Saturday, 21 July 2018

Cursed are those who curse Me

Jesus through the faith that we observe in each other whether good or bad, it is hard to imagine that someone would have the audacity to ARGUE with their Jesus! It is understandable we would argue with a policeman, maybe a parent, maybe even a priest, but to argue with You, Our Saviour Jesus Christ, is just leaving us bewildered! What do these people think if they allow themselves to defend their evil actions or wickedness to the One Who is Mighty? 

Pride and arrogance must run so deep for this to happen. We have come across our fair share on here while in the Mission, but really these people give us opportunities to pray for them! If we didn't have exposure to their pompous charade they have going on for their own self-grandeur, then we wouldn't know they were there to be prayed for. This is where God uses adversity for Good. 

Little by little through the Crusade and Litany Prayers as well as the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet being prayed each day, we are being 'trained' and 'formed' to respond like Jesus would like us to, to these poor souls who feel very big about themselves. Jesus loves them and He wants them to drop their pride, but there will come a day when the chances to redeem themselves will cease and then they will need to choose for themselves if they prefer their own company or Christ's. 

Let's continue to pray for lost, wayward, proud, arrogant, worldly, narcissistic, self-absorbed and all the other vices that exist in souls, so that Jesus can welcome each one of them into Paradise. 

We all deserve a very real chance to fall to our knees in True contrition and beg for His Mercy. If we can do this in humility and submission, then only those who can't manage it, will find things a little difficult to negotiate from there on.....and we will continue to pray!

 Cursed are those who curse Me

Saturday, October 18th, 2014 @ 14:20

 My dearly beloved daughter, the evil one has gripped the hearts of many who believe in Me, because of the easy access they give him to their souls.

 Satan tempts souls through the senses as well as through the sin of pride. Those who believe that their intelligence, and their knowledge of the Holy Word of God, gives them the right to judge others in My Name, greatly offend Me. Full of pride, their narcissism means they believe they have the right to scorn others and to spill venom in My Name. Be wary of those who curse others and then say that they are of Me, because they speak with a wicked tongue. On the day when I come, these souls will cower in fear and shield their eyes from My Light, which will blind them.

 Always trust in My Mercy, for I will always forgive those who come before Me with true remorse in their souls for everything they said, did and carried out, which insulted Me. Fear, though, My Justice for it will be terrifying. I do not apologise for this. Know that the proud and the mighty, who have lost Me the souls I crave, through the wicked influence they exerted over others, will suffer. They will tremble in fear before My Throne but still, they will argue with Me and defend their evil ways, in the mistaken belief, that I will listen to them.

 Cursed are those who curse Me. Blessed are those who live their lives in love for others and who follow My Teachings, even if this causes them pain. I will raise up the just, but I will crush the wicked who turn their backs on the Word of God. Anyone who causes pain to others, and especially in My Name, will have to account to Me on the Final Day.

  Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: Many will be stripped of their titles

His True Church the Remnant although small in number and weakened will remain intact through the Crucifixion of Christ's Bride on earth. Many of the situations which Jesus has been relaying to us through this Mission are beginning to become more clear each day. We can see the commencement of the destruction His Church will face as false doctrines and teachings will come to bear. We are grieving the Church but more-so we are grieving along with the good, holy sacred servants who too, are crying bitter tears as they see the Church they were ordained in becomes a train wreck. 

This train wreck for the Church is being assisted by those within who know what they are doing and who they are serving - and it isn't Jesus!

Those who are traditional, orthodox and stand for Truth will be shunned very soon. Already we have seen Cardinals sidelined and demoted to silence their opposition to changes being considered, soon-to-be introduced to doctrines, teachings and Sacraments.

Soon it will be 'free-for-all', ' come-as-you-are', humanitarian, charitable organization instead of Christ's Church for the espousal of Truth. A new world religion. A throne being prepared for the antichrist. Poor, poor Jesus is Suffering so much! 

