Saturday, 24 March 2018

Do not cut yourself off from Me. If you do, there will be great weeping

Jesus is really giving us our ticket to Heaven, but He can only Give the ticket if we ask for it. He cannot command or demand of us to come to Him. What He can do is keep the Door open so, by our free will given to us at birth as a Gift from God, choose to ask Him to give us THAT ticket! He has plenty of seats available, however, He is Perplexed and Saddened that there are some of us who are not interested in the front row, let alone all rows from Alpha to Omega! Can you imagine? What showstopper would it take to bring souls to beg for Jesus to Give them a ticket which He has in His Sacred Hands so willing to Give?

Well the clue here is the Preview He and God have organised! The Illumination of Conscience! Where whether we like it or not is a prerequisite to the Premiere which will Show later! This Event is a Showstopper and actually cannot be dodged! So no matter what moment, day or night He Decides to draw up the Curtain, we will just have to make sure we are prepared!

In order to be prepared for the Curtain Call, we must make absolutely sure that we are pure and clean to sit in the seats He has numbered for each of us!

He needs us at our discretion to bring Him a little black envelope (our souls) which has all our sins and transgressions we have accumulated (if we have never given him this envelope before) and before sealing it, telling Jesus with utmost love and begging "Jesus I offer my little black envelope to see if in God's Eyes is acceptable, that I might be worthy of having front row tickets to Your Show "Paradise"".

Do you think Jesus would knock back an offer like that? Not on your life - literally! It is a matter of our life or death that we see Jesus or not see Jesus!

We are fodder for satan at every turn and we must stay focussed and knowing that without giving up our sins and transgressions in this life, we will take them in our death to Jesus where they will make or break the bond to Him!

No one gets a Free Pass to Paradise! All tickets must be paid for! Now let's see if we are willing to offer up everthing inside our little black envelope shall we?

Do not cut yourself off from Me. If you do, there will be great weeping

September 5, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter, let it be known that death has no power over those of Mine, whose faith has sustained them right up to their last breath. These souls have no fear of physical death because they know that Eternal Life begins at that time. I await such souls with open arms and they run like little children towards the Light of My Love. I embrace them and take them into My Kingdom, awaiting each and every such soul in the presence of the Hierarchy of Angels and all the saints – then great rejoicing takes place.

I reunite them with their families and there is much joy, love and excitement. No more tears. No memories of the sufferings, which they endured on earth, remain. All worries, sadness and despair are wiped away and forgotten, in an instant. Death opens the door for those who die in a state of Grace as new life begins. For every soul who is welcomed into My Kingdom, there are different levels, and each one is accorded their reward, based on the Glory, which they have given to God.

For souls who die in a state of sin, know that I Am All Merciful and, after their purification, they will be welcomed into My Kingdom. Always pray for such souls because they cannot pray for themselves at that stage. Your prayers will be heard and I will await these souls with open and loving arms. It is important for every child of God to understand one important thing about life after death. You must ask Me, Your Jesus, to forgive you; your failings; your weaknesses and your iniquities, before you die, for it is then that My Mercy is at its greatest. If you do not believe in God, you reject Eternal Life. Without love for God, love cannot be yours after death.

I Am Love and without Me, you will feel nothing but pain. Separation from God is to be feared. If you feel confused about My Existence, then you must simply ask Me to show you a sign of My Love, and I will respond.

Do not cut yourself off from Me. If you do, there will be great weeping and you can never be consoled, for I will be unable to help you. My Kingdom will give you Eternal Life but you must ask Me for My Help by reciting this prayer.

Crusade Prayer (165) For the Gift of Eternal Life

Jesus help me to believe in Your Existence. Give me a sign so that my heart can respond to You.Fill my empty soul with the Grace that I need to open my mind and my heart to Your Love.Have Mercy on me, and cleanse my soul from every wrongdoing, that I have committed in my life.

Forgive me for rejecting You, but please fill me with the love that I need, to be made worthy of Eternal Life. Help me to know You, to see Your Presence in other people and fill me with the Grace to recognise the Sign of Godin every beautiful Gift which You have given the human race. Help me to understand Your Ways and save me from the separation and the pain of darkness that I feel in my soul. Amen.

Do not allow human pride, intellectual analysis or opinion to sway you from the Truth. As a child of God you are very precious to Me. Do not let Me lose you. Come. I Am Here. I Am Real. Let Me fill your soul with My Presence. Once that happens you will find it difficult to ignore Me.

I love you all. I bless you. I await your response.

Your Jesus

Satan craves souls, his appetite is voracious and his will relentless.

Evil is as evil does! satan has an ego which will not be silent when he wishes to reveal his evil manifested in souls that he occupies. he always leaves a calling card. he always has a trade mark - a modus operandi! Only those who have a healthy conscience that remains intact, will be able to see these evil actions for what they are - pure evil from the bowels of hell!

So how do we navigate our way through all this evil and corruption of souls? We pray!

We cannot do much to ...bring these souls their peace and love on our own, even in a conversation if we dare to open one up with such souls. The best thing to do is to remain silent and pray and allow Heaven to begin a dialogue with these lost and hardened souls.
We were told earlier on, that once the Warning happens, satan will unleash his fury because so many souls will be converting to Christ who otherwise would have been fodder for satan to devour! Well post Warning, he will be so miffed (I'd like to use another word, but the Holy Spirit would not be impressed) that he will drive his evil angels straight into the souls he wishes to occupy.

It sounds like a horror movie doesn't it - but make no mistake about it - we will see things never witnessed before. We will become victims of their attacks like never before, but we will also become stronger and more enlightened to the Truth in order to cope with come-what-may, like never before.

God only permits satan to run amuck so much. Then God in His Mercy and Love draws His Hand of Justice down on those who will never separate themselves from Lucifer. He will do this with Precision as only God can!

He has Given His Gift of Protection through The Seal of The Living God and we very soon will wear this Seal as a Scapular so we will always remain in His Protection each moment! We already have the Medal of Salvation for the most part, so really we will witness these things, but almost from the 'outside, looking in' - dualistic! If we remain in Christ's Light, then no darkness can extinguish the Light within us and outside of us. Call it an invisible shroud which is our faith, our trust, our confidence that God keeps His Promises!

Of course as well, we have Mother's Holy Mantle of Protection which satan will never be so bold as to unwrap!

Satan craves souls, his appetite is voracious and his will relentless.
September 4, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter, all of the prophecies foretold so very long ago, and given to God’s prophets, seers and visionaries, through public as well as private revelations, will now unfold.

The skeptic man will question the authenticity of the Word of God but when he witnesses all that was foretold in the Book of Revelation, he will become silent, because, when these events grip mankind, the only solace he will find is if he seeks Me out. When your heart is full of sorrow, because of the evil acts which are carried out by wicked men against God’s children, you will weep tears of anguish.

Then you will see how far evil can spread within the souls of those whose hearts are made of stone. When you see how little regard and respect these enemies of God have for human life, you will finally understand how much power the evil one exerts over humanity. In his final hours, Satan who manifests himself in the souls he fills with his putrid ways, will show the world just how intense his hatred is for the human race.

For every excuse given by man to justify evil, the perpetrators of wicked acts will expose the hatred they have within their hearts for God’s children. They will carry out evil atrocities in the Name of God and they will have no love in their souls. They breed hatred and most of them do not understand why their hatred for others is so intense. While many people do not believe in the existence of the evil one, you must know now that he is unable to resist revealing himself through those he infests. His vapor spreads until it devours every nation, every weak soul, and powerful leaders, whose love of ambition will render them open to his influence.

You will soon see evil acts taking place in every part of your society, in many nations and in different ways. Satan craves souls, his appetite is voracious and his will relentless. When his hatred is truly manifested within souls, these people will be unable to hide their actions. Only in these situations can many of you really see the evil one for what he really is and that is through the actions of such poor souls who have subjugated themselves to his will.

You must never be complacent when evil acts and deeds, including wars and unrest, erupt in the world. It is then that your prayers are needed the most.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: God will never forsake His Own

The line in this Message from Our Mother of Salvation that stood out so perfectly is: "I bring great tidings of my Son’s Mercy and I am His instrument in the salvation of souls. No soul will be excluded from this Mission of Salvation."

Did we see that properly??? "No soul will be excluded from this Mission of Salvation". This Mission! The Mission of Salvation! Wow! This really means what it says! We must have complete confidence and faith now as the days go by, that through ...the Crusade Prayers and Litany Prayers given in this Mission, that ALL souls will come to know the Truth!

I was wondering how the 2 billion lost souls were doing this past week and correct me if I'm wrong about this, but we have to conclude from this very important line told to us by Mother, that those 2 billion lost souls must now be on their path to Salvation, whether they are aware of it yet or not.

When we walk down the street, do we just walk by people, do we say "Gidday" (oh well not quite, maybe 'Howdy"), but do we do just one more thing - do we say just as we are about to step into the street -

"Lord Jesus through the Power of the Holy Spirit I ask you to pour Your Grace of Salvation upon every person's soul who I see with my eyes today"

Isn't that just too simple?

When we drive in a car, do we just go about the traffic and highways moseying along, or do we actually engage Jesus' Will and say "How about it Jesus? Do you want me to help you save souls today? How about these folks in all these cars passing me by - Please Grace them with Truth and knowledge of You"


It takes a bit of practise to remember to do it, but in a short time we begin to realise that we have many tools at our disposal in this Mission and even in the most simplest of measures, Jesus can hear our little offerings!

