Thursday, 30 March 2017

Once a soul is created by My Father, it will last for eternity

This Messages raises a subject that not all of us feel comfortable with! Death! Even the word doesn't exude what Jesus is comforting us with when He describes it! This is a really difficult subject for me personally, however, through God's Grace and the passing of time, I no longer have that dire fear of death that I have had for most of my life. Even though I have 'died' 3 times as a result of a car accident when I was 12, He brought me through it over those years, though fear crept in later.

My father died of pancreatic cancer when I was 18. Being his youngest daughter and brought up by my parents without my siblings, my relationship with him was very special. So to lose him when I just accepted he would be there for my first boyfriend, my wedding, my newborn babies, just didn't compute that it was all over. Then of course I believed I would die of cancer too. So my life was lived with this hanging over my head for the longest time. Though God relieved me of this burden when I began this Mission! Now I realise that God in His Goodness helps us every step of the way. His Graciousness has always brought us through the traumas. He has exempted us from tragedy that other families see. Now giving gratitude for each day is the predominant thought. Lucky!

Jesus is preparing us for what is just a natural, basic condition of the life we have been given. It's another door!

I was told once, that birth is much more traumatic than death. Taking that first dry breath in little lungs that were filled with fluid for those months is very harsh compared to that last breath we take when Jesus is already comforting us for our final journey.

I stayed with a friend who was dying and knowing that the Rosary being prayed, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, for him made me realise he was being looked after by Jesus and Mary. He wasn't alone.

Death can be a very lonely experience without faith. I guess that is why we are encouraged to pray for our deaths to be holy and without stain on our souls at the time of death. We can then be gifted with a short purification before entering Heaven. Jesus wants us to prepare.

He knows what is ahead for each of us. He doesn't want any of us to be frivolous with the time we have alive. He wants our souls cleansed always by the Sacrament of Confession or through Crusade Prayer #8 if non Catholic.

Don't take your sins with you, the purification needed will be set down. Don't be in a state of mortal sin, the judgement will be set down accordingly.

Take Jesus' Advice and do all we can, pray all we can for ourselves and eachother, that our souls will be ready and worthy of Christ's Calling us Home.

Once a soul is created by My Father, it will last for eternity

 Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 @ 14:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, death must never be feared, if you accept My death on the Cross. Death is only a passing moment from this world into the House of My Father’s Kingdom. To fear death is to deny My Mercy, for I will save every soul who acknowledges Me and who asks Me to forgive him his sins.

Once a soul is created by My Father, it will last for eternity. It will have Everlasting Life, if the soul will allow Me to claim it. Otherwise, it will be lost to Satan should the soul deny Me, when it knows Who I Am.

 The death of a soul on Earth is as natural as birth. When a soul leaves the body and comes to Me it will be filled with an abundance of Graces and will be enveloped into My Father’s family – His Kingdom, which is filled with great love, joy and happiness, which can never be attained on Earth. Many of you, who have experienced love, joy and happiness in your lives, have only savoured a tiny morsel of what Everlasting Life tastes like. You must strive always, with joy in your hearts, for the moment when you will enter My Father’s Kingdom, for it is to be welcomed – not feared.

 If you have to face death or if a loved one has to face death then always turn to Me, your Jesus, for help. When you do I will lift you in spirit, wipe away your tears, banish all fear from your hearts when you recite this prayer.

 Crusade Prayer (142) Preparing for death

My dearest Jesus, forgive me my sins. Cleanse my soul and prepare me to enter Your Kingdom.
Grant me the Graces to prepare for my unification with You. Help me to overcome any fear.
Grant me the courage to prepare my mind and my soul, so that I am fit to stand before You.
I love You. I trust in You. I give You myself in body, mind and soul for eternity. Let Your Will be mine and release me from pain, doubts or confusion. Amen.

  I welcome all souls who recite this prayer, without exception. My Mercy is extended, especially, to souls who are facing death, but who do not believe in Me, when they say this prayer three times a day, in their final days.

Your Jesus

There will rise a fearful army, the likes of which will never have been seen before

Amen Lord Jesus! So grateful for the guidance You have given us in these times through Cardinal Burke!

  There will rise a fearful army, the likes of which will never have been seen before

 Thursday, March 20th, 2014 @ 21:42

My dearly beloved daughter, the world is on the brink of many wars and these will have many repercussions on the speed by which the Church will erupt. It will be during any final peace negotiations, which will take place after much carnage and destruction, that many people will feel helpless, alone, fearful and without any real leadership. It will be because of the weak links in the political world that the world will be at its most vulnerable. Because of this, there will rise a fearful army, the likes of which will never have been seen before. As the world will fragment, so also will many churches. Then when all seems hopeless, a unified group, consisting of political leaders and Christian Church leaders, will be created under a one-world organization – out of which will sprout a new abomination – a new one-world religion.

All of these events will take place in stages. Your duty, My beloved followers, is to Me, as I guide you, for there is only one road to peace and safety and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. I will guide you through the thorns, the pain and the horror of the abomination of desolation. You will be safe when you cling to Me.

 Be strong, My beloved daughter, during these difficult trials, for it will be through your strength and courage that I will be able to show the Way of the Truth, when the world is turned inside out, because of the wickedness brought about by the love of power and corruption, which will bring about these wars and then the Great War.

 Move quickly and ensure that you dedicate your lives to prayers and for the protection of My Church on Earth. My Gifts will protect each of you and I will always respond to those who seek Me out, in this time of great turmoil ahead. When these events unfold, My Army on Earth will swell. Those who oppose this Mission will follow Me, for by then they will no longer be able to deny the Truth – when they find that they, too, will suffer the persecution to be faced by Christians everywhere, when they have to endure the reign of the Dragon. Their only hope will be to follow Me, their Jesus, at that stage, for only through Me will they be able to come to My Father’s Kingdom.

Your Jesus

Those who curse Me will be cursed

We are all equal in God's Eyes! No one is more deserving of His Love and Mercy than another. No matter what creed, nationality, spirituality - we are all entitled to the Inheritance that God has Created for us. If only we understood that for ourselves! If only we understood that no matter what a person is, what a person does - we are all souls! Souls that Jesus wants so desperately to bring to His Father!

So who are we to think that someone who doesn't meet our 'exacting standards' are somehow below us or behind us in the 'Jesus ranks'! We cannot possibly be that arrogant! Those who claim they know God and will go to great lengths to have us believe that they somehow have favouritism - ie , self proclaimed martyrs, suicide bombers, those who feel they have the God-given Authority to claim another life in His Name are going to be in for a huge shock!

Jesus is telling us right here that they truly do not know Him at all! They will be persecuted at the hands of those they serve. Bring on the Warning Lord soon! We ALL need it so desperately! Amen!

Those who curse Me will be cursed

 Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 @ 16:05

My dearly beloved daughter, when I refer to My enemies, I always mean those who, through devious means, try to steal souls from Me. I refer, in particular, to those who use the fa├žade of holiness to deliberately mislead souls into sin. When someone tries to seduce another soul into believing falsities about My Holy Word, given to the world through My Father’s Book, then he is an enemy of Mine.

 The most pain I endure is by the hands of those who profess to be devout followers of Mine and who boast of their knowledge of Me. When these people try to hurt others and think nothing of admonishing them in My Name, then this is most painful for Me. I find souls who are closed to Me and I draw them in many ways toward Me and I do not include only those who are already part of My Church on Earth. I pursue, always, those who have scattered, who are lost and who cannot see, first. They are the first souls I seek out and they are the ones who, in the wrong hands, can and will be misguided.

 I ask you to always remember those nations, those religions, those without any belief in Me – always – in your prayers. Please welcome them, just as I would. Never try to force your opinions upon them or bully them in My Name. Always reach out to them with love and generosity, for they are just as important to Me as the most devout amongst you. No matter who you reach out to, know that not one amongst you is more deserving than the other, because you are all sinners.

 All God’s children will, in time, witness the final Truth of His Plan to fulfill His Covenant. Everyone will know the Truth and then they will find it easier to accept My Hand of Mercy. On that Day people of all religions, creeds, colour and nationalities will see the evidence of My Existence. Those who shed the barriers, which they placed between themselves and their Creator, will weep with gratitude, because at last they will witness the Love of God. And, as you plan and prepare for the times ahead, know that no matter what obstacles are placed before you in this march towards Eternal Salvation, that My enemies will be dealt with most severely.

 Those who curse Me will be cursed. Those who fight My Father’s Plan to save souls will be defeated. And those who persecute God’s children and stand in the way of the Lord will, themselves, be persecuted by the servant to whom they paid their allegiance. Nothing will stand in My Way, for it is impossible. By the Power of God, every enemy will be destroyed and all those who proclaim the words, deeds and actions of the antichrist, will be cast away and God’s Kingdom will then be complete.

Your Jesus

It is far better to endure pain in My Name than to be glorified by sinners for doing wrong in My Eyes

This line alone is cause for great hope! "Dearest followers of Mine, let Me reassure you that My Hand is guiding you every day in this, My last Mission on Earth. My Word will stir your souls and the souls of all those billions who will follow you – for soon the world will hear My Voice."

And this one: "Go and take comfort in the hope that I will take all My enemies and those who persecute any of you in My Name into the Refuge of My Great Mercy."

This is a done deal people! Jesus has this all under His Perfect Control! 

satan has only a very limited and short time left. Yeah! Yeah! We will hear the so and so from time to time through his minions in our faces, but hey! Jesus is the One they insult and persecute - we are just the earpiece! They can't touch us! They can't make us waiver from our convictions for Christ! So what power do they have? ZILCH! So be at peace, Jesus is closest to us in those moments when we 'do it tough'! Let Him do His Job in what He does best!

