Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The beginning and the end of the world will become as one

We are to turn to God and bring ourselves to His Son. Both are waiting for our 'yes'. We are living in the end of days. Those who have waited for generations to see the Face of Jesus have come and gone. God has chosen OUR GENERATION! We are the ones privileged and foretold of in Scripture! We know that the Tribulation is 7 years long! We know that the Great Tribulation is the second half of the Tribulation, so this period is 3 1/2 years!  We now have known that the Great Tribulation began on December 22nd 2012 as Jesus stated to us in these Messages! Of course we also know that Jesus needs our conversion so God will Permit whatever delay in time to make sure as many souls come back to Him through this vital Salvific Mission! But delay does not mean it won't happen just as foretold.

Scripture tells us that at the end of the Great Tribulation there will be Three Days of Darkness immediately before Christ's Return. Though it is only through these Messages that God has told us His Time is now our time.  Bottom line is - we don't have much time to prepare, let alone 'get our houses in order' - metaphorically speaking for our souls to be purified! Though we should never speculate any period of time because ultimately it is God Alone Who knows the hour. Having said that, we can expect that soon our speculations will be over!

This Mission has come now since 2010 for a very real and calculated purpose to bring souls their preparation should they indulge and help bring their Salvation through all the prayers given by God, Jesus and Mother of Salvation. Anyone who still believe that Scripture was a finished Book, that the story had an end, are kidding themselves. St John was the last Apostle remaining alive when Jesus told Him that Revelation was still to be fulfilled and revealed to the world. Well now is the time. We are in the Sequel now!

The beginning and the end of the world will become as one

 Monday, April 21st, 2014 @ 15:56

 My dearly beloved daughter, it is very difficult for souls, even those with great faith, to reconcile the world they live in with that of My Kingdom.

 The world, as it stands, is incompatible with My Kingdom and this means that those of you who know Me and who truly love Me find it painful, at times, to live your daily lives. To love Me means following My Teachings and calling on Me to forgive you your sins. This is the only way you can become part of Who I Am. You cannot become part of My Kingdom until you acknowledge the Truth and accept that, while sin exists, the world can never be perfect. As long as man does everything according to his own free will, when he is being constantly tempted to indulge in his own selfish needs, he will remain a slave.

 When you live life according to the Word of God, you will be able to see the world for what it is. You will witness the wonder that is the Miracle of the Earth, which was created by My Father. But, you will also see how the weakness of man has separated him from God. As long as this is the case, the world, as you know it, cannot be raised again, to its former Glory. This is why you will only find true peace when I come again to bring you into the Paradise My Father, created for you in the beginning.

 The beginning and the end of the world will become as one. There will be no Heaven, no Purgatory and no Earth – there will only exist two entities. My Kingdom – where life will never end, for those who allow Me to gather them into My Heart and Hell for those who won’t turn to Me.

All things will be according to My Mercy and the Holy Will of My Father, Who loves all of His children. He wants to save everyone and through Me. I cannot force those who do not want to be part of My Kingdom, or who reject all of My efforts to bring them a wonderful glorious eternity, to follow Me. Do not ignore My Pleas to help these poor souls.

Your Jesus

God the Father: Very few of you will reject the new one world church and so My Intervention will be swift

What will it take for God the Father to be given His Rightful Respect and Love by His children! He is telling us how stubborn we are! He has given us so many signs and wonders throughout the Ages, yet most are ignored and 'written off' as 'works of Science'!

 We have got to get on the same page! More of these little Interventions are coming, so exactly how are those who claim they know God so well, going to settle with these wondrous Acts of God?

God is also reminding us of the Three Days of Darkness again as it approaches - so many 'poo-poo' this Event! Why? Will they have a Blessed candle ready for it? Will they open the door to a familiar voice of a loved one in disobedience to God's Command, not realising it's satan's trap and drop dead because their curiosity ignored what God said 'Anyone who opens the door will die!" We have been told! Those that just don't want to hear the Truth are going to rue the day!

 He is telling us that from Easter Sunday just gone, more and more sin will become manifest in the world which we will be witness to! He tells us to be reminded of the Truth! So if we abandon what we know is Truth in these Messages or even shun them, then we are going to find the road ahead very difficult indeed!

 God wants our prayers! He hears our prayers! He is keen to answer our prayers! He is lonely when we don't pray to Him!

He will use whatever Intervention necessary to save His children from the clutches of satan! Even those who try His patience to the enth degree! He will not give up on His children, no matter how wayward! So please give Him yourselves! Never side with the beast for all his empty promises! Turn away from those who want you to follow them on the wide, easy, free-flowing highway to hell!

Pray to bring souls through the narrow, thorn-lined path leading to your Inheritance!

This will be no picnic in the park people! But with God on our side, who can be against us eh?

 God the Father: Very few of you will reject the new one world church and so My Intervention will be swift

 Sunday, April 20th, 2014 @ 17:40

 My dearest daughter, when I sent My Son to redeem humanity, the world rejected Him, just as they did the prophets I sent before Him.

  As I now prepare to send My Son, the second and final time, to gather My children and give them Eternal Life, they will also reject this Great Act of Mercy. I have, through My Word, given man the Truth and still he rejects it. How easily they forget. How blind they are, for I told the world that I would bring them My Kingdom – a New World, without end – but they have no real understanding as to what their inheritance will mean. Not all will accept My Son’s Mercy and so I remind the world of what is to come, so that they will come and accept My Kingdom.

 There will be great resistance by My children to the many miracles I will show the world, before the Coming of My Son. There will be much talk, but My enemies will ensure that My children are deceived, so that they will not prepare their souls for the Glorious Life I have prepared for each of you.

 Just as My Son rose from the dead on the third day, so too will He reveal Himself on the third day, after three days of darkness, at His Second Coming. I desire that you be aware of these three days of darkness, so that you do not fear them. Holy candles will provide the only light permitted by Me, to allow those who love Me to see and to await, with joy, My Son’s Arrival.

 Be not afraid of My Love for you or the Power that I wield, as it is for your own good that I permit all events to take place in the days leading up to the Great Day. I permit My enemies to roam the Earth. I permit the destroyers to deceive man, for this is how I will test the faith of those who have been blessed with the Truth. But know this. Those who betray the Word of God will be cast out into the wilderness. Those who strike out and punish My sacred servants, who love My Son, will be punished harshly. I will permit the weak and those who are easily led to be deceived, so that they will – when My Prophecies, given to you, My daughter, come to pass – repent and seek Me out.

 Children, I Am preparing you, so that My Will is done and that you will live, within My Realm, as you were born to. The world you live in is tarnished, because of the evil one and his influence. The Earth is plagued by sin, at this time more than ever before, and sin will now escalate, which each one of you, with true faith, will bear witness to. You will need to be reminded of the Truth each day from today – Easter Sunday – for without it, you will wander and become lost.

 Very few of you will reject the new one world church and so My Intervention will be swift. I will pull you towards Me, keep you uplifted, when the pain of the apostasy becomes unbearable, and I will rescue your souls by whatever means I choose, rather than lose you to My enemies. I desire that you look kindly upon those who fight against My Son because of this, His Mission to prepare the world for His Second Coming. I ask that you ask Me, your Eternal Father, to show Mercy to all who try to interfere with My Hand, My Generosity, My Power and My Divinity, through this special Crusade Prayer:

 Crusade Prayer (147) God the Father, show Mercy on those who deny Your Son
 O God, my Eternal Father, I ask You to show Mercy on those who deny Your Son. I plead for the souls of those who try to destroy Your prophets. I beg for the conversion of souls, who are lost to You and I ask that You help all Your children to prepare their souls and amend their lives, in accordance with Your Divine Will, in anticipation of the Second Coming of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

 Go, My children, and prepare all those known to you, by offering up special prayers to Me, your Eternal Father, for My Great Mercy.

 I love all of you. I Am All-Loving, All-Patient and I await your response. Never think that I will not hear your prayers, for your voices are sweetness in My Ears and your love for Me brings Me great joy. There is nothing I will not do for My children. Nothing.

 Go in love and joy, for you can be assured that I Am All-Merciful.

 Your beloved Father

 God the Most High

There is only one path to God and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. There is no other route

The shocking display of cunning we are seeing. The Masses I have attended have each left out very important details - like it is now a common observance that sentences are not being finished! When the Sacrament of Confirmation was given on a Saturday Vigil, 'rejecting satan' was the third question! and it wasn't a full sentence "Do you reject satan, all his works and all his empty promises"! The first one was 'do you reject sin?' In the most recent Baptismal Promises there was no reference to satan or sin at all - just do we accept good instead of evil. Jesus Come Back Quickly!!!

The Creed wasn't touched and nowhere was the word 'Catholic' spoken - it's all about 'Christian'.

Great so where is our Catholic Identity anymore? Then to see 8 elect get Baptised, Confirmed and then given Holy Communion - what? Where on earth did their First Confession go?! What excuse is there for giving the Candidates a sacrilegious Communion! Am I wrong about this?

Organ playing all through after the Creed from Holy Thursday Night up till and including the Creed on Saturday night! Arggh! And to think it's going to get a whole lot worse - more than we could possibly imagine!

But you know who comes to mind? Prophet Daniel! I just love that guy!