In the meantime we have Our Blessed Mother of Salvation, Our Salvific Mother, who will open all people's eyes and hearts to see the lies and deceptions more clearly, so they have a very real chance of following the correct path or turning away from the path to perdition. She WILL crush the serpent's head and all his demons along with him and finally banish him to hell. A huge job! But Who could possibly fill the bill any better than She Who is Clothed with the Sun and upon Her Head has a Crown of Twelve Stars?

Whatever the lies and deceptions satan creates to cunningly draw us into his dominion, believe that Heaven is reaching out to us to help in whatever way necessary to guide us through satan's quagmire! Things are looking up people!

Mother of Salvation: God will never forsake His Own
September 2, 2014

My dear child, you must tell my children that God will never forsake His Own ever, for this could never be. He loves all of His children, no matter how much sorrow they inflict upon His only Son, Jesus Christ.

My protection will cover every soul who proclaims the Word of God and by the Power of God I will crush the head of the serpent in all his guises. I will be the advocate who will reveal the lies, which pour from the mouth of the beast, and the world will witness the illogical lies, which he will spread amongst those who allow themselves to become willing vessels of his, in complete subjugation to his wicked ways. The king of lies will continue to turn souls away from the Truth and he, the deceiver, will never relent until the final hour.

When lies are used to distract people from the True Word of God, I will step in to reveal the Truth. Humanity will have two choices – to remain loyal to the Truth or accept lies as a substitute for it. Confusion will blight the hearts of the vulnerable, the weak and those who do not have the Spirit of God within their souls. Thus the battle for souls will be fought, where people will either believe in lies or the Truth.

I bring great tidings of my Son’s Mercy and I am His instrument in the salvation of souls. No soul will be excluded from this Mission of Salvation. You must pray that man will decipher the lies, which are spread by my Son’s enemies to distract them from the Truth, the Light and the Love of my Son. Trust in my Son and you will be shown His Great Mercy. Believe in my Son’s Promise to come again and you will have Eternal Life. Do not allow lies to deceive you, because if you do you will find it very difficult to remain True to my Son.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

They will never prevail against My Church.

Followers of Christ in His Remnant Army - is this Message enough to sustain you?

Please allow Christ's Love and the Blessings He Bestows on His Remnant - His True Church - The New Jerusalem wash over us - His Precious Blood over us. His True Church is His Body, and we, all those who stay loyal and Truth-filled to His Teachings, His Doctrines, His Holy Sacraments.

He is here! He has not left us! He will remain with us!

We will face all the adversity satan has to muster in his blind panic, but we are
the remaining light that flickers when soon, all the Light will depart from the world. Jesus will Return again as we know and He will come to gather up all those who remained faithful and those the faithful have prayed for particularly His Crusade Prayers.

We have no idea of time the way it is in front of us. We have no idea what will befall us in the short space of time. So why are we concerned? There are select Crusade Prayers which intimate God's Intention to rid us of the antichrist as soon as he appears, if we are constant and consistent in praying the Crusade Prayers each day!

Do we really place ourselves wholly and solely in God's Will? If we are in God's Will, then what on earth (literally) do we have to fear? If we are with God, then who can be against us - eh?

Remember His True Church, hell cannot prevail against. This is continuing to be misconceived. Many followers of the false prophet and his new agenda for the Church believe that commitment and obedience to him is the 'True' Church and that hell will not prevail against her and her 'associates'. Well this is simply false! A cunning deception placed in the minds of those who remain with the Church even while She being destroyed in all the forms Jesus placed in Her.

The True Church will and can only be the Body of Christ in tact both Spiritually and Sacramentally and those who make up Her body - us who remain faithful until the end. No man on earth will counter Jesus and our place with Him!

They will never prevail against My Church.
September 1, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter, My Spirit is very much present in My Church on earth at this time, as My enemies rise ferociously against it. They may scourge My Body that is My Church; they may pour scorn upon the True Word of God; they may sneer at the Ways of the Lord, but they will never prevail against My Church.

My Church consists of those who proclaim the True Word of God and who provide the Sacraments to God’s people, as laid down by My Apostles. Only those who remain True to My Teachings, My Word, My Body and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as it was dictated by Me, can say they are of My Church.

My Church, as it stands now, will be crushed – its buildings pulled down and taken over, My sacred servants thrown onto the streets, where they will have to beg, and the practice of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass will be abolished. Yet, My Church will remain intact, although it will become a very small remnant of what it once was.

The Holy Spirit of God will guide My Church through the turmoil it will have to face, and so the Truth will survive. Every enemy of Mine will try to destroy My True Church. Then they will replace it with a false one. They will create new scriptures, new sacraments and many other blasphemies in My Holy Name.

But, My Church that is My Body and My true followers will remain as one in Holy Union with Me. Then, when it will seem to have been destroyed, burnt to the ground, the embers of My Church will still flicker until the day that I come again. On that day, when My Church, renewed and aglow in great glory, is risen and when the whole world proclaims it to be the one True Church – the New Jerusalem – every good man will drink from her cup. All that was in the beginning will be in the end. All life created by God will be renewed just as it was when Paradise was created for the human race.

My Spirit is alive and it can never die for I Am Eternal Life – the giver of all that man needs, to live a life where death has no place. Always trust in the Power of God when everything you witness in the world may seem unfair, cruel, unjust and, at times, terrifying. My Power will envelop the world and My Love will unite all those with love in their hearts. I will banish all evil and when My Patience has been depleted, I will cast away all My enemies. I Am here. I have not gone away. I guide you now on this thorny path towards My Glorious Kingdom. Once that day comes, when I announce My Second Coming, all tears will be washed away. All sorrow will come to an abrupt end and, in its place will be the love, the peace and the joy that only I, Jesus Christ, can bring you.

Persevere My little ones. Pray, pray, pray so that love can survive in the world and for peace to be brought to all those poor suffering innocents who are scattered around the world in war-torn countries. All of God’s children belong to Me and I love every soul, every nation and every sinner. I bring you the Gift of My Crusade Prayers so that by reciting them you will help Me to save as many souls as I can.

Go in peace and love.

Your Jesus

Heed not the roars of opposition for human opinion means nothing in My Kingdom

“Jesus I am not worthy to stand before You, but do with me what You will as I will do as You desire.”

How many of us can truly say we live by these words? In all honesty, we try, we desire, but when push comes to shove, do we really?

Is it right that I can judge my neighbour and call him all sorts of names and run his reputation into the mud, then after my tyrade, head back to Church for Holy Mass and go up feeling rather worthy to receive Dearest Jesus without a care in the... world? I think not!
How many times do we feel bitter, hurt, judgemental, or when we ourselves are betrayed, ostracised, and judged? Do we offer up to Jesus each and every time these feelings come up? It is easy to forget to do this, but we must always try to have foremost in our minds - "This is happening to me right now, do I waste this opportunity or do I do something tremendous with it?" Well that tremendous thing we can do is unite all of in that moment to Jesus and the Suffering He endured for our sins and unworthiness.

Most of us can honestly say we have enemies. Have they become enemies because of our unfairness to them, or are they enemies because we try to live as Jesus Lived - loving as He Loved. No matter what form our enemies take, the main lesson we must learn, is to love them, each of them. Forgive them! How hard is that sometimes? We can't really say "Lord Jesus I forgive N my enemy" if we are still thinking of them as our enemy. The prayer needs to reflect true forgiveness -"Lord Jesus, I forgive my brother/sister N, help me to love them as You love them, forgive me for not forgiving him/her sooner". It is easy for us to say we forgive with our mouths and our thoughts, but is it really the same way in our hearts?

satan will always try to find a way to make us slip up! he will find any way especially in those ways which show our weakness, to turn our hearts from doing the right and Truthful thing. how much he despises our desire to be close to Jesus! It's like he knows the chink in our armour through which he thrusts his spear. No one is without his interference especially when we try to do the work for Jesus.

But don't lose heart in any effort we give Christ. Know that if satan is having his way with us, Jesus has us closest to His Sacred Heart. Is that a wonderful consolation in the face of adversity?

Heed not the roars of opposition for human opinion means nothing in My Kingdom
August 30, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter, perseverance in suffering brings a soul closer to Me and I reward such trials because of it. Never underestimate how My Presence in a soul never goes unnoticed by the evil one, who is drawn quickly towards those souls where My Presence is strongest. Accept suffering in My Name and understand that the reason for it is because of Me. Were I not present the evil one would ignore you.

The Graces, which I lavish on those who love Me the most, and who have shelved every aspect of self-love and pride, includes the Gift of discernment. This is a very special Gift from Heaven and blessed are those who have the grace to discern the Truth for they are the ones who will never be swayed by falsities.

Those of you who are given this Gift will bring Me souls. But for every soul you bring Me, and because of your prayers and suffering, the evil one will try to stop you. Know that the Glory of God which is present by your side will draw forth a terrible venom and you will be cursed in My Name by those weak souls, who are like fodder for Satan and every demon he has released to destroy souls on earth.

Be at peace and know that when you uphold the Truth – the Word of God – in the face of adversity, all Power of Mine is wielded to save souls. For each soul you bring Me I will lavish more Graces upon you and so it will continue. Heed not the roars of opposition for human opinion means nothing in My Kingdom. You must always see one another as if through My Eyes. Have I not told you this before? Don’t you understand the most basic lesson, which I taught during My Time on earth? Love one another as I love you. If you cannot love your enemies then you will find it more difficult to come closer to Me. If you place yourself before others, then you cannot say you love Me unconditionally for if you did you would say to Me

“Jesus I am not worthy to stand before You, but do with me, what You will, as I will do as You desire.”