It is far better to endure pain in My Name than to be glorified by sinners for doing wrong in My Eyes

 Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 @ 16:20

 My dearly beloved daughter, let no man be ashamed of the persecution he may face because he defends Me as a Christian. You must never fear persecution in My Holy Name, because when you find that you are criticised for speaking the Truth, know then that you are a true servant of Mine.

Only those who are in Me and with Me suffer ridicule or hatred in My Name. Those of you who are truly Mine and when you surrender your will so that it becomes Mine will suffer the most. You must always understand that when hatred against any beloved follower of Mine is at its most intense, you can be sure that this is where My Presence is strongest. It is far better to endure pain in My Name than to be glorified by sinners for doing wrong in My Eyes.

 Dearest followers of Mine, let Me reassure you that My Hand is guiding you every day in this, My last Mission on Earth. My Word will stir your souls and the souls of all those billions who will follow you – for soon the world will hear My Voice. Let no obstacle stand in your way when you speak of Me; when you remind people of My Teachings and when you remind My holy servants of their obligation to remain true to My Word, contained in the Holy Gospels.

 When you are asked to denounce Me, whether through the Holy Eucharist or through an altered version of the Holy Bible, you must refuse to do this, openly and without shame. You must defend the Word by refusing to accept lies in My Name. In order to protect you from the persecutors, who will inflict outrages against My Church and all those who remain true to the Word of God, please recite this Crusade Prayer.

Crusade Prayer (141) Protection against persecution
 Dear Jesus, defend me in my battle to remain true to Your Word at any cost. Safeguard me against Your enemies. Protect me from those who persecute me because of You.  Share in my pain. Ease my suffering. Raise me in the Light of Your Face, until the Day You come again to bring Eternal Salvation to the world.  Forgive those who persecute me. Use my suffering to atone for their sins, so they can find peace in their hearts and welcome You with remorse in their souls on the last Day. Amen.

Go and take comfort in the hope that I will take all My enemies and those who persecute any of you in My Name into the Refuge of My Great Mercy.

Your Jesus

The Paradise, created by My Father for His children, is to be returned to them, finally, in all its original Glory

This Message is so full of detail that it is hard to place any words of significance to enhance what we are digesting. So much is yet to happen, but it is all in the Bible. Not one stone has been left unturned, but what God has decided will remain untold until He says otherwise. The Seals are being broken so there is no need to decide for ourselves that all we will ever need to know, is all there in the Bible. Actually you would be mistaken. Revelation is not a completed Book.

The contents of the Seals have not all been broken. But all that was told to John the Evangelist by the Holy Angel is coming to fruition now and our soon-to-be future. We are being prepared. This is what this Mission is setting in stone for us. We are being given knowledge that is a privilege to learn. We have been chosen to lead humanity in God's Remnant Army. It doesn't make us elitist but it does give us an elite position to play in the Salvation of all souls. We are here to make up for those who don't want to hear Jesus' Call to humanity.

Our prayers are being prayed for them! They are the souls Jesus needs the most. He has us to help Him. A privilege! We have nothing to fear except God's Wrath for all those who harm His children. He will make His Presence felt to them. His Power will rid the world of evil and evil doers who show no remorse or repentance for their calculated deeds to harm God's children. satan's power is coming to a bitter end. his days are now final. That last day is coming to him. But I sense that God will take those who He shows favour, through their love for Him and their humility, to His Paradise thus we will be largely unaffected by what comes to bear on earth in those last days.

We will be saved from witnessing Armeggedon. Only those who need more time to come to God fully and without reservation may be those who witness all the Seals opened in entireity. Though I'm no Biblical scholar, not by a long shot, I just get certain feelings of comfort when I read Jesus' Messages to us. So this is my own understanding which might be very different from your own.

The upshot is simple - have total trust and abandonment in God's Love and God's Will. Have an open and pure heart, soft enough to be guided by the Power of the Holy Spirit then no evil will touch us.

God Loves us with such Love that He will not leave one soul by the wayside without doing all He can to bring us Our Rightful Inheritance. Jesus will see to it that He knocks on our doors constantly to bring us yet another extended Hand to lift us out of the quagmire of deception coming our way. It's all good everyone! Nothing to fear! Everything to get excited about!

The Paradise, created by My Father for His children, is to be returned to them, finally, in all its original Glory

Sunday, March 16th, 2014 @ 18:00

My dearly beloved daughter, when the Word was made Flesh, through My birth, this meant that the Holy Word of God materialized, as prophesied in My Father’s Book.

The Word of God is very clear and it does not change. It will last for eternity. Anyone who tears the Word of God apart and amends it to suit himself, or others, is guilty of heresy. When I came into the world, God’s children – and especially His learned servants in His Temples on Earth – knew the prophecies contained in My Father’s Book. It was no secret that My Father was sending His Messiah to redeem mankind and this fact was taught in the temples and included in every reading of the Holy Scriptures. Everything, which comes from My Father, is the Truth. He does not lie. The Word of God is cast in stone. What My Father said in the beginning will happen. What He promised will be fulfilled, irrespective as to whether mankind is accepting of the fact or not.

My Father gave the world His Word, then His Flesh, through My birth – His only Son Jesus Christ - and then promised man Eternal Salvation. Every Word contained in the Holy Bible, as it was given in its original format, including the Book of Revelation, is the Truth. Therefore, My Father’s Promise to the world that He would send His Son again – only this time to judge the living and the dead – must never be rejected. The period before this Great Day will be a turbulent one and details of the time leading up to My Second Coming are contained in the Book of Revelation, as dictated to John by the Angel of the Lord.

To say that you accept one part of My Father’s Book and not the other is to deny the Word of God. You cannot accept one part of the Truth and declare the rest of the Word of God to be a lie. The Book of Truth was foretold to Daniel and then given in parts to John the Evangelist. Much of what is contained in the Book of Revelation is still to unfold. Many people fear its contents and, as such, will try to deny them, for the Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. And yet, the Truth, when it is accepted, is something you can grasp much more easily because with it comes clarity. Clarity means that you can prepare more readily and with peace in your soul and joy in your heart, because you know that I Am coming to renew the world. You will know that the Paradise created by My Father, for His children, is to be returned to them, finally, in all its original Glory.

No man can truly understand the Book of Revelation, for not every event is recorded in detail or in sequence, nor is it meant to be. But know this. You can be sure that this is the period when Satan’s reign dies and as he reaches the end, he will inflict every punishment upon Me. He will do this by infiltrating My Church on Earth from within. He will steal souls from Me and desecrate My Body, the Holy Eucharist. But I Am the Church and I will lead My people. Satan cannot destroy Me, for this is impossible. He can, however, destroy many souls by deceiving them into believing that he is Me.

Just as the world was prepared for My First Coming, so also is it now being prepared for My Second Coming. To those who oppose Me, in My Efforts to save souls and who embrace My enemies, know this. You will never defeat the Power of God. You will never destroy the Word. You will never desecrate My Body and be allowed to stay standing.

When the prophecies, which are contained in the Book of Revelation, unfold, you must never despair, for be assured that the Love of God for His children means that He will deal with His enemies harshly and strive to bring all of His children, who recognise Me, His only Son, into His Divine Haven of Peace. And while the enemies of God will steal the souls of many, through a veneer of charm and deceit, many people will pour scorn on the True Word of God.

For those who are blessed with vision, fear not My enemies, but the Wrath of God, as it descends on those who try to steal the souls of those who are none the wiser as to what is taking place.

God’s Love is Almighty and His Allegiance to the survival of every person is infinite. But His Punishment upon His enemies is as fierce as it is final.

 Your Jesus

It will only be when the Holy Eucharist is abolished completely that the antichrist will enter My Church

Oh my Lord Jesus - what the Church will face! Your sacred servants will be scattered like sheep! The flock will be seduced into satan's lies. Soon Your Presence will no longer be in the Church where You instituted the Sacraments, which were never to be changed by any one! Yet this is exactly what is going to happen at the hands of satan's son. Lord Your Sorrow is overwhelming. The grief we will all feel, having already felt the change in the air, will be a suffering believers have never needed to feel before.

Lord Jesus please help us all to get through this. Give us the courage so we too will not be steeped in the sin of cowardice! Help especially all the Clergy to recognise the great deception, the Apostasy right in front of them! Don't let them push You aside in favour of the beast! Hear all our prayers, those You have especially given us in this Mission - 140 Crusade Prayers and 6 Litany Prayers!

We are praying Lord, please hear and accept our offerings to You for all Your Sacred Servants. Please don't delay the Warning for too much longer! Surely they will see the whole Truth through this Event not to continue bidding to the antichrist. The false prophet too is heralding in these changes as a precursor to the antichrist coming in and sitting in the 'throne'.

You have the Power to stop him in his tracks Jesus! We are counting on You to plead for God's Permission to end this misery to come! We pray fervently in Your Holy and Precious Name! Amen.

 It will only be when the Holy Eucharist is abolished completely that the antichrist will enter My Church

Saturday, March 15th, 2014 @ 20:10

My dearly beloved daughter, as the apostasy ripples through My Church, the greatest test of all, will be placed before all those who serve Me, from within it. The crises within My Church on Earth will mean that many priests will suffer from a terrible dilemma. The faith of many of them has already been shaken and they will have to choose whether or not they want to accept a new substitute doctrine, which will replace the Word, or remain loyal to the True Faith. Even the most devout amongst them will be overwhelmed by the loud voices of the imposters and they will begin to question the relevance of My Teachings in the world today, where sin will no longer be declared to be of any significance.

