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If you are looking to read more about the Medal of Salvation please visit this blog that posted only the messages regarding the medal:

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The Seal of the Living God Scapular with the prayer printed in Latin

Book of Truth Volumes 1-5 in 13 languages incl. Croatian, Swedish, Dutch etc

Basic Rosary Guide for all Christians

Divine Mercy Chaplet for all Christians

Please listen to this beautiful rendition of Crusade Prayer (33) The Seal of The Living God by James Francis

This link is from a Nun who speaks about what Conchita said in Garabandal referring to a 'Synod' occurring just before the Warning - the Illumination of Conscience!

Please watch this one:

A community for people wishing to join in Crusade of Prayer Groups in their location - a place to ask questions and learn more about this important Mission. Please feel free to join!

List of Worldwide Websites & Blogs with all the Messages & Prayers given to Maria Divine Mercy

Seals in 43 Languages -
Mother of salvation

Seal Of The Living God for Mankind -

The Warning-Second Coming -

Idea Center to Work this Mission given to us through Maria Divine Mercy -

Jesus Calling Mankind -

Divinaemisericordiae –
The Book Of Truth Online -

Book of Truth All Messages and Prayers -

Book of Truth – Order here
Imminent Warning Jesus is Coming -

Crusade Prayer Group website -

Crusade Prayers in Audio –

Father of Love and Mercy -

The Remnant Army Info:

Seal of the Living God -

Heaven Speaks to Mankind -

Maria Divine Mercy Messages -

Mother Of Salvation -

JTM Files 2010 to 2015 -

Seals Sung -

Albanian Warning Second Coming Website -

Chinese Warning Second Coming Website -

Croatian Warning Second Coming Website -

Czech Warning Second Coming Website -

     Czech Warning Second Coming Website –

Danish Warning Second Coming Website -
     Danish Sandhedensbog –

Dutch Warning Second Coming Website-
     Dutch End Times Website -

French Warning Second Coming Website
     Le Sceau du Dieu Vivant à l'Humanite -

German Warning Second Coming Website -
     Das Buch der Wahrheit -

Greek Warning Second Coming Website -

Hungarian Warning Second Coming Website-

Indonesian Warning Second Coming Website -

Italian Warning Second Coming Website -

     Italian - Amici di Maria Divina Misericordia -

     Italian - Messaggi Divina Misei Cordia -  hc_location=ufi

     Italian Warning Second Coming Website
     Japanese Warning Second Coming Website -

Korean Warning Second Coming Website -

      Korean Warning Blog -
Lithuanian - Mevlatipas Moi -

     Lithuanian Warning Second Coming Website–

Philippines - Special Edition Book of Truth - Order here


Polish Warning Second Coming Website -

     Polish Warning Blog -

Portugese Warning Second Coming Website -

Romanian Warning Second Coming Website-

     Romanian - A DOUA VENIRE A LUI ISUS -

     Romanian - Noulcer Sinoul pamant -

 Slovaque Warning Second Coming Website -

     Slovaque Warning Second Coming Website –

     Slovak -Táto stránka je založená na šírenie posolstiev Márie Božieho Milosrdenstva. Viac tu -

     Slovak - Varovanie Ježiš ľudstvu -

Spanish -

      Spanish Crusade Prayer Videos-

"The Warning" -Maria Divine Mercy - Book of Truth -

Prophecies Book of Truth -

Lauran08 - Maria Divine Mercy Video Messages -

kapf2 Video Messages -

Mission of Salvation -

Mother of Salvation –

My Book of Truth -

Maria of Divine Mercy Friends -

Refuting Maria Divine Mercy Attacks -


Jesus Beloved Saviour - English, Polish, German & Russian

For up to date news from the Mission of Salvation -

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