The faith, unwaivering and that of his 3 friends! Example of fine confidence and trust in God the Almighty Father! They would not bow to the king and his grotesque statue! They stood and prayed to the Father! They were sent into the fire but emerged victorious! Daniel wept for them but continued with his trusting prayers to save them! Then to be sent to the lion's den! What would we have done? Would we cower and give up and just let the inevitable happen? Or faced with any tribulation, any tragedy would we just keep praying with unshakeable faith! praying with depth and trust that the God of Mercy will hear our prayers and reward our fortitude and confidence in Him! To emerge victorious! Of course He Will! He will not leave us!

We are going to see what befalls the Church but we cannot for one moment lose faith in God and His Providence! As long as we are committed to Christ and His Teachings and His Sacraments, His Doctrines sanctioned by the Holy Spirit, we cannot fail! He will Guide us to the Refuges to enjoy in peace and safety His True Mass, His True Sacraments!

Do not fall for the deception that lies ahead of us! Never place man above God! Our charity is in our hearts for those who are poor in Spirit! Our prayers will help them! Those who are temporally poor will be part of God's Plan and will be given His Abundance in Paradise for all their suffering on earth, but don't fall for the false prophet's and the antichrist's agenda of making them the focus of their evil plan! They will place guilt into our hearts if we let them to place the poor in human terms, their plight and the plight of those who are less than looked after by those in power as their weapon to engage us into placing the needs of humanity and humanitarianism above God, above Jesus! It's all about souls not bodies for our Salvation!

Our churches will be open to all and sundry! Athiests and eastern mysticism will replace those praying the Holy Rosary on their knees in pious love for Blessed Mother and Her Beloved Son! Please keep the fire of love in your hearts always for Christ's True Church - His Remnant Church lead by God's Remnant Army and Holy Father Pope Benedict that is already formed and still forming which hell cannot prevail against! Christ is yesterday, today and tomorrow! That is how it is!

There is only one path to God and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. There is no other route

 Friday, April 18th, 2014 @ 23:24

 My dearly beloved daughter, the world will arise again, out of the ashes, out of the carnage. I will, I promise, wipe the plague of the antichrist off the face of the Earth. I will destroy the enemies of God and those responsible for bringing misery, injustice and suffering to God’s children.

 The evil, which grips the hearts of man today, in every part of the world, takes different forms. In its brutal form, people are tortured, murdered and punished harshly. Then in other ways, people have to endure great hardships, including lack of food, lack of housing and terrible poverty, while their leaders devour every right that is theirs. Then there are the unfair laws, which favour the powerful, make wealthy men richer and poor men poorer, where little mercy or love is shown to those in great need. Finally, there is the persecution of Christians – My followers – all over the world. They are despised, more than any others, and suffer terribly in My Name. Christians are hated by followers of the evil one, who uses his agents to silence them in various ways. Many of their plans involve censorship or the right to declare, openly, their allegiance to Me. And while governments, today, will staunchly defend the rights of every other creed or civil right, they will not bend to the rights of Christians.

 Christians will soon be banned from practicing their faith in public places, in schools, in colleges, until eventually in the Temples of God. You may say – surely this is impossible – to prevent Christians from practicing their faith, in their own churches? This will come about in the most cunning way, where millions will be deceived, with little notice paid, as every single detail of the Word, as it is now, will change, but this will pass quietly. Only those who pay attention will see the changes and, after a while, it will become acceptable to open all Christian churches to welcome all faiths, including those who do not believe in Me. However, not all those who follow faiths, which do not idolize the Triune God, will be forced into the new one world church. No. It will be the Christians, who will be made to idolize paganism, which will be carefully presented as a new church and which will embrace a new form of ‘communion’ – a church for everyone – where I, Jesus Christ, will not feature.

As and from this year, My Crosses will begin to disappear and while My Churches, and those who say they serve Me, talk about the importance of humanism, you will not hear talk of the importance of surrendering to Me, Jesus Christ, your Saviour. You, therefore, will not be prepared for Eternal Salvation. The importance of following My path to My Father will not be mentioned, nor will the importance of the Holy Sacraments be discussed. Instead, you will be told of the importance of looking after the needs and welfare of others, which will be used as a substitute for adoring Me. I Am the Church. My Body is My Church, but in time, I will be brushed completely to one side. Your heads will be filled with untruths. You will be told of every type of path, which is needed to bring you closer to God. But every path you will be told to walk down will be in the opposite direction.

 Know now, that there is only one Truth. There is only one path to God and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. There is no other route.

Your Jesus

My New Paradise will become the World without end – as foretold

Oh my! The Promise of Paradise for all those dearly departed to be reunited body and soul with us! What a reunion that will be! So much to look forward to, but we cannot be complacent about what we must endure prior to this Glorious Event. Pray that we will be prepared always for The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory of God, now and forever. Amen.

My New Paradise will become the World without end – as foretold

 Thursday, April 17th, 2014 @ 21:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Resurrection from the dead happened for a reason. It did not take place simply to prove My Divinity to those who did not accept Who I was. Up to that time, souls who died could not enter Heaven. They had to wait. But, no sooner had My Resurrection taken place, than they were given new Life in My Kingdom. My Resurrection brought Eternal Life for souls and death, therefore, would no longer have a hold over the human race.

My Resurrection will be truly evident at My Second Coming, for then all those souls, who died in Me and for Me, will also be raised from the dead and be given Eternal Life. They will rise in body and soul, in perfect union with the Will of God and they will live in My New Kingdom, when the old Earth and the Heavens will disappear and a New World will arise. My New Paradise will become the World without end – as foretold. All those who love God and who accept My Hand of Mercy will enter My Glorious Kingdom. That was the Promise I made, when I traded My earthly Body in death, to give you all Eternal Life. Do not forget that what God promises, He will always deliver. What God foretold to all of His prophets will take place, for He does not say one thing and mean another.

 When God told John that the world will divide in the latter days and His Temple would be destroyed, He did not lie. The reign of those who wish to destroy the Word of God has commenced and the times for all those prophecies, as foretold to Daniel and John, are upon you. My Promise to come and separate the goats from the sheep is about to become a reality. Man will be given every kind of help, through Intervention from Heaven, and plenty of opportunity to make a final choice. He will either follow Me or stay behind.

 Your Jesus

The Gift of love can win every battle! The Cross is your link to Eternal Life. Never forsake the Cross

As followers in Christ's Mission to save souls, we must never for one moment think we are above satan's attacks and demonic influence. 

Some of us feel that we are so Empowered by the Holy Spirit that we have the right to publicly assassinate another who doesn't believe in these Messages.

When I say 'assassinate' I mean humiliate, spew forth venom and make judgement on that person with their own perceived ultimatums that alone are God's to meter! 

No one has the Authority to judge another by telling them they will smell the burning of their flesh in hell if....! No one has been asked by Jesus to show His enemy hatred in defense of His Word!

We are to show love, compassion and prayerful support if we are ever going to give souls to Jesus, no matter how much they hurt Him! 

To do anything else exerts pride and arrogance! 

Is that not what Jesus tells us?

Please understand the right way of dealing with others for the sake of our own souls, that will be Judged by God accordingly, for the fruits we bear.

We might have a sense of our own importance being part of this Mission and believing that comes with certain 'rights' but this is satan's entrapment! 

We have no rights that the Father doesn't give us. 

Jesus says 'Love your enemies- Love My enemies' Jesus has never spewed poisonous or inflammatory words to anyone who mocked Him, Scourged Him, poured scorn on Him, Crowned Him, and Crucified Him! Never!

 To do what Jesus has not given anyone the Authority to do is doing satan's bidding!
Learn from our mistakes! Pride is a powerful tool of satan! he will take it to it's seemingly 'innocent' heights if he needs to, so that the soul with pride gets an even more 'puffed up' chest through support of those who cannot see the wood for the trees! 

Defend Jesus and those who Scorn Him with love!  ( I could certainly use my own advice)

The Gift of love can win every battle! The Cross is your link to Eternal Life. Never forsake the Cross

 Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 @ 20:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, when My beloved followers celebrate Good Friday, they must remember how My Love extends to the human race.

 Those who persecuted Me and then killed Me were full of hatred and had hearts of stone. I died for them, despite their hatred, and I suffered a great Agony so that they could be redeemed. Still, so many people today hate and despise Me, on such a grand scale, that were I to reveal the evil, which ravages their souls, you would not be able to stand up.

My attempts to prepare the world, through the Book of Truth, will be fought by My enemies, everywhere. The worst attacks will come from satanic groups, many of whom pose as Christians, so they can vent their anger, by pretending to defend their faith. Such is the manner in which Satan uses his willing victims to attack My Work. How wretched their souls are and how sorrowful I Am, as they continue to betray Me, fling mud at Me and spread lies about My Word, in an effort to steal souls from My Merciful Heart.

 I cry Tears of Agony, during this week; because the time is short and I know that no matter how hard I try, many souls will still turn their backs on Me. Why do these souls hate Me so? The answer is because they have no love for Me at all. Many of them find it terrifying that the hatred they feel for Me in their hearts cannot be washed away. They are so possessed by the evil one, that they spend every minute of their day cursing Me.
 The vast majority of people no longer believe in Me – it is a small number , who do believe, in an ocean of souls whose magnitude stretches from one side of the Earth to the other. But, I promise you that I will gather as many souls as I can and because of the Love, which I have for you, will extend My Mercy even amongst those who do not deserve it. How I welcome the good, the loving and those pure souls, who come before Me. They fill Me with great joy. Oh how they soothe My Wounds. How they bring Me relief from the sorrow I endure for My poor sinners, who have no idea as to the great joy I promised them in My New Kingdom. So many souls will sadly throw away the key that I gave them to Eternal Life – and for what? A life devoid of meaning, a life full of titillation and empty promises. A weary life of toil, that brings no life – only that which ends in dust. I Am your life. I bring you life. When you accept My death on the Cross and acknowledge My Resurrection, you will never endure death.