The way is being prepared for the seeds to be sown and the son of Satan will soon be ready to embrace the new false church. My Church will suffer a period of terrible darkness and My Crucifixion will be endured by every soul who remains loyal to Me. My enemies will make sweeping and radical statements, demanding that everything, which is insulting to My Holy Name, be declared acceptable in the eyes of My Church. Very few of the clergy will fight against the desecration because of the sin of cowardice, but know this. If they partake in false sacrifices, false sacraments and false teachings, which they will then try to foist upon My loyal followers, I will declare them to be no longer fit to stand before Me.

Much of the damage, which will be inflicted on the ordinary people, will be by the hands of those who have entered My Church by false means. When they tell you that My Body means something other than My physical Body, know then that the holy communion, which you will receive, will not be of Me. You must never allow them to change the meaning of the Holy Eucharist. It will only be when the Holy Eucharist is abolished completely that the antichrist will enter My Church and take over it. This is the day when you will know that the world of politics will merge with Christian churches everywhere and that I will no longer be Present within them. My Church, however, can never die and so it will be My Remnant who will keep My Light shining and My Presence alive and many will have to seek out hidden Churches and those sacred servants of Mine who, by the Grace of God, manage to keep My Church intact.

Never assume that the son of Satan, the antichrist, will appear aggressively or as an evil dictator, for that will not be his style. Instead, he will have many friends. He will be loved by many governments, as well as the enemies within My Church, who will applaud his every move, vocally, until he is given an honorary position within My Church. Cardinals, bishops and other members of My Church will speak of him constantly and praise him in their homilies. His power of seduction will be so great that it will be hypnotic. He will, through the supernatural power of Satan, attract all those who make decisions within My Church, until in time, they will bow before him as if he is Me.

It will be through ambitious members of the clergy, who will have fallen in their faith, but who still, nevertheless, have been blessed with the Gift of Holy Orders, that the antichrist will gain extra power. He will draw from these poor misguided traitors of Mine, the last segment of power from within My Church, until it is ready for him to enter it as its new leader. All during this period of darkness, My enemies will, with a soothing and charming manner, have an extraordinary ability to present lies as being the Truth. Only those who continue to pray for protection and who denounce Satan in every way they have been taught will be able to slip away from the clutches of the antichrist.

Your Jesus

God the Father: For this is the final period – the final chapter in the fulfillment of My Holy Will

God is showing us little of a vulnerable side in that He is begging us for His Love. He wants our love for Him so much that He is bringing about His Final Covenant which He created for these End Times to give us every chance of reuniting with Him in the Paradise which was so carelessly discarded by our first parents.

He never wanted us fear Him, He never wanted us to feel He doesn't love us through our sinfulness.
He is Speaking like a father who is riding his horse behind his daughter on her horse, he sees a huge crevice ahead but his daughter is totally unaware of the danger. She gallops towards it and Dad is struggling to gain her attention.  After many attempts and just moments before, he fires off a single shot from his rifle into the air, being the last resort to give her enough of a jolt. She pulls hard on the reins moments before plummeting to her death. 

How worried was that Dad, knowing his daughter was in great danger.  How he thought through everything and came up with a modified plan to get his daughter to stop in time.

Well God is doing much the same thing - He sees the danger up ahead, He sees the abyss and knows who is planning for our demise. 

He has Called to us many times over generations to hear Him, to acknowledge Him, to live in His Will.

He Creates new Plans to enable His Children to find their way safely back to Him to stop them carelessly hurtling over the precipice. 

He is doing what any good father would do for his child in a time of danger.

He will show us in all manner of ways, The Way to Him through His Beloved Son. 

His Holy Angels are at the ready to help in countless ways, to keep us from being sucked into the vortex of lies and deception. 

satan will not win this Battle for souls. 

God's Plan is Greater than any other. 

We must always trust in Him and have full confidence that He will save us!

God the Father: For this is the final period – the final chapter in the fulfillment of My Holy Will

  Thursday, March 13th, 2014 @ 20:45

 My dearest daughter, My Protection is extended right now over all of My children in the world who love Me. I do this in abundance, because of the threats facing humanity during this time in history.

  You, My children, must pray for every one of those who are lost to Me. I pine for them. I crave their love. I weep for them. I wait for the day when they will understand My Covenant, created by Me in the beginning. For this is the final period – the final chapter in the fulfillment of My Holy Will. It was by My Covenant that I gave man the time needed to come to his senses and to recognise himself for what he is and what he is not. Man was created by My loving Hand, in My Own Image. I flooded his soul with My Love, I gave him complete freedom, through My Gift of free will and free choice. I never wanted man to reciprocate his love out of fear for Me. I only wanted him to love Me, just as I loved him. I created My Angels before man, to serve Me, but because of My Love for them, they too, were given the Gift of free will.

 It was because of the betrayal of Lucifer that man suffered. He, Lucifer, was loved and favoured by Me. He was bequeathed with extraordinary gifts and powers and many Angels served under him. When I created man, Lucifer went into a jealous rage. He could not bear that I would love My children to such a great extent and so he set out to separate Me from My children. He tempted Adam and Eve and this meant that they, by their own free will, denied My Power and thought – just as Lucifer did – that they could attain My Power and claim a piece of My Divinity.

 Lucifer, along with his loyal angels – all of whom committed atrocities against My children – then and now – were cast into the abyss for eternity. But because of their free will – given by Me freely and with Love to humanity, I never claimed it back. So I created the Covenant to win back their souls, through My Plans to redeem them. They received huge favours from Me. I sent prophets to warn them of the dangers of giving in to the temptation of the devil. I gave them the Ten Commandments to guide them and to help them live according to My Will. I sent them My only Son, taken from My Own Flesh, to bring them freedom from Hell. They would not accept this, but His death on the Cross was the turning point in My Plan of the Final Covenant.

The Book of Truth is the last part of My Intervention, before the Final Day, when I bring all of My children together and back to the Paradise, which I created for them in the first place. Those who listen to the Truth and who remain true to My Holy Word, will find great favour with Me. Those who do not, will still find favour with Me, through the lives they lead, the love they show others and their purity of soul. I will welcome them, once they acknowledge that they accept the Hand of Mercy, which will be extended to them by My Son.

 The final stage of the fulfillment of My Covenant will be a painful one. Because of the influence of Satan and his demons, many people will be deceived into worshipping him and all his servants, who walk amongst you. I will tolerate the suffering of souls and the hardships, which will be borne by many innocent people, but only for a short time. Then, I will wipe My enemies off the face of the Earth. I promise you, dear children, that I will ease your pain, sorrow and fear, by bequeathing you powerful Graces and Blessings. You will be protected by the circle of My Hierarchy of Angels.

 To ask Me to dissolve your fear and sorrow and to grant you the freedom from persecution, please recite this prayer.

 Crusade Prayer (140) Protection of Hierarchy of Angels:

  Dearest Father, God of all Creation, God the Most High, grant me Grace and Protection through Your Hierarchy of Angels. Enable me to focus on Your Love for each of Your children, no matter how they offend You. Help me to spread the news of the Final Covenant to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, without fear in my heart. Grant me Your special Graces and Blessings to rise above persecution, inflicted upon me by Satan, his demons and his agents on Earth. Never allow me to fear Your enemies. Give me the strength to love my enemies and those who persecute me in the Name of God. Amen.

 Children, you must remain strong at this time. Never listen to the hatred and venom, which will cover the Earth, because of the infestation to come. When you ignore it, you can serve Me in the most beneficial manner, without any malice in your hearts.

 Prepare for much anger is about to erupt in the world, which will be directed at Me, God the Most High and My beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Pray for those who will be sucked into a vacuum of lies, which will bring nothing but sorrow for them.

 Remain in Me, with Me and for Me.

Your beloved Father

 God the Most High

My Tears will have ceased by then, but My Sadness will be never ending

How our Beautiful Saviour IS His Name! In Hebrew "God Saves". Oh YES He does!

The rope might only be so long, but goodness, how long it is! Jesus will not let go of His end of the rope until we ourselves tell Him - 'No way, no how!" - What soul can do this?! 

It is the soul who has allowed themselves to be manipulated deviously by satan to draw himself closer to evil and evil doers and doings.  It is the soul who did not WANT to give himself the chance of True freedom and True liberty! 

It is the soul, for one reason or another, self-sabotaging his True happiness in Christ - experiencing all the joy and magnitude of being Christ's child!

But is that Jesus' fault? Of course not!  Jesus came to save, that is what His Name means! 

He came into the world as the Sacrificial Lamb sent by God the Father, to redeem the world from sin and take sinners, all clean and purified to His Bosom onward to their Rightful Inheritance! 

But Jesus throughout all of this is still pining for those who hurt Him the most! For those who deny Him, turn their back on Him, allow satan to draw them away from Him!

Those souls can but only be filled with such pride and arrogance, that no matter what is shown to them, what experience is placed in their path to bring them Home, will never be good enough for them! 

They will seek out the pleasures of sin because satan will inspire their hearts to believe that sin is good! he will give them false promises of all he has ready for them - will he tell them that his abyss is waiting full of fire and brimstone? 

Will he tell them that he lied, that there is nothing for them but misery? Of course not!

That liar would never tell the Truth! 

So the poor soul is in a tug-of-war between Good and evil! Jesus on one end and satan on the other! Jesus is the stronger opponent, but because He is Full of Unconditional Love and Compassion, would he 'tempt' the soul to come His Way?