So our prayers are for those who love Jesus and will testify always to Truth. Equally our prayers are for those who are torturing the Church and Her sacred servants in pursuit of their goal - they are souls precious to Christ and only prayer can assist them to reach their Salvation should they repent for their transgressions!

Jesus' holy sacred servants are battling the front lines. They are armed in combat against satan's forces upon the earth - inside the Church! Our prayers must sustain them through their suffering and trials. So difficult will it be made for them by those in the hierarchy, that many will be stripped of title and thrown out to fend for themselves. It isn't too far a stretch to feel that perhaps they will be saved by being thrown out. Because to remain will definitely expose them to a greater evil. Would these words have been uttered several years ago? This might have been on the radar, but surely we had no idea that this day would come before our eyes. Our priests having to flee to the Refuge of Christ's Sacred Heart for their only consolation!

There will come a day when these priests who stand firm with Christ, will need to be given shelter, food and availability to offer the Holy Mass and the Holy Sacraments by us in safety. Many of us in the Mission have set aside hosts for Holy Communion that these priests will need, but won't necessarily have access to. Any efforts we can make to allow them security and comfort will be appreciated. Jesus will show them The Way. 

Pray for our priests. Men who turned their backs on what society perceives as 'normal' but chose instead their own 'normal' which was to obey, honour and represent Christ on earth. We are so grateful to them.

Mother of Salvation: Many will be stripped of their titles

 Friday, October 17th, 2014 @ 15:30

 My dear children, please pray for my Son’s loyal sacred servants as future events take place. Many will be stripped of their titles and sent out into the wilderness, in disgrace. Turmoil and confusion will spread within my Son’s Church but the traitors will rise in great numbers and many will follow them. Other Christian Churches will become close to the newly adapted church, and then all will be set in place for a new global religion to rise up. This new form of church will, at first, seem to be a breath of fresh air for many who desire change. Then, it will become clear that it serves only those who want the Laws of God, changed in order to suit their sinful lives. This church will lose the entire Faith. It will have all the appearances of a new, renewed church of God but any symbols, which are meant to glorify my Son, will be nothing of the sort.

 Then, as the time becomes ripe, the new one world church will be announced and it will be seen as a great humanitarian institution. It will be intrinsically linked to the world of politics and business. Then those who never belonged to any creed will join it. How they will rejoice, because every sin will be excused and so many people will be relieved, because they will be able to live their lives as they choose. No longer will they have to worry about offending God, because they will not regard sin as something to worry about.

 The new church, in order to exude a sense of worthiness, will promote humanitarian works and charities and the whole world will applaud it. Soon afterwards, there will be no distinction made between it and global political alliances and business organisations, dedicated to philanthropy.

Meanwhile, my Son’s true Church, as it was built by Him, will remain alive but weakened. Small in numbers, the remnant church, will never give up even when the Antichrist takes over.

 Pray, pray, pray that my Son’s sacred servants will overcome their fear and stand up to proclaim the Truth, even when their voices are drowned out by those who betray my Son.

 Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

Hunger of the spirit leaves the soul empty, miserable and lost

This Message is so appropriate for me to read right now. Jesus Your Timing is impeccable! Our souls were 'kitted up' with all the attributes of God the moment we were conceived. God infused His Likeness and Image into us - into our souls. They house the Life Blood of He Who is our Creator.

Our human wills were also given as Gifts to us by God. He gave it to us so we could choose to love Him, not be coerced into loving Him. God will never command of us to love Him - He wants nothing forced. This would not be True love!

But for the soul who is devoid of knowing and feeling God's Love, how does that soul remain in co-operation with God? How can God remain Manifest in that soul? Well He certainly won't stay where He is not welcome, so He takes a backward step and allows His Providence to Intervene in the life of that soul to show them The Way through Jesus.

What if the soul doesn't want this to happen? Then by his free will, he chooses to separate himself from God. Why? Because by not reaching out for God's Love, he cannot find his way in the darkness. There is only a faint glimmer which would be missed by someone who cares more about the groping around and wasting time, rather then the finding in earnest The Light of Christ. 