Go all of you and remind yourselves as to Who I Am. Only when you live your lives according to My Teachings can you really say you are of Me. You cannot take one part of My Word and proclaim it loudly and then deny other parts. To those who declare their superiority over others, and who present their twisted versions of My Word, and when this results in the drawing of souls away from Me, I say this. The day when I withdraw My Presence in the world, will be when the mighty and the proud will cry tears of anger, and then despair, for they will know then how their deceit caused many souls to fall and the anger of God will make them tremble. There will be screaming and gnashing of teeth. But by then, they will have nowhere to turn. They will have no one to answer to for they will never see My Face.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: Think of life as a stage between birth and the New Glorious Kingdom

Mother of Salvation points out to us that it is very easy to be deceived by the king of lies and believe that sin is not evil.

The way he does this is to make us believe that the lie of sin not being sin is good. Somehow it is convenient for us to think that when we do something wrong, a sin in God's Eyes, then we can 'write it off' by saying "Well I did it for the greater good" or "It was done because I was helping someone out of a bind".

Unfortunately these are excuses for... sin. Right is right and wrong is wrong.
Nothing has changed!

Mother tells us that the only thing that HAS changed is our inability to accept God as Our Creator and His Son Jesus as our Saviour and Redeemer.

Jesus is very soon going to reclaim His Kingdom back from the evil clutches of satan who has had much too long, his power over God's children.

satan is clever and cunning. he will convince the world that there is only evil within us, but that hell itself does not exist!

Those who fall for this are in great danger of nullifying sin.

Their consciences will be dulled down into a grey area where right and wrong will not be as white and black.

If the deception of believing that evil only exists within us, then somehow we must be able to eradicate evil by eradicating those with evil in them and this would be rid of evil once and for all.

How close is that to the truth - actually very close, but one element it fails in, is the knowledge that he who is the master of evil, who brings evil into the hearts of man, is the evil one himself, satan, who resides in hell.

hell is certainly a place. it is the place where souls choose to go. God does not send us there - our sins and sinful lives send us there.

Were we to take God seriously and give up all our sins to Him in an authentic way, we might just lose the key to the gates of hell before entering it!

God will not endure the Pain of seeing His children being drawn into the enemy's vortex of perdition any longer. We will see this around us in many ways.

Stay awake!

Don't let that little fool take you on a campaign of self-sabotage to hell!

Mother of Salvation: Think of life as a stage between birth and the New Glorious Kingdom
August 29, 2014

My dear children, let not one of you ever be fearful of this Heavenly Intervention in this Mission of Salvation. Instead, be thankful for God’s Great Mercy and His unfathomable Love for the human race. You must give Glory to God, in the knowledge that all begins and ends with Him. There is no in-between.

Think of life as a stage between birth and the New Glorious Kingdom, which awaits all of you, should you accept God’s Promise that His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, will return to reclaim His Kingdom.

So many do not believe in He Who created them. They may witness His Love and, yet, still do not believe that Love comes from God or that God is Love. Those who accept the existence of evil do not believe in God’s Love nor do they accept the existence of the evil one. Only those who manage to overcome evil in all its forms truly understand the power which evil has over people’s words, deeds and actions.

It is only when a soul is disentangled from the influence of evil that he can be set free. True freedom can only be achieved when you accept the Truth. If you do not accept the Word made Flesh, that is my Son, Jesus Christ, then you will never be free.

Children you must fight evil in all its deceitful forms but it is not easy to identify it clearly. Satan is the king of lies. He is the deceiver who manages to convince the world that he does not exist. He always presents the Truth as being an evil thing and he will convince the weak amongst you that evil can be justified always.

You must never allow yourselves to be deceived, for the Truth was given to the world and is contained in my Father’s Book. Anything, which deviates from the True Word of God, must be avoided. Do not listen to those who tell you that an evil act is a good thing, or that it must be accepted because of the times you are living in.

The human race has not changed. Sin has not changed. All that has changed is man’s reluctance to accept God as his Creator.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

I will intervene in ways which will astonish the world

Some of us may have experienced at one time or other being held accountable for our weaknesses and sinfulness because we are known as "Traditionals" or "Conservatives" or "Jesus lovers" even "God-botherers".

We will enter the Church, Bless ourselves with Holy Water and genuflect in the centre of the Church in line with (hopefully) the Blessed Sacrament. We are the ones who genuflect before going into the pews. Then we genuflect or kneel for Holy Communion - shudder the thought of still referring to the Body of Christ as Holy Communion!

Anyhow you get what my drift here - so here you are praying the Rosary in Church before Mass begins and there are looks, you know the kind of looks that say "Oh so you're one of THOSE Catholics".

So if we have slipped up for example, being caught out speaking with a friend of a friend who just happens to be the sister of the lady who looks at you this way and you just happen to gossip simply by partaking in the conversation of gossiping (are you still with me here?) Ok well then they are shocked and dismayed that such a 'good' Catholic would do such a thing and so must be seen as a hypocrite. Then the same Catholic 'sprouts' on about Christ's Mission - do you see where I am going with this?

Ok so now you have a similar situation to what satan is trying to do with good souls who slip up!

he wants to grab us in our weakness and parade us in front of Christ - mockingly saying 'see Jesus, You really thought this one was one of Yours!' (then he does that horrific evil laugh)
Can you see what Jesus is saying in this Message?

We have to be well guarded against any evil pleasure satan gets at Jesus' and our expense!
We must never give in to temptation just because it is our weakness and if we do we have to make imminent use of the Sacrament of Confession (if Non-Catholic Crusade Prayer #8) to make doubly sure that our souls are not the receiver of the aforementioned pleasure for satan!
How do we withstand his jibes?

Well first thing is to understand and acknowledge our weaknesses.
If we can name them and shame ourselves as a way of self -penance into never giving in to these weaknesses, then we might stand a chance of kicking that amoeba to the curb!

But we must be brutally honest with ourselves.

Even writing down what it is that holds us in a state of suspended animation so that we can offer it up as a prayer of offering to Jesus to save souls with it. Unite all of it to Jesus in His Will. This is God's Will being done.

Even though Jesus accepts the state we are in, He desires for us to keep ourselves in a State of Grace and unless we acknowledge our failings and weaknesses, we cannot change them.

A famous head shrinker (not politically correct) says: "You can't change what you don't acknowledge".

So to give satan the heave-ho, give Jesus the pleasure of telling satan 'fallen angel, you just lost another one to Me!'

Jesus will help us. He will show us and manifest Graces in so many ways that will be instantly recognisable!

But in the meantime, in order to not be roadkill for satan, be one step ahead and be strong for what it is that needs to be changed within.

I will intervene in ways which will astonish the world
August 28, 2014 

My dearly beloved daughter, I know My Own and they know Me. They also know those who are of Me, just as they know those who do not come from Me. Those who are of Me are tender of heart, full of love for all sinners including My enemies, and full of humility for they know they are nothing without Me. Their souls are free of malice, spite, hatred and they suffer because of this.

They shine like beacons, their souls full of the Light of God. It is this Light, which Satan and every fallen angel target with every kind of temptation. These are the souls who are most sought out by the evil one and in the times, which lie ahead, they will be swayed by lies.

Some will fall away from the Truth completely. Others will cling to it but will struggle to do so, while those who have the Grace of the Divine Will of God in their hearts, will never forsake the Truth.

The world will turn into a great battlefield, where confusion will reign, and it is the souls who are of Me, who will face the greatest trials. It is Satan’s desire to take away from Me, those who know Me. These are the souls who are the closest to My Heart, for they represent the greatest prize. It will be such souls who will, should they fall into error, be paraded before Me by My greatest enemy. I will be mocked because of their betrayal and I will cry bitter tears of remorse for these poor children of God. But know this. I will fight for these souls.

I will intervene in ways, which will astonish the world so that I can snatch them from the claws of deceit and they will know when I do this. On that day I will ask them again “Are you of Me or not?”. Then they will know it is I, and I will reclaim them and take them into My New Kingdom. Those who remain strong, because of their unshakable faith in My Holy Word, will lead those who are of Me. It will be because of these souls – My Remnant – that My Mercy will extend far and beyond that which is visible to the eye.

I now call out to those who know Me. I desire that you live every day as if there is no tomorrow. Trust in Me. Ask Me for protection and call on Me for special favours in your journey towards My New Era of Peace. I will come to your aid every time and shower upon you, extraordinary Graces.

Then you will fear nothing for you will know that I walk with you. I will hold your hand as I guide you towards the Refuge of My Peace and My Great Glory. Come to Me and do not fear for My Great Day will dawn unexpectedly and suddenly, and not one more tear will you shed for you will be united with the Divine Will of God for eternity.

Accept My Love, My Blessings and My Great Mercy, for when you do, you can truly claim to be of Me.

Your Jesus

When a person says he loves Me, he will do all according to My Holy Will

Our Beloved Jesus, Full of Divine Mercy, come into our hearts quickly so that we can join as One with You!

How awful it feels to know that we still have not allowed Christ into our very being simply because we have not submitted to His Divine Will entirely. To do this, we must attain a kind of purity of Spirit that in today's world which is full of temptation at every turn, can only be accomplished through regular cleansing of our souls via the Sacrament of Confession for Cat...holics or Crusade Prayer #8 for non Catholics.

This does not diminish our desire to be at One with Christ should we not avail ourselves of this cleansing.