He lets the soul use the Gift God gave him at birth to make his own choice, not for lack of trying, to beg for Jesus, to beg for His Mercy and Forgiveness! 

But alas, the soul CHOOSES evil over Good!

We must always pray and offer our sufferings for those souls! Always offer even that slightest ailment like a headache or a stubbed toe to Jesus for the souls so precious to Him who are lost and without hope - nothing is wasted! 

Give of yourself - FOR THEM!

My Tears will have ceased by then, but My Sadness will be never ending

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 @ 21:08

My dearly beloved daughter, when a man separates from Me, I follow him to the ends of the Earth to draw him back to Me. He may insult Me, commit terrible atrocities and go as far as to idolize everything evil, including making himself a slave of the devil, but I will never give up.

I will intervene in his life in many ways. I will introduce real love into his life; I will open his heart to love for other people; I will tug at his conscience; I will allow him to suffer at the hands of others – only to make him humble and, therefore more open to Me, Jesus Christ. I will let him see the simplicity of the world in all its glorious beauty, as created by My Father, to entice him away from falsities, which blight his life. I will, through little children, show him the importance of putting the needs of those who rely on him before his own. I will bring him laughter, show him great acts of kindness, through pure souls, and I will show him examples of his own weakness, so that he knows that he is not greater than God. I may allow him to become ill, if it will make him surrender to Me and, in such cases, then My Mercy will be at its greatest. For it is such souls who are most likely to turn to Me and then they will and can be saved by Me.

 How much effort is made by Me, your beloved Jesus Christ, to take each of you into the safety of My Arms – My Refuge. And how many of you still turn the other way and ignore Me.

 I intervene through messages, given to genuine seers and visionaries, and these have converted millions. I send signs; I pour Graces from Heaven; I bring you Gifts through the Holy Sacraments and millions have converted. Sadly, not enough have turned to Me and this is why I will not rest until every sign, every miracle, every Gift, every prophecy and every Intervention has been exhausted, before I come to judge.

 It will be a sad day if those who refuse My Gifts and My Intervention have to stand before Me on the Great Day and still deny Me. Even then, when I give them the chance to put their pride to one side and come to Me, they will still refuse. By then, there will be nothing more that I can do to bring them Eternal Life, as they will not welcome it. You may wonder why this is the case and so I will explain.

 When the devil tempts the soul, it takes some time before he gains a strong foothold within the person. But once he devours him, he dictates every move that person makes – how he thinks, how he communicates with people, how he sins and the kind of sin he wants that soul to indulge in. The greatest hold that Satan has over them is to convince them that God is evil. Satan will convince the soul that he is God and that God is, in fact, the evil one. That is how these souls will be destroyed through the devious cunning and manipulation of the devil. So dark will these souls become, that to stand in My Light will be excruciatingly painful for them and they will hide their faces from Me. My Tears will have ceased by then, but My Sadness will be never ending.

  Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: They will present a new red book, with the head of a goat embedded within its cover

Thankyou Mother of Salvation for the detail You place in Your Message. It is full of sorrow and compassion for humanity as the time draws near for the world to be placed under the beast. Jesus will become 'nothing' and You Mother will be discarded like old furniture. Please beg God not to allow satan through his son the antichrist and his spirit within the false prophet to destroy faith among those who have strong faith now.

Please allow our sufferings and personal sacrifices melt Jesus' Heart to quicken the time of evil. We understand the Three Days of Darkness must come just before the Return of Jesus to the world. This will be so joyful that what we had just been through will pale into insignificance on that Great Day!

But in the meantime, God's Remnant Army anticipate with fervour, the great Power over evil that we will be given to speak loudly our loyalty and love for the Triune God and You, Most Blessed Mother of Salvation. We will watch and pray until we need to move into position when the time comes that souls in great confusion and at risk of losing their souls, will need us to bring them Christ's Light once more.

Be with us, we will not waiver! We need You! In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Mother of Salvation: They will present a new red book, with the head of a goat embedded within its cover

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 @ 20:39

My dear child, when I gave birth to my Son, this meant that I not only delivered the Son of man, the Saviour of the world, but also brought about a new beginning. The world was redeemed by the birth of my precious Son and mankind was given a very special Gift. This Gift was rejected, but humanity still benefits today, because so many have accepted the Truth.

The birth of my Son heralded the birth of His Church on Earth, as both were borne of me, a mere handmaid of the Lord. It will be me, the woman clothed with the sun, who will be banished by the serpent, along with my Son’s Church, into the desert. Every trace of me, the Mother of God, will be wiped out. Apparitions, which are attributed to me, will be ridiculed and people will be instructed, by the enemies in my Son’s Church, to reject all credence associated with them. Then, my Son’s Church will be discarded, along with those who are true followers of Christ. The Holy Masses will cease and while all of this is going on, the serpent will scatter his servants and they will claim their seats in every Christian church. Such will be the magnitude of this takeover that many people, true believers, will be so astonished that they will be too frightened to stand up and object to the desecration they will have to witness, for fear of their lives.

During this time, my Son’s Remnant will gather in every nation, the world over, and lead the lost and the bewildered, during this terrible period of infestation. This Army will be given great power over evil, which will be witnessed in what once were the Churches of my Son. They will, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, preach the Truth – the True Gospels – the True Word, given to the world in the Holy Bible. The Bible will be challenged openly, by imposters in Christian churches and they will question every Teaching, which warns of the danger of sin. They will twist its contents and they will present a new red book with the head of a goat embedded within its cover, hidden inside the symbol of the cross.

To the outside world of unbelievers, this will appear to be a revolution and one, which will fascinate them and appeal to those who reject the Existence of God. Great celebrations will begin in many nations. They will welcome the celebration of freedom, from all moral obligations, in the name of global unity and a celebration of human rights.

The Light of my Son’s Presence will be held high, like a beacon, by those who will lead my Son’s Remnant Army. This Light will continue to draw souls, everywhere, despite the spread of paganism across all churches, of every creed, with the exception of the two witnesses – the Christians and the Jews, who remain true to God’s Will.

Then, when the Great Day dawns and after the three terrible days of darkness are over, a great Light will appear over the Earth. This Light will surround my Son and the sun, which will be at its greatest strength, will descend over the world – both at the same time. Not one person will fail to witness this supernatural spectacle. The roar of the announcement will be heard by all through every form of communication known to man. Therefore, all will anticipate a great event, but they will not know the time, the hour or the date. And then those, whose names are listed in the Book of the Living, will be gathered.

Pray, pray, pray that the world will not reject the preparation, which is needed before humanity can see the Light of my Son’s Face.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

To demand the rights of Christians will be tantamount to breaking the law

 I will not buy into any changes denying You Lord Jesus! Every moment I will plead with You to keep me strong. My prayers to St Michael will be on my lips. Each of us will witness horrendous changes affirming all we have been told as lies. How the poison will pour forth for our ears!

Jesus is telling us in advance what the evil one's plans are and He still acknowledges that many who are part of His Team will still turn their back on Him. Unbelievable! How could anyone do this? Yet it is so!

We cannot afford complacency! We cannot afford to leave one day without prayer! Place ourselves in His Sacred Heart each day! Ask for His Precious Blood to embalm us against any evil force! Beg the mitigation or lessening of the antichrist's plans! Oh my goodness!

The thorny path ahead is looking very thorny indeed! Jesus be with us every moment - hold us tightly. Mother Mary, protect us with Your Holy Mantle! We will endure and we will overcome!

To demand the rights of Christians will be tantamount to breaking the law

Monday, March 10th, 2014 @ 15:30

My dearly beloved daughter, very soon you will hear a number of announcements by impostors, who have infiltrated My House on Earth. The heresies which will come tumbling out of their mouths and by their acts will result in new laws, which defile the Word of God and which will be forced upon all those who are faithful to the Word.

 The Sacraments will become fewer and the number of Masses will slowly be withdrawn until they are rarely held. Every excuse will be made, but all of this will hide the real reason behind their motives. You, My beloved followers, are witnessing everything which My beloved Mother foretold at La Salette and Fatima. You must understand that the plan is to desecrate every Church of God, before the antichrist sits on the throne in My Temple, in all his vile glory. Those who demand answers will be ignored and later ridiculed for daring to question those who claim to lead My Church on Earth.

Every sin in the Eyes of God will eventually be dismissed. Not only will sin be rejected, but will be presented in every vile form upon My Altar. The abolition of sin will be seen in the indoctrination of children’s education. Children, especially, will be force-fed heresies. They will be told that if they do not accept these teachings that they will be guilty of judging harshly those, who declare sin to be a good thing. Children will be instructed to never openly proclaim the Word of God in the presence of others for fear of being accused of being anti-human rights.

 Any attempt to promote morality, in any way, amongst the young, will be violently opposed and condemned. Christians, and those who publicly declare their right to implement Christian Teachings will be beaten down and silenced. Their words will become whispers and people will be ashamed to admit they are Christians. And while the rights of non-Christians will be upheld, it will be the rights of atheists, which will be declared to be of paramount importance. As I have told you, hatred against Christians will mount on the outside of My Church. Then, on the inside, it will be taken apart piece-by-piece until nothing is left but a shell. The bricks and mortar will still be in place, but My Church on Earth, as you know it, will have changed beyond your understanding.

 My people are My people – those who will uphold the Holy Word of God and who continue to avail of the Holy Sacraments, which will be made available to you by My brave and courageous sacred servants, who will never desert Me.