 To you, of this generation, I say this. You, who are with Me, will not endure death – not even death of the body. Those who betray Me, through sin, when the Truth is given to you, will have no life. So you, My beloved followers, must never be afraid of this Mission. I will take you and shower you with all the Gifts, which My Father is anxious to bestow upon all of you, as He finally gathers His children into the Kingdom He promised you when He sent Me, His only Son, to salvage your souls, by My death on the Cross. The Cross is your link to Eternal Life. Never forsake the Cross. My death was your route to Eternal Life. Without My Cross, death will prevail for those who reject it.

 Your Jesus

As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day

These Words from Jesus to us: “Jesus, forgive me for the hurt I have inflicted upon Your Body, Your Word and Your Divinity.” Are so profound and Salvific!

 Read them again:

“Jesus, forgive me for the hurt I have inflicted upon Your Body, Your Word and Your Divinity.”

Jesus says: “I will respond and help you come to Me, with Love and Joy in My Heart.”

“As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day. On that day, when you suffer My Pain, given to you to bring you to your senses, you will know that I Am calling you. I do this, not because you deserve one ounce of My Sympathy, but because I love you – despite everything. On that day, I ask you to call on Me as follows:

“Jesus, forgive me for the hurt I have inflicted upon Your Body, Your Word and Your Divinity.”

 “Those who blasphemed against Me, during My Crucifixion, do not live in My Kingdom, for they suffered the worst punishment. My Father will destroy anyone who says that I speak with the voice of Satan. So to those of you, who claim that My Voice is that of the evil one, know that your suffering will be worse than death. Your tongues will no longer spill out the venom Satan has placed within your souls; your eyes will no longer see, for it is only darkness that you desire – and so be it. Your ears will never hear the sweetness of My Voice, for you refuse to listen – and so be it. Your heart has no love and so no love will it ever feel, once you shut out the Love of God. Your words will be your downfall and when you accuse Me, your Lord God, Saviour and Redeemer of all mankind, of speaking evil – they will be heard no more. They will die.”

Who of us, anyone, is ready to risk their soul in favour of pride and arrogance in their hypocrisy, saying they ‘know’ Jesus but Blaspheme His Word???

 Get a grip on the reality of God’s Truth through This Mission of Christ’s or face the suffering at His Hand!

 How brazen are we to believe we know God’s Truth better than Him!

 This is a direct Instruction from Our Lord! Heed it! We are to take ourselves to Confession and give up our sins one by one as far back as we can remember and ask that our sins of omission be forgiven just the same and in addition but not forgotten – If any of us have Blasphemed these Messages to anyone at any time in any way with intent to cause division, doubt, anxiety or argument without staying silent in our opinions, then be certain that this sin is the most grave and without asking for pardon from God Almighty, we will not see His Face for Eternity!

Be truly contrite! Don’t just ‘rattle them off’ to rush through, to not inconvenience the Priest or anyone in line!

Make bloomin’ sure that we make this Confession post our winning post!

Jesus has had enough of the hypocrisy! He will make each one of us who give lip-service be given our dues! Heed this Message now! Read it in it’s entirety! Our souls depend upon it!

 As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day

 Sunday, April 13th, 2014 @ 19:00

  My dearly beloved daughter, it is My Desire that those who love Me, truly, make amends through the Gift of Reconciliation, during Holy Week. When you show Me true remorse for your sins, I will pour over you a special Gift of Acceptance, in accordance with My Holy Will. I urge you to trust in Me, at this time in history, like never before, because, if you listen carefully, I will be able to make My Word heard by all – including those who do not know Me at all.

When I was hunted down by My enemies, they went to great lengths to discredit Me. They vented their rage at many poor innocents and tortured men they believed to be Me. They spread lies about My apostles, tried to discredit Me in many ways and went into fits of anger, when they could not physically assault Me. They would have killed Me, had they captured Me, before Good Friday – had I not protected Myself. Their hatred, their lies, the slander they spread about My Mission and their false accusations against Me, spread to every town and village, before the day when I was finally betrayed by one of My Own.

 The venom, which poured forth from the mouths of My enemies, came from the serpent, who infested their souls. They imitated him in every way – they screamed in a violent rage against Me, although their accusations were false and meaningless. They spat at My apostles, tortured My disciples, as well as those unfortunate men they mistook for Me. They tried to turn others against Me, who had not heard of Me and spoke wicked things against those they could not convince to denounce Me. Every devil from the bowels of Hell tormented Me during My last weeks on Earth, when My Word had pierced the hearts of many and converted thousands.

 When My Presence was at its strongest, the hatred intensified and the roars of those who opposed Me were like those, which come from wild animals. People who joined the groups of Pharisees, to inflict punishment upon Me, became just as bad as those who incited them into an evil rage upon My Character. I was accused of being unclean in Body and Soul. They said My Word came from unclean spirits. They said I bore false witness against Moses and that I was sent by the evil one to corrupt their souls. They ignored the Love that I spread, the conversion to love one another that I created amongst them and the miracles that I performed. While they chanted obscenities against Me, they stood tall and proud and, at the same time, they blasphemed against God, they declared they spoke in His Name. This is exactly how Satan deceives people.

Those who blasphemed against Me, during My Crucifixion, do not live in My Kingdom, for they suffered the worst punishment. My Father will destroy anyone who says that I speak with the voice of Satan. So to those of you, who claim that My Voice is that of the evil one, know that your suffering will be worse than death. Your tongues will no longer spill out the venom Satan has placed within your souls; your eyes will no longer see, for it is only darkness that you desire – and so be it. Your ears will never hear the sweetness of My Voice, for you refuse to listen – and so be it. Your heart has no love and so no love will it ever feel, once you shut out the Love of God. Your words will be your downfall, and when those who accuse Me, your Lord God, Saviour and Redeemer of all mankind, of speaking evil, they will be heard no more. They will die.

 My Anger at this time, against the hypocrites, who roam the world pretending to come from Me, is beyond endurance and My Punishment will befall each of you, who spit at Me. Away from Me – you have little hold over Me. I will cast you away.

 When I hear the screams of those possessed with the hatred of Satan in their souls dare to publicly declare their allegiance to Me, I feel sickened. They disgust Me and are no better than those who fought lots to hammer the first nail into My Body.

 As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day. On that day, when you suffer My Pain, given to you to bring you to your senses, you will know that I Am calling you. I do this, not because you deserve one ounce of My Sympathy, but because I love you – despite everything. On that day, I ask you to call on Me as follows: 

“Jesus, forgive me for the hurt I have inflicted upon Your Body, Your Word and Your Divinity.”

I will respond and help you come to Me, with Love and Joy in My Heart.

 Your Jesus

My Love and your faith, combined, will become the Sword of Salvation

Lord Jesus please beg Our Heavenly Father to Intervene in the depravity that exists in the world and in Your Church! Acts so deplorable and despicable that it is difficult to fathom God's children can behave in such ways - the ways of the beast! How afflicted humanity has become! Your Scourging, so profound, so significant for the sin's of man of the flesh, is being thrown to Your Body again and again now in the world.

Most of us Jesus have live sheltered lives not realising satan's unleashing of his fallen angels and minions upon the earth bring men and women to such diabolical depths, yet when we do find ourselves witnessing their actions, it cuts us to the bone! Yes Lord the wickedness that exists is beyond telling! Yet You see it! You feel it! My Lord Jesus again we beg You to implore The Father to allow His Hand to fall in Chastisement to rid the world of such unholiness and blasphemy! It is too much for Your children to bear anymore!

Forgive us all for not being courageous enough to stand up to their darstedly deeds! Those in the Church who sanction, condone, encourage and 'bless' these activities need to be dealt with God's Way now! Please Lord! We await Our Father's Response. In Your Name we pray. Amen

My Love and your faith, combined, will become the Sword of Salvation

  Saturday, April 12th, 2014 @ 15:42

 My dearly beloved daughter, when God intervenes in the world, through His chosen prophets, the Word is like a Sword. It cuts straight to the heart and causes a dual reaction within the soul. On the one hand, it provides great insight and understanding, but on the other, it can be difficult to accept. This is because the Truth is never easy when it is received, as it can be painful.

 In a world in which Satan reigns as king, the Truth will always show the ugly side. It will cause anguish in the hearts of many. Wickedness nearly always comes dressed in a veneer of colour, but when it is stripped of all its attractive layers, what is left is a very ugly core.

Many people find it difficult to accept that certain acts or deeds are wicked, because of the deception of the devil. Every form of wickedness, created by the hand of Satan, is carefully camouflaged, so that it is easily justified in the minds of the innocent, who will accept such vile deceit without compunction. They will be none the wiser. What hope, you may ask then, does man have when he is seduced by the antichrist, who will be loved and idolized for his great acts of charity? The answer is prayer. Your hope lies in your prayers for when you pray for deliverance from evil, I will respond to your call.

My Love and your faith, combined, will become the Sword of Salvation, by which those innocent souls, who will be easily deceived by the beast, can be saved and then the Kingdom will be Mine. I Am coming soon to reclaim My Rightful Throne and so you must never lose hope.

