away from my Son. When the evil one fails to tempt these souls, his fight against them will become even fiercer and he will infest others in order to attack them; abuse them and slander them.

It is important that all Christians remain alert to the plans which have been drawn up by Satan, to devour the souls of those who love and serve my Son. He craves these souls more than any others and will never be satisfied until they succumb to his temptations.

 As Christians, you must prepare to fight for your Faith, because everything you hold dear to your hearts will be stripped away, layer by layer. You must seek the Sacrament of Reconciliation as never before, because without it, you will find it impossible to withstand the infestation that is being wielded in the world at this time against Christianity.

Remind yourselves, dear children, of everything that my Son taught you, because His Word is to be challenged until it will become unrecognisable. Come and ask me, your beloved Mother, the Mother of Salvation, to pray for each one of you, so that you can remain loyal to the Truth, by reciting this Prayer to defend your Faith.

 Crusade Prayer (151) To Defend the Faith:

  O Mother of God, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Salvation, pray that we remain loyal to the True Word of God at all times. Prepare us to defend the Faith, to uphold the Truth and to reject heresy.  Protect all your children in times of hardship and give each of us the Graces to be courageous when we are challenged to reject the Truth and renounce your Son.  Pray, Holy Mother of God, that we are given the Divine Intervention to remain Christians, in accordance with the Holy Word of God. Amen.

 You are each blessed with great courage when you recite this Crusade Prayer. Go in peace, my children, to love and serve my Son, Jesus Christ.

 Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

Groups who will promote heresy against the Holy Bible will seek out those who will remain steadfast in the Faith

Jesus says "Pray for your persecutors and your tormentors, for when you do, you dilute the power of the evil one."

Sticks and stones remember?

Let's not return any response to those who speak poisonous barbs from their mouths to dishonour and discredit our faith in Jesus!

He will stop all evil and evil-doers instantly in a short time.

God has told us again and again - He will not allow satan to take one more soul without His Hand falling heavily!

For each of us who have the Seal of The Living God, have no fear of what we will face - God's Promise to protect us and make us invisible to the enemy is all we need.

When someone has their unchristian ways of speaking to us or writing something disparaging on facebook or in blogs, just do as Jesus asks, "remain silent and pray for them".

How satan writhes in pain when we don't fight fire with fire. What else can he do with us, if we remain in obedience to Jesus? satan has no power!

Jesus has taken the Wheel!

When someone undermines our confidence, they are not doing themselves any favours, no matter how sweetly worded they make it. We must always hold fast to the Holy Glue that binds us to Jesus! satan is on his last legs!

Groups who will promote heresy against the Holy Bible will seek out those who will remain steadfast in the Faith

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 @ 20:40

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Father desires that all of His children show love and charity to each other. Sin is spreading so quickly, as a direct result of the sin of pride, that the infestation, especially amongst those who claim to be Christians, has claimed many souls who were once close to My Sacred Heart.

Satan, and every demon he has sent to destroy humanity, has created much division in the world. They are trying to bring nations and communities into dispute with one another. Terrorist attacks will become more rampant, but the most serious sign will be in the form of the persecution of Christians. Never before will Christians be demeaned – their right to religious freedom curtailed and their right to remain true to the Word be violated – as they will be now.

 Christians will not only be targeted by My enemies, but they will also turn on each other. Groups who will promote heresy against the Holy Bible will seek out those who will remain steadfast in the Faith. They will publicly critise them, ridicule their loyalty to the Truth and seek out every sacred servant of Mine who dares to challenge their betrayal of Me, Jesus Christ.

 The evil one fights Me, at this time, in a terrible rage, because he knows My Time is almost upon you. Recognise any form of persecution against you, as a Christian, a true visionary, prophet or sacred servant, for what it is. A vulgar and evil assault on Me, your beloved Jesus Christ. Remember, My beloved followers, you must not give in to persecution, because of your love for Me. Pray for those poor souls who have allowed evil to spill out of their mouths. Be patient and calm when you witness persecution against Christians, for only My Divinity is Eternal. Evil deeds, acts or heresy against Me, will vanish in an instant. And only those who are truly for Me will find peace and salvation.

 Pray for your persecutors and your tormentors, for when you do, you dilute the power of the evil one.

Your Jesus

Satan is the greatest scourge of the human race and his contamination is lethal

This post is purely my opinion therefore I don't place my opinion on anyone else. I would just like to use this opportunity to clarify my position if it may help anyone else in their discernment. -

Personally to me, satan and the devil are what I call 'articles'. I do not capitalise their names because I refuse to credit them with any kind of salutative respect! They are not personified to me because they don't deserve to be thought of by me as anything but the lowest of the low and beneath all other things.

This does not mean that I deny their existence or question their reality. I know very well satan exists. I have seen satan in the eyes of others up close and personal, but the beast is a desperate little amoeba who cannot have power over me that I am not prepared to allow.

The door to my soul is closed for business to satan which I closed many years ago coming out of pagan new age. I will never allow this door to be opened again.

Now when we speak of sin, which is the doing of acts, deeds, gestures, words and thoughts allowing satan to coerce us into such, we are prey to him. he feeds off our human will thereby we make bad decisions and behave badly. This does not mean that we have weakened our faith to allow him in.

Faith and works tells us, in the developing of both, that we can rise above his temptations and being given the Holy Sacraments means we can guard ourselves and protect ourselves from his infestations.

There is a difference between denying his existence and telling oneself that sin is acceptable. This means that we kill our consciences - our souls that house the Holy Spirit by Grace Given by God. Grace can only be given to a soul that acknowledges and shows gratitude for the constant Guidance we are being Blessed with by the Holy Spirit within us.

Where God resides, evil cannot enter.

This is why The Most Holy Rosary of Mother of Salvation is so important.

satan hates the Name of Jesus and he hates the Mother of God!

What better tool of choice to fend him off!

This Mission prevents satan from gaining the upper control of our souls. Jesus is within us. satan loses his power. Simple!

Satan is the greatest scourge of the human race and his contamination is lethal

 Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 @ 11:14

 My dearly beloved daughter, the man who does not believe in evil does not believe in sin. He who declares that evil is in the mind of the beholder is capable of accepting evil in every guise and will, eventually, become immune to it.

 When evil is ignored, Satan has won a great victory, for the king of lies goes to great lengths to disguise evil and he usually does this by presenting the argument to promote tolerance in society. When human intelligence is used to argue all the rational reasons for excusing evil, these souls, guilty of spreading such untruths, become prime targets of the evil one.

 Once a soul allows him in, the great deceiver will convince his prey that they are acting in good faith and for the good of the world, when they justify wicked acts, which are against God. The evil one has created such deceit that many people, who no longer believe in Satan or the evil which he has spread throughout the world, will become incapable of distinguishing the difference between what is right and what is wrong. These people will argue and present every rational viewpoint to promote immorality in all aspects. Then the man who dares to defend morality will be demonized by them. Such is the way of humanity in the world today. When the existence of evil is rejected, then the existence of Satan is denied. This is when the king of lies and every enemy of Mine gains strength and his willing victims, who will act as his mouthpieces, become immune to Divine Graces.

 When Satan is rejected by My Church on Earth, then very little can be done for those who are truly infested by the evil one. When My Church denies the existence of the beast or the eternal abyss into which he and all the fallen angels have been thrown, then you will know that the Truth is not being revealed to God’s children.

If people do not know of the dangers that Satan inflicts upon souls, then they will not be able to arm themselves against evil. When this happens, the True Teachings of God are no longer accepted for what they are.

 Time does not change in My Kingdom. Satan is the greatest scourge of the human race and his contamination is lethal. So careful to hide himself, he is a master of deceit because he will always present good as evil and evil as good. Only those whose eyes are truly opened to God will understand the threat he poses in the salvation of the world.