Some of us are unable to communicate with Jesus on that level, but our heart is so full of love for Him that we could burst. This is a precursor to the Graces Jesus will place in our hearts via the Holy Spirit to enable us to focus on the state of our souls and what we can do to bring purity back so that we are worthy of Christ to dwell within us.

Living in the Divine Will is difficult especially when we are 'of' the world, rather than just 'in' it.

We are tied to material things, to sentimental things, to temporal things. Sometimes the path we are on is not accomplishing what Jesus needs in order to get on His Path.

Our bodies are led astray by our infidelities and immorality, our minds filled with so much junk that we cannot allow God's Whisper to be heard, our hearts don't really know True Love -the pure Love of Christ.

Yet we want and desire to be in God's Will each day.

We try so hard but we still manage to come up short. This is not something to admonish ourselves about. Jesus tells us that if we fall, He will pick us up, dust us off and make us strong enough to try better next time.

There isn't really such a thing as failure if we desire with all our hearts to try.

Saints were sinners who tried hard each day to better themselves to attain Saintliness. That is the example we are given!

Try to read this Message from Jesus a few times over to really grasp what He is telling us.

His Love is simple, yet so complete.
Ask for His Divine Will to enrapture us.
Every word, deed, thought, emotion, challenge - offer them all and unite them all to Jesus' Divine Will.

Like He says "When My Will becomes engrained within the souls of those who live their lives according to My every desire, they will never experience hatred in their hearts, of any kind, again. For this would be impossible. I Am incapable of hatred and if I Am permitted to live in your soul, then nothing can remain within you, which does not come from Me." Wonderful! Now we just have to put it into practise!

When a person says he loves Me, he will do all according to My Holy Will
August 25, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter, when a person says he loves Me, he will do all according to My Holy Will. He will place everything in My Holy Hands and he will forget his own needs and desires. Then he will say to Me:

“Jesus everything I say and do is according to Your Holy Will – do with me according to the Will of God.”

The man who lives in Me and I, in him, will surrender all according to that which gives Glory to God. He will have no selfish motives; no hidden desire to please himself and will do everything he can, in this life, so that he is in full union with Me. He will hand over to Me every thought; every movement; every step and every action so that I can act within his soul. He will trust in Me, completely, and he will know that everything I do, everything that I allow and everything I carry out, in order to purify the earth, will have only one objective and that is to give Glory to God.

Man, on his own, can never give Me such a gift unless he allows My Holy Spirit to reside within him. Only then, can he rise to the perfection, which will transform him, so that his heart and soul become entwined with Me. I can then, through My Divinity, create great miracles in that soul who, having trusted in Me completely, will still retain his God-given right – that of his free will.

By allowing Me, Jesus Christ, to reside within you, it will require great sacrifice on your part. You must shed every lofty thought; every weakness and every ounce of self-pity. When you come to Me, and ask Me to guide you, then any suffering, which was your lot before, will be discarded. Nothing will trouble you. You will be incapable of feeling hatred for others, including those who cause you great harm or sorrow. You will forgive easily, hold no resentment in your heart, for whatever difficult circumstances you may be in, and you will see things as I see them.

To prepare for life in Me, you must remind yourselves that all that is good comes from God. Man, by his own intellect and determination, can never attain peace until the day he offers himself to God, in mind, body and soul. By offering Me, Jesus Christ, the gift of his full trust, I will reside in that soul and he will become part of all My Glory. I will elevate such souls. What joy will flood their hearts! Fear of the unknown will bother them no more. In this way I will prepare the world for My Great Glory – My New Glorious Kingdom, where all life will be lived, according to the Will of God, on earth as it is in Heaven.

When My Will becomes engrained within the souls of those who live their lives according to My every desire, they will never experience hatred in their hearts, of any kind, again. For this would be impossible.

I Am incapable of hatred and if I Am permitted to live in your soul, then nothing can remain within you, which does not come from Me.

Your Jesus

God the Father: I will wipe away your tears; unite the world and bring peace

Well I'm not sure about anyone else, but this Message from God the Father telling us to wipe away our tears, actually brought a whole load to my eyes! There is a welling up of emotion when reading this from Our Creator! How much Love - real Love He has for each of us! How He wishes to expel evil so profoundly that our life in Jesus' Kingdom is something so magnificent that we want It today! Soon, soon, we will see Paradise! Many think soon is much further down the track. They would be mistaken. This is going to be soon alright!

God mentions the famine, the pestilence, the wars and earthquakes increase in frequency which really suggests that the world is experiencing this in some form or other already - this leads one to question whether that is (or may be just a bit more) all that will be needed in order to fulfil Scripture. We know that it only takes an event or a few events to fulfil Scripture in order to know It's Truth (especially for those who don't believe), so is it possible things have produced the outcomes that God has Planned.

This is just supposition on my part - me thinking out loud. It is just an interesting Message that gets one thinking about the possibilities! Nevertheless, we must not underestimate the force of evil that will be manifested on earth before God places His Hand down! So let's keep our eyes and ears open and our heart willing to respond with charity, kindness and above all, love just as Jesus has Taught us.

Loving our enemies and praying for their Salvation - a good test and a necessary one.

Our Reward will be great in Paradise and we will see those we have prayed for enjoying what might never have been theirs, were it not for our prayers and sufferings.

God Bless us all!

God the Father: I will wipe away your tears; unite the world and bring peace
August 24, 2014 

I love you child

My dearest daughter, does man truly know the extent of My Love for My children? Does he know that with love can come a terrible pain? Love that is pure can create great pain when this love is repudiated.

I love My children, My Creation, My Flesh and Blood. Because of this I feel great pain at the way in which sin has created separation between My children and Me, their Eternal Father. I cry when I see the hatred, which can fester in their hearts for each other. I cry when I witness the sins of lust, jealousy, pride, greed and their desire to outdo each other and the hurt and anguish, which they inflict upon one another.

When they take away the Life I bequeathed to man, My Pain is so great that I cry out, with such anguish, that the entire Heavens spill tears of sorrow with Me.

My Time is soon and when you hear of the wars; the pestilences; the famine and the earthquakes increase with frequency, know then that will be the hour when I say – enough!

I will banish the wicked in just one breath; the murderers with just a whisper and My enemies in the blink of an eye. Then, I will declare the hour, the time for My Son to reclaim His Rightful Kingdom.

I will wipe away your tears; unite the world and bring peace; banish those who persecuted My children and bring, into the Light of My Kingdom, those who suffered in My Name, for they will be exalted in My New Kingdom on earth.

Prepare My children for the joyful life in My New Paradise will be yours soon. The suffering on this earth will become extinct and the tears of sorrow will be replaced with tears of joy. That is My Promise.

So when you feel that you cannot take anymore know that the time is close for the New Era to dawn.

Your Eternal Father

God the Most High

Mother of Salvation: Pray for peace in the world

May we all pray for peace - True peace, the peace that only God can give, for all the Nations on earth - our own Nation. No one can know True Peace without the love for God. There is on earth at this present time, so much unrest, so much division and hatred. This happens because those that are involved do not know the Peace of God. What happened the night of Christ's Birth? There was a gentle hush, a beautiful serenity over Bethlehem. The Star bright but silent, gave a Peace to those who followed it with calm resolve to reach the Messiah. We sing Silent Night, Holy Night at Christmas, but truly, if there was True Peace throughout the earth we would sing this each and every night and day!

Peace can only come from God, so we pray for those lost souls who do not know peace because they do not know God. Sure they can say and do a lot in the 'Name of God' but as a recent Message spoke of, these souls do not know the God of Love, the God of Humility - The God of PEACE!

Let's continue to pray, but especially pray each day this new Crusade Prayer given to us through Blessed Mother of Salvation, so She too can Intercede for our souls, our Nations and those in particular who are lost and who deny God and Her Beloved Son.

Remember - every day - to restore True Peace.

Mother of Salvation: Pray for peace in the world
August 24, 2014

My dear children, I urge you to pray for peace in the world, for very soon many countries will be involved in wars, which will be difficult to contain and many innocent lives will be destroyed.

The peace I ask you to implore of my Dear Son is to reduce the impact of hatred, sown in the hearts of the misguided, who inflict terror on others. Peace, when poured upon the earth, through the Power of God, will deliver an insight as to how you must treat one another with love and respect, irrespective of your differences.

I ask that you recite this Crusade Prayer, the Prayer of Peace each and every day for your nations.

Crusade Prayer (164) Prayer of Peace for Nations

O Jesus bring me peace.Bring peace to my nation and all those countries torn asunder because of war and division.

Sow the seeds of peace amongst those hardened hearts who cause suffering to others in the name of justice.

Give all of God’s children the Graces to receive Your Peace so that love and harmony can thrive;so that love for God will triumph over evil and that souls can be saved from the corruption of falsities, cruelty and evil ambition.

Let peace reign over all of those who devote their lives to the Truth of Your Holy Word and those who don’t know You at all.


Peace be yours dear children and remember that without love for God you can never find true peace.

Your Beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

I will arm My Angels and chosen ones to do battle with those who denounce Me

 Jesus delivers a stern warning for us in this Message!

We will see everything around us in the form of wars however small, immorality and desecration of the body by way of lusting of flesh and unholiness in the dealings of the Church and it's hierarchy. satan will loose his evil angels in the last days to enslave those who have already accepted the status quo (at the time) to cast his net out further to trap more and more souls.