 Your Jesus

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Mother of Salvation: Jesus was like you, in all things, except sin, for that would have been impossible

Well we won't know who these 7 fallen angels are until they make themselves known and in what capacity they present. They will have a direct link to this Mission no doubt. satan hates what This Mission is achieving, so he is sending 7 of 'his best'. We will remain as Mother of Salvation begs, close to Her Son. No matter what satan tries to dish out, he will not gain the upper hand. We have been chosen for this Mission in Truth and will not waiver from our task. satan can get all his minions in their thousands, it makes no difference.

We are warriors for Christ! We will take the charge onward no matter the Battle that rages! St Michael the Archangel holds the shield and sword to defend us! St Jean d'Arc holds the shield and sword to defend us! God has more clout with His Army of Heavenly Witnesses than satan can muster! With God on our side, we cannot be defeated!

The armoury God has given us is what we will defend ourselves with! We have all at our disposal, now onward Christian Soldiers! Take up your sword and shield, your Holy Rosary and all the prayers given us from Heaven! We are here to defend Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Our Saviour! He is by our side each moment! Never fear the enemy! But know who your enemy is and respond accordingly with the Name of Jesus, above all other names!

Mother of Salvation: Jesus was like you, in all things, except sin, for that would have been impossible

Friday, April 11th, 2014 @ 15:22

 My dear child, seven fallen angels will attack this Mission and they will attempt to deceive God’s children from remaining true to His Remnant Army. They will appear to those who they deceive as being angels of the Light, when, in fact, they are anything but.

Satan’s power is very strong and his presence in the world is evident as he singles out all of his devotees, to encourage them to flaunt his presence. He does this through music, religions, which are not of my Son, Jesus Christ, and through those who pose behind so-called holy groups, who idolize the beast and his domain on Earth.
 Children, you must always follow my Son, through all He taught during His Time on Earth. His Holy Word is sacrosanct and it is all that you need to know, if you are to follow His Path to Eternal Life. You must keep focused on your desire to gain Eternal Life and therefore live your lives as my Son has shown you. Never accept anything which casts doubt on His Divinity. The man who dares to declare untruths about my Son does not have the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and is therefore unworthy to define all that my Son is.

My Son is your Divine Saviour, Who lowered Himself to become man. When He was born, the Word became Flesh and so Jesus Christ was a man, in every way. Jesus was like you, in all things, except sin, for that would have been impossible. The Son of God was sent to redeem humanity and save each of you from the death, which comes from enslavement to Satan. His Divinity is All-Powerful, All Good, All Impenetrable and to deny His Divinity is to deny the Power of God. When you do this, you are declaring your allegiance to the devil.

Children, you must recite this Crusade Prayer and call on me your Mother to protect you from the deceptions which will be placed before you, in order to encourage you to deny the Power of God.

 Crusade Prayer (146) Protection against deception
 Dear Mother of Salvation, protect me with the Grace of protection against deceptions, created by Satan to destroy the faith of Christians. Protect us against those who are the enemies of God. Keep us safe from lies and heresy, used to weaken our love for your Son. Open our eyes to untruths, deception and every attempt we may encounter to encourage us to deny the Truth. Amen.

 Thank you for responding to my call to warn you of the great deception, which will soon descend over my Son’s Church on Earth.

 Your beloved Mother

  Mother of Salvation

My most esteemed Bishop will be the subject of a terrible miscarriage of justice

Oh this won't be something I for one will stomach! I cannot imagine witnessing a 'hand signal' instead of the Sign of The Cross and then have it done in front of a portrait of the antichrist! Can we truly imagine this?! The Horror of all horrors! Such apostasy! Then our poor Holy Father Pope Benedict will be scorned and scourged in a final attempt by satan to present him as fodder for the world to mock! They will portray him as someone who deceived us - oh Jesus don't let the false prophet and the antichrist have their way with our beautiful Bishop!

We pray that Jesus will make His faithful servants known to us, so we can take Refuge from this diabolical display to fall on the Church. Soon She will be unrecognisable! Some of us will be persecuted and dare I say, in some nations, punished severely for their 'contempt' at remaining loyal to Christ! I pray this doesn't happen! We must all cling to Christ!

Never sit in the pew at the time these abominations take place - Jesus told us to turn our back and flee! Get out of your church where this takes place - soon to be all churches. Don't sit there and take it, wincing and whining - just stand up and walk out and if courageous enough, tell them what is happening and who they are honouring - the beast! You know a couple of years ago before beginning Christ's Mission I would never have imagined what is about to take place - I loved my Catholic faith (still do of course) but I loved my Church, my parish.

Already I have been turned away from my own parish quite a while ago because I was 'too much hard work', though still have a parish to go to, but not for long. We are in the state of grieving! Now because we anticipate what will happen, but soon because it actually will happen! Some of us will become quite bitter through witnessing the changes.

I guess Jesus would want us to channel that bitterness into something of value to Him - speaking out and handing out His Seal of The Living God prayer cards and the Mother of Salvation Medals when they come! Use the emotional side of how we will feel to engage other souls to follow Christ above anything or anyone else. It has become our duty to respond! We took this Mission on with a heart open to do all Christ requires of us, so soon it will be time to be His Soldiers more than we already are!

 My most esteemed Bishop will be the subject of a terrible miscarriage of justice

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 @ 17:22

 My dearly beloved daughter, how My Heart is breaking because of the plight of My sacred servants and the difficult trials which they will have to face because of My enemies. My most esteemed Bishop will be the subject of a terrible miscarriage of Justice. Then, when he has been demonized, many of My sacred servants will be taken to task, should they dare to utter grievances against the new laws, which are not of Me and which they will have to witness being introduced into My Churches.

Many sacred servants will disappear and be imprisoned against their will. Others, who will have fled the enemy, will be hunted down and so they will need to plan for those days ahead, very carefully. It will not be long afterwards that the portrait of the antichrist will hang on every altar, while every trace of My Face, My Cross, the saints and the Sacraments will disappear without a trace. This dictatorship will be like those, which you have witnessed before, in nations where people are trampled upon. The worshipers in this, the new world religion, will be expected to bow before the image of the antichrist. These worshipers will bless themselves in front of this abomination, but it will not be the Sign of the Cross they will make – it will be by way of a hand signal. All those who bow to the beast will become his slave and they will turn on those who refuse to idolize him. They will betray even members in their own families and hand them over for punishment, such will be the power the beast will exert over them.

 I will bequeath to each of you, and especially My sacred servants, a form of protection against the power of the beast and I will instruct you every step of the way, along this harrowing path. I will send you brave servants of Mine, loyal bishops, priests and other sacred servants – all of Me – who will continue to serve Me. They will be blessed with Gifts, which will help you to remain in Me and for Me, so that you will be able to endure this oppression, until the day I come to salvage My people and take them into My Kingdom. Do not fear these times, as they will not be difficult if you accept My Hand of Mercy and learn to trust in Me, completely. I Bless you today, in the Name of My Father and I bequeath to each of you My Strength, Courage and Resilience, for you will need these, if you are to remain true Christians, loyal to My Holy Word.

 Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: My Son, Jesus Christ, will be betrayed by another Judas and one with great authority

Ecclesiastical masonry is rife throughout the hierarchy of the Church, but there are also those who are loyal to Jesus. It seems that one of these loyal servants will indeed betray Jesus just like Judas! We will be told to accept all the false doctrines brought before us otherwise face the same fate as those who wouldn't betray Christ. Well do what they will, my loyalty will remain with Jesus just like Veronica, just like Mary Magdalene!

We will not accept anything that Jesus did not Authorise and we know darn well that what He has already Taught us must never be tampered with. So if we know His Teachings, we know the Doctrines of the Church and we accept the Dogmas in faith, then they will have to do better than their miserable threats to get us to believe anything they muster and then guess what?

We still won't budge! Jesus is ours and we are His! Period!

 Mother of Salvation: My Son, Jesus Christ, will be betrayed by another Judas and one with great authority

 Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 @ 15:30

  My dear child, when Judas Iscariot betrayed my Son, Jesus Christ, it had far-reaching consequences. Because he was one of my Son’s closest allies, and as a member of His precious apostles, his betrayal was very painful for my Son. Because he, a traitor, came from within my Son’s Domain, this meant that doubts crept in amongst those who were unsure as to whether or not my Son was, indeed, the True Messiah. The doubts spread and many of His apostles and followers felt confused, lost and afraid. They knew that once He was seized by His enemies, the Truth would be questioned and then denied. They also knew that, were they to defend my Son publicly, they would also suffer and could have ended up having to endure the same punishment meted out to Him. They knew also that they would not have had the courage to stand defiantly against His enemies, for fear of ridicule.

 So, will the betrayal of my Son, from within His Church on Earth be the same. My Son will be betrayed by another Judas and one with great authority, from within His Church on Earth. When this, the second greatest betrayal, since Judas Iscariot sold my Son for thirty pieces of silver, takes place, it will make people of every race, nation and Christian faith, question the Truth. This betrayal will also have far-reaching consequences, because it will bring into question every single aspect of my Son’s Divinity. When this happens, the Truth will collapse. In its place, a corpse will be raised up, rotten to the core, without any sign of life. A dead doctrine will be raised and dressed up with all the false attributes associated with my Son, but it will bear no fruit. Yet, it will seem like a new conversion.

 True conversion comes from people’s love for God, powered by the Gift of the Holy Spirit and by their own free will. This new doctrine will be foisted upon the world, without your free will. Reject it and you will be punished by my Son’s enemies.

 Those who betray my Son in the final days will have no life. Those who don’t betray Him will live forever in the Glory of God.

Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity

It looks like we will be witnessing false gestures or gestures of irreverence this Holy Week, even more so that last year! Jesus says watch for those who do not make humble gestures lying prostrate before His Holy Cross and placing their lips with a SEALED KISS upon His Feet! This is a vital clue as to what those with no humility will not do! Watch that last year the false prophet didn't seem to kiss The Corpus on the Cross, more or less placed his face very near to Jesus' Knees! What will he do this year to denigrate Christ? Not only the false prophet but other leaders and servants. The cracks will appear Jesus says from this Holy Week. Much will change from now on.

Those of us and I sure hope that includes me, will see the hallmarks of their shift away from Christ and His Crucifixion - the tampering of His Holy Word which He has NEVER given Authority to anyone to do and the Holy Sacraments made unholy! His Passion will be mocked in SUBTLE ways - so keep a stern eye on what you see in the media of the broadcasts from the Vatican! Already we've seen the false prophet  'Hollywood up'' the 'canonisations' of John Paul II and John XXIII with stupid 3 dimensional holographic rubbish! What on earth?! Mockery alright! But more so to Christ in the ways which will be presented to us as seemingly harmless, tolerant and humanistic gestures - not so harmless!

Jesus will end up with His Crucified Bride at His Feet - just like Our Lady had Jesus in the Pieta! We are in the midst of traitors in the Church! Pray for the good and holy servants who know the Truth and do not want to be party to this Apostasy! They need our prayerful support always!

 You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity

 Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 @ 20:20

  My dearly beloved daughter, those who are My enemies are not those who do not believe in Me. No, they are the ones who know well Who I Am, but who hate Me. Not all of them understand why they hate Me, but they can be divided into two camps.

The first group dislikes the Truth. They enjoy participating in sinful pursuits, justify every wicked deed and act, and satisfy only their own lusts, at the expense of others’ needs. They care only for themselves and imitate every trait of the devil. Then, there are those who know Who I Am and What I Am, but who completely reject Me, in favour of Satan, under whose spell they have become entrapped. These are the people who will do, not only everything which is the opposite to what I taught them, but who will always insult Me, at every opportunity.

 Just as satanic worship involves symbols, these traitors of Mine will taunt Me, by placing such wicked symbols of the devil before Me. For every ritual they participate in, in order to worship Satan, they will desecrate My Cross and everything to do with My Passion. You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity. Soon, those of you with eyes that can see the Truth will be able to distinguish between those who truly serve Me and those who do not.

Those sacred servants who are loyal to Me, will honour Me during Holy Week, by their humble gestures, including lying prostrate before My Holy Cross and placing their lips with a sealed kiss upon My Feet. Their focus will be all about Me, Jesus Christ, My death on the Cross and My Promise to redeem man from sin. But know this. From Holy Week, this year, the cracks will appear and the meaning of My Crucifixion will be twisted. New interpretations will be presented before the faithful and lies will pour forth from the mouths of My enemies. My Passion will be mocked in subtle ways and will not be immediately apparent. But when the focus moves from My death on the Cross and when strange gestures take place in My Churches, you will know that this is the beginning of the dismantling of My Church on Earth.

When Satan attacks humanity, his first focus will always be on the family, because the family represents all that is of My Father. He will destroy marriages, change the meaning of what marriage is, encourage abortion, seduce people into committing suicide and he will divide and break up families. Then he will destroy and break up My Family – My Church on Earth, for that is what he swore he would do to Me at the final hour. He has already begun to dismantle My Church and he will not stop, until it has collapsed in a heap at My Feet. My Father has permitted a destroyer, in the form of the antichrist, to do this, but only so far can he go. My Church is My Family and, while a large proportion of God’s children will leave to follow a restructured false church, many will still cling to Me and so My Church – My Body – cannot die.

 Please do not desert Me, My beloved followers. You must not succumb to this deviousness. If you love Me, you must remind yourselves of everything that I taught you. Accept nothing new, when it comes to My Holy Word. I will never condone one word that did not come from My Sacred Lips. Nor should you. You are either for Me or against Me. Accept any new interpretation of My Word, which is contained in Holy Scriptures, and you will betray Me. Once you do this, you will swallow a whole new doctrine, which will destroy your soul. I love you and if you truly love Me you will always remain loyal to My Word, which will never change.
 Anyone who says that he comes in My Name – be he a sacred servant, a leader in My Church or a prophet – and declares My Word to be a lie, is not of Me.

 Your Jesus

Those who try to uphold the Word, within My Churches, will be silenced by expulsion

Jesus: "You, My followers, will be declared heretics for disobeying the new rules, which will soon be laid down by My Church. You will be told that My Church cannot err and so, even when you uphold the Truth, you will be isolated. My Church will never err. My chosen leaders will never err, but when an imposter seizes power, you must not follow him, when he declares the Truth to be a lie. 

You will know, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, when that day dawns. And, on that day, you must follow Me, your Jesus. Pray for My Courage, so that I can sustain you, because you will need nerves of steel to remain true to Me, when the world will be coerced into falling flat, in complete surrender of free will, before the antichrist. "

All the changes have been carefully orchestrated in the back rooms! The plans of those in power will soon be seen manifested to lay the groundwork for the antichrist to enter. Church will be aligned with politics. Laws will come into effect that dictate the way we worship and of course that worship will be to honour the beast! 

Jesus asks us to please pray for HIS COURAGE and stay very close to His Instructions. He is Our Leader, Our Guide! Those imposters who call themselves the ecclesiastics of the Church do not honour Christ. There is no coincidence in seeing Church hierarchy engage with political leaders! Who met the Queen of England recently? Who met Prince Abdullah of Jordan recently? HMMM!

Stay firm in your faith! Stay close to Jesus! Stick to the Truth at any cost! If you are expelled from your Parish - take it as a Blessing that they won't suck you into their vortex of deception! We will give Jesus our entire being!

Those who try to uphold the Word, within My Churches, will be silenced by expulsion

Monday, April 7th, 2014 @ 19:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, the seeds have been sown and every detail of the plan, to prepare the world for the antichrist, has been completed. Every change, which you will witness in the world of politics and My Church on Earth are linked – as is every gesture made between nations – as is every law that defies God’s Laws. It is no coincidence that such laws are being introduced, around the world, at such speed as they are now, for they have been orchestrated carefully.

 New, sudden announcements, regarding the forging of links between State and Church, where their laws become entwined, will be sprung upon you. Those who try to uphold the Word, within My Churches, will be silenced by expulsion. No mercy will be shown to those who try to defend My Church, because My enemies will declare the opposite to be true. You, My followers, will be declared heretics for disobeying the new rules, which will soon be laid down by My Church. You will be told that My Church cannot err and so, even when you uphold the Truth, you will be isolated. My Church will never err. My chosen leaders will never err, but when an imposter seizes power, you must not follow him, when he declares the Truth to be a lie.

You will know, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, when that day dawns. And, on that day, you must follow Me, your Jesus. Pray for My Courage, so that I can sustain you, because you will need nerves of steel to remain true to Me, when the world will be coerced into falling flat, in complete surrender of free will, before the antichrist.

Your Jesus

My final Plan to gather My Church into My Refuge is about to be revealed

Jesus says: "My final Plan to gather My Church into My Refuge is about to be revealed. When I instruct you, you will need great strength and perseverance, for your foe will be the antichrist – and his army, sadly, will be bigger than Mine in size. And so, this will be daunting for you – but know this. It will not have the Power of God behind it and it will never overcome you, once you remain faithful to My Word. Go in peace and await My instructions."

We must be patient and trusting each day! Jesus will Instruct us from Heaven. So much to be considered as we see the changes coming. None of us are absolutely sure that we have the strength, courage and commitment, but can I please encourage all of us to keep praying? No other time in history has prayer meant this much for humanity - our Salvation is at stake. With all the Crusade Prayers and Litany Prayers now, surely we can find an hour a day to satisfy Jesus that our help to Him is at hand?

Please don't let Our Saviour down! Please show Him your allegiance and unwaivering loyalty!

We can wallow away in fear and trepidation in our 'human' moments, but we must pick ourselves up and ask Jesus to strengthen us in all the ways that matter most!

The antichrist is about to start his last campaign and it's going to be big, so get ready and know that it isn't going to be pretty!

Where would we be without this knowledge each time from Heaven Guiding us through these end times. When Jesus says 'years' don't get disheartened, years could be more than 1 year, but not as many as 5. Still want to hold the Centennial of Fatima in 2017 as significant in Mary's Heel crushing that little toad's head!

 My final Plan to gather My Church into My Refuge is about to be revealed

 Saturday, April 5th, 2014 @ 18:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, I desire to give courage and fortitude to each of you, who have been given the Gift of discernment to recognise My Voice, as I speak to the world through these Messages.

 As you, My Remnant, march forward, in union with My Church on Earth, you will soon see many people withdraw from the Holy Sacraments. This will be upsetting for you and will then become a torment, because soon they will be desecrated and will no longer be the same Sacraments, which I gave the world. You must never waste time, if you truly believe that I Am speaking with you. Go – gather My priests and those who respond to My Call. Then prepare for the years ahead, so they can feed My flock with the Food of Life, when there will be no trace of My Presence left.

When all that is of Me and of Who I Am is taken out of My Churches, all that will be left will come from all that I Am not. The devil incarnate will enter My Church and he will infest everyone who bows before him and worships him. He will devour souls for eternity and you must remain alert at all times, for those times which lie ahead. Do not leave yourselves open to heresy, which will invade My Church from both within and from outside of it. You are being prepared now, so you must follow all that I will tell you, so you can save My Church, in so much as you can, from My enemies.