 Your Jesus

They will use My Home to honour pagan gods as a mark of respect, which the world will be told is only fair

Will the priests, bishops and cardinals recognise these changes in the Church when they come?

Will they make excuses for everything that is changed as a way of showing welcome and tolerance of anyone and everyone no matter if they believe in Jesus or not?

Will they stop and say "The Church needs modernising and progressing forward - it's a good thing" or will they stop and say "Jesus didn't give His Authority to do these things! - this is not in keeping with what Jesus laid down in His Church!"

Are the clergy ready to witness these changes and make sacrifices to remain loyal to Jesus?

Are parishioners going to accept the changes and participate in them or will they see it for the smoke screen that it is and challenge what they see?

Will Jesus be swept to the side and eventually out the door of His Own Home without so much as a glance His Way as He is leaving?

Would we offer our home to criminals to step in and do what they wished, trash the joint, be bad examples to our kids, steal our belongings to pay for their criminal lifestyles, eventually throw us out of our own home to take possession and be happy with all they did?

Well isn't it the same as someone who doesn't believe in Jesus being allowed to enter His Home, take out all that represents Him, have pagan ceremonies to honour their lifestyles and beliefs and throw Jesus out with yesterday's news???!

Of course this is upsetting to Jesus! It should be just as upsetting to us! More than upsetting!

But this is what we will witness! God will only put up with so much as we have already been told. The period for this Apostasy will be short, but it will be furious! I pray that priests will stand up against the changes and deceptions that will enter the Church. Jesus intends for His Holy Remnant Church to be lifted up and given the Power of the Holy Spirit to carry His Word on in Truth without change, without manipulation!

We who follow Him now in this Mission are being called upon to remain in His Remnant! We are His True Church once this 'take-over' by satan enters the Church. This is why we are being prepared!

This era as Jesus tells us will not last long! God will see to it! An era is any length of time for a particular event or change - it can be any length of time.

We know that we are living in time of the Great Tribulation! Pray that God ends satan's reign on earth soon!

They will use My Home to honour pagan gods as a mark of respect, which the world will be told is only fair

 Sunday, May 18th, 2014 @ 19:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, all of the prophecies given to you will now begin to spill out – one drop at a time, until all will pour rapidly like water rushing from a tap. The incidents, the deeds and the acts, connected with My Church on Earth, will soon be witnessed by you. Those who make disparaging claims about My Holy Word will be silenced, so shocked will they be by the events to come.

 All that comes from Me comes from My Father. When My Father dictates details of future events, as part of His Mission to save souls, be assured that they will happen. As the new era of radical reforms in My Church commences, many non-Christian groups will be embraced. And, while I welcome all souls, I will never allow My Word – upon which My Church has been built – to be shoved aside. Those who do not accept Me, because they do not believe in Who I Am, will be welcomed into My Home. They will be shown every hospitality; be treated with great courtesy; presented with gifts and yet they will refuse to acknowledge their Host. Then, in time, they will use My Home to honour pagan gods as a mark of respect, which the world will be told is only fair. Christians will be told that God would expect them to welcome non-believers into the Church. That some practices, which honour Me, will have to be adapted so as not to cause offense to these visitors. Soon, My Home, will no longer belong to Me, for there will be little discussion of My True Holy Word.

 New words, which they will tell you come from My Lips, will be used by My Church on Earth to welcome strangers into My Home. And, while I sit quietly in the corner, they will run amok in My House; take away treasures and all symbols, which are associated with Me, My beloved Mother and the Stations of the Cross. My Home will be stripped bare of all that I hold dear and imposters will take up residence therein. It will become a place of strange commemorative ceremonies; new and unusual prayers and the new book will replace the old. This will continue until I Am forced to leave My Home, as it will be unfit for My Holy Presence. To all the innocent followers of Mine, they will only see what they believe is an attempt to modernize the Catholic religion.
 Soon I will no longer have the key to My Home, for they will take that away too. I will make My Home then only in the hearts of My loyal sacred servants, My beloved followers and those whose hearts will be open to Me. My Home is yours. My Home is for everyone. But when I welcome the heathen into My Home, this does not give them the right to force God’s children to accept their customs or permit their ceremonies to take place in the House of the Lord.

 You must never allow your Faith to be used in this way or compromised, in order to allow pagans to tarnish My Home.

 Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: You must never curse another when you ask for God’s Blessings

I have not really thought about this as Mother of Salvation states 'when a soul asks Me to Intercede for another soul, asking God to destroy that soul....' - it is Mother's perspective that She speaks in these terms. She hears all prayers to Her. I can't imagine anyone asking for our Friends in Heaven to hurt souls for them! One should try to have more respect or reverence for Mother or Jesus or God if they have prayed in this way. I am so glad Mother of Salvation told us this. If any of us have a slight memory from our pasts that hints at this kind of praying, best get ourselves off to Confession, quick time! This is something none of us wants as residual sin on our souls to go into the Warning with!

A nice note of thanks though Mother in reminding us of the importance of saying 'Thankyou Lord Jesus' for Your Kindness and Love in giving me this Blessing'. Always be reminded of our 'Thankyou's' - something I learned from Luisa Picarretta in the Divine Will. 'I place all my "I love You's" Jesus, on every leaf of every tree ever grown since Adam til the last man born' - same for every grain of sand, every sprig of grass, every raindrop fallen, every star in the night sky, every breath myself and my family have drawn, the list goes on and on and on! We have so much to be grateful for! That is multiplication praying!

God reminded us recently, that not one of our breaths is made by us - it is by His Will alone that we take each breath! That is huge! How complacent we are as human beings, believing that 'things' just happen naturally! Well maybe to a point, but nature is what God Intends. So for anything to occur it is by His Hand only! No one has that control, as they would believe, (generally rooted in their egocentricity and lack of faith) - not one of can claim this! It is all by the Grace of God!

Jesus is needing our thanks! How He looks upon a soul who thanks Him, with the overflowing Heart of Love and Mercy! So even if we don't exercise manners from a humanistic perspective, remember that it goes way beyond manners to thank The Lord! Make it a part of your DNA today!

 Mother of Salvation: You must never curse another when you ask for God’s Blessings

Saturday, May 17th, 2014 @ 15:54

 My dear child, when my Son grants special favours, upon God’s children, this means then that there is a responsibility expected on the part of the recipient. For every Blessing, dear children, you receive from my Son, you must always give thanks to God. When my Son presents heavenly Graces upon a soul, much is expected of that person. Each soul must then live their lives according to what they have been taught by my Son.

My Son makes His Presence felt when He is called upon. The more open the soul is to His Love, the more he or she will become closer to His Sacred Heart. However, when a soul exalts himself before my Son, when requesting His help, nothing will yield from Him. God loves the humble souls. He lavishes great Graces upon them. The more Graces they receive, the more of Him will be Present within them. Then, as His Presence is made known, that same soul will be the subject of hatred. The devil is drawn to souls who are in the Light of God. He will then use every means to humiliate the chosen soul and usually does this by deceiving the weak soul he uses, to inflict pain and suffering on the humble soul.

 Sadly, many people who love me, the Mother of God, come to me begging me to assist them in destroying other souls. These souls, they tell me, are deserving of God’s punishment. When they ask for my Son to pass judgment on such souls, because of the hatred, which lies in their hearts, their prayers will never be heard. How can you love me, adore my Son and pledge your allegiance to the Truth when you hate others? Oh how cunning is the evil one when he devours holy souls, who have allowed pride to distract them. Once pride grips a soul, it immediately loses its light. The darker it becomes the further away it removes itself from the Light of God.

When you ask me to intervene, on your behalf, with my Son, you must always come to me with the fullness of love in your heart. You must never curse another when you ask for God’s Blessings, for this is abhorrent to Him. Hatred plays no role in Heaven.

 Come to me, dear children, only with love in your hearts for your enemies, and all your prayers will be answered according to God’s Holy Will.

 Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

I Am Present in the person who loves all, irrespective of their race, creed, sexuality or colour

"Today, as I speak with you before the Great Day, I desire that you bring Me the souls of non-believers. You must do this through prayer and by reciting this Crusade Prayer (150) To save the souls of non-believers:

Dear Jesus, I ask You to save all those who, through no fault of their own, refuse to acknowledge You. I offer to You my suffering to bring You the souls of those who reject You and for the Mercy You will pour out over the whole world. Have Mercy on their souls. Take them into Your Heavenly Refuge and forgive them their sins. Amen. Your Jesus"

Condemn not! Persecute not! Judge not! Scorn not! Blaspheme not! Jesus didn't do any of these things, even to His accusers! Even to His enemies! We need to emulate Jesus! How can we say we love Him and want to be with Him if we do any of these things? He doesn't want His children to behave in this way. Everyone should find the love of Christ within them to impart this love to others. Pray for those you cannot get near! Jesus gives us a special Crusade Prayer now to help those tormented souls who cannot overcome their stubbornness to come to Him. Let's pray this one each day! Too many are suffering over their inability to concede to God. They are left dangling unable to reach Him.

Young people are suffering Spiritually because they don't know why they feel all the lack of peace and lack of joy in their lives - the Answer is right in front of them, but satan is whispering to them to continue the pull away from The Light. he is doing a nasty job of this to our kids!

Pray this pray earnestly for them! They haven't the strength to fight satan because they don't have a way of connecting to God that is tangible enough for them to give over in humble submission! This is for them!

This is yet another opportunity we are given to recognise that we have brothers and sisters out there who need our prayers that without which, they stand a very real chance of losing their Inheritance. Don't let this happen to them. Jesus loves them all so much - how much He would Hurt to lose them!

I Am Present in the person who loves all, irrespective of their race, creed, sexuality or colour

 Friday, May 16th, 2014 @ 16:05

 My dearly beloved daughter, I ask all of you who love Me to consecrate to My Heart the souls of all those who refuse My Mercy. I ask you to bring Me the non-believers who will not accept My Existence and those who, even were I to stand before them in person, would still reject Me. These hardened souls take comfort in other forms of spiritual pursuits, because they refuse to accept Me. Were they to accept the Truth, they would find great inner peace, which no form of other spiritual dabbling could ever deliver. Those who do not believe in Me, or He Who sent Me, will never fill their souls with peace.

Only I, Jesus Christ, can bring you true peace in your hearts, because I was sent by He Who created you to bring you to Him. Through Me, you will find My Father. And when the Father unites with the children He created, peace will reign. Without the Peace of God, there can never be harmony on Earth. Where there is no peace, you will know that this is caused by a lack of humble servitude to God.

 Those who are knowledgeable of My Most Holy Word must never forget that whatever knowledge you may have about Me, it is never to be used against Me. By that I mean you must trust in Me for Who I Am. Accept Me with a humble heart. Never allow arrogance to overshadow your allegiance to Me. He who is soft and tender of heart loves Me. I Am Present in he who loves all - irrespective of their race, creed, sexuality or colour. I Am in all who live their lives as I have taught them. I Am also Present in those who do not know Me, but who emulate My Traits.

When I walked the Earth, I never boasted of My Knowledge – I simply imparted the Truth. I never cast aspersions; persecuted or admonished those who would not follow Me. I never spoke ill of anyone. I accepted all of God’s children and every fault they displayed towards Me. I never said I would sacrifice My Life for a select few. No, I gave Myself for everyone and especially for hardened sinners. I never chose one man over another. I never heaped praise on one and slandered another, for this would have been impossible.

I sought to spread the Truth in the hope that My Word would be heard. I brought peace to many troubled souls who had the humility to listen to Me. I was firm but fair to all those who tormented Me because of their hatred and evil tongues. I cast demons out of souls who rose against Me and gave great Gifts to those in great suffering. I ignored the taunts of the so-called holy men of the day, who loved only themselves. God was never a priority in their lives, so busy were they looking after their own needs. But the souls I sought out most were those who did not believe in God. They reached out to Me and did not understand why they were drawn to Me. They came to Me of their own free will, but many were brought to Me by those souls who knew Who I was and Who sent Me. Because of this, I poured over them special Graces and they were instantly converted.

 Today, as I speak with you before the Great Day, I desire that you bring Me the souls of non-believers. You must do this through prayer and by reciting this Crusade Prayer (150) To save the souls of non-believers:

 Dear Jesus, I ask You to save all those who, through no fault of their own, refuse to acknowledge You. I offer to You my suffering to bring You the souls of those who reject You and for the Mercy You will pour out over the whole world. Have Mercy on their souls. Take them into Your Heavenly Refuge and forgive them their sins. Amen.

 Your Jesus

My Love, My Mercy, My Compassion will be your saving Grace

By hook or by crook we pray to be in the Book - of the Living and in Paradise! There are several key groups amongst mankind that have various ways of either honouring God or dishonouring Him. 

By His Grace we pray that we will remain honouring Him acceptable in His Eyes so we can enjoy the fruits of our labour in Paradise! 

We must continue our prayers for the less fortunate and the mislead who will through their ignorance and their arrogance, fall into the trap of lies ahead by those who wish nothing else than to deny God's Word and to do satan's bidding!

There will be the time ahead when the Graces Jesus bestows on humanity will be visible to those who will fall on their knees. They will realise their deepest desire to be with Christ or they will finally understand their errors and wish to reconnect with Him with a full, loving and repentant heart! 

But those who are knowingly doing the work of satan and doing everything they can in their loyalty to the beast to silence God's Word and attempt to thwart His Plan, will not come off easily! 

Their souls are in great jeopardy! 

They may not redeem themselves because they will choose not to, and would rather wait for the empty promises satan has given them. How they can choose this end is just beyond my grasp. 

Honouring God is in my DNA as I expect it is in all those who follow Him in Truth! 

It is such a pity that there are those who believe they are in the right to condemn this Mission for all the reasons they, using their humanistic intellect, cite as being 'obedient' to the Church, cannot see that they themselves are placing opinion and interpretation driven from disloyal clergy and lay people to pull followers away from Christ and placing their souls at risk of Blasphemy and denying their right to their Inheritance! 

Such souls have no idea until it's too late, just what they have done! They too are needing much prayer!

 My Love, My Mercy, My Compassion will be your saving Grace

 Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 @ 23:30

 My dearly beloved daughter, the Graces which I present to the world will turn non-believers into devout followers of Mine. They will be converted instantly and will fall on the ground before Me in loving servitude.

 Those who betrayed Me, throughout their lives and who pushed Me away, will come forward and beg Me to accept them as Mine. Those who plot against My Word will, however, be the most difficult to save. For they are more aware than the ignorant of the meaning of My Word and yet, knowingly, they try to rewrite it to suit their arrogant self-esteem. For all of their knowledge, they do not see the Truth because they refuse to see it. They will not proclaim the absolute Truth and will instead fabricate it, in order to deceive others.

 Some people have turned on Me because they believe that their calling to serve Me has resulted in their being bestowed with enlightenment. They think that they have the authority, granted to them through the Power of the Holy Spirit, to adapt My Teachings, so that they do not offend modern society. Their pride will be their downfall and their fall from Grace will be witnessed by many, who will feel cheated because they were led into error. Others amongst them know exactly what they are doing, for it is not I that they serve – it is the evil one. They deliberately walk amongst you in order to destroy the True Word of God. They will not repent, nor will they accept My Hand, for they believe the lies of the beast, who has promised My enemies, for centuries, his paradise to come. And they have chosen to believe in this elaborate deceit because of their greed and ambition. By the time they realise the Truth, they will be thrown into the abyss. These are just some of the misfortunate and misled who will have denied the existence of the devil, for what he is, and of the bottomless pit into which he will dwell for eternity.