When you hear My Word – contained in the written Word and passed down for centuries in My Father’s Book – being questioned and analysed, with a desire to rewrite It, then you must know this. I do not authorize such heresy. I condemn these traitors because of the souls they will lead astray. You, too, must never listen to anyone who tells you to deny My Word.

Soon, you will see every law in your countries and churches change, to welcome every kind of sin and legislate for this. Both sets of laws will blend together as one until, eventually, the Word of God will not be discussed or adhered to. To demand the rights of Christians will be tantamount to breaking the law and will be punishable in many ways. For those of you who do not believe that these things are possible, then, you will, sadly, witness these things in your own lifetime and as foretold.

How many of you will remain true to My Word? My Teachings? Not many. Yet, it is those who say that they honour Me now and who are dedicated to My Church, who will be the first ones to turn their backs on the Truth.

 Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: After The Warning will come a great desire to give glory to God

Mother of Salvation how You give such generous comfort to us, Your children! Thankyou for allaying the fears and doubts about the future that by human nature, we have from time to time. We must hold on to Your every word and that of Your Son's. It is by the Grace of God that we have been allowed to receive the Gift of this Mission to bring our souls, Salvation!

It is confidence and trust that we must search in our hearts to desire in order to gain the humility and with it the strength and courage that God permits through His Goodness and Mercy! While we have been waiting with great anticipation, the Illumination of Conscience, we know that Jesus has asked God permission to delay the Great Event simply because He wants more souls to be awakened to the Holy Spirit's Guidance in preparation to accept and give gratitude for It!

We do know it isn't long away and we need always to bear in mind that each day that goes by now is Granted by God to allow our souls further cleansing of our sinful ways and pasts by way of the Sacrament of Confession or if non- Catholic, Crusade Prayer #8. Please don't lose this chance of giving your souls a good 'spring clean'. We want to see Jesus during the Warning with as little stain as possible, so we can just enjoy His Company for those vital minutes.

Wouldn't it be just lovely to be simply present with Him to have a little chat without all those images of our sinfulness that would marr this beautiful, Sacred Get-together?

Mother of Salvation: After The Warning will come a great desire to give glory to God

Sunday, March 9th, 2014 @ 17:25

 My children, you will always be under my protection when you call on me, the Mother of Salvation, throughout this Mission. I am a servant of God and my role is to serve my Son, Jesus Christ, and help Him in His quest for souls, which will cover the whole Earth. Not one nation will be excluded by Him. My Son’s Plans, to prepare the world, include every race, nation, creed and every man, woman and child will be aware that He is coming to help them. He does this because of the deep Love, which God holds in His Heart for His children.

Many people, who do not practice any religion, will be unable to ignore the Intervention in the world by my Son, Jesus Christ. They will be overcome and unable to comprehend, at first, the extraordinary spiritual experience they will feel, in every fibre of their hearts and souls. What a joy The Warning will be for many people, as it will bring with it the proof of my Son’s Existence. With this Gift, many will be filled with a peace they will have never felt before, as well as a great longing to be in the company of Jesus.

 While all doubts about the Existence of my Son will flee from the minds of those who are blind to the Truth of the Word of God – for many, they will need spiritual direction once the Truth of The Warning is revealed. After The Warning will come a great desire to give glory to God. This will be a period of great trials; because the enemies of God will do everything possible to convince the world that The Warning – the Illumination of Conscience – did not take place.

 When God humbles Himself to call out to His children and when He begs them to listen to Him, this is one of the greatest Acts of Generosity on His part. Children, accept The Warning with good Grace, because for many it will be the lifeline they need to live in the world without end. Never reject great acts or miracles from Heaven, for they are for the good of all, so that salvation is granted to the masses and not just the few.

 Always give thanks for my Son’s Great Mercy. You have heard how Generous He is and soon you will bear witness to the extent of His Mercy, which will encompass the world.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Saturday, 25 March 2017

It is through the influence of the devil that you become unclean in My Eyes

Well I guess it's sounding more and more like none of us will be exempt from satan's ways of getting to us if that is what he wants and it also sounds like God has allowed him so much leverage, but Jesus is also telling us that we can call on Him any time! His Graces are strengthening us now more than at any other time in history!

His Intervention and that of the Holy Angels of Heaven are here more than at any other time in history!

So if we are the people who are recipients of His Great Gifts, then why would any one of us feel like we won't be able to ward of satan and his minions.

Jesus is asking us first and foremost to stick to Him like glue! Then what we need to do is pray this special Crusade Prayer #139 to ensure that we remain on the Winning Team!

So like any good coach will tell us, "know who your enemy is and keep listening to the game play to win this showdown!" - we have been chosen by God to be part of this End Game! 

He wants us to stay on His Winning Team! 

No matter what other 'talent management' is out there trying to entice us to turn our backs on Christ for a promise of 'better pay, better conditions', we will hold firm to the contract with Jesus that we promised Him when we signed up, that would never be broken!

His work conditions may not be comfortable, may not be a laugh-a-minute, but the Payment that He has organised when the banking gets done is something humanity has never seen before - THE NEW PARADISE!

 It is through the influence of the devil that you become unclean in My Eyes

Saturday, March 8th, 2014 @ 13:37

My dearly beloved daughter, the Power of the Holy Spirit is at its strongest at this time in the world, through these Messages. As the hatred, which Satan has for humanity the world over, has become intense, so also has the Power of the Holy Spirit increased and, with great strength, will strike out at the core of evil.

Always remember that the battle, which exists between God and Satan, is for the souls of man. And while every power and Grace is poured over mankind by My Father – every wicked deed and act is perpetrated by the evil one over souls. Many people are impervious to what is happening and sadly many give themselves willingly to Satan by opening up their souls and allowing him to enter them.

It can take some time before Satan really manifests himself within souls and for those who continually seek reconciliation through Me, Jesus Christ, they will be given the Graces to stand up to him, in order to protect themselves from succumbing to acts which can lead to complete depravity. I urge all of you to pray for the souls who fall victim to Satan’s wicked schemes and intent. Please recite this Prayer:

Crusade Prayer (139) For the strength to defeat evil

Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the devil. Cover me and all those who are weak and defenseless in his presence with Your Precious Blood. Give me the courage to deny him and help me to avoid any attempt by him to engage me in any way, every day. Amen.

Please do not ignore My warning, about the dangers of engaging with the devil, by succumbing to his wicked ways. When you emulate his traits, which include lying, self-indulgence, inflicting of pain on others and slandering your neighbour, then you will know that he has devoured you and it will only be through Me, and the Graces I impart to you, that you will be able to withdraw from the grip he will hold over you.

Always call out to Me, Jesus Christ, when you know in your heart that it is through the influence of the devil that you become unclean in My Eyes.

Your Jesus

Wrong will be seen as right and right will be seen as wrong

May the Holy Spirit engage you to read this Message. It is most important! Please!

 Wrong will be seen as right and right will be seen as wrong

Thursday, March 6th, 2014 @ 13:45

  My dearly beloved daughter, when people try to encourage others to sin, they do this in various ways, which may not seem apparent.

 The temptation to sin is a seductive one and the victim will always find it difficult to pull away. In the case of theft, the sinner will be attracted to the grand prize, which will be his, should he agree to steal. In the case of physical assault and bodily harm inflicted on another, the victim will be seduced by hatred, presented to him as being a good thing. He will be convinced that he is simply involved in a punishment, which is necessary, in the name of justice. In other cases, the victim will be drawn into committing sin and will see nothing wrong with it, because the allure will be so attractive.

  Sin and the temptation to engage in the act will always be presented as being a good thing, harmless, and in many cases will be perceived as being right. Wrong will be seen as right and right will be seen as wrong. Every thing Satan is involved with, and particularly when he tempts man, with every conceivable reason, to turn his back on God, will be back to front. Everywhere Satan is present there will be confusion. Nothing will be as it should be. Nothing good can come from his infestation. Souls who participate in his schemes will, during and after the sin has been committed, suffer from a deep unsettling conscience. The important lesson here is to avoid situations where you are faced with temptation. To do this, you must pray for the strength to remain in a state of Grace.

 Let no man ever believe he has enough will power to withstand the pressures placed upon him by the spirit of evil. When you believe this, you will fall suddenly and unexpectedly. You must remain alert, every minute of every day, for you never know when the evil one is at work. He is very cunning and very careful. For many, they have no idea how Satan works, but one thing is clear. He will bring you nothing but misery and sorrow. You must, therefore, pray each day the prayer to Saint Michael.

Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who roam the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Satan and every demon, who roam the Earth, are working, very hard, to take you away from Me at this time – more than any other time since I walked the Earth. You must keep your eyes on Me and listen to Me, so that I can continue to protect you.

  Your Jesus

I Am All-Merciful. I do not seek revenge


Jesus please don't feel You need to defend Your Actions for us! You are the One Who we respect and honour with all our hearts. Any action You take is valid no matter how humanity views it! All that we endure is because God deems it that way. We are in His Holy Will and so no matter what transpires we know that our hearts are with You always. Those who go against You are more afraid of what will befall them and this is why our prayers can help them before it's too late.

Their fear is what creates their venom!

I see it like when they speak calumny, they have plastic wrap around their heads and I see them with their mouth open, I hear noise coming from them, but it is so muffled - I can't understand the poison they speak!

So thankyou Lord for allowing me to deafen my ears to their 'trumpetting'. It helps me not to be distracted and to understand that You hear all their words and You are the One who they revoke.

I unite all these experiences with Your Passion on the Cross and know that any suffering I endure will be used by You to help save those souls I am unaware of. Jesus You know how much I love You? Amen.