We can all mess around from here to there, no peace, no joy, being on the offensive, speaking lies and calumny, distrustful, weary, having no direction except in circles, offering no one politeness and comfort, feeling we are in control of our own lives and making excuses for sin and that is where satan keeps us caged until we break away and seek God in something - anything!

It is that initial selfless action of calling out for God to 'show' Himself, that will bring some sense to a soul who cannot 'see' which way to turn.

Jesus is showing us The Way to God the Father by sending His Grace upon souls to open them to Truth. He never stops trying. These opportunities will be given, but at some point we are on our own. No one will be beside us when we are faced with the states of our souls. No one will get us out of a bind or put in a good word for us. We have to choose with our free will.

 We cannot remain fooled by satan forever. We cannot allow his hiddenness to mask what he does to us when we are not 'on guard'. Those that fall prey to him but want to break free have to do so with courage and determination. Those who are weak against satan, need prayer and much of it. 

Innately we search for things of the spirit. Most often things of the temporal we know are as the word implies - temporary. But the Spirit lives on and through our groping around in the dark, we know that the only way to attain something in Spirit is to open to the Truth - Jesus - finding The Light- finding Jesus! 

He is waiting for all souls no matter how dark their lives and souls are, to return to Him.

Hunger of the spirit leaves the soul empty, miserable and lost

Thursday, October 16th, 2014 @ 19:10

 My dearly beloved daughter, hunger for food that feeds the flesh is a terrible affliction. But, hunger of the spirit, leaves the soul empty, miserable and lost. When a soul distances himself from Me, he will wander and seek out every kind of fulfilment. He will walk to the ends of the earth, looking for spiritual calm and relief, but nothing can fill this void, only Me. He may find temporary relief in all worldly pursuits of relaxation, but never will he find the peace that I can bring.

 When I feed a person’s soul with My Grace, they will be full of My Love and Presence. Although My Presence, within the soul, will draw down upon it the venom of evil spirits, who will do all they can to upset it, the soul will not care. My Love is all you need to feel fulfilled, and My Peace, which fills you, is not of this world. It comes with great Blessings and the souls, who attain this peace, will never let go of it that easily, once they experience it.

 When a person goes to extraordinary lengths to deny Me, he is deceiving only himself. To deny Me is your own choice. Why then display hatred for Me, when you do not believe I exist? I call on those of you, who are plagued with spiritual battles, to hear My Voice as I call out to you now. If you deny Me, then remain silent. Do not deny Me and then curse Me, for if you do this, you are contradicting yourself. You cannot hate something, which does not exist. If you feel hatred of any kind, don’t you know that this comes from a source, just as love does? Love comes from God. Hatred comes from Satan. The day when you realise that evil breeds and festers, as it uncoils like a serpent, you will see that it is a real entity. Only then you will finally accept the existence of the devil. The reason he, Satan, is so cunning is that it is not to his advantage to make himself known. Were that to happen, you would find it impossible not to believe in God.

 Open your eyes and see evil for what it is. Know that by denying Me, the evil one will use you to fuel hatred against those who love Me.

  Your Jesus

The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared

Oooh! Jesus tells us something that must be new to all of us to hear! He will include those whose names are not in the Book of The Living if they are brought to Him by His Remnant! This is a HUGE Message!

This is how Great His Mercy is!

We knew that we needed to live our lives entrusted to Him to be in the Book of The Living, but now He extends His Precious Hand to those who are presented to Him through our prayers, prayer requests and Mass offerings!

Our campaign as soldiers in Christ's Army is to battle head on those who have allowed satan and his minions to move within them. We must pursue those souls who need to find Jesus while the going is good. This time has been afforded by God to mankind so more souls will come to Him through conversion! The Illumination will support this outcome!

We are in Jesus' Merciful Hands. We trust that He will give us the Graces and the Protection we need in bringing these souls to Him. But we MUST continue to PRAY the CRUSADE AND LITANY PRAYERS! This is paramount!