 I warn all of God’s children that by following evil ways, by rejecting the Word of God and by committing mortal sin, that this will result in punishment. Anyone who tells you otherwise misleads you. Yet, I will save the repentant up to the last second, so much do I yearn to save each of you.

 My Love, My Mercy, My Compassion will be your saving Grace. I do not wish to frighten you, but I must tell you the Truth. By coming to Me – no matter what your beliefs are, at the very end – I will gather you as Mine. Never forget this Promise. I will, I promise, reach for you at the depth of your despair.

 Your Jesus

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The sky will be darkened for three days, immediately before I return

This Message is simply intriguing! How much love Jesus has for each of His children. He asks us to prepare for His Great Coming Again which will be so sudden, but will be brilliantly orchestrated that every man, woman and child will see Him on this Great Day! Alleluia!

 So as much as the Warning -The Illumination of Conscience will draw many souls to conversion, it seems that many will still be finding complete acceptance of Christ afterwards very difficult. So short will the time be, between the Warning and Christ's Return, that souls will need much prayer through the Crusade of Prayers in order to bring these souls the chance they need to be redeemed in God's Eyes in order for Jesus to escort them all into Paradise! 

How Glorious!

We will have the 3 Days of Darkness first then as Christ Rose from the dead on the Third Day, so too will the Light return more brilliantly and more colourful than man has ever seen directly after the darkness of the three days!

He needs us to prepare the Way for the Lord! He needs us to get ourselves ready to welcome Him! He would like all that is not of Him to be wiped from the earth, so that purified, all nations can welcome Him in worthiness! 

Pray the Great Day arrives soon, so that once and for all we can live life Eternally with Christ in Mystical Union in the New Paradise on earth! Prayer for souls to be worthy! Pray continually and for our own souls too to remain loyal to Jesus through the trials. He Promises this phase of our purification will be short!

The sky will be darkened for three days, immediately before I return

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 @ 08:50

My dearly beloved daughter, it is My greatest joy to witness My beloved followers, who have responded to My Call to recite the Crusade Prayers, which through the Power of the Holy Spirit will salvage billions of souls.

I will use the Crusade Prayers to renew and cleanse the souls of humanity, at the same time, as I renew the face of the Earth. The great renewal will be completed, all at the same time, so that the world will be ready and made worthy to receive Me, Jesus Christ, as the returning Saviour.

Just like nations who welcome royalty, much preparation will be needed before the king lays foot on their lands. You would never allow a visiting king to arrive when everything is in disarray, decay or where streets are lined with filth. Representatives of such countries will, therefore, ensure that they are dressed and prepared properly to meet the visiting dignitaries. They will have gone to considerable trouble to prepare a great welcome and they will have chosen representatives, who they deem to be worthy, to welcome the visiting king. Finally, they will prepare a great ceremony to celebrate the arrival of the king and on the great day will line the streets and sing great praise. They will lavish accolades upon the visiting monarch and his entourage. So will it be on the Great Day of the Lord, when I, Jesus Christ, come to judge.

I will arrive suddenly to the sound of trumpets and the sweet sound of the Choir of Angels. The sky will be darkened for three days, immediately before I return. Then it will be alight in a multitude of colours, never seen by man before. I will be visible to every man, woman and child, of every age, and there will be great shock, but also great excitement. People will not believe their eyes and many will be struck dumb – others will cry tears of relief and joy. Many will be unprepared and will find the event to be so overwhelming that they will spill tears of sadness, for they will know in their hearts how they rejected the True Messiah and how unworthy they are to enter My Kingdom. But I say to these people now. On that Day, you must call out to Me and ask Me to forgive you. Then you too will be gathered into My New Kingdom.

Just as any visiting king, I ask those among you, who love Me, to prepare for this Great Day. Trust in Me, prepare your souls, pray for the salvation of all souls and come dressed, ready, waiting – just as a bride awaits the groom. On that Day, you, God’s children, will join with Me as one in Holy Union with My Father for the beginning of the new world and the Glorious Era promised to you since the beginning.

Be at peace. Prepare with a love and simplicity of heart for this Great Day. Do not fear it. Welcome it. Even if you are in great darkness, I will take you into My Light. All you need do is to hold out your arms to Me and I will embrace you as Mine.

Your Jesus

I do not seek out the wicked to destroy them easily. My only desire is to save them all

Our natural, innate knowledge that God placed in our hearts and souls before we were conceived and born is that love is from God, love is all-powerful, love is never boastful. We have a natural repulsion for hatred innately. So as Jesus tells us, satan will never show us the hatred he wants to manifest in us because he wouldn't get any takers. We would naturally want to ward him off.

Instead satan cleverly wraps hatred in a little package of pride. he knows our humanity can give over very much to pride, ego and false humility. he draws unsuspecting souls into complicity to himself through us wanting exultation. Such a trap for young players!

If we reclaim what we know is our innate desire to love as God loves, keeping our souls free from sinfulness by regular attendance of the Sacraments or if non-Catholic Crusade Prayers #8 and 24, then satan loses his hold over us because we can rise above ourselves and live in God's Will and desire as God Desires. Prayer too is the important way of keeping love in our hearts.

Soon we realise that we are aghast when we see hatred in any form, pride in any form, depravity and shamelessness in any form. We become so filled with love that we feel a genuine sorrow for the souls who manifest this behaviour - we have a united sense of what Jesus feels for His precious children, no matter how they hurt Him. We must always strive to love and recognise in ourselves those traits that reflect satan's snares. Cling to Jesus! His Way must become our way!

"It Came From Above"

© Ralph Quinonez

Looking around and longing for love,

The love that I want, is from the Lord up Above.

He is my strength and all that I need,

The Love of a lifetime, We will all surely agree.

He inspires us daily, and everyone knows,

His Everlasting Light, The Spirit He gives us will always flow.

Look at all of the beauty that He has Created,

All that we want and need, just as the Lord had Stated.

His Promises to us are oh so true,

As we walk in His Path and wait in His View.

A Place he has for us, our Just Reward.

Only comes from Within Our Savior Our Holy Lord.

We must follow His Word until He comes back

The enemy will tempt us, will try to attack.

Give the Lord all you have, all of your heart.

He will keep you safe and He will never part.

Do what He willed for us, His Blood Flowed for our sins.

We thought that was the end, but that's where He Begins.

Looking about and longing for love.

I found what I needed It came from Above."

I do not seek out the wicked to destroy them easily. My only desire is to save them all

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 @ 18:00

My dearly beloved daughter, My dearest wish is to bring love, peace and happiness to all of God’s children. Never do I desire revenge, no matter how evil the deeds of men are. Nor do I seek to cause humiliation to anyone, although they may humiliate others in My Name. I never seek to ruin a man’s reputation when he is the cause of much destruction in the world. I do not seek out the wicked to destroy them easily. My only desire is to save them all. I cherish the souls of every one of God’s children. I constantly seek them out. I try to draw them to Me. Even those who do not accept My Existence are being sought out by Me every day. I make My Presence felt in their lives by filling their souls with love for others, by drawing on the goodness within them, so that it can conquer negative thoughts, deeds and acts.

Some souls are naturally receptive to Me and I delight in their generous response and tender hearts. Others have a barrier between themselves and Me, so that I find it difficult to touch their souls. But, I will keep trying to reach that soul in many different ways, until I can open their hearts to the Power of God’s Love.

Love is the driving force which leads to all good things. Love is present in every child of God from the moment they are born. God’s Gift of love helps humanity to conquer the evil one. When God intercedes and increases love in a soul, He does this to defend His children against the wickedness of the devil. Love is more powerful than hatred, but hatred is patient. Satan, full of hatred for humanity, has no love of any kind, except for himself. He infests humanity by planting hatred within souls who have been weakened because of sin. Hatred finds a ready home in the souls of those who are jealous, full of pride, lonely and confused. Satan will never tempt a soul into hatred by presenting it to the soul for what it is. Instead, he will tempt the soul through the sin of pride, always, as his first tactic. The soul will be led into believing that he must take umbrage because his own needs dictate that, because he knows best and that he is doing a good thing.

