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When a man’s will clashes with the Will of God, great pain is endured on both sides

Thou shalt not put the Lord your God to the test, comes to mind when reading this Message.

I cannot comprehend how anyone would say to God "I'll do this for You, if You do this for me" etc. That cannot be a committed relationship with Our Heavenly Father. He is not to be toyed with! He is not some sort of commodity! Our God is the Superior One! How dare any one of us play that kind of game with Our Creator! I can imagine how pride and arrogance leads souls to believe that they are superior to God, but still this attitude is unfathomable to me. I think we would be shocked to hear the 'requests' God hears! Any wonder Jesus is begging us to return to humility!

Our free will was given as a Gift from God but woe to us who betrayed Him with it! This is why Jesus as asked us to return this Gift back to Him, so we can live only in His Will! It 's like Jesus said recently, 'the pieces of the jigsaw will fit into place'. These Messages are imparting the jigsaw pieces so perfectly! All of Heaven - we are eternally grateful!

When a man’s will clashes with the Will of God, great pain is endured on both sides

  Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 @ 16:03

  My dearly beloved daughter, when a man’s will clashes with the Will of God, great pain is endured on both sides. Man has been granted the Gift of free will by My Father and, as such, he is free to make what choices he wishes in life and God will never interfere with this Gift from Heaven. However, for those who wish to serve Me completely, with the intention of helping Me to save the souls of others, and who give Me the gift of their free will, it will be a very difficult journey for them.

 When you give Me your free will, to do what is necessary in the salvation of souls, the suffering which you will endure will be very harsh. As your will then no longer belongs to you, human nature being what it is, this means that a struggle will come about, between man’s free will and the Will of God. Many people, who love Me and who want to carry out the Will of God in their lives, will always struggle. In order to satisfy the Will of God, the soul must abandon all sense of pride and the need to satisfy its own personal desires. You can only truly serve God, if you trust in Him completely and offer all of your trials and tribulations over to Him, for the good of all.

When well-meaning people, serve God and try to live their lives as He instructed, fall out of Grace, they feel shame. Mortified for having shunned God and for having let Him down through selfishness, feelings of self-worth or arrogance, they then hide their faces from the Light of God. When enlightened by the Truth, these souls can, suddenly and without warning, begin to doubt their faith. One minute they love God with all their heart and offer themselves completely into His care and the next minute they cut themselves off from the Source of Light. It is then, that the person, using human intellect, dictates to God what he is prepared to do, in order to serve God and this will usually be on his own terms. Yes, the soul may say to God: “I will serve You, but on condition that You grant me this favour and that one.” Don’t you know that you cannot serve two masters, for there is only One God and He is in Command. God is Master of all that is and will be. Man is there to serve God, but yet God will do anything He can to give comfort to His children.

When you find that you begin to doubt God or lose confidence in His Love or His Promise, then you must recite this Crusade Prayer, to be known as the Prayer of Restoration.

Crusade Prayer (137) Prayer of Restoration

O God Almighty One, O God the Most High, look upon me, Your humble servant, with love and pity in Your Heart. Restore me in Your Light.  Lift me back into Your Favour. Fill me with the Grace, so I can offer myself to You in humble servitude and in accordance with Your Most Holy Will.  Rid me of the sin of pride and everything which insults You and help me to love You with a deep and abiding desire to serve You all of my days forever and ever. Amen.

 Please remember that it is very easy to turn your back on God and it takes only one person to cast doubt in your soul about the Goodness of God and His Great Mercy for all of His children.

  It takes great courage and resilience to remain true to the Word of God, but without asking for the Graces to serve Him properly, you will not be able to do this on your own.

Your Jesus

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