For those who have reluctance to speak His Truth through these Messages, take heart, The Holy Spirit will give us all the Graces to speak for Him! We can do this! We can bring His Holy Word to those who need to be comforted through all their suffering! 

Jesus is our Rock, our Sword, our Shield! Alleluia!

 The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 @ 18:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, all that I revealed to the world, through these messages, will be fulfilled. Many of those who know these messages will, sadly, continue to suppress My Word. Others, who are not privy to these messages will oppose My Word, given to them in the Holy Gospels.

 I call on all those who walk with Me on this earth, and I ask them to trust in Me. Live by My Word and you will not die. Live your lives, according to the Truth, and I will pour great Graces over you and those, whose names you place before Me. As the world plunges into darkness – as wars break out everywhere, and when disease and famine grip humanity – My Intervention will be witnessed. I protect all those who consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart. I uplift those whose hearts may be heavy, and I will bring peace and a calmness of soul to those who ask Me for these Gifts.

 Only I, Jesus Christ, can lift your burden. Only I can defeat your enemies and those, who abuse power and influence to destroy you for their own gain. Only you, My beloved followers, can bring Me the souls of those who reject Me, who dismiss Me and who deny Me. Many of them will never come to Me, although I welcome them into My Mercy.

 You must continue to use the prayers you were given. Stay close to Me for when you do, you will be given every protection from evil. You must be strong, courageous and remain calm for I will never leave your side. I will walk with you and hold you. I will comfort you. I will wipe away every tear and, soon, I will envelop you and your loved ones into My Loving Arms.

 The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared and singled out for all those whose names are in the Book of the Living. But, My Mercy is so great that I will welcome, into My New Paradise, those whose names are not included if you bring Me these souls, through your prayers.

  Your beloved Jesus

I Am coming for those who are most undeserving of My Mercy, first

Up to the last second, Jesus is going to do all He can to bring us to His Kingdom, but it must come from us ultimately if we want to go with Him. No stone will be left unturned. We are stones on this journey and our faith is being tested and trampled upon. We pray and hope that in faith, we know our Jesus will pick us up off the ground and skim us all the way to Paradise. But those who are the most unworthy, yet repentant and contrite will be taken to Paradise first! This is how I was brought up! I go last! It doesn't matter what situation I was in, I was taught to let everyone else go before me and my children have been raised this way too. We will be very glad to be last. If anything we hope to be the last to Enter Paradise, because this is when Jesus tells us the 'just' will go last - I think we all hope that we are just a little bit -just! 

It will be such a wonderful cycle of conversion through all the evil which will be presented as good all around us, where many, many souls who would not have known Christ at any time in their lives, would not have had a keen relationship with Him or who turned away from Him on the journey - they will be given the great chance of entering Paradise first! Wow! This we must pray for!

Those of course who on the flipside of the coin, decide that they are too 'good' for Jesus and who, right up til that last moment stay wicked - they will be left behind - the guess is that they will enter hell for Eternity. This is a really terrible reality.

Jesus is the Protector of His Church - the True Church. The one where He is still Present will only remain for a short time longer and it will up to the Remnant -the True Church to continue His Word as the New Jerusalem until we Enter Paradise. This will be our duty!

We will help Jesus be the caretakers of souls to ensure that through our prayers and suffering, they will be assured their Rightful Inheritance. We pray particularly for the lost souls in the wilderness, those so precious to Jesus. Come Lord Jesus, take them to Your Sacred Refuge safely and expressly to Your Kingdom!

This journey is in one of it's final stages. We must make every post a winning post for Christ! Let's expand what we already do for Him in this Mission so we can cast any even bigger net as His fisher's of men!

 I Am coming for those who are most undeserving of My Mercy, first

Sunday, October 12th, 2014 @ 21:20

 My dearly beloved daughter, I Am the Protector of all God’s children – every single one of you, irrespective of your sex, age or creed. I Am the Protector of My Church on earth and no man will prevail against it. It will remain intact, although many will have deserted Me.