God’s Love is spreading amongst all of His children at this time. He does this out of His Mercy. He will increase the love within the hearts of man to help humanity fight against the hatred which will soon intensify in the world, when men’s hearts will become cold as stone.

I ask that you recite this Crusade Prayer to seek God’s Love at this time.

Crusade Prayer (149) To seek God’s Love

O Jesus, fill me with the Love of God. Fill me with Your Divine Light and flood me with the love I need to spread the seed of God’s Mercy amongst all nations.

Allow Your Divine Love to be spread by me amongst all those with whom I come into contact. Spread Your Love, so that it alights upon all souls, all faiths, all creeds, all nations – like a mist to enrapture all God’s children in unity.

Help us to spread God’s Love, so that It can and will conquer all evil in the world. Amen.

Always equate love with the Presence of God. Know that only love can bring Me souls. Know that only love can come from God. Only love has the power to bring peace, contentment and unity among nations. Hatred comes from Satan and wherever you witness it, you must recite the Prayer above to seek out God’s Love. Remember love will conquer all because it comes from God.

Your Jesus

I will raise up, within My Church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth

Ok everyone time to give Jesus a great big warm, fuzzy hug! 

See how God has everything under Control! See how Jesus has all we need to follow so we are never left in a quandary? 

We can never allow ourselves to blindly follow the Apostasy once we know these Messages and the Instructions they give! It's just not Spiritually couture!

Jesus will never, never leave us flailing like a wingless bird! Give Him credit for knowing all that needs to be known in God's Will to show us The Way!

What on earth have we to be concerned about, with Jesus at the Helm!

Whoever this special man is that Jesus will raise up to lead by him speaking out to the world about the Truth, know that he is being chosen, because he will do a ripper of a job! Jesus wouldn't choose 'just' anyone! 

Is it Pope Benedict XVI? - I don't really think so, because Jesus has told us before already in words, that Benedict will lead the New Jerusalem (The Remnant Army) to Paradise! So in this Message, Jesus is keeping His cards closer to His Chest! Although my guess would be Cardinal Raymond Burke who is very active in response to the false prophet's dismantling of Christ's Teachings.

Let's just concentrate on what we know now - Jesus is preparing the Way for His Second Coming each and every day! We are closer and closer to seeing Him again! Gotta love that!!!!

I will raise up, within My Church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth

Saturday, May 10th, 2014 @ 17:30

My dearly beloved daughter, it is not for you to understand now, but know that I will raise up, within My Church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth. He will do this at a time when no other Cardinal, Bishop, priest or any sacred servant of Mine will have the courage to do so. When the new false doctrine engulfs the Church, many, within it, will know in their hearts how flawed it will be. They will be alarmed, but too frightened to raise their voices. So outnumbered will they be, by those whose faith is so weak, that they will readily accept whatever heresy is placed before God’s children, in My Holy Name.

The man I will raise is a brave soul and many will be relieved when he speaks up. When he does this, many more will rise up and speak out, thereby saving many souls. When he is raised, I have other plans to bring all those faiths together, who do not accept Me, Jesus Christ, as being the Son of God. All of these Divine Plans have been foretold and millions and millions of people from across the world will then realise the Truth. They will then swell and be blessed by Me, so they can gather all creeds together, with the sole purpose of ensuring that the True Word of God is proclaimed. The Faith will then spread so that My Word, as contained in the Holy Gospels, will be preached by men, women and their sons and daughters, in all four corners of the world. They will prophesy by revealing to the world these Divine Messages and My Presence will cover them to give them the strength and courage they will need.

So powerful will this generation of Mine be, in spreading the Truth, that many of those who were misguided and who were led down a path of great error will turn and come running back to Me. They will spread so quickly that for every heresy committed against Me, millions of souls will be converted. I will draw the heathen first, for they have not been given the Truth, and so the world will be in no doubt as to how powerful My Intervention will be. Then, I will draw all other religions together and they will be shown, clearly, that there is only one way to My Father and that can only be through Me. And while I will draw millions of souls towards Me, and the Truth of Who I Am, millions of other souls will be drawn into a man-made religion, designed and created by the spirit of evil.

The evil one’s great plan is as elaborate as it is simple and that is to bring damnation to as many souls as possible, by destroying their belief in Me, Jesus Christ. They will do this by denying the Truth. While the new religion will devour souls, through lies, I will regain three times that amount, by ensuring that God’s children do not forget the Truth.

Your Jesus

God the Father: My Divine Will must never be opposed

God is telling us very clearly - oppose His Will and face the consequences! That is it is a nutshell! God has the Control. He is the Creator. If anyone believes that somehow they have right of way and can do what they please to deny God or His Word and this Mission of His Son's, then time is not on their side to get a grip! God will cut off anyone who will try to thwart His Plan to Salvage humanity. This Mission is one of His Ways of doing just that, so anyone who Blasphemes these Messages better take a very quick look at themselves and where they are heading!

God's Plans are all in place now, so it is only by His Grace that our breath is still available to us! Who has the audacity to believe they can do what they want and say what they want when it comes to the Plans of God to bring mankind to their senses in hearing His Truth! Fools! No one has the Power! No one has the Authority! Arrogance and pride pervades those who think they can meter out persecution of those following Jesus in this Mission!

As God tells us, 'Let no man try to stop Me from giving Eternal Life to souls' or their lives will cease! He is not dilly-dallying around the Maypole here! He will protect and show Mercy to those who are loyal to His Son! There are a lot of those who follow the Messages just to naysay them! Well boy oh boy, there will come a day soon when they will rue ever trying!

God sees all, God knows all, God will sort the chaff from the wheat!

What are we then! - chaff or wheat?

God the Father: My Divine Will must never be opposed

Friday, May 9th, 2014 @ 17:00

My dearest daughter, the world was created by Me, because it was My Will. My Will has always existed and always will. My Will, will be done, with or without the will of humanity. Free will, given to man through My Hand, was abused and this has resulted in a separation between man and Me, the Eternal Father. As long as man has the gift of free will, it means that only those who choose to come to Me, through My Son, Jesus Christ, can become part of Me – whole again.

When man’s will opposes My Will, there results a bitter struggle, for only My Will can override all that is. My Divine Will controls all that I allow, all that I permit, because I will always accept the free will which I gave man, for I do not take back what I give. Sometimes, man, by his own free choice, causes terrible pain in the world and through his greed and selfishness offends Me greatly. Yet, I do not interfere with the will of man, because only he can decide whether or not he desires to do what My Will desires. And, while I will not attempt to take away free will, free choice does not mean that man can dictate to Me his will, over that which is Mine.

My Divine Will must never be opposed, because man can never surmount My Will. When he does, he will find it impossible to oppose Me, without suffering the consequences. Only I decide the outcome of life and death, for this is only for Me to decide. When I make a decision to carry out My Plans to protect My children, no man has the power to override that. Should man try to interfere with My Gifts to the world, which include life in all its forms, then he will, not only fail, but he will suffer as a result.

Let no man try to stop Me in My Plan to complete My Holy Covenant.

Let no man blaspheme against Me or stand in the way of My Will, lest they be cut off abruptly.

Let no man try to stop Me from giving Eternal Life to souls or his own life will cease. When you try to oppose Me, you will never succeed. When man continues to deny My Word and fight My Divinity, there will result only turmoil, catastrophe, loss of life and terrible chastisements. This is why, when a soul is asked to obey Me or My Instructions, who through his free will accepts these requests, they will find it impossible to oppose My Will.

You, My daughter have tried to fight My Will – although you had already surrendered to Me. By now you will know that it is of little use, for only that which is dictated by Me, in My Own way, can be done.