Were it not for the sufferings and personal sacrifices of willing souls, the souls of those hunted by satan may be lost for Eternity. We must keep praying for the lost, the wicked, the murderous, the persecutors. We must pray for the dilution of the impact of satan's plans for humanity. Jesus is speaking to us now! In time we will be in the wilderness and we will look for Him - He will still be a glimmer of hope and Light in the darkness and to that Light we must claw our way.

Jesus also tells us again of the importance of having the Seal of The Living God for our protection. He seems to intimate that those with The Seal may enter their Eternity without going through some of the hardships to come. He has said in a previous Message that we will enter Paradise in stages according to our level of humility and love for God acceptable in God's Eyes. Could this be what He is saying again?

Let's not lose heart! Let's not lose our ability to see Christ's Light no matter how dark things become. We know He is there always and holding out His Hand for us - always! Our faith will be tested like never before - this has been told to us repeatedly - so never lose the hope, trust and confidence that all is well with Jesus!

Be eachother's strength and support. We will need eachother on this Mission as never before! Jesus has the wheel - we will be ok!
His Holy Angels are amongst us to fight off the evil in our midst. They are Powerful!!!

I will arm My Angels and chosen ones to do battle with those who denounce Me
August 23, 2014 

My dearly beloved daughter two signs will become apparent as the multitude of chosen souls rise to assist Me in reclaiming My Kingdom on earth.

The first sign relates to the loftiness of souls in My Church on earth, where human reasoning, intelligence and ambition will destroy the true faith of My sacred servants.

Pride and arrogance, coupled with an innate longing to experience a deeper faith, which will always be just beyond their grasp, will result in a false church of darkness. It will produce a lofty hierarchy, which will breed untruths and a barren faith.

The second sign relates to the lowly bodies when the human body – a sacred Gift from God – will be reduced to a mere vehicle used for worldly adornment, where no respect will be shown to it. Lack of morality will result in a lack of respect for the human body including the abuse of the body where it is used as a means to participate in grave acts of sins of the flesh. The lack of respect for human life will also mean that murder will become so common that many will, eventually, become completely immune to the horror of physical death at the hands of evil men.

The purification of man continues for without the suffering of willing souls, many people would be lost. Only then, when all things seem unbearable, will those with the Seal of the Living God, be given the relief from their sufferings which will blight humanity including sin, wars, famine and disease. You must never ignore wars – small though they may be – for they will spread.

Never ignore lack of true faith in My Church for this, too, will spread. Never ignore hatred amongst nations, who use religion as a means to inflict terror amongst their enemies, for this also will spread to devour the souls of those who love Me. Never ignore hatred of God’s visionaries or chosen prophets for if they hate these souls then they hate Me. You must not allow their wicked tongues to tempt you into joining with them in their vile attempts to drown out the sound of My Voice. If you do, then you too will become as infested as they are.

And, while all of these disturbances take place, I will arm My Angels and chosen ones to do battle with those who denounce Me. Then just as the world loses every ounce of dignity known to man, the beast will open the abyss and then every enemy of God will infiltrate My Church. But it will be according to the will of man, whether or not, he is prepared to put up with such injustices.

Those who stand up and defend the Will of God will be filled with great Graces and, by their faith, will atone for the sins of those too stubborn or too fearful to resist all that contradicts the Word of God.

When all evil atrocities increase and when man realizes that he does not have the ability to fight or control such wickedness, he must turn to Me and say:

“Jesus, deliver us helpless sinners from Your enemies.”

Only then can I intervene to dilute the impact of violence, murder, hatred and wars caused by the sin of man.

Turn to Me every day and call out for My Mercy.

I will never forsake those who reach out to Me.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: No man has the authority to harm another man in the Name of God

This Message is from Mother of Salvation but it is God Whom She speaks of. There is every justification of murder given when done in God's Name by the perpetrators of such evil. Then how many mothers and fathers justify the killing of their unborn children. They make so many excuses as to the inconvenience of having the child. They say it's a lack of money which would be unfair to the child's upbringing. Well here we read that no sin is justifiable! No sin that takes away the life of another is justifiable!

Then we see another evil act - extremists murdering people in the Name of God! This is God's Truth in these Messages, so that being the case, who exactly is the 'god' of these evil doers who perpetrate such atrocities on Christians, on refugees, on their fellow human beings eh?

Well it isn't the God of Abraham, it isn't the God who Created all, it isn't the God who condemns the taking of a human life! So who is it? it's satan! the author of lies, the fallen angel! These extremists believe in a 'god' that is evil! How dare they take the Name of God and make a mockery of the Ten Commandments given to Moses!

God's Wrath will be known to them but here we also have a God of Mercy, of Love and Generosity - He tells us that these evil doers are still redeemable with our prayers! How many of us feel comfortable praying for those who hold the heads of their murdered victims in their hands, laughing and posing for the camera? This is tough for us to be asked to do this for them!

But Jesus spoke so eloquently when He told His Disciples - "Love one another as I Love you". "Forgive your enemies and pray for them". "When your brother slaps you on the cheek, turn the other to give to him also". "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do". "He who is without sin, cast the first stone". It goes on and aren't we as Christians, as fishers of men, as Christ's modern day disciples, as warriors of His Remnant Army meant to do as Jesus Taught? So here's the deal - we pray for these lost souls who do these injustices and we pray that they will beg for God's Mercy.

Then the Holy Spirit will do what He needs to in order for them to find the Truth. We allow our own souls to get closer to Jesus in obedience to Him and finally we will by the Grace of God, enter our Eternal Glory! It's a win-win situation! So let's pray without judgement and condemnation, but with Chríst's Love in our hearts to allow Jesus to work in their hardened hearts. Give Glory to God for His Mercy and Justice. Be at peace!

Mother of Salvation: No man has the authority to harm another man in the Name of God
August 21, 2014

My dear children, when a man persecutes another man and causes him suffering, the Spirit of God cannot remain in that soul for it is the evil one who resides within it. When a man persecutes another, causes him harm, either spiritually or physically and then justifies his actions, by saying that he is defending the Word of God, know that this is the greatest sin as it insults the Divinity of God.

No man has the authority to harm another man in the Name of God as this would never be condoned, or permitted, by my Son, Jesus Christ. As the calamities in the world increase, so will every wicked act be condoned by those guilty of terrible sin against Christ. They will make every excuse to justify their evil actions and not one of them will escape chastisement in God’s Plan of Redemption.

Cast evil upon another soul and that man will have to answer for his sins against God, His Creation and every child of His.

At this time of great deceit, when it is difficult for sinners to discern right from wrong, it is important to remember the Words of my Son, Jesus Christ. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. The person who causes terrible suffering to others will be judged according to his or her actions.

You must, at this time, pray for humanity and the graces to discern the difference between sins, which are carried out against mankind, and those against God. Sin is sin, but when evil acts are carried out in God’s Holy Name then grave consequences will follow in their wake. As hatred spreads so too will the Love of God spread through the souls of the meek and the humble, for they carry the torch of Salvation against a background of darkness. Only but for the Grace of God, can man be saved from sin and it will be through those souls, who love God without condition that the souls who err can be redeemed.

You must pray, pray, pray for sinners everywhere because the darkness blinds them to the Truth. Without the Truth, the world would plunge into complete darkness.

Pray that you, my dear children, can withstand the ugliness which sin brings into your lives. Pray for those who persecute God’s children so that they may find it in their hearts to show love and compassion to others.

Pray for the salvation of souls and, especially, those who have allowed hatred to cloud their hearts and who are in most need of God’s Mercy.

Your Beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

The world is on the cusp of great change

It's only a matter of time in these days to come and the word 'days' isn't to be trifled with! God will meter out His Punishment according to the purification He needs to fall upon the earth and humanity. Whatever sin has been committed by the atrocities we see each and every day, will be made accountable in the Eyes of God.

Yes God is Merciful and yes He is Forgiving, but no, He will not give anyone a free pass to Heaven!
We must all be purified one way or another in the Eyes of God in the way He Sees fit! Jesus Sees all!

He will not turn a blind eye to all the evil. We are not living in His Divine Will and so humanity will now understand just how far they have strayed from the One Eternal God! It is better to prepare our souls as we have been Instructed than to wave a flag at others, thinking it is only for them to be purified.

Not one of us will be above reproach. Of course, when we see evil perpetrated in the from of abortion, terrorism, Christian persecution, then we pray that God will remove this scourge from the earth.

All souls though have reason to fear God's Wrath. Good souls will be taken amongst the unrepentant, but as Jesus points out, those good who are caught up in it all will be given their Eternal Inheritance. But God is a God of Precision!

He will do what He needs to do with the least collateral damage to those who love Him.

Don't fear His Love, but fear His Justice!

We will see all as foretold very soon!

The world is on the cusp of great change
August 18, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter when God’s children witness strife in the world and terrible atrocities committed in the name of justice, then know this. For evil begets evil. Do onto others and the same will be done onto you.

My Justice is inherent and while My Mercy is abundant, My Punishment, when it befalls upon ungrateful and wicked men, is to be feared.

I do not inflict harm upon any man, for this is not what comes from Me. But when evil is inflicted upon God’s children, and when wickedness spreads, I will pour out My Justice and let no man be in any doubt that these times are upon you. Wickedness is derived from sin. Souls who succumb to sin must always try to redeem themselves quickly in My Eyes. Otherwise, sin festers and should you doubt the stranglehold that Satan has over souls, who are filled with hatred and violence, then you must know it is extremely difficult to free such souls from his control.

Once Satan infests a soul, he will constantly torment that person until his mind, his deeds and his actions are in union with the evil one. The infested soul, eventually, becomes possessed and only I, Jesus Christ, can free that soul through exorcism.