 Those who desert Me, who change the Word of God, cannot say that they are of My Church, for I cannot protect a church that does not speak the Truth. The true test of your faith has begun and, soon, you will be confused and won’t know where to turn. Be assured, that merciful though I Am, I will never stand and allow traitors to desecrate My Body. They will only go so far before the thundering force of the Hand of God will be heard.

 You must focus on Me and accept that The Tribulation has intensified, and that all things foretold must be witnessed. Only when the prophecies, given to the world in the Beginning, become apparent, will man fully understand that My Time is almost upon him. You must never fear Me, for My Love and Mercy is expansive. Fear only those who do not come from Me, for it is the spirit of evil that drives them to do terrible things. By prayer alone, you can help to atone for their sins, and through such a generous act, you can diffuse the smoke of Satan. His fumes engulf the world at this time, but to be able to recognise his presence is more difficult, than you can imagine. His influence is always hidden behind an exterior of concern; humanitarian acts and is presented in the most unexpected, but respectful way. The man who is blessed with the Gift of discernment will understand how Satan operates. He will recognise his works, no matter how carefully disguised they are presented to a world, which is blind to the Truth.

 Soon, My Voice will awaken within the hearts of men, their spirituality; a sense of who they are; an understanding as to whom they belong; and an awareness of the Eternal Life I will bring them. Know that when this awakening begins, that the Power of God will be felt, as God’s Justice arises out of the ashes, and when a beacon of Light brings life back into the barren field, which will have been left in a withered state, by the evil one. My Voice will be heard and many will be shocked when that day begins. It will peal out like thunder and every righteous man will bend down on one knee, in praise of God. I Am coming for those who are most undeserving of My Mercy, first. They are the ones who should be last, because of the way they treated Me. And, yet, they will be beckoned into My Kingdom first. The just will come last. The wicked will be left behind.

 No stone will be left unturned, up to the last second, and those who scream for My Mercy will be given it. Those who curse Me will be cursed.

  Your Jesus

God the Father: The land will be purified, just as My children will be cleansed of all iniquities

Oh Heavenly Father of all! How much I love You! Thankyou for being with us every moment and showing us that Your Love for us will conquer all! No matter the scars of the earth, no matter the scars on our souls, You will see to it that all will be made beautiful and perfect ready to receive Your Beloved Son and Saviour of the world!

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we have much to celebrate receiving this Message!

God is Giving us His Promise that all will be well in the end. He will reveal to us our Inheritance! Very soon this will come to be! Very soon His Divine Intervention will lift souls from this darkness and return the Light of Christ! 

The earth will be purified, rid of the smell of death, perversion and corruption! 

Our souls will be purified from sin and evil! 

That Day is coming! God will not permit the heresies to continue! He will not allow good souls to be snatched by satan and his minions. All that represents the serpent will vanish! God is Good - all the time!

His Power and Majesty will finally be realised - by those who always believed in Him, trusted in Him - and those who never understood Him, never allowed a relationship with Him, or those who denied Him! He will show us all - the proud, the humble, the arrogant, the submissive, the weak, the strong, the faithless, the faithful, the lost, the found, the broken and the repaired. All will see once and for all, the Ways of God becoming our Ways! His Will on earth as It Is in Heaven! 

Today is a Good Day! We are in God's Hands! We are His children! We are those whom God will keep safe and protected! We are Loved by Him! 

Rejoice and be glad for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

 God the Father: The land will be purified, just as My children will be cleansed of all iniquities

 Sunday, October 12th, 2014 @ 18:40

 My dearest daughter, many changes will come about as the time for the Second Coming of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, draws closer.

 Fear not, My children, for these things must come to pass in order that My children are purified, so they can rejoice when the Day comes for the world without end to begin. My Promises have always been fulfilled and all will end well.

 I desire that you beg for Mercy, for every single soul alive in the world, so that the human race can unite, as one, in My Eyes. Soon, the hatred, the evil and the injustices in the world will come to an abrupt end, and the Light of My Kingdom will shine down upon you. Peace will reign and love will fill the earth, as the New Paradise is unveiled in all its splendour. My Justice will eradicate all evil, and those who cling to the devil, despite My Intervention, will be cast away. Then, no more tears will be shed and the final part of My Covenant will be concluded.