Children – I Am your Father. I Am your Creator. Only I know what the future holds for you, but you will be comforted to know that all My Plans are completed. Only when your will is combined with Mine, can My Kingdom be fully realized and finally completed. Only then, will all conflict between man and Me, your Eternal Father, be over. Peace will then reign in the new world to come – a world so perfect that it will never end.

Your Father

God the Most High

There is no need to worry, for God loves you all

Life in joy, harmony, happiness, peace and most importantly love! That will be our life in the New Paradise! Wow! We have our Inheritance to look forward to. Jesus is asking us not to fear the future but to embrace it - through the hard times, but welcoming in the good times to come! We just have to stick to Jesus like a bee to a honeypot! Anyone in darkness, have no fear - Jesus will Grace you Abundantly to receive His Love and Mercy if you but choose Him! He will help you choose Him too!

The Holy Spirit is so ready and giving! Humanity's face will change for the better beyond our imagining once all the evil present in the world is destroyed! This will take a bit of time, but God is working on it as we read this Message! Heaven are all working hard to bring all souls freedom from the shackles of satan that bind them! Trust and confidence is what will win our souls placement in the New Paradise.

If we trust like little children, have confidence in His Love and Mercy and His Promise of Life Eternal in His Kingdom, have true humility and love for God acceptable to Him, then this world the way we know it, will pass away from us into a beautiful Eden more perfect and more abundant for ALL!

Never lose heart, never get despondent!

Always seek the Light of Christ! Always desire to be in His Sacred Heart and be Washed with His Precious Blood!

We will overcome!


There is no need to worry, for God loves you all

Thursday, May 8th, 2014 @ 23:30

My dearly beloved daughter, look around you and you will see many people living carefree lives. You will see laughter, joy and great comradeship and you will know that only this can come from God. Many people, once they know the Truth, will embrace Me with open and grateful hearts and then we will be one.

My Plan is to gather all and flood them with great love, joy and happiness. I will delight in My New Kingdom and there will be much laughter, joy and beauty, as well as Eternal Life. Love will exude from every single creature; every single soul and life will be perfect.

When you worry about the future of the world, remember what I have told you. All will be well, once I come to gather you, into the new world, without end. There is no need to worry, for God loves you all. As for souls who live a deprived and sorrowful life, they will be gathered first, if they accept Who I Am. Those who are in terrible darkness will be given extraordinary Graces to cleanse their souls, so that I can loosen the grip of the evil one over them and take them into the safety of My Mercy. This is a battle and it will be hard fought, but the Power of the Most Holy Trinity will be exerted and souls will be enlightened, so that they will not perish.

I will raise important leaders amongst you and with an army spread in every nation, you will swell and take with you most of God’s children, into the New Paradise. Look to Me with trust and do not fear My Love, for you must know that I would never willingly frighten you, because when I make My Presence known, it will fill you with great wonder and joy. I assure you, there is no need for fear, for I Am Love, Itself. Love will soothe you and when you face Me, your Jesus, you will be struck with a sense of instant familiarity, which is only present when your heart becomes entwined with Mine.

How I love you all and how I yearn for your souls.

Your Jesus

I use sacrificial souls to bring others to Me, who would never be saved otherwise

Chosen souls and sacrificial souls once chosen can feel elated and despairing - their souls know innately that they have been given a Gift from God, yet their temporal humanness isn't quite ready to 'give it all it's got'. They feel like they are on the outside of this new phenomenon looking in, not quite sure what is required of them. They can't seem to understand straight away that the changes they feel within themselves especially relating to others with love they never knew they had inside of them, are a tremendous Grace given by God.

But as the Holy Spirit moves and breathes within them, they somehow mature Spiritually at a great rate of knots and so begins their journey of conversion for themselves but just as important, their offering of their internal suffering in order to save the souls of others, who would not have ordinarily received their Salvation.

Once the chosen soul connects deeply with the Gift that God has placed into their heart, their response is overwhelming for them, but strengthening and inspirational at the same time - the new drug of choice if you like! A high that brings them all they were missing out on before they were given God's Grace!

This is how God will work His Power through the souls of individuals that we never dreamed possible, but as we know with God all things are possible! Give Glory, Praise and Honour to the Father Who Wrought our Salvation.

I use sacrificial souls to bring others to Me, who would never be saved otherwise

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 @ 23:43

My dearly beloved daughter, when I call on souls to follow Me, this results in a mix of feelings, from being exultant to great distress. For, when I awaken within souls, the Fire of the Holy Spirit, this will bring great Blessings, but they will come tinged with a sense of sorrow.

When I choose which souls are deserving of My Gifts, they will experience a sense of belonging to Me, but they will also feel somewhat external to the world in which they live. They will see their fellow brothers and sisters in a new light. They will be extra sensitive to the beauty of God’s Creation, when they look into the faces of others, because they will see the Presence of God. Not one soul they encounter will not exude the Presence of God, no matter how far they may have fallen in His Eyes. They will also be filled with an overwhelming compassion, which only a parent can feel for his own child. They will feel a sudden and intense love for that person, which will astonish and shock them. However, they will also be aware of the darkness, which lurks within souls, ready to devour them. The chosen soul will realize instantly, at that point, what it is that is expected of him, because that is when he will run to Me, begging Me to help salvage those souls, who are in danger of plunging into a state of darkness, so fearful will he be for that soul.

A victim soul, a chosen soul, gives up all that is external in their lives and by doing this, gives great glory to God. The suffering that the chosen soul has to endure releases other souls from eternal damnation and, as a result, becomes the most sought out target of Satan and his agents. Such souls endure My Passion, as a Gift to God, for once chosen, most of them cannot turn their backs on God after that. There are those, however, who are chosen, but who refuse My Cup. You must pray for these poor souls because their lack of courage, in taking up My Cross, will lead them in one of two directions. They will endure internal suffering, because they will find it difficult to become close to Me. Then they will become engrossed in a secular world, in order to escape from their calling and this will bring them nothing – only a sense of false hope.

When a loving soul prays and humbles himself, before Me, he appeases the Anger of My Father. This then dilutes the impact of My Father’s Chastisements upon the world. If a chosen soul, who is persecuted because of his love for Me, and who is beyond endurance, were only to say to Me: “Jesus take my suffering and do with it as You please.” then I would lavish upon him extraordinary Graces. The soul would become immune to evil and then be fearless. Because of his complete trust in Me, he would then rise to a perfection of soul and attain a peaceful and calm demeanor. So much sacrifice is involved, but when such souls surrender all to Me, in complete obedience, and refuses to engage with the enemy of My Word, this will result in the salvation of many souls.

I use sacrificial souls to bring others to Me, who would never be saved otherwise. It is by this method, alone, that such victim souls will and can atone for the souls of millions of people, who have cut the umbilical cord from Me. Never fear too much for souls in darkness, at this time, for My chosen victim souls in the world are in great numbers right now. Their serenity brings the souls who are lost back into My Refuge.

Your Jesus

So many of you today have no idea, whatsoever, what it means to serve Me as a Christian

The True form of the Franciscan Order comes to mind as I read this. They had such faith, such devotion, that to give up all the material right down to their clothing being swapped for brown tattered robes and sandals that couldn't stop a snake from biting them in the places they walked, would do all they could to follow in Jesus' Footsteps! Such a witness! They would preach to anyone, beggars, little children, lepers, murderers. No one phased them! They knew that they were Christian by their love for Christ. It is what Jesus would want them to do. They too would have been jeered and sneered at! Nothing stopped them in their quest and as a result, the Franciscans are an Order still today who bear witness to God's Love in the world. We need to follow their example too!