A soul can become possessed very quickly but it can take years to free it from the grip of the serpent. So, when My Punishment is felt it will be to eradicate evil and punish the perpetrators, who steal the lives of others. I will punish those who take away life of the body and life of the soul. No evil-doer will be invisible as My Eyes are all seeing.

So much you know of My Love. You are in no doubt as to how great My Mercy is. But mortal man is unaware of the Wrath of God because this is not something you have been told about. God’s Anger is real. Do you believe that He would allow Satan to destroy His children and then sit back and watch? Did you believe that He would not punish the souls who yield to Satan’s every whim and desire?

While good souls may perish, they will have life. While wicked souls may live, they will have no life.

The world is on the cusp of great change, and everything that God foretold will take place. All that He said would happen will happen. And while I gave you the prophets to warn you, you still did not listen.

You dismissed the many private revelations given to the world so that humanity would be prepared. Still you did not listen.

You must pray that the scale of destruction in the world be diluted, for were you to witness what lies in the future you would fall at My Feet begging for Mercy. Those who failed to keep the Word of God alive in My Churches on earth will be responsible for the loss of many millions of souls who would, otherwise, have been saved.

Shame on you who call Me your own when you proclaim part of the Truth on the one hand, and curse Me on the other.

The pain and sorrow endured by Me because of sin, and the separation of man from his Creator, is coming to an end for My Time is now. In the final battle for souls know that as evil escalates, God’s punishment will be ten times that which is inflicted by wicked man upon his brothers and sisters.

Fear not My Love but My Justice.

Your Jesus

Worry about your own soul first then pray for others.

This Message shares an important lesson for all of us. This Mission and our involvement does not make us immune to sin nor vindication for us if we behave in a manner contrary to Jesus' Teachings of Love and charity towards neighbour. There have been significant occasions when people have exalted themselves with ego and pride even when commenting on these Messages and in privacy of messaging through fb, take the time to judge with hatred of another whom they don't even know.

Jesus is basically saying, we cannot have double standards. We cannot be part of the healing if we are part of the hurting. Luckily for us, we have knowledge to a point where we can pray for and forgive those who are malicious towards us and others. Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees. We can all 'let off steam' but it's important to through those moments, ask ourselves "If Jesus was in the room, what would He think?"

This is a great way to temper the real anger and spite.

Of course we know in our hearts that Jesus would never support nor condone any feeling that is not His Love, so that is the moment when we 'zip it'. He accepts our humanity and our states in life but it is important that we don't fall into a trap of believing that God forgives all, therefore it doesn't matter how much I sin nor how many times I sin. This is the modern Catholic.

The one who sins because he feels sure that 'Oh well, I can always go to Confession'. Wrong honey! This doubles the sin!

Never are we to be accepting of our sin as a means to an end.

Never are we to abuse the Sacrament of Confession in this manner.

Of course if we falter in the way we speak or connect with others and find ourselves being sucked into satan's vortex of believing we are self-righteous or believing we are worthy of accolade or acknowledgement for a job we reckon is pretty darn fine - then we are kidding ourselves for thinking we will get away with it!

Jesus doesn't see it like we do on those occasions and He will definitely mark time when the Final Judgement takes place. So think about how we can serve Jesus better with the way we handle others or convey our feelings to others.

We don't have to do this in any way other than with love and charity but we must make every attempt to de-program ourselves from years of being little horrors!

Worry about your own soul first then pray for others.

August 17, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter let there be no division amongst My Followers in this mission to save souls, for that is the desire of he who hates Me. When my beloved Christian followers divide, and when they fight each other in My Name, this brings Me great sadness. My sorrow is compounded when those who proclaim My Word then deny it by causing harm to others, through cruel means, in order to inflict venom.

All of God’s children are equal in My Eyes. Know that the good amongst you are not immune to the temptation of Satan, while those with despair and hatred in their hearts are not immune to My Gifts. Each one of you is a sinner.

Do not come before Me ever and tell Me that one soul is not worthy of Me. Do not denounce another person before Me and declare him to be evil; for who are you but just a sinner in My Eyes?

The world is full of love. But it is also full of hatred and indifference to Me, Jesus Christ, because of the existence of sin. Only when sin is eradicated will the world become whole. You must, therefore, worry about your own soul first and then pray for others.

When you do this I will shower My Mercy upon all of you. When the man who exalts himself before Me and speaks ill of another man, he will come before My Seat of Judgment last, while the man who humbles himself before Me will come first.

When will you truly accept My Teachings? Why do you say you are of Me when you show hatred to others? You will never become worthy of My Kingdom until you discard your cloak of self-righteousness and your armour of pride.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: You may not meet my Son physically but you will get to know Him in every way

How Mother loves Her Son! One thing about these Messages is the intimacy and personal nature they take on because of the clear and defined relationship between a mother and her son. This is the relationship between our Mother of Salvation and Her Dearly Beloved Son! Wow!

When Blessed Mother tells us about Jesus' traits and points out that we too, can experience Him within these traits if we are Blessed to encapsulate them, then we get to know a little more about a personal relationship with Jesus. Our happiness and joy is united to His Happiness and Joy. Our sorrows and sufferings are united to His Sorrows and Sufferings. All the Good Stuff we know comes from Jesus and we can make it ours if we choose Him above all others.

Of course the flipside is that all the bad stuff comes from satan and it seems harder sometimes to shake these traits from us. But if we reach out to Christ even when we fall, then He is waiting to pick us up and give us Graces to help us start over. It seems that Jesus will go to great lengths to ensure we stay with Him. As Mother points out, if we have had this relationship but have turned our backs on Jesus, then we will never feel peace within.

You can imagine a bridge with a void below - Jesus on the other side with His Arms outstretched - are we afraid to cross to reach Him? are we reluctant to take the first step? are we happy to strive and take risks to get to Him? - if it is a bridge too far, do we pack our bag and head back under our rock? If we do decide to take that step towards Him, are we prepared for the challenge risking everything - falling, delaying or failing but determined to cross over to Him?

How many of us shy away from the things that present real challenges - things that challenge our trust, our confidence, or perseverance? Does it matter to Jesus if we take baby steps? Of course not! He has never placed any demands on us, but He certainly beckons us to keep moving forward towards Him - that is real progress!

So it's time to maybe take up Mother's challenge to meet with Her Son, it won't be a physical happening in our everyday, but Jesus does many little things to get our attention - let's try to notice Him in our every day!

Mother of Salvation: You may not meet my Son physically but you will get to know Him in every way
August 16, 2014   

My dear children many people seek out my Son, Jesus Christ, in their lives, at some time. When a soul discovers my Son, it is a journey of different paths and of different stages that must be walked. When you become close to my Son it will be a struggle and so you must expect this. As you draw closer to Him, you will become more like Him and His Traits will become familiar to you.

You may not meet my Son physically but you will get to know Him in every way. His Love you will feel. His Pain will become yours. His gentleness will be shared with you and the joy He experiences, because of His unconditional Love for humanity, will become yours. His Patience will be instilled in your soul and His Word will be ingrained within you and with an understanding, which will be given to you by the Holy Spirit.

When you truly love my Son you will become humble like Him and with a burning desire to serve Him, whatever the cost. Some souls reach the spiritual path of perfection over time, but they will not complete this journey unless they hand over all their trust to God. If a soul falters along the way, he will be given the graces to pick himself up and continue on his journey. But if a soul competes with my Son, and considers himself worthy to challenge the Word made Flesh, then he will separate from God.

The person who finds Jesus in this life on earth and who serves Him faithfully will have peace. Little else in this world will ever satisfy him again. If a soul, having become intimate with my Son, then separates from Him, he will endure a terrible pain. Having known Him and lived within His Heart, this pain of separation from my Son is the worst pain known to man.

When you are tempted to challenge the Teachings of Christ or when you are bullied into rejecting Him in any way, know that nothing of this world will ever bring you the peace, love or joy which comes from Him.
Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Those who interfere with the Will of God in His Plan to salvage souls will incur the Wrath of My Father Aside

So many souls are diverting all their attention away from Christ with their day to day going's on. They don't hear His Call and when they do, they say "That's not Jesus speaking', This is really hard to hear especially when all we do in this Mission is offer an invitation on Christ's behalf to help their souls reach their Salvation. If we are frustrated by their rejection and ridicule, then imagine how it is for God. He must surely be shaking His Head and thinking 'What else do I need to do to wake My children up"

Well perhaps the Illumination of Conscience will do this somewhat, but in the meantime, Jesus is not going to stop nudging them and showing Himself through the Graces He Gives to help them truly see Him. Some will experience this is a subtle way, but for those who are very outspoken and try to thwart God's Plan to renew the souls on the earth, they will feel God's Wrath.

This will be of a magnitude that they cannot ignore. It could be just for them personally or it could be through their loved ones, or it could be on a larger scale in a weather event. These are just thoughts, but I think we can safely agree that God's Patience has run it's course and now will be the time for action, not just on His Part, but on the part of those who attempt to derail this Mission and take souls away from hearing the Truth.

Let's pray that they get a clue before God has to take His Hand to them. The Holy Spirit is working overtime throughout these days to engage with souls, but they shut out His Inspirations for fear they will actually change 'for the better'.

Perish the thought!

Those who interfere with the Will of God in His Plan to salvage souls will incur the Wrath of My Father Aside

August 14, 2014 

My dearly beloved daughter I desire to make it known that those who interfere with the Will of God in His Plan to salvage souls will incur the Wrath of My Father.