I Am All-Merciful. I do not seek revenge

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 @ 21:25

My dearly beloved daughter, remember that God always judges in favour of the oppressed. He will never exalt those who exalt themselves. For every man that is exalted, the lowest of the low in your world will be exalted in My Kingdom. The oppressors in your world will become the oppressed, on the Final Day of Judgement.

I Am All-Merciful. I do not seek revenge. I do not reprimand you by replicating the wrongs you did to others, the hatred you inflicted on others or the harsh way you judged others. So great is My Love, that I will forgive you any sin, except eternal sin, which curses the Word of God. I will always forgive you, no matter how you crucify Me or My servants, sent to redeem you. Not since My Crucifixion has humanity witnessed My Intervention, like now, as I bring you the Book of Truth.

The time is near now, as I gather all nations for the final reunion. I will take those who are of Me, through their acts, their words and their deeds, into a new beginning, which will become the new world, the New Paradise. My Kingdom will be yours. I will gather My people, from every corner of the Earth. Some will be Mine, while the others will be punished for their wickedness. Those who are called, as well as those of you who were chosen from the beginning of time, will be like lions. Courage will be given to you from Heaven and you will need this if you are to overcome the hatred, which will be shown against you.

Please never fear My enemies. Ignore their venom. Their voices may roar and their screams may be deafening, but they have no power over you. If you are truly Mine, then the fires of Hell will never prevail against you.

Your Jesus

Wars will escalate, until the Great War is declared

Never fear!!! The Seal of The Living God will protect us! Pray Crusade Prayer #33 each day. God has Promised each and every soul who has The Seal with them.

Wars will escalate, until the Great War is declared

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 @ 17:00

My dearly beloved daughter, it is important that people, the world over, turn and ask Me to protect them from the scourge of war, at this time.

Wars will escalate, until the Great War is declared and then the greatest enemy, that is communism, will create great turmoil amongst all nations. Power and a hunger for it, is born out of selfishness. Those who seek power will, in time, have none, when they have to stand before Me. Those who persecute the weak and the vulnerable will suffer their own persecution, thrice that which they inflicted on others.

 These wars will end in turmoil. Lives will be lost, but then the war in the East will trigger an even bigger war. When this war takes place, millions of lives will be lost. When all seems hopeless, the man of peace will appear and then the beginning of the end will be witnessed.

My Life, My Presence, will ensure that hope, love and prayer will continue, so as to ease the pain of God’s children, during these times. All wars, I assure you, will be short. All these terrible events will be short-lived, but know that when they take place, that the timing of all that is meant to be will be in My Father’s Hands.

Your Jesus

Love can defeat every affliction suffered by the human race

Have we ever really thought about the stars, moon and sun being Gifts from the Father to dispel the darkness? I'm not sure that I have. Without these celestial elements that God gave to the world, how black, how dark all would be - imagine how happy that would make satan!

But in His Goodness and Mercy, He gives us a little bit of light through the stars and the moon to ensure we are not left all alone in the darkness at any time.

Sin is black enough, dark enough and so as not to sound like some new age goddess - take a look at when the moon and stars shine brightly out there and just say a little prayer of thanks to God for His Kindness.

 'Lord, Your Light is with me, no darkness shall pervade my soul'

- We have such a lot to be grateful for, but do we really understand just how much?

Love can defeat every affliction suffered by the human race

 Monday, March 3rd, 2014 @ 23:37

 My dearly beloved daughter, think of Me, with love in your heart, for it is only through Love do I communicate to the world, through the Book of Truth.

By the Command of My Father, I gather all of His precious children, as one with Him and in Him. It is Love, which permits this Divine Intervention. My Father endures Pain, Anger, Impatience and Frustration, because of the stain of sin, which blights the souls of each of His children. But it is His everlasting Love for all of you, which keeps the Light of God aglow on Earth.

 Without this Light, there would be only darkness, not just of spirit, but on Earth itself. Daylight would not exist. The sun would not shine, nor would the moon brighten the night. The stars would disappear. Yet, all of these Gifts remain in place because of the Love of God. When this Love is reciprocated, it brings great joy to My Father, for He knows that once the spirit of love is present in souls, it can overcome all darkness of the soul.

Love can defeat every affliction suffered by the human race. Love for one another will destroy evil. Love for God will destroy Satan’s power over man. Loyalty to the Commandments of God will perfect the soul and, in turn, then save the human race from banishment and separation from God.

 When the Light of God is retained in your hearts and the Love of God for one another is present in your souls, then every evil can and will be conquered. When you love God, you will feel a deep peace within you, for when you show your love for Him, He will fill you with His Graces. You must always take comfort in the powerful Love, which God holds in His Heart for each of you. Whoever you are, whatever grievance you may have caused Him and no matter how wicked your sins are, He will forgive you – always. All you must do is to call on Him, by asking Me, His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to intervene on your behalf through reconciliation.

 Come to Me with your prayer and say: “Jesus, take me under Your Refuge to my Father and bring me Eternal Salvation.” 

When you come to Me, with true remorse in your soul, yours shall be the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your Jesus

Once you have Me, you have everything

This Randy Travis song comes to mind when reading Jesus' Message of all that He is for us any moment! He is ALL we need!

"He's My Rock, My Sword, My Shield"

He's my rock, my sword, my shield

 He's my wheel in the middle of the field

 He's the lily of the valley

 He's the bright and morning star

 Makes no difference what you say

 I'm goin' on my knees and pray

 I'm gonna wait right here for Jesus

 Till he comes.

'Cause Jesus is mine

 I am forgiven

 I'm holdin' his hand
 I'm goin' to heaven

 'Cause I found a wonderful savior
 Who blesses me forever

 I'm his and thank God

 He is mine.

He's my rock, my sword, my shield

 He's my wheel in the middle of the field

 He's the lily of the valley

 He's the bright and morning star

 Makes no difference what you say

 I'm goin' on my knees and pray

 I'm gonna wait right here for Jesus

 Till he comes.


He's my rock, my sword, my shield

  He's my wheel in the middle of the field

 He's the lily of the valley
 He's the bright and morning star

 Makes no difference what you say

 I'm goin' on my knees and pray

 I'm gonna wait right here for Jesus

 Till he comes.

I'm gonna wait right here for Jesus

 Till he comes...

 Once you have Me, you have everything

 Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 @ 20:14

My dearly beloved daughter, there are times of struggle when people can feel helpless. There are times of tragedy when they feel frightened. And there are times when man despairs and all hope evaporates from his life. Then there are times of wretchedness when man cuts himself off from those he loves – when he feels that life is just too difficult for him to endure. I say to those who endure such pain to call Me and ask Me, your Jesus, to take away all your suffering. Offer Me all your trials, when they become too much for you to bear. It is at that moment, when you surrender your terrible anguish, that I will lift the cloud which darkens your soul and which confuses your mind.

Never give in to suffering. Never feel that everything is hopeless, because once you have Me, you have everything. I Am your crutch in this life and only I can help you. Man must always strive to survive, fight injustice, uphold virtue and never be afraid to proclaim the Truth. But when that which you witness brings you great pain and suffering, because of injustices, only I can sustain you during such tribulations.

Nothing the world has to offer can bring you true comfort in your times of need. Only I, Jesus Christ, can grant you the peace of mind and the strength and courage to withstand hatred, injustice, persecution and isolation. I must be your first choice in your time of need, when you must call out to Me. Only I will bring you calm, peace and freedom from anxiety, for I Am Love and when love resides in your soul you can do anything.

Your Jesus

The world will bow, kneel on both knees and idolise the beast

Thankyou God the Father for Your Son and for showing Your Confidence in Your Remnant Army to qualify for the Authority You place on us to be beacons of Light to those who need to hear the Truth! This is a huge responsibility for each of us to carry, but carry it we will! We will need all the Guidance and Intervention You can muster for us to know the ways to go about this parting of our knowledge and to whom You wish us to approach. So many will scorn us and show us their discomfort for what we tell them, but with Your Hand in all we say and do, I pray that success will be Christ's for His Mission to save souls! Amen!

The world will bow, kneel on both knees and idolise the beast

Friday, February 28th, 2014 @ 21:42

My dearly beloved daughter, I give to My Remnant Army and all those who never deviate from My Holy Word, authority over nations, when the apostasy blinds all in the name of unification.

You will be given great Favours, great Graces and the power to lead the faithful, the weak and those who become lost in a barren desert. You will become the True Spirit, the only remaining Remnant of the Spirit of the Lord in a church, which will be bereft of My Holy Presence. My Presence will reside only in those who will be given the authority to dictate the Word of God and lead thirsty souls to the Fountain of Life.

 When the false messengers, who say they are receiving words and direction from Heaven, arise soon, they will become like princes on the throne, which will soon be unveiled in the new temple of abomination. This new ruling centre will be adorned with its own devoted servants, fortune-tellers and those who are filled with the spirit of darkness – all of whom will fawn over the antichrist.

 The world will bow, kneel on both knees and idolise the beast. Not one ounce of pure love will remain in their hearts – but know this. When you cut your right arm off from God, you will, with your left hand, shake hands with the beast, who will pull you and engulf you into his wicked grip. When you open your soul to the evil one, he will enter it and he will never give you a moment of peace. Because of your free will, you will try to fight him, but you will not be strong enough.

 On will forge My Remnant, fearless and marked with the Light of My Face, as they gather millions from the four corners of the Earth, to bring them the Truth. They will preach the Gospels, proclaim My Word and never deviate from the Truth. They will be scorned, mocked, persecuted, betrayed – even by those closest to them – and, yet, they will never take their eyes off Me.