We must be unafraid of the 'backlash' that ensues from spreading the Word of God. Of course satan is in a flipping panic! he is well aware his time is almost up! he is desperate for our souls and has all his fallen angels, swords pitched for us to be skewered! It takes strength and fortitude to rise above all satan and his minions have to throw at us, but we wouldn't be bonafide in this Mission, if we didn't do as Christ Instructs us - pray fervently, speak of His Truth, use the Tools that He has given us - The Crusade and Litany Prayers, The Holy Rosary, The Divine Mercy Chaplet, Adoration, Holy Communion, Holy Sacrament of Confession, The Seal of The Living God and not necessarily in that order!

So much has been given us, more than our words out of our mouths can utter as gratitude! So of course we are in enemy territory - satan won't want us to use these Tools without fighting us tooth and nail! But we will overcome! Where God Presides, evil has no power! Onward as Christian Soldiers we will go to Battle!

So many of you today have no idea, whatsoever, what it means to serve Me as a Christian

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 @ 23:00

My dearly beloved daughter, let no man doubt, for one moment, that God would ever allow His children to fall away from Him, without doing all in His Power to save them.

You have been given so many Gifts, through the prophets, since the beginning. Many prophets repeated the same messages over and over again, and yet, many of them were either ignored or ridiculed. Many were persecuted and put to death. Why does the Word of God provoke such hatred? It is not the Word of God, which rankles the souls of the weak or those who have fallen far away from the Faith. No. It is how Satan responds when God raises His Hand in ready punishment of the evil one, that he attacks viciously. He knows that the Word of God, when given to His prophets, spreads so rapidly, by the Power of the Holy Spirit and when this happens, the power of the evil one is weakened, and therefore, his retaliation is violent.

When the Holy Spirit is poured over the human race, in this way, the fallen angels will rise – swords ready to pierce every follower of Mine, in any way they can. You must accept such hatred for My Word and recognize it for what it is – an attempt to lead you away from the Truth. Every apostle of Mine, every prophet and sacred servant, who adheres to the Truth – the Holy Word of God, will be bitterly opposed, by the forces of evil. This has always been the case. You must, however, never allow hatred of Me, your beloved Jesus, to dampen your spirit, for it is at that very moment that I Am truly Present in your soul. Suffer in My Name and I will raise you up in glorious union with Me, in My Kingdom to come. Inflict suffering upon others, in My Name, no matter how justified you may believe this to be, and I will cut you away from Me for eternity.

My Warnings, given to you, now, are to remind you of what I taught, when so many of you, today, have no idea, whatsoever, what it means to serve Me as a Christian.

Your Jesus

How many men are given to believe in wrongdoing, in the name of justice?

This is going to sound a little 'off-base' but I liken what Jesus is saying here to 'ART'. You know when artists mock God and Jesus by painting something anti Christ or sculpture or an exposition of a composition any way they like, call it ART and because it is art, it is up to the individual's interpretation, so it can't be criticised or one is looked upon as a degenerate piece of rubbish for daring to say to the exhibitor 'It's pure filth!' Well that is what it is right? Well should we in society, view respond with tolerance, acceptance and condoning??

If we know as Christians, as Catholics that the depictions are crude, mocking, depraved and sickening - sinful in God's Eyes. Isn't it sinful to view it? Shouldn't we stand up with the backbone we have been given and call it as it is - sacrilege! Are we afraid of being thrown out of the gallery? I guess if we are True to Christ we will have to just be thrown out of the gallery then!

We cannot be afraid of 'ruffling' a few feathers of those who have rubbished God because by not doing so, we too then are responsible and complicit in their sin. I for one don't want God judging me because I didn't do enough to defend Him.

When our Mass becomes pagan, our Creed changes to an anti-creed, when our Sacraments are mocked to include those not living by God's Commandments and the Teachings of Christ, then be ready to be thrown out of the Church when it's time to speak up justly for Jesus!

How many men are given to believe in wrongdoing, in the name of justice?

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 @ 20:02

My dearly beloved daughter, the reason My Word is rejected by so many is because the Truth is like a thorn in the side of those who are embarrassed to openly proclaim My Teachings.

The man, who believes that freedom of expression is more important than adhesion to the Word of God, walks a very dangerous path. Any man who believes in his right to declare his views, as being sacrosanct, when they condone sin, is a traitor of Mine.

How many men are given to believe in wrongdoing, in the name of justice? Such men, who dictate your laws, including those, which govern your Church, would have you believe that the right to freedom of expression surpasses every Law of God, even when it glorifies sin.

Sin covers many facets and in today’s world, every single sin is explained away, by proclaiming each person’s individual right to do what pleases him. While not one of you has the right to judge anybody, in My Name, none of you has the right to declare wrongdoing as being a good thing.

Your Jesus

The Book of Truth will be the antithesis of the new false book

Oh how we need this Medal of Salvation to protect us against the persecution of heresy to come to the Church on earth. The Seal of The Living God will protect us from the mark of the beast. Divine Intervention through Jesus will give us Gifts to overcome the obstacles placed in our paths. Little children we are asked to be so that nothing will phase us because we will have total trust and abandonment to Jesus and all we are Instructed.

Have no fear for God is with us! No matter what challenges are presented to us as deceptions, falsehoods and blasphemies, know that we are being protected by Heaven! God will not allow His faithful children to be outdone by satan! This is the time that much will be bequeathed to us through God's Almighty Power.

We must continue to draw strength from the Crusade and Litany Prayers, through the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. These are our weapons! We continue to prepare for the imminent times ahead, but in total confidence that God is the Commander and Chief, we are in His Hands always and we will overcome evil in the world. Humanity is being given a choice - Heaven or hell!

Those who are lukewarm, wayward in any way in faith, questioning through doubt or just plain fence-sitting will be given fair warning to commit, unwaivering to Christ and this Mission to help save precious souls including our own. Give up the fight through the intellect and humanism and give for the fight for the Right of Inheritance Promised to all who give their 'yes' to God!

The Book of Truth will be the antithesis of the new false book

Monday, May 5th, 2014 @ 16:10

My dearly beloved daughter, all, who follow My Voice through these Messages, will continue to be given great blessings, as their endurance will be tested in ways not known since the days Christians suffered in the Middle Ages. Every one of them will be taunted by the evil one, who uses weak and proud souls to launch attacks upon those who are close to Me. Every attempt to cast aspersions will be made, both visible and invisible, upon this great Work of Mine.

As the persecution will intensify, know that Satan’s power has been curtailed and all he will do is to continue to throw stones, spread lies and try to draw souls away from Me. He will succeed in drawing souls away from this Mission, through various means. He will use visionaries to attack the Mission and this will cause great confusion.

When man continues to fall and the Word of God is no longer accepted, in its entirety, then, Heaven will always intervene. Trust Me as I tell you now – this is My Mission and if you are told otherwise, then you can be assured that you are being led astray. My Promise is to remain loyal to God’s children to the end and until a soul completely rejects the Hand of God. I will forge ahead and provide you with all the Gifts I Am bequeathing to protect you against My enemies, who come to you as wolves, dressed in sheep’s clothing. My Gifts will become the antithesis of what the world will be given by the enemies of God. The Book of Truth will be the antithesis of the new false book – full of man-made flawed doctrine, which will justify sin – soon to be inflicted upon the world. The Seal of the Living God will protect you against the mark of the beast and the Medal of Salvation against the heresy, which will tumble out of the mouths of My enemies, who will seize My Church on Earth.

Naturally, this Mission is despised by Satan and he will use, even good souls – who out of a sense of misguided loyalty to those sacred servants of Mine, who have lost the faith and who do not truly serve Me, because they no longer know how – will slam My Holy Word. You must not allow yourselves to be swayed. Do not be like those who came before you – those who rejected Me, when I walked the Earth.

I give you My Word, that all the proof you desire will be yours – soon. I give you My Promise that I come now, only to bring you Salvation, at a time when every attempt will be made by My enemies to deny you, your God-given right to Salvation, as a child of God.