 My final Plan to gather My Church into My Refuge is about to be revealed. When I instruct you, you will need great strength and perseverance, for your foe will be the antichrist – and his army, sadly, will be bigger than Mine in size. And so, this will be daunting for you – but know this. It will not have the Power of God behind it and it will never overcome you, once you remain faithful to My Word.

 Go in peace and await My instructions.
 Your Jesus

They will lead millions of Catholics into grave error and My Churches will lose their Sanctity

Oh boy! Jesus is really laying it out flat for us to listen! Priests have to get a grip of this Apostasy about to head up in the Church! Whoever reads these Messages as a way to 'keep and eye on the 'heresy' within the Messages' better start taking the scales from the eyes! This is reality! You will see this unfold right before your eyes! What we will witness is a 'takeover'. The most treacherous coup in the history of mankind! Who will head this will be the false prophet (and we know who that is!) and his close buddy the antichrist!

Sin will be seen as 'being in the eye of the beholder' - wait wasn't that what we used to say was beauty? Oh so satan being ugly to the bone will change what we always said beauty was to being sin. So sin will be acceptable to anyone who just thinks 'hey, so what!' Well it won't be acceptable to those who remain True to Jesus - no way, not on our watch! The fallout for society's breakdown will be horrendous - anarchy, immorality, debauchery, business shams, riots, the list will be endless! And that is what we will witness.

I for one will be desisting from watching 'the news' on TV! So how do we remain positive in all this? WE PRAY! and we continue to pray! We search for a Refuge priest led by Mother of Salvation where we can hear the Mass done as Jesus taught, receive the Sacraments just as He instituted! Don't go to your average Parish church, most likely it will be so entrenched in this rot that to do so would be sending yourself to the slaughterhouse!

If you have been Blessed with a priest who is fighting for Truth, then hold close to him and pray for him not to waiver because the priests will be in the frontline and like Jesus has told us, half will turn their backs on Him and succumb to the evil lies and sacrileges! All because they get mesmerised by the false prophet with his new 'evangelisation' and 'ecumenical' vile corruptions!

Humanitarian and human respect topics will be what he sprouts, free-for-all 'communions' and 'sacraments' until he wipes those off the list too! Then bring on the new world religion! All pagan! all satanic! All devisive and communistic in it's facets! The list goes on! Where is Jesus in all this? Where is Blessed Mother of Salvation? RIGHT BY OUR SIDES! Keep praying! Please!

Our Crusade Prayers and Litany Prayers, Our Holy Rosaries, and Divine Mercy Chaplets - each day, no fail! They will Guide us! They will Instruct us! We will not be left alone to take all the burden! Jesus has Promised - those who remain True to Him without unwaivering will remain under His Protection! Those who mislead, thwart or encourage others to no tgo near or leave the Truth of this Mission will face the greatest punishment by Christ's Hand!

How many do we already know and in some cases been friends with who are now opposing this Mission in the most diabolical way? So very sad, but we pray for their souls - they are in such a perilous state!

They will lead millions of Catholics into grave error and My Churches will lose their Sanctity

 Friday, April 4th, 2014 @ 23:20

 My dearly beloved daughter, prophecies are not revealed to man, by God, to create sensation. They are given to prepare humanity for their future in My Kingdom, so that they can be forewarned of potential dangers to their souls. Every Intervention by the Command of My Father, in your lives, is for your own good and that of other souls.

 My Prophecies, given to you, My daughter, have well and truly commenced. The imposters have taken control, from within, and they will continue to fool the world into believing that a new doctrine – one where changes to the existing Holy Doctrine, laid down by God, have been made – can be amended, to suit the lives of all men and all religions. Beware of the word “ecumenical” or any attempt to take My Church on Earth and strip it of its Divinity.

 He who tampers with the Liturgy is not an authentic servant of Mine and yet, that is exactly what will happen. And what will My sacred servants do? They will bow their heads, raise their arms in glorious praise for the new false doctrine and deny All that I gave the world. Their love of worldly matters; their desire to be admired and their lofty ambitions will strip them of their vows. They will become traitors and turn their backs on Me. They will lead millions of Catholics into grave error and My Churches will lose their Sanctity. Soon after, as the kernel of My Church is desecrated, they will gather all other Christian faiths and devise new ecumenical sects, which will lead to the public declaration, which will deny the existence of Hell. Then, working backwards, in exactly the opposite direction to the Truth, all the faithful will be told that sin is in the eye of the beholder and that, because of original sin, it is impossible to avoid it. Therefore, you will be told, it is not something to worry about. Sin itself will be redefined. Once that happens, all sense of morality will die. When morals are no longer deemed to be important, then sin will become rampant. Sin will spread, escalate, until society will break down and for those who will remain true to My Church – the True Church – it will be a sight of horror to witness.

 People will boast of sin, openly flaunt their lack of morality and the new world religion will dictate that sin will never block you or damage you, in the Eyes of God. The god they will refer to is Satan, but they will never tell you this. To mock Me, they will present you with the antichrist, who will be enthusiastically received, because he will be applauded by the false prophet and idolized by him. The antichrist will do everything that contradicts My Teachings, but he will do it with charisma and charm. Millions will adore him. He will be all that I Am not. He will fool so many, that it will be easy for him to lead God’s children into heresy and terrible desolation.

 I Am preparing you all for this day. It is very difficult for many of you to hear this news, but it is the Truth. The Truth will free your souls from death. Fight the Truth and nothing good will come from this – only despair. Prevent others from remaining loyal to My Church, by encouraging them to follow the heresy, which is about to be inflicted upon the world by My Church, from within, and you will be thrown to the lions. Those who destroy the souls of others, by force, face the greatest punishment by My Hand.

Accept the Truth and prepare yourselves. Follow Me and I will lead you safely to My Kingdom. Follow the beast and he will lead you and those you bring with you into the fires of Hell for eternity.

 Your Jesus

As long as love thrives, the human race can survive

A Gift of Love! Wow! This is given by Jesus to us so that when we recite this prayer, we will overcome any hatred or spite within us for anyone else. We will feel unable to hate! Now there's a virtue we could use! So we must avail ourselves to pray this prayer with a full heart to allow Jesus to manifest the Gift of Love within our hearts and souls. Once that Gift is given and received with gratitude and love, it cannot be taken away.

Especially say this prayer in our Crusade Prayer Groups. Maybe make it one of the daily ones. The world can be a very different place if we but begin with ourselves. Imagine all those hate sites we see on facebook! They would all start loving eachother! A miracle!

Anyone who sees hatred written towards anyone, should just paste this prayer in the thread and pray that they accept it, recite it and become Gifted by it. Voila! No more hate on facebook! Then we need to work on what happens around us of course!

As long as love thrives, the human race can survive

 Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 @ 17:11

  My dearly beloved daughter, love is one of the most powerful Gifts from God. As long as love thrives, the human race can survive. Love transcends all evil, division and hatred, for it is of God, Who is Almighty, and no force of evil can destroy it completely.

 When a soul is truly close to My Heart, I will fill it with love. I will engulf that person with this Gift and because of this, they will find it impossible to hate another person, including those who torment them. Love, when present in a soul, is used by God to draw other souls to Him. It is used to bring joy and comfort to those in need and who suffer. It is a Grace, however, and is accorded to those souls, chosen so that they will share it with others, for the Glory of God. Oh what joy these souls bring Me when they accept Love, without condition, from Me. When they welcome My Presence, with open hearts and allow Me to flood their souls, these souls become My vessels and like a good wine, they will fill and satisfy the souls of those who are thirsty for My Presence.

 Love is the way in which I communicate to the world, until the Great Day when I will come to reclaim My Kingdom. When there is true love present, I Am there. When there is no love, My Presence is withdrawn. Many people shut Me out and therefore are incapable of feeling the fullness of the Gift of Love, as it should be.

 I promise all of you that I will spread the Gift of My Love through this Mission. My Love will be a distinguishing feature and all those who respond to My Call will be enveloped with My Love, when they recite this Crusade Prayer:

 Crusade Prayer (145) Fill me with Your Gift of Love

 Dearest Jesus, fill me, an empty vessel, with the Gift of Your Love. Flood my soul with Your Presence. Help me to love others as You love me. Help me to be a vessel of Your Peace, Your Calm and Your Mercy. Open my heart always to the plight of others and give me the Grace to forgive those who reject You and who trespass against me. Help me to proclaim Your Love through example, as You would do were You in my place. Amen.

 I will touch the souls of everyone, who allows Me entry. Love will bring you eternal happiness. By accepting My Love, without question and with an open heart, you will bring Me great joy. My Gift is now yours and I desire that you place the Gift of Love before you in everything you do, as and from this day forth. In this way you will help to defeat the hatred, which infests humanity and which comes from Satan. With this Gift of Love, I pour out, all over you, a special Blessing; a Blessing which is unique and powerful, which you will feel when you recite this Prayer and especially in a Crusade Prayer Group, which is especially important in this, My Mission of Salvation.

  Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: The conversion, Promised by my Father, will begin this month

Blessed Mother of Salvation is here for us all! We are being told very important information here - that the Holy Spirit Promised by God the Father will pour down on those souls that are furtherest away from His Son. 

The implication of this great Outpouring will have far reaching effects for those who have lacked love for God in their lives and who have denied He even Exists. 

Can you imagine?

We will see and hear much more conversations about Jesus and faith around us. They might be filled with tattoos! They might have piercings where we never thought possible! Jewellery which defies Christianity! Of course I am being facetious here - they will most likely look like you and me! But guess what!