When man is given a great gift, through the Divine Will of My Eternal Father, and then throws it back, My Father weeps. But when a man tries to stop, damage or intervene with My Plan to complete My Father’s Covenant, to bring salvation to the world, he will suffer greatly for this. When a man believes in his own power over that of God, he will be rendered powerless. And, when a man embraces Me, just as Judas did, tells Me he loves Me, kisses Me on the cheek and then betrays Me, he is no better than he who handed Me over to My executioners.

I bring humanity great graces in these times. I bring man great Gifts through this mission, and what does he do? He spits in My Face, so full of jealousy, spite and hatred does he have in his soul. Those who do this will be overwhelmed with a deep sorrow, borne out of a loneliness, the likes of which they will have never fathomed before. They will suffer the pain of separation from God in this life on earth and when that happens, they will know that this has been caused because of their betrayal of Me, Jesus Christ, their one and only Saviour. They will also understand the full extent, however, of My Great Mercy because, by giving them this suffering on earth, I am giving them a chance to repent and to become whole again. When they accept My Will, with dignity, I will bring them life in My New Kingdom.

Wake up all of you and understand that My only desire is to enrapture you in My Loving Arms. I am not your enemy – I love you and desire you with a longing that you are incapable of understanding. I send prophets not to frighten you but to divulge the Truth, so that I can bring Eternal Salvation to all of you and, especially, those who are the most undeserving of all.

Come. Listen to My Call – My Plan will be accomplished no matter how much you oppose it. The full truth of what it is that is necessary for you to reclaim your God-given right to your inheritance, will be made known soon.

When I come with this news you must welcome it or forfeit your soul.

Your Beloved Jesus

Always be wary of the divisions you witness in the world

Without this Mission, I can say without reserve that I would not be as prayerful in my daily routine. This has been a learning curve and no doubt has taught me so much about the power of prayer. The day just wouldn't be the same without beginning with the prayers that Jesus and Mother have given for this Crusade. It is a Blessing beyond imagining. Without our prayer time, Jesus would not be able to give us what we need. Our hearts would not hear His Response since we were not praying to Him.

It isn't a matter of asking Him to do something for us, it's a matter of saying 'Thankyou' Sometimes the 'I love you Jesus' is a beautiful way to pray if we don't have time for set prayers. He just wants to hear from His children. It gives Him such consolation. satan loses power if the Name of Jesus is ever on our lips and in our hearts. If we include Jesus in everything we do, how could satan compete with that!

So know that our faith alone cannot be strong enough to withstand temptation, but by praying we can obtain Graces Jesus readily gives us to stay one step ahead of that amoeba!

Always be wary of the divisions you witness in the world
August 13, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter the rage of Satan has never been so intense as he inflicts suffering of every kind upon God’s children, in every corner of the world. The greater the disruption the greater is his presence and influence. But he is powerless on his own and it is only through the influence, which he asserts upon those who are open to him, that he can cause such diabolical persecutions.

The more souls he captures the worse the persecution is and the more he torments. When people who are loyal to Me allow him to create confusion and despair in their hearts, the venom which spills forth is the worst kind. It is then that they turn on each other, fight and divide until they destroy one another.

Always be wary of the divisions you witness in the world, whether it be in politics, religion or amongst My followers, for it will always be rooted in the haven of the beast, whose reign over humanity has come to an end. He will, however, not stop for one second in his plan to destroy all allegiance to Me, Jesus Christ.

It is only when you accept My Word, as I give it to you now, will you find the grace to ask Me to guide you through this devious minefield. Not one of you is strong enough in your faith to fight the influence of evil.


Without daily prayer, where you beg for My Help, you will not be able to remain close by My Side. But when I bestow such graces upon you, you will become courageous and have the strength to stay loyal to Me. Only then will the Truth sustain you.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: The time for the prophecies of La Salette and Fatima to be fulfilled is very close

Mother has Her combat boots on! Fatima and La Salette are about to be fulfilled! If there are some of us who are not sure about these prophecies, please take some time to familiarise ourselves. Strong words from Mother of Salvation as She tries to alert us to all that will be ahead. The one strong message that comes from all of these Messages, is to keep moving and progressing towards Christ and His Light and pray.

Christ will become a topic to be squashed mercilessly! the im...poster, the antichrist will seat himself in the church very soon and then the world will be encapsulated into his diabolical plan. But those of us who know the Truth, the True Word of God must have our Bibles close to us because satan will turn the Word upside down and back to front.

We will be hearing lies and more lies from the mouths of those so-called preachers of Scripture who's every word will be trusted by those who listen intently and are mesmerised by all the falsehoods which make them feel 'loved' and 'comforted' - this will be miserable for them! Mother is basically begging us to stay awake!

Be alert to all the 'buzz words' of 'liberty', 'freedom', 'unification'. By themselves and in prayers which are Truth, these are words used for their good intention, but the antichrist will use those same words as a means to his end - perdition! It will be a false usage of those words. It will be to honour and praise self beginning with him, himself!

What we are being asked is to stay close to Christ and His Truth! We will be on the Ark of Salvation if we follow Christ!

The Ark is already being boarded! Once upon the Ark, we are protected and kept afloat! All that we see around us, hear around us and in some cases, spoken directly to us, will mean nought because of our insistence to speak the Name of Jesus! God will remove the evil doers in satan's plan to take us from Our Lord!

Be confident that God will not allow us to be hurt! We might cop some abuse, but we are happy to do so, for we will know it is the Truth we speak! Jesus needs us to remain calm and confident - trusting as a little child.

Then when the darkness is gone, the Light is Brilliant and the Dove brings us back the Olive Branch, then we will know that Paradise is ours!

Mother of Salvation thankyou -we love You!

Mother of Salvation: The time for the prophecies of La Salette and Fatima to be fulfilled is very close
August 13, 2014

My dear children, the time for the prophecies of La Salette and Fatima to be fulfilled is very close. You must not fear these times but, rather, embrace them for you must know that My Father’s Covenant will be finally completed as it was meant to be.The antichrist will, eventually, take up his seat in my Son’s Church on earth and nothing will prevent this from happening. Many will deny the prophecies, which I revealed to the world and they will do this at their peril.

Those who refuse to accept the warnings given to the world, and who follow the enemies of God, will put their souls in jeopardy and it is for these misguided souls that I ask you to pray fervently.

The battle for the human race and for the salvation of all of God’s children is being fought at present and great harm is being inflicted upon all of those who stand firm to the Truth of all that my Son revealed to the world.

You can never take one part of His Word or the Holy Bible and then discard it in favour of something, which may make you feel more comfortable.

The Truth is never easy to accept for it can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest and most courageous Christians. The Truth is always rejected and when the thorns were placed upon the Sacred Head of my Son, Jesus Christ, the priests and the elders at the time were praying in the temple giving glory to God while their cohorts cursed Him as He died on the Cross.

That was the way it was then and this will be the way it will be when the world retaliates against the Word of God and turns it inside out and upside down.

I urge you, dear children, to accept the Truth as it will be the means by which you will march more easily towards the Kingdom of the New Era. Without acknowledging what you are being told now, many souls will fall into error and embrace the beast. They will give up every individual civil right and liberty when they idolize the enemies of my Son until, finally, they will hand over their souls to the evil one.

Fear of the Truth can lead to resentment because it can be very difficult to swallow. Resentment leads to anger and anger leads to hatred. Hatred against this mission, and every other mission before it, will escalate and those who love me, the Mother of God, will be encouraged to denounce it. How it saddens me when my name is used to insult the Word of Jesus Christ, the one and only Saviour of mankind.

Confusion will be wreaked upon my Marian groups so that they will begin to doubt the warnings I was instructed to present to the world at La Salette and Fatima. People will shun what I said and they will believe the prophecies given are to be for another time in the far distant future.

As all turmoil erupts and when the Doctrine contained in my Father’s Book is re-written and presented to the world as being authentic, only those with true discernment will understand the Truth.

You must pray hard for the survival of my Son’s Church, His Body on earth, so that He is not discarded and thrown out to the dogs. When that day takes place, the Justice of God will intervene and humanity will understand, finally, what it is like to be plunged into darkness.

The day the Light of God is extinguished is the time when all things will be fulfilled as prophesied.

Your beloved Mother

Christianity will be detested because it will be seen as a block to personal freedom.

This is a tough one! Jesus is giving us a 'no-holds-barred' Message here that satan will manifest himself through his son lucifer, the 'light-bearer' for a showdown! Those who follow the antichrist's lies and deception, sugar-coated to make us believe we have license to enjoy personal freedom through 'liberty' will find themselves further away from the True Light that is Christ! -the real Christ!

The false 'christ' is none other than the antichrist! he will lavish those who follow him with false promises of a future glittering in all the fineries of life! he is all about SELF! To follow Jesus we must leave everything behind and follow Him! What a contrast! Therein lies the secret to understanding what God requires of us!

If we are promised all that glitters in gold here on earth, know that the evil one is ensnaring us. If we go through personal suffering, persecution and trepidation, then know that we are True followers of the True Christ! This will be a path to Jesus' Eternal Kingdom that will be littered with broken glass, thorny bushes and nailed walls!

But take yourself back to Christ on Calvary! What did He go through?

Is that enough to keep us focussed on the path regardless of the hardship? We cannot and will not follow the path that satan has laid off to the left!

We will follow the Path, The Way, that Christ has laid straight and centre!

No matter the challenges, the darkness - we will follow The Light - The Light of Christ!

Christianity will be detested because it will be seen as a block to personal freedom.