Do not forsake Me, when you know in your heart that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who speaks now. Do not attempt to draw souls away from Me, if you are in any doubt as to Who I Am. Do not hurt God’s prophets or you will suffer greatly. Do not fight against My Father’s Plan to prepare the world for My Second Coming or you will incur the Wrath of My Father. Be thankful. Be generous and accept this Gift of Intervention, with love and joy, for it is for your own good and the sake of every living soul, that it is being presented to the world.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: God would never permit His Word to be changed or misinterpreted to suit man

As we read this Message, we sense that it is by humility that our efforts are acceptable to Heaven. If we place adulation upon those who bring the Word of God through The Holy Spirit, then really we are misguided in our praise. 

We are vessels used as God Wills. We then, don't give the credit where credit is due - to the Holy Spirit.

It is by God's Grace alone that we can read and bring understanding of The Word of God. The same is true for the prophets, like Maria in this Mission. She herself would feel embarrassment to be given any adulation! She understands she is just the writer and Jesus, God and Mother of Salvation are the Authors. She herself would not want this responsibility of praise to be 'heaped' on her. She has a total understanding of her role in this Mission and through her fiat, she understands that she remains in obedience to Christ. The same is true for all of us in this Mission. 

If we bring these Messages to souls, then we do that with no regard for reward or accolade from anyone. We do this purely in obedience to Christ and His Instruction. It is an easy trap to fall into, when given praise and gratitude by those who visit each other's timelines on here especially, to feel 'noteworthy', however this is simply not what this is about. 

We must always remain guarded against any ego that can come into play for this is the trap satan uses to snare our souls. It is simply by the Grace of God through His Gifts to us, that He bestows upon us, why we are even here doing what we do. This Mission is only and solely about bringing souls through steady preparation, to Jesus. Helping Him bring their Salvation - nothing more, nothing less. Any of us who 'enjoy' being praised need to recheck why they are in this Mission. All of this is all for Jesus, the credit is given to the Holy Spirit. 

Mother of Salvation, thankyou for this most important reminder!

Mother of Salvation: God would never permit His Word to be changed or misinterpreted to suit man

Sunday, May 4th, 2014 @ 16:23

My dear children, when God sent prophets into the world, they were simply messengers. They were sent to impart the Truth – the Word of God.

Over the centuries, many of God’s children misinterpreted the role of the prophets. Some began to idolize the prophets, instead of just accepting the Word of God and giving glory to God. They created gods of the prophets, and the Messages delivered to the world – including those of my Son, Jesus Christ – became less important than the prophets who delivered them.

Children, the prophets of God, the angels of God, the visionaries and the seers were not worthy of this idolization. They were all simple people with little or no knowledge of Divine matters, which is why they were chosen. The Messages are what are important and the messengers are simply the conduits of the Word. The Word of God, given through the prophets, must never be discarded to one side, while the prophet is elevated upon a pedestal of their own making.

The Word of God must never be ignored. The Image of God must never be replaced by images of His prophets or the saints, who gained His Favour. You may ask the saints and the prophets to intervene on your behalf, but you must never lavish upon them the praise, which must be reserved for God, the Creator of all that is heavenly. The same is true of today. You must honour God first and place Him before all that is. You must adhere to the Word, which was laid down in the beginning and never deviate from it, for it will never nor can it ever change. God’s Word is final.

My Son’s Teachings were made known to humanity when He walked the Earth. They simply explained the Word in greater detail, but they never deviated from the Truth. Today, man is still the same as he was when my Son came the first time. Man is still weak, easily swayed and remains a sinner today, just as was then. If any prophet or man, who claims to speak in the Name of God, tells you that the Word must be adapted to suit man’s modern needs, then you must be on your guard. If you are told that the Word really means something else entirely, then do not accept it. Man, including those who serve God, does not have the authority to tamper with the Truth.

When a man claims to be divinely inspired and then changes the Word to suit a secular world, you must not trust him. God would never permit His Word to be changed or misinterpreted to suit man. Remember, when you idolize a prophet and lavish praise upon him, you offend God. When you accept changes to what is contained in the Most Holy Bible, which contradict the Word of God, then you cut yourself off from the Truth. When you accept falsehoods, as a means to serve God by, on your own terms, then you separate yourselves from God.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Ask and you will receive is not an idle promise that I make

Jesus loves us so much, so much so that He invites us to ask Him for all our needs in times of distress, despair or in trouble! How many of our loved ones are prepared to hear us in our time of need and be there directly to answer us and help us sort it all out? Of course some of us are very Blessed to have that someone special we can ' offload' to, but Jesus isn't at the end of the phone, in the supermarket queue, in our family's or friend's car!

Well I suppose He is in a sense, but if you need someone now, He is here!

Please take an opportunity to take Him up on His Offer! He so needs and wants to hear from us! Even in the good times! This prayer He gives is just the medicine to overcome all that life throws at us! Can we see His Gift of Love for us?

But as we should realise, Jesus will only grant to us that which brings our souls closer to Him for te Greater Good!

We can ask for that new BMW, but really? Will it benefit our souls to reach Him? (Maybe if you drive too fast around a bend  it might!)

But seriously - we can only expect to be given what we know in our hearts helps us attain Graces to increase our faith, strength and courage. It is our souls that need preparation, forgiveness, humility, Spiritual Food! So seek that which is in God's Will above all else. Be ready to take up our crosses and pray this prayer to gain fortitude and zeal to keep going through it all! Jesus is with us! Always!

Ask and you will receive is not an idle promise that I make

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 @ 15:50

My dearly beloved daughter, when I ask people to trust in Me, this is a very difficult thing, for many people to do. So many find it hard to trust in My Love for humanity, when they rely on their own faith, in order for them to surrender completely to Me. It is only when you fully surrender yourselves, into My care, can you feel safe, protected and at peace.

My Love, when sought out by you, will cover you, when you hold out your arms and call out to Me as a little child. Children place all their trust in their parents, when they are little. They know only the difference between what feels right and what feels wrong and so they rely completely on the adult to protect them. Children do not think twice about running to their parents for comfort and to seek refuge. The faith of a child is strong. He does not question, for he believes, truly that he will find safety in the arms of a loving parent.

I Am to be trusted, for all that is asked of Me will be done, if it is for the good of the soul. Ask and you will receive is not an idle promise that I make. I relish the Act of lavishing My Gifts upon each one of you. When you ask Me to help you, I hear, feel and respond to all that you desire. Allow Me the chance to prove My Love for each of you. Let Me show you the proof of My Intervention. It is at this time of existence, that I, Jesus Christ, will make My Presence known in all that you ask of Me. It is at this time, that I will enable you to feel My Presence, witness My Great Acts of Intervention in your daily lives and to understand the power of your prayers. For these are the days of great miracles, which I bequeath to humanity, more than at any other time, since I walked the Earth.

When you truly place all your trust in Me, I can work great miracles to bring you, not only relief from suffering, but to draw you even closer to My Sacred Heart. When a child knows that a parent loves him, he feels secure in the knowledge that he is protected. Know that by trusting in Me, I protect you all and I will flood each of your souls with a deep sense of peace, which you will find nowhere else on this Earth.

Come to Me today and call on Me to help you – no matter what worries you may have. Recite this special Prayer, every time you are in distress, and I will respond every single time.

Crusade Prayer (148) Come to my aid:

O my Jesus, help me, in my time of great distress. Hold me in Your Arms and take me into the Refuge of Your Heart. Wipe away my tears. Calm my resolve. Lift my spirits and fill me with Your Peace. Please grant me this special request (mention it here…). Come to my aid, so that my request is answered and that my life can become peaceful and in union with You, dear Lord. If my request cannot be granted, then fill me with the Grace to accept that Your Holy Will is for the good of my soul and that I will remain faithful to Your Word, forever, with a kind and gracious heart. Amen.

Always call to Me, whenever you are sorrowful or in need of help and I promise that you will be given a sign that I have responded to your cry to Me, your beloved Saviour.

Your Jesus