Jesus loves these souls! He will not be without them! 

They are being given the most wonderful, Divine Gift from God - a chance for their Redemption and their conversion will bring many others who also struggle with faith to come back to Him! 

But there is a down side! 

satan had these souls up til now - so he is really cranky! he will do anything he can to prize them away from Jesus! satan though, being Mother's great Adversary, doesn't know about the 'Ace' She has under Her Mantle!


 This Crusade Prayer #144 has more Power than he can muster! 

We are encouraged to please pray this prayer because the Event of Mercy will begin this month for all those 'blissfully' unaware that they are chosen by God the Father to be His spokespeople for the Word of God to many! 

Oh my goodness! This will be the ripple in the very large pond we have been waiting for - He will the choose the atheists and those who have darkened souls to their conversion! 

Yippee! Jesus loves them all! What a Gift!  Pray for them! They will be on a Mission for Christ in the most profound way!

Mother of Salvation: The conversion, Promised by my Father, will begin this month

 Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 @ 16:27

  My child, the conversion, Promised by my Father, will begin this month and will spread across the world by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Souls will be spared and great Mercy will be shown by my Son, to the most hardened sinners.

Many people, who have no belief in God and live their lives as if there is no Eternal Life, will be the first people my Father desires to be shown the Light of the Truth. These people are very much loved and their lack of belief will be replaced by a love and a longing for reconciliation with Jesus Christ, Who was forsaken by them. The souls of those who have committed terrible sin and who are infested by the influence of the devil will be next. They will be given great Graces and my Son’s Mercy will pierce their hearts, so suddenly, that their conversion will be instant. So unexpected will this Miracle be, that when they begin to spread the news of the Gospels, many will sit up and listen to them.

 It will be because of the conversion of the most afflicted, that many more souls can and will be saved. It will then be up to all those who already follow the Truth, as to whether or not they desire to remain loyal to my Son and to His Teachings. It will be these souls who will suffer the most, for they are of God and because of this, every effort will be made by the evil one to torment them with doubts about the Truth. These are the souls who will be drawn away from my Son and the ones the evil one covets the most.

 For the protection of the faith of Christians everywhere, please recite this Crusade Prayer:

 Crusade Prayer (144) To protect the Christian Faith

 O Mother of Salvation, please intercede on behalf of the souls of Christians all over the world.

Please help them to preserve their faith and to remain loyal to the Teachings of Jesus Christ. Pray that they will have the strength of mind and spirit to uphold their faith at all times.

 Intercede, dear Mother, on their behalf, to open their eyes to the Truth and to give them the Grace to discern any false doctrine, presented to them in the Name of your Son.

Help them to remain true and loyal servants of God and to renounce evil and lies, even if they have to suffer pain and ridicule because of this.

 O Mother of Salvation, protect all your children and pray that every Christian will follow the path of the Lord, until his dying breath. Amen.

 Children, Jesus loves everyone. He will always fight to protect you from harm and He will intervene in the most extraordinary ways to protect you from every evil, in the days of darkness, which you will have to endure in His Name. Trust in me, your beloved Mother, as I will intercede on your behalf to bring you closer to my Son during the trials ahead.

 Thank you for responding to this Call from Heaven.

 Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

 Mother of God

It was for these poor souls that I cried Tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane

Share, share, share as much of our faith journey particularly encompassing this Mission with all we come in contact with. If you run a timeline on facebook, I encourage you to post the Messages as they come in. If you friend someone on facebook, give them a little reason for your love for this Mission and why Jesus Invites them to join in His Remnant Army.

Encourage them to pray the Crusade Prayers as they are most important and let them know that on facebook alone the current number of those who have given their 'fiat' to Christ to carry out this most valuable work to help Him Salvage souls. Then write the web address for the Warning website so they can discern and pray while visiting.

This social media is a network. A network is a 'branching out'.

If we all spread His Word through this media, then imagine how many souls would be 'seeded' with this information. We all need this preparation, without it, will make the events very difficult. Always promote the Seal of The Living God to help them understand God's Promise to protect those of us who pray the Crusade Prayer #33 each day in commitment for our love for God.

Now and then place the photo of the Seal on your timeline.

All these little ways of bringing this Good News to our prospective friendships will pave the way for them to help themselves and their families and friends. Also when posting on your timeline, make those posts regarding this Mission 'public' that way they will appear on Newsfeed and reach many more who we didn't know about.

Use this precious tool at our disposal well for Jesus - satan will hate us all the more for it!

This is what we want - Right?!

It was for these poor souls that I cried Tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 @ 21:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, sometimes the speed and growth of this Holy Mission can be overwhelming. It is important that My Word is heard in all countries and that the Crusade of Prayer Groups are set up in every nation and especially in countries where I Am not revered.

Never allow the intensity of this Word to overshadow the reason why I must reach out to the world. I want even the most hardened of souls, who have no desire to allow the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts, to listen and to hear what I say and to understand, My Promise.

My Plan of Salvation is not the preserve of the most faithful – it is for everyone, including those whose blackened souls may disgust you. It was for these poor souls that I cried Tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. They were the souls of the bitter, the lost – the lovers of the beast, which were displayed before Me, by Satan. He showed Me how many would still reject Me, despite My offering up to God of My willingness and My Desire to redeem the world by My death on the Cross. My Pain for these souls is excruciating and you, My daughter, must never ignore My Desire to reach out to non-believers. No matter how you are despised; spat at and cursed, you must rise above the hatred, which will always be leveled at this Mission and bring Me these souls, no matter what the cost. Bring Me My beloved followers and then those who do not know Me or those who may not know Me. Then bring Me the souls of those who hate Me. This must be the goal of each of you. When you bring Me these poor sorrowful souls I will bequeath to them great Graces, so that I can draw them into My Mercy.

 When you look around you and see the souls of those with whom you come into contact, who are oblivious to My Plan to come again, you must reach out to them and consecrate them to Me. You will bring Me great comfort and joy when you do this, for then I can do anything to unite all souls anywhere.

 Go and multiply for the way has been prepared. It has been a short time since I first called out to the world, through this Mission. Yet, it has been an arduous journey and now all paths will subdivide and branch out so that not one nation will be excluded, such is My Mercy.

 Your Jesus

God the Father: Earthquakes will strike your cities

The God of all, of the flesh, of the soul, of all forms of life is Speaking with His Heart full of sorrow, anger and sadness! He is a Father Who is bringing us to prepare for The Final Day of Reckoning.
But He is telling us in no uncertain terms, that His Hand will fall heavily on humanity, in our nations, in our cities.

Is this cause for alarm? It certainly should be! 

What does it take for man to stop his evil doing! To stop his treachery opposing God's Creative Power! What will it take for humanity to stop killing! Why are the 10 Commandments being thought of as a joke, a legend! 

God has told us throughout Scripture, through His Son that we shall not kill. Only God gives life, only He can take it away. 

Abortion! Murdering God's Little Creations is the sin so abhorrent to God that it defies belief, why we have been permitted this long on the earth without His Retribution!
Those who suicide are thought of so honourably as being courageous and heroic! Is that how humanity decides to view murder - after all it is the murder of oneself! There is nothing courageous about it. One does not give credit to God for one's own life or that life ahead has it's own Promise of Life Eternal in Paradise if it is decided to end one's life. 

Euthanasia is murder! I couldn't put down my dog this last week without backing out several times over the past weeks and still finding the decision heartwrenching - but that was a dog. We are talking about human life!

By who's authority is any one given to switch off those horrid machines that synthesise the life that God has deemed the time to return to Him? He gave us intelligence to create such technology but we chose to use it to replace God's Omnipotent Power.

Life is fragile, but through technology life can be enhanced, extended, tested, genetically modified and aborted! How is that honouring God? Any wonder this Message is a wake up! 

God has been pushed to the limit with the sinfulness of His children. He has taken a long time by our standards to finally choose the time that He will no longer tolerate humanity's depravity any longer. Why should He?! 

Now we will reap what we have sown. Our nations, our cities will bear the brunt of His Anger! He will purify this earth and humanity! 

Jesus has begged us to get our souls in order, to cleanse from our wretchedness, so we have been prepared and warned! 

God is the Author of Life! God is Supreme! 

No other advances of intelligence will ever come close! No other life but what we have on earth has been Created by Him. What foolish lies we will be told in regards to life forms outside of Earth! More the fool who believes it! 

Pray! Pray! Pray! Time has just about run out to get our souls in the state pleasing to God. He will spare those who are committed to His Son!

Where is our commitment!?

 God the Father: Earthquakes will strike your cities

  Monday, March 31st, 2014 @ 14:00
 My dearest daughter, the time has come when man, having sinned and blemished himself in My Eyes, for so long, will now sink into the final depths of depravity, when he will strive to destroy all that is sacred of Mine.

All life comes from Me. Life of the soul is Mine. Life of the flesh is also of Me. Let no man interfere with either – lest his own life be taken away by Me. Of that you can be sure. Every form of life, which has been brought forth by My Hand, will be killed at the hands of wicked men. They will take life away from those in the womb and declare this to be a form of human right. You, My children, do not have the right to destroy the life of My children – either before or after they are born – and if you do, then you will suffer a terrible chastisement. Without reconciliation and a failure to repent for this sin of abomination, I will destroy you, as well as those countries, which encourage this evil. When you destroy your own life, you offend Me, for it does not belong to you and only I have the right to give life and take it away, in My Time. By tampering with life of the flesh, you interfere with My Divinity and I will never stand back and ignore such an affront to My Creation.

