Saturday, 25 March 2017

It is through the influence of the devil that you become unclean in My Eyes

Well I guess it's sounding more and more like none of us will be exempt from satan's ways of getting to us if that is what he wants and it also sounds like God has allowed him so much leverage, but Jesus is also telling us that we can call on Him any time! His Graces are strengthening us now more than at any other time in history!

His Intervention and that of the Holy Angels of Heaven are here more than at any other time in history!

So if we are the people who are recipients of His Great Gifts, then why would any one of us feel like we won't be able to ward of satan and his minions.

Jesus is asking us first and foremost to stick to Him like glue! Then what we need to do is pray this special Crusade Prayer #139 to ensure that we remain on the Winning Team!

So like any good coach will tell us, "know who your enemy is and keep listening to the game play to win this showdown!" - we have been chosen by God to be part of this End Game! 

He wants us to stay on His Winning Team! 

No matter what other 'talent management' is out there trying to entice us to turn our backs on Christ for a promise of 'better pay, better conditions', we will hold firm to the contract with Jesus that we promised Him when we signed up, that would never be broken!

His work conditions may not be comfortable, may not be a laugh-a-minute, but the Payment that He has organised when the banking gets done is something humanity has never seen before - THE NEW PARADISE!

 It is through the influence of the devil that you become unclean in My Eyes

Saturday, March 8th, 2014 @ 13:37

My dearly beloved daughter, the Power of the Holy Spirit is at its strongest at this time in the world, through these Messages. As the hatred, which Satan has for humanity the world over, has become intense, so also has the Power of the Holy Spirit increased and, with great strength, will strike out at the core of evil.

Always remember that the battle, which exists between God and Satan, is for the souls of man. And while every power and Grace is poured over mankind by My Father – every wicked deed and act is perpetrated by the evil one over souls. Many people are impervious to what is happening and sadly many give themselves willingly to Satan by opening up their souls and allowing him to enter them.

It can take some time before Satan really manifests himself within souls and for those who continually seek reconciliation through Me, Jesus Christ, they will be given the Graces to stand up to him, in order to protect themselves from succumbing to acts which can lead to complete depravity. I urge all of you to pray for the souls who fall victim to Satan’s wicked schemes and intent. Please recite this Prayer:

Crusade Prayer (139) For the strength to defeat evil

Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the devil. Cover me and all those who are weak and defenseless in his presence with Your Precious Blood. Give me the courage to deny him and help me to avoid any attempt by him to engage me in any way, every day. Amen.

Please do not ignore My warning, about the dangers of engaging with the devil, by succumbing to his wicked ways. When you emulate his traits, which include lying, self-indulgence, inflicting of pain on others and slandering your neighbour, then you will know that he has devoured you and it will only be through Me, and the Graces I impart to you, that you will be able to withdraw from the grip he will hold over you.

Always call out to Me, Jesus Christ, when you know in your heart that it is through the influence of the devil that you become unclean in My Eyes.

Your Jesus

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