 The world will not welcome the Truth, when it has been indoctrinated with false piety and the gratification it will feel, because, by that stage, sin will be denied in all its forms.

 In any war there can only be one victor. When man fights against God, he will always fail. When he sides with the deceiver, he will be cast out and never see the Light of My Face.

Pray, My beloved Remnant, for those who will be fooled by the antichrist. I desire that these souls are brought under My Protection. They will not seek Me out, but through your prayers, My Father will intercede, so that they can come under My Great Mercy.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: Love and only Love comes from God. Hatred only comes from Satan. There is no in-between

If we could only understand how much jealousy, spite, envy, hatred and all the other vices that are against God, that satan has for anyone who stands for God, Jesus His Son and His Son's Mother, then I think that understanding would put into perspective just what lengths satan will go to in order to snatch souls away from their Father in Heaven!

The immensity of his disdain and wretchedness would stoop at nothing less than to claim souls to himself. he is in an all- out war against Heaven!

Why don't we see just how he will strive at anything in any way, shape or form to twist the Truth, do everything backwards and back to front to bring dis-order, dis-ease, dis-unity! He will confound anything that is normal into disarray! So good, well-meaning and lovers of Christ, will in fact be his targets.

What more egotistical notches to his trident would he get if he managed to gain those souls? Of course he will do all he can! So when Our Mother of Salvation sends us Her warning and preparation to protect against the evil one especially with this timely Crusade Prayer #138, we would be prudent to adhere to all She speaks of in order to send satan packing!

Please don't ever believe because of your faith and absolute love for God that satan will see you as too challenging! he will find you the greatest challenge that he is up for! We have been given all the tools at our disposal to counteract all satan has in his artillery so use them! Don't leave yourself vulnerable! Blessed Mother is here to help!

Mother of Salvation: Love and only Love comes from God. Hatred only comes from Satan. There is no in-between

Thursday, February 27th, 2014 @ 14:48

 My child, there is much hatred against this Mission of Salvation, because the evil one does not want to lose one soul to God. When God speaks through a prophet, it creates outrage in Hell. Every effort is made by the evil one to silence the Word of God, in these circumstances. He, Satan, will do everything possible to poison people against anything which will save the souls of humanity.

He will spread hatred until souls, who are filled with his hatred, will become willing agents of his, until they no longer control what they do. Filled with his outrage, they will find it impossible to feel love in their hearts for those they believe are their enemies. Then, they will begin to hate themselves and the more they sin against God, they will be filled with a terrible anguish. Eventually, when hatred of this kind overtakes souls, they will be unable to free themselves from Satan. Much prayer is needed for such souls. If a soul blasphemes against God’s Word, they will be faced with a struggle against the beast, so fierce, that it will render it impossible to extradite themselves from his power. Their curse against God becomes their curse and nothing can be done for them, at that stage.

 Souls, who are filled with hatred, do not speak the Word of God, for this cannot be. Hatred will never spill from the lips of those who truly love God. You must never underestimate the power of Satan, for he can trap any soul, no matter how good they are. At first, he, the evil one, will be very convincing when he fills the victim with his lies. He will even create a spiritual sense that it is I, the Mother of God, who is communicating to the soul. He will use the soul’s love of God to instill, within it, a sense of outrage against what the soul perceives to be an evil act, deed or word. He entraps the souls who can, at times, be loyal servants of God. But, once a soul allows the evil one to fill it with any form of hatred, he or she will find it impossible to become free of him. Only prayer and great acts of penance and humility can drive him away. After a while, the soul will know that something is troubling it, when the anger, discomfort, anxiety and complete lack of peace, takes over the soul. The evil one will not rest, until the soul, finally, turns against God and blasphemes against Him.

 Children, you must never engage with those who place doubts in your soul about the Perfection of God. When you engage with those who curse God, you will become contaminated. When you do this, you will also be filled with a hatred, which you will have never felt before. Then you will need great assistance and intervention, before you can be made worthy to stand in the Presence of God again.

 Ignore any form of hatred, for it could never come from God. There is only one source from which hatred evolves and that is Satan. Engage with Satan and those whose hearts he fills with hatred, then, this venom will spill into your soul. Ignore this situation. Remain silent. Pray for those souls who hate others. You must recite my Holy Rosary to protect from this temptation.

 I warn you of these things, as the power of Satan is so strong at this time, as he tries to steal the souls of all those people throughout the world who believe in my Son, Jesus Christ, and those who are loyal to me, His beloved Mother. Please heed me, at this time, by reciting this Prayer to protect you from hatred.

 Crusade Prayer (138) Protection from hatred

O Mother of Salvation, protect me from every kind of hatred. Help me to remain silent, when confronted by hatred. Keep me strong in my allegiance to Jesus Christ, when I am at my weakest. Seal my lips. Help me to turn my back on those who engage me with words, which deny the Teachings of your Son or those who taunt me because of my faith. Pray for these souls, dear Mother, so that they will renounce Satan and feel the peace of your love and the Reign of the Holy Spirit, within their souls. Amen.

Love and only Love comes from God. Hatred only comes from Satan. There is no in-between. No middle. You are either for my Son or against Him.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

God the Father: The Perfection of the lost Paradise will be renewed to its former Glory

Oh blimey! I just want to give God the Father the biggest, biggest hug ever!!! What a glorious Message from Our Father! Speaking for my family this past couple of days, we have all -5 of us been struck with fevers, sore throats, ear aches and congestion - you know all the good stuff!

Here God is telling us that the Purification to rid the world of it's sickness (sin and depravity) is like the fever that you have to have in order to overcome the illness! Just love this analogy! My family can soooo relate! People seriously! There is nothing, NO THING to be in fear of or in trepidation over! He is Our Commander in Chief! He is our Everything! Nothing can be so overwhelming that it cannot be overcome! You see these Words from God - nothing but Love and Mercy through any trial or suffering!

No matter what we witness that will happen in the world, remember we are to be in the world, not of it - kind of duplicitously - we can see all that will come from the outside looking in! God has already, so frequently reminded us of His Promise, that with the Seal of The Living God, we have His total Protection and Guidance! So please take to heart what Our Heavenly Father is telling us here!

Live in hope, love and joyful anticipation of being freed from satan's shackles!

We will know True Peace very soon!

Rejoice and be glad for the Kingdom of God is near!

God the Father: The Perfection of the lost Paradise will be renewed to its former Glory

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 @ 16:26

My children, listen to Me, as I Call to you and declare My deep and abiding Love for all of you. Amidst the trials, the sadness, the cruelty, the wickedness and indeed, the joy and peace, I Am in Command of all.

The time is ripe for the Purification to intensify, but nothing, only good, will come from these times. Think of these times as if a sick child is bedridden and struck with an illness, which renders him weak, powerless, lacking in energy, in nutrients and with a very high fever. He will not recover until the fever has dissipated and yet, it is the fever which rids him of the illness.

The Purification of man has been foretold and I allow it, so that I can rid humanity of the illness, which scourges the hearts and souls of those who do not know Me truly. The divisions in the world will increase, before they are finally exhausted. Wars, having erupted and destroyed, will disappear and peace will reign. The apostasy will envelop many souls, but afterwards most of My children will see the Truth and come running to Me, through the love they will experience for My beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

My Creation will become perfect, when Satan and every demon who infests the Earth have been banished. The Light will become brighter, the Perfection of the lost Paradise will be renewed to its former Glory and humanity will become One in Me.

My Promise to bring you back into the Paradise, which I created for each one of you, even before you took your first breath, is about to be witnessed. Each of you has been given this birthright. Prepare. You will be drawn into My Paradise through the love, which I will place in your hearts and by the Graces, which you will be granted in your souls. Not one soul amongst you will be able to say that I did not give you every chance, every sign, every reprieve. Pray that you will have the graciousness to accept the glorious life, which I have ready for you, of a world without end.

Your beloved Father

God the Most High

The ‘god’ they will proclaim, will not be My beloved Father

 We might be of the opinion that they couldn't possibly trick us into believing in their 'god', but our complacency could see us falling for the dupe ahead.

We must stay so close to Scripture and these Messages if we are to remain in Christ's Light to understand just what the enemy has in store.

 Keep the scales from our eyes and we should remain vigilant to what is going on. satan will not spare any expense in getting souls of those who believe, so be on guard!

The ‘god’ they will proclaim, will not be My beloved Father

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 @ 13:50

My dearly beloved daughter, it has been foretold that humanity’s hatred for God will reach unprecedented proportions in the end times. People then will not be able to differentiate between good and evil. Much confusion will blight them and there will reign, within them, a darkness of the soul, which will bring them little peace.

God will be denied. I, His only Son, will be mocked and My Deity rejected. All who love Me will be tempted to turn away from all that I taught them. Every person who denies Me, will try to justify their reason for doing so. Their reasons will be this. “Jesus – they will say – is simply a figurehead, a prophet, sent to teach people the Truth.” They will soon believe that My Divinity was a lie and that only allegiance to God – a God of Goodness – is all that is needed, for all religions, so that they can be united as one.

The ‘god’ they will proclaim, will not be My beloved Father. Instead, they will idolize false spirits, disguised as angels of God. As the world rejoices, along with the Christians, who remain true to Me, and the Jews, who will remain loyal to My Father, the Time for My Second Coming will descend so suddenly that very few will be ready. Then the persecutors will be silenced, the wicked destroyed and those whose names are in the Book of the Living will unite and live a life of eternal glory.