August 11, 2014   

My dearly beloved daughter the world is awash with a new form of spirituality comprising of a belief in a superior being – the one they call the christ – but it is not I, Jesus Christ, they refer to. Satan, in the form of Lucifer, referred to as King of the Light, is idolized not as an evil entity but as one, which performs a deed for God.

This ideology is favoured by secret sects, which set out to destroy Christianity. Many will be drawn into the occult and magic practices because they crave titillation. Once drawn they will become pawns and, in time, possessed by the evil one.

Many people are starved of spiritual satisfaction and crave peace. Any ideology, which claims to bring them self-fulfillment, peace, calm and a deeper understanding of their humanity will be attractive to them. Many, however, will be loathe to follow Me, Jesus Christ, for society has condemned Me to the bowels of the earth.

Yet, they will be appeased when they are fed the false doctrine that all roads lead to God. This is a lie for you can only come to God, through Me, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

I Am One in He Who created all things. There is only one God and I, Jesus Christ, Am the Word made flesh so that humanity could become whole again. Without Me you can never be fulfilled, not in this life or in the next.

The world will be told that the most important goal to strive for is liberty – liberty at all costs. But to truly honour God means losing your ability to serve only your own self-interest and, as such, Christianity will be detested because it will be seen as a block to personal freedom. To serve God, any God, will become the goal of many people seeking the Truth. But when Satan is deemed by man to be divine, God – in His infinite Justice – will destroy those who honour the beast.

The beast that hides among the elite and the powerful gives great power to those who spread the lie that I, Jesus Christ, do not exist. That is the greatest curse inflicted upon humanity by Satan and because of man’s weakness he falls for the lies, which pour forth from the mouths of the wicked.

There is only one God. There is only one path to God. No other path, irrespective as to how glittering it may be presented to you, can lead you to the Father only that which comes through Me, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World.

Your Jesus

Ask and you will receive. Remain silent, tight-lipped and I cannot respond to you

This is more confirmation that the Warning will just precede 'The End' meaning Christ's Second Coming, so because we had been told that the Warning would be an 'interruption' to things and would happen after Pope Benedict flees Rome but before the antichrist makes his presence known, it seems to me (what does anyone else think) that the time of the antichrist has been shortened to cause less collateral damage to souls.

The Warning being delayed has worked to all our advantage..., in that we will see shortened the time that the antichrist will have 'his way' and the time of each Seal as they are being broken will also be shortened. When Jesus has told us many times that all the trials and tribulations we go through will be done quickly - I think He means 'quickly'. Anyhow back on topic - Jesus needs us to be vocal when it comes to us seeking Him in our lives and hearts.

He cannot enter our house unless we open the door to His Knocking.

Let's open the door wide! Let's invite Him in and show Him the hospitality He deserves! He can only work with hearts that are open to receive Him. Otherwise He just hears 'lipservice'. It is with Truth that He operates, so unless we acknowledge Him Truthfully, He cannot work Miracles in our lives. How many Graces He wishes to lavish on us!

It is prayer that is needed in great quantity for those souls who shut the door in Christ's Face. They believe they can 'go it alone', they only answer to themselves. How empty their cups are! So we pray and continue to pray each day for them.

Jesus loves them even though they rather leave Him out in the cold! Encourage others around us to just start off small conversations with Jesus that will evolve into an opening of their hearts to engage with Him more.

Plant the seed of Christ's Love but if they are closed and afraid and won't be kind in their response, then just pray.

God will hear and will rescue them.

Ask and you will receive. Remain silent, tight-lipped and I cannot respond to you

August 10, 2014   

My dearly beloved daughter the tides have turned and in their wake will come many changes as foretold. Do not be fearful for I have, many times, given you My Word that all will end with My Great Mercy, which will sweep every soul up into the Light of My Love and Compassion.

Fear only My Justice but when it is unleashed know that it will be for the good of others and for the salvation of the world that this is permitted. I carry out punishments only to stop hatred from spreading and to awaken within those souls, blackened by the stain of sin, any love, which may still linger within them so that they will come to Me.

Why does man and, especially the devout man, believe that he knows more than Me? Is more intelligent than He who created him? That his rational evaluation of all things from Me can eradicate My Presence? Man’s arrogance and pride in his own prowess will be his downfall. Man has no power only that, which lies within his soul. Faith, when pure, is a powerful thing and it is through faith and faith alone that I, Jesus Christ, bring you hope, love and joy. Only I can empower man with great gifts but unless he asks Me for these I cannot impose them upon his free will.

Ask and you will receive. Remain silent, tight-lipped and I cannot respond to you because you do not come to Me. Always turn to Me and ask Me for every favour, for I will answer your call every time. Do not turn your back on Me and say – all will be okay, life will take care of itself.

Life must be earned. Eternity is a Gift from God and it is given to those who ask for it. Sadly, many will squander their chance of Eternal Life because they believe that humanity is more powerful than any God who may or may not exist. And so they will dictate their own fate and they will turn their backs on Eternal Life because of the sin of pride, so stubborn are they.

They denied Me in their lives on earth and they will deny Me when I stand before them, arms outstretched, on the Great Day. They will turn away and walk into the lion’s den from where they will never find a minute’s peace.

Your Jesus

Do not trouble your hearts, argue over Me or try to outwit Me, for this would not serve any purpose

The way Jesus uses the analogy of the turbulent times ahead likened to a storm, we could be reminded of the time when Jesus was in the boat with His Apostles when He fell to sleep yet a storm was looming and became so intense that the Apostles cried out to Jesus to save them! They wondered how He could be asleep! Well maybe the way Jesus interprets the 'storms' ahead through the Apostasy and the deceptions are events which need to take place, yet if we remain completely confi...dent and trusting in Him as little children, then we too, can remain calm and soothed by Jesus' complete Control of any situation which develops.

Rather than become afraid because of the turbulence and crying out to Him to rescue us, have total faith in Jesus in the first place, so that there will be no need to feel we need rescuing - He is with us and in Control! It pains Jesus to have this Great Gift all wrapped up to give to mankind and He's all excited and happy and just waiting eagerly to share it with us, yet we are lacklustre and feeling like the precipitating events to His Return is just 'another day in the boonies'. It pains Him alright!

It seems that humanity disregard the things they see happening around them, as just being, 'the world is getting worse, out of control' but they don't really think through 'Why' it's happening. We cannot sustain humanity through the evils surrounding us, it is not possible. What is happening now is indicative of self-destruction.

But God loves us, He sees the play of satan's chess game and He will make His One but very felt move very soon to rid the world of evil once and for all. Jesus by the same token is doing all He can to bring souls back to Him in readiness for His Gift - His Second Coming! One way or another, we and the world will need to be purified to be worthy of this Great Day.

So let's spring clean our hearts and souls and get ready, so that Jesus can finally unwrap that Perfect Gift He wishes to Give His children! Stay calm and resolute in the boat through the storm and sleep peacefully by Jesus' Side knowing unreservedly, that He is holding us close and firmly to His Bosom.

He loves us! Hold His Hand!

Do not trouble your hearts, argue over Me or try to outwit Me, for this would not serve any purpose

August 9, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter as the storms rage and as peace erupts know that the time is getting close for My Intervention to strike. Man will see disarray wherever he looks and some will say that the time is soon.

Until you see wars breaking out in different parts of the world and when new doctrines are massed and scattered amongst the spiritually starved, who will be the first to grasp them like bees to the honey, only then can you be sure of the great changes, which will precipitate the Second Coming.

The clouds will gather before the storms and the storms will rage before the final thunderbolt is hurled from the skies. The signs are becoming clearer for those with eyes who can see but for the rest they will simply believe that there is little justice in the world – upheavals just like before – just as there have always been.

But know that the prophecies foretold will occur and that they will be witnessed by many before the Great Day.

Do not trouble your hearts, argue over Me or try to outwit Me, for this would not serve any purpose other than to cause fear to fester within your hearts. It troubles Me to witness division in the world; it pains Me to see the wickedness, which leads to the killing of innocents and the suffering inflicted upon the weak. It pains Me to see so many in darkness, who cry tears of sorrow, for they do not believe in a future. They have no belief in My Promise to reclaim My Kingdom and to bring glory to mankind. Oh how this grieves Me and how I long to bring those souls the comfort of My Love and the peace I desire to bring into the core of their souls.

When the disruption, which afflicts the world, grows in its intensity you must put down all your arms and lay down every defensive deed you place before Me in order to protect yourselves and then call out to Me in this prayer.

Crusade Prayer (163) Rescue me from persecution

O Jesus preserve me from the pain of persecution in Your Name. Endear me to Your Heart. Rid me of pride, greed, malice, ego and hatred in my soul. Help me to truly surrender to Your Mercy. Take my fears away. Help me to unburden my pain and take all persecution away from me, so that I can follow You like a little child, in the knowledge that all things are within Your Control. Free me from the hatred shown by all those who proclaim to be Yours but who really deny You. Let not their cutting tongues scourge me or their evil acts divert me from the Path of Truth. Help me to focus only on Your Kingdom to come and to persevere, with dignity against any insults, which I may endure on Your behalf. Bring me peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of soul. Amen.

Please remain calm as the storms gather momentum for if you do not trust in Me completely you will falter and your pain, as you witness evil masquerading as good, will become unbearable. Trust in Me. Never deviate from My Teachings and pray with the abandonment of your soul, free of malice, that is expected of you as a follower of Mine. When you do, you will be set free and nothing will trouble you again.

Your Jesus