 When the taking of life is not enough, man will deviously attack the life of the soul, by bringing death to My Holy Word, upon which he will trample until he grinds every part, so that it will become like gravel under his feet. Then man, arrogant and full of his own warped view of his abilities, will attempt to seek a new planet to find a new home for humanity, although this is impossible. The Gift of the very soil, upon which I placed humanity, will be deemed not to be sufficient for man’s needs. And so it will continue – this march towards self-destruction. Man will be the author of his own demise. He will systematically destroy all that is sacred to Me.
 The Gift of life, given by Me to every creature of Mine, will be stolen from Me, by man, without a shred of remorse. He will condone every part of his murderous intent, by declaring the taking of life to be a good thing. Death, by abortion, is the greatest insult of all and I warn humanity that Justice will be Mine, for I will no longer allow you to curse Me in this way.
 Earthquakes will strike your cities and for every nation that condones the taking of life, you will feel the wake of My Anger, as I strike your grievous and hateful hearts. Those who seek remorse for this wrongdoing will be spared, but know that not one nation amongst you will escape this chastisement.

The death of My Church will not be tolerated, as man, along with the false leaders he will slavishly follow, will destroy the Sacraments and recreate them, so that they will disappear. I will pull down your temples and your churches as you continue your desecration of My Son’s Body. You scourged Him, mocked Him and persecuted His followers – until you savagely murdered Him, when you crucified Him. Still, you have not learned. Your lack of humble servitude, to He Who gave you life, brought you Redemption and Who now attempts to prepare you for the Great Day, disgusts Me.

 I Am Sorrowful. I Am Saddened and I Am Angry, for you have finally succeeded in killing every form of life I gave you. I refer to both life of the flesh and life of the soul. The life I gave you is no longer enough, so I will take it back on the Last Day, from those of you who have thrown it back at Me. While your act of war against Me, the Creator of the World, of all that is, continues, I will only permit your wicked acts of destruction to last for a very short time.

 I give you, now, the time to examine the sins of humanity against everything I hold sacred, so that you can atone for the sins of the world. The final battle has begun and much life – the Gift of life created by Me – will be destroyed by man. And for that I will punish the world.

 Your Father

 God the Most High

Oh woe to those chosen by the Lord to serve Him in the last days, for they will not be awake to My Call

Lord Jesus we are not worthy to be called forth to help bring Salvation to souls, but in our unworthiness and recognition of that unworthiness, we have nothing else to offer You but our prayers, sufferings and personal sacrifices. We are sinners and we need to gain humility and love for God acceptable in His Eyes. We are broken, shattered and torn, but with all that we are and all that we have, we give it all to You to help You gain those who are lost.

There will come a time when Your sacred servants, those who have been chosen by You will still be blinded to Truth, will still follow those men they believe have all the power, but it will be for nought! It is time for the separation of the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, the sheath from the wheat. How Sorrowful You must be and how Your Mother's Tears flow from Her Cheeks. Her Sons have left Her out in the cold.

We pray that those priests with Marian devotion will somehow be strong enough to withstand the Apostasy and cling to Her Holy Mantle of Protection to keep them from falling over the precipice. We need strong and courageous, battle-ready priests willing to be on the frontline and ready to Shepherd their flock the Way You have always taught us!

Who will bat for You Lord out on the field of desolation?

Who will guard God's Word with jealousy?

Who will endure the trials ahead with unwaivering love and loyalty to You?

Please Jesus accept the prayers of your faithful and enkindle in us the Fire of Your Love. We will remain by Your Side during Your Calvary!

Oh woe to those chosen by the Lord to serve Him in the last days, for they will not be awake to My Call

 Sunday, March 30th, 2014 @ 20:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, you must never take for granted My Words to you, for they are given to you as an Act of Great Mercy. They are not given to the world because man is worthy, but rather because he is starving of the Word.

Every Gift given to man, through the intercession of My Mother, since My death on the Cross, was to help all sinners prepare for the Great Day. My Mother responded to the Divine Will of My Father when she gave birth to Me, the Saviour and Redeemer of the world. She, in turn, was appointed as the intercessor between man and the Divine Justice of God. It is her role to intercede on behalf of sinners, in order to warn them and to prepare them to receive Me, her Son, on the last Day.

 Every single apparition of My beloved and Blessed Mother, which took place in the world, was by the Authority of My Father. All that she foretold will now come to pass and all that she declared has been forgotten by most of My sacred servants, who have chosen to ignore her warnings.

 Oh woe to those chosen by the Lord to serve Him in the last days, for they will not be awake to My Call. Deaf and blind, they will follow a watered-down version of My Father’s Book and instead of the fruit they have been called to yield forth, nothing but rotten fruit will pour forth from their mouths. Haughty and arrogant, they have denied My Mother’s intercessions, her apparitions and her call to gather them, in order to bring them into the wisdom of the Heavenly Hierarchy, where Truth reigns as King. Truth has evaded them and, instead of prostrating themselves in naked humility before the Throne of God, they follow the rules of man - fallible man – who does not know the Truth of the Promises made by God to His people.

 The world today may have made great advances in medicine, in technology and in knowledge, but they have traded in the wisdom of what is necessary to enter My Kingdom in exchange for money, wealth and power. All things of this world – money, power, possessions, positions of power in government – are nothing in My Eyes. I can wipe them away with just one swipe of My Hand. Respect for human knowledge and advances in science are worthless, for they do not come from you – they are talents given to man from God because of His Love for His children. Were He to take them away, along with all the material comforts you have, what then would you be left with? Nothing.

 Those who know Me, truly, would care about nothing, because they know that when they are Mine, they will only gain relief when they trust in Me completely, because they know I would never leave them to fend for themselves. Why then do you seek out things that are not of Me – things that will never fulfil you? The more you reject Me and seek out empty promises, the more you will feel isolated, as the time comes for Me to divide the chaff from the wheat.

 The only choice you can make is to become a true child of God, without Whom you are nothing. It is not who you are, what position you hold in this life, what part you play that counts. It is only because you are loved by God that you will be saved. No man is fit to stand before Me. No man is so pure of soul that he can attain sainthood. No one amongst you can be elevated to My Kingdom on your merits. It is only because of My Mercy that you will be made worthy to live Eternal Life.

 Your Jesus

Every effort will be made by men of science to disprove the Existence of God over the next two years


Jesus tells us that science will claim that we were created through some scientific 'miracle'. Strange Jesus using the word "miracle'. 

We could suppose that science will do it's best to negate God in Creation to satisfy what they have pushed as an 'anti-christ' view. However this is where satan is plain stupid - a prong short of a pitchfork - the word 'miracle' comes from the 11th Century French root meaning "a wondrous work of God," from Old French miracle (11c.) 

By scientists' own admission, our Creation as they term 'scientific' 'miracle' is simply - A wondrous work of God! So where they think they will counter God the Creator to all and sundry, they will actually bring about God's Will on earth as It Is in Heaven, unbeknowns to them! 

Don't think that scientists for one moment are philanthropical - that isn't part of the DNA. They want to prove logic that cannot be deemed logical. They can all tell us that babies are this, that and the other and that is why we exist, but ask them how the first cell was created and they cannot answer. Why? Because they cannot explain the Mystery, that is God!

satan is just a tool! he hasn't got the power to bring about his domination entirely. It's only what God permits! God has it all in Hand.

Jesus is just making the point known, so we know what to expect and what to do when all this Apostasy occurs - take it seriously but don't be distracted by it to the point you introduce fear and lose focus on Him. 

Always hold fast to what you know is True - God is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. No other belief system can survive with God at the Helm! Pray for these poor misguided souls who will try their best to do satan's bidding.

 In the end our prayers are all that might save them.

Every effort will be made by men of science to disprove the Existence of God over the next two years

 Saturday, March 29th, 2014 @ 14:30

 My dearly beloved daughter, every effort will be made by men of science to disprove the Existence of God over the next two years. They will falsely claim that man can sustain life on other planets, apart from Earth. Earth is the only living part of the universe created by God for His children. But that is not the only reason that these claims will be made to prove that God does not Exist. They will proclaim man’s greatness; his intelligence and his advances in science, to dispel the notion that man was created by God. The greatest insult will be when they declare that man was created by a miracle of science. They will go to great lengths to prove that man is invincible and, yet, they will have no answer as to what happens after physical death of the body takes place, which every man has to face. This part will be ignored by those who lie and who deny God.

They will ridicule anyone who declares a belief in the Existence of Heaven or in their True Creator, God the Most High. And all during these public declarations, against the Truth, not one word will be uttered by those who claim to lead My Church. In the final days, religion will become a pagan concept, when adulation of the Earth, the sun, the moon and the stars will become the substitutes, when they pay homage to God.

 Most of the world will turn to paganism and bring death to their souls. Despite every Intervention by My Father, they will turn the other way. This is why My Father promised the world the Book of Truth, the unraveling of the Book of Revelation, to save your sorry souls. Man is stubborn. Man is proud, vain and the more advances he makes in science the less he knows and the more he removes himself from the Truth.

 Heed now My Word, for soon all that I taught you will be gradually withdrawn, stage by stage, from My Churches on Earth. The Word will be taken away from you, but I will never desert you, for I will always remain with you, guiding you, teaching you and filling you with My Love. You will always be in My Heart and it will be because of your love for Me that I will be able to salvage those who are lost. You, My beloved followers, are My link to God’s children and through your prayers, I will strive to unite the world. This is why you must never despair, even when all seems hopeless.

 Your Jesus