Your Jesus

You, My Two Witnesses on Earth, must stand your ground

Christians and Jews - Christ's Two Witness on earth! We will be part of God's Remnant Army - His True Church on earth! We will bring the New Jerusalem into Paradise! How the Jews have been tortured and persecuted over the centuries! Now they will come to the full realisation that Christ indeed is their Messiah!

What a day that will be to see this Holy Reunion!

Christians will be alongside our Jewish brothers and sisters in unity!


We must stand firm together against the Great Apostasy which will befall the earth through the false prophet and the antichrist when those who revere the Word of God will be driven into the catacombs once again - Refuges where we will be kept safe while we partake in our Sacraments and hear the Gospels through Holy Servants of Christ who have not waivered from their loyalty to Him!

We are not alone - ever! Heaven is guiding us each step of The Way!

You, My Two Witnesses on Earth, must stand your ground

Monday, February 24th, 2014 @ 16:00

My dearly beloved daughter, My enemies are not contained within the hierarchy of false religions. Many such souls know no better and they will accept Me when I make Myself known to them. It is those who will mastermind the greatest apostasy, from within the ranks of My Own Church on Earth, who are the most dangerous of all.

Not all, who come dressed as My servants, are of Me, but know this. My Hour is close and just prior to My Second Coming, the plague of apostasy will descend and devour My Church on Earth. Just as those wolves in sheep’s clothing, fool the world into believing that the House of God accepts any faith, including those which deny Me, Jesus Christ, they will convince you that this abomination will be the greatest evangelization the world will have ever seen. And in its wake will incur the Wrath of God. While the world and all its religions will be sucked into this new, false church, the way will be prepared for them to proudly groom the man of lawlessness.

While those of you who remain alert to My Warning and those who will defiantly hold true to My Word suffer, I will also give you the strength to endure this sorrowful event. Those imposters, who will have wangled their way into My Church, will have deceived many and they will continue to deceive millions, including all Christian faiths, as well as those who do not honour Me at all. All of these deceivers will spread heresy and in time, they will form one religion for the world. No other faith will be tolerated, other than the new false doctrine – the doctrine from Hell. Christians and Jews will be the two faiths from which the Remnant will be formed.

When My Prophecies bring tears to your eyes, know that because I bless you, through this Mission, with nerves of steel and an iron determination, you will remain loyal to Me, your Jesus.

 You, My Two Witnesses on Earth, must stand your ground. Resist any temptation to turn away from Me and persist in your love for Me at all times. My Remnant Church will be formed, both outside of this Mission, as well as from within it. Those of you who reject this Mission now, but who genuinely love Me, you too will be drawn into My Remnant Army on Earth. On the day that this happens, you will have realized that the Book of Truth was, indeed, a Gift from Heaven to help you in your final journey to My Kingdom and Eternal Life. Only then will you rejoice and be fearless, because you will have all the confidence needed to bring glory to God.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: All references to Hell have been abolished and man has been misled into a false sense of security

So many adaptations of Truth fall so short of that Truth they believe they maintain, erroneously of course! There is only One Truth! There is only One Way to the Father! Paganism is virtually the driving force to the evil presented as good in our world today. Freemasonry, an insidious and evil force is behind all new age practise and idol worship - money being the big one!

The True Teachings of Christ that He instituted by His Sermons and The Holy Gospel have been thwarted left, right and centre - satan has enforced illogical streams of deceit all through history to silence the Truth! ....and many of us have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker!

A Catholic woman I met days ago told me she left the Church for the Pentecostals citing that the Catholic Church was a cult with evil prevalence all through it!

Well what do you say to that!

This lady never knew her faith properly and chose the bad over the good to make her excuse to leave the Church! Now of course we are all about to grieve our beautiful Church when She will be Crucified, but God in His Wisdom has a Plan B! He is Creating, through us, His Remnant - His Son's Remnant Church who will be instrumental in God's Plan, to bring the Truth to the people!

His Sacred Servants have let Him down through the years! Not all of course, but so many have been themselves, deceived by masonic plots to undermine Christ's Church and It's Truth!

So those that impart their knowledge do invariably become just their opinions, not the Truth.

This is also evident during this Mission. Rather than read the Messages, they are driven to distraction by opinions - their own and from others - yet the Truth they miss because of this attitude.

Our prayers are needed and will be needed to allow God's Truth to be heard! Please give what ever you can for Jesus!

Mother of Salvation: All references to Hell have been abolished and man has been misled into a false sense of security

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 @ 16:28

 My child, as long as Satan’s reign exists, on Earth, the Truth will always be suppressed.

  Since my Son’s death on the Cross, every attempt to spread His Word has been thwarted. And, since Christianity spread, many cracks appeared and the Doctrine dictated by my Son, Jesus Christ, through His disciples, was adapted. The Truth has always been tampered with, but despite this, the Word of God still remains alive in the world and the Presence of my Son, through the Holy Eucharist, has been maintained.

 The Truth, regarding the existence of Satan and the reality of Hell, has been suppressed for many decades and this has had a detrimental effect on the salvation of humanity. All references to Hell have been abolished and man has been misled into a false sense of security. So now, today, few people believe in the existence of the devil or the abyss of Hell. This lie has been the scourge of humanity and, as a result, many souls have been lost, because Hell is denied. Mortal sin is no longer deemed to be a reality and so no attempt is made to avoid it. Those who serve my Son, Jesus Christ, in His Churches have a duty to prepare souls, so that they are fit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

 Hell can be avoided, through an understanding of the consequences of mortal sin, yet not one word is mentioned of it. Souls are lost because they are never instructed properly how to avoid sin and seek repentance. To become worthy to enter my Son’s Kingdom, you must spend time living your lives, according to the Word of God. Please do not ignore the Truth, for if you do, you will be lost.

 Pray, pray, pray that humanity will accept the existence of Satan, because until they do, they will never truly accept my Son’s Promise of Redemption.

 Your beloved Mother

  Mother of Salvation

When a man’s will clashes with the Will of God, great pain is endured on both sides

Thou shalt not put the Lord your God to the test, comes to mind when reading this Message.

I cannot comprehend how anyone would say to God "I'll do this for You, if You do this for me" etc. That cannot be a committed relationship with Our Heavenly Father. He is not to be toyed with! He is not some sort of commodity! Our God is the Superior One! How dare any one of us play that kind of game with Our Creator! I can imagine how pride and arrogance leads souls to believe that they are superior to God, but still this attitude is unfathomable to me. I think we would be shocked to hear the 'requests' God hears! Any wonder Jesus is begging us to return to humility!

Our free will was given as a Gift from God but woe to us who betrayed Him with it! This is why Jesus as asked us to return this Gift back to Him, so we can live only in His Will! It 's like Jesus said recently, 'the pieces of the jigsaw will fit into place'. These Messages are imparting the jigsaw pieces so perfectly! All of Heaven - we are eternally grateful!

When a man’s will clashes with the Will of God, great pain is endured on both sides

  Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 @ 16:03

  My dearly beloved daughter, when a man’s will clashes with the Will of God, great pain is endured on both sides. Man has been granted the Gift of free will by My Father and, as such, he is free to make what choices he wishes in life and God will never interfere with this Gift from Heaven. However, for those who wish to serve Me completely, with the intention of helping Me to save the souls of others, and who give Me the gift of their free will, it will be a very difficult journey for them.

 When you give Me your free will, to do what is necessary in the salvation of souls, the suffering which you will endure will be very harsh. As your will then no longer belongs to you, human nature being what it is, this means that a struggle will come about, between man’s free will and the Will of God. Many people, who love Me and who want to carry out the Will of God in their lives, will always struggle. In order to satisfy the Will of God, the soul must abandon all sense of pride and the need to satisfy its own personal desires. You can only truly serve God, if you trust in Him completely and offer all of your trials and tribulations over to Him, for the good of all.

When well-meaning people, serve God and try to live their lives as He instructed, fall out of Grace, they feel shame. Mortified for having shunned God and for having let Him down through selfishness, feelings of self-worth or arrogance, they then hide their faces from the Light of God. When enlightened by the Truth, these souls can, suddenly and without warning, begin to doubt their faith. One minute they love God with all their heart and offer themselves completely into His care and the next minute they cut themselves off from the Source of Light. It is then, that the person, using human intellect, dictates to God what he is prepared to do, in order to serve God and this will usually be on his own terms. Yes, the soul may say to God: “I will serve You, but on condition that You grant me this favour and that one.” Don’t you know that you cannot serve two masters, for there is only One God and He is in Command. God is Master of all that is and will be. Man is there to serve God, but yet God will do anything He can to give comfort to His children.

When you find that you begin to doubt God or lose confidence in His Love or His Promise, then you must recite this Crusade Prayer, to be known as the Prayer of Restoration.

Crusade Prayer (137) Prayer of Restoration

O God Almighty One, O God the Most High, look upon me, Your humble servant, with love and pity in Your Heart. Restore me in Your Light.  Lift me back into Your Favour. Fill me with the Grace, so I can offer myself to You in humble servitude and in accordance with Your Most Holy Will.  Rid me of the sin of pride and everything which insults You and help me to love You with a deep and abiding desire to serve You all of my days forever and ever. Amen.

 Please remember that it is very easy to turn your back on God and it takes only one person to cast doubt in your soul about the Goodness of God and His Great Mercy for all of His children.

  It takes great courage and resilience to remain true to the Word of God, but without asking for the Graces to serve Him properly, you will not be able to do this on your own.

Your Jesus