 Rise, My children, lift up your hearts in hope and trust. I will intervene in many ways to prevent evil acts, deceitful betrayals and heresy from destroying you. My Time has dawned and My enemies will be struck down as I strive to set everything in its correct order, so that all will be ready.The land will be purified, just as My children will be cleansed of all iniquities, and I will raise up the meek, the humble and those with tender hearts, to take their places in the New Heaven and New Earth.

 Never lose hope, for all Power is Mine. Come to Me, My little ones, and draw comfort from My unconditional Love for you. Trust in Me and all glory will be yours.

  Your beloved Father

 God the Most High

Divine Providence will always prevail

God is the Alpha and Omega, The One Who Gives life and Who takes it away. Anyone on earth who persist in defying the Laws of God with their counterfeit forms will know the Wrath of God. But this does not happen because God is tired of them or sees them as being so defiant they don't deserve Saving - no! God is very Patient and Kind, He is giving these evil doers every chance to change from their wickedness. He does this on His Terms, His Way! His Time!. 

But rest assured, God will not allow them to continue their rampage over the earth to take life and take that person's right to their conversion or future Salvation because their lives were cut short and unable to seek redemption. 

This is what Angers God! Lives that ordinarily would have had the amount of time to live that God's Providence ordered, were taken prematurely. 

God Permits certain things to come about, but it must be a means to an end and be done for the Greater Good. Most times it will not make sense to our frail human minds. satan can only carry out what God permits him to and you can bet that He has a very good reason!

Jesus intimates here that those who continue to operate at this level, lives of evil and worshipping the beast, will have their own lives cut short. They will be struck with lightning! Like a lightning bolt that sent Lucifer to hell from Heaven!

God can Conduct His Own Symphony! As much chance and opportunity they will be given, if they flout it and slap Christ in the Face, then look out!

 Divine Providence will always prevail

  Saturday, October 11th, 2014 @ 20:30

  My dearly beloved daughter, let no one underestimate the Power of God in all things, which may evolve in these times. God’s Power is infinite and not one man can overcome the Divinity or Will of God. Not one enemy of Mine can boast that he is greater than God, Who can, in just one breath, pour down His Justice upon the world. While God is patient, fair, just and full of unconditional Love for all of His children, including the wicked amongst them, He will retaliate against the wickedness of man, caused by the evil influence of the devil.

  Cursed are those who rise up against God in defiance against the Holy Word. They will be punished in God’s Time, when they have been given every opportunity to change their ways. Those who worship evil and the beast will be struck by lightning, just as it was when Lucifer was thrown into the infernal abyss, like a bolt of lightning.

 When My enemies harm others; try to kill them and maim them, in order to gain power over the weak, they will suffer a terrible chastisement. When genocide, of any kind, is perpetrated upon the innocent by devil worshipers, they will burn in Hell and they will be stopped just when they believe they have succeeded.

 Divine Providence will always prevail, for there is no Power more Mighty than He Who created everything out of nothing.

  Your Jesus

My Love for humanity is infinite

Our Sweet Jesus Loves us so, so much. We cannot understand in our humanness just how much He does!

He is imploring us to pray for those who commit atrocity - murdering another in the Name of God. No one is permitted to do these things for God is the only One Who can take life away. It is His Privilege alone! 

When we see these perpetrators of such horrors, we generally, in the first instance, condemn their actions, then we sometimes condemn them as murderers. However, this would be wrong in the Eyes of God. Jesus taught us to love our enemies and pray for them. 

Next time we see an image of a beheading, abortion, murder of any sort, then look with Christ's Compassion for that person because to Jesus, that person is a SOUL!

All souls have a right to their Inheritance, but sadly a lot of these souls are under satan's possession and so do not even avail themselves to Salvation. This is where Jesus is begging us to pray for them! 

It is difficult. We have been formed from childhood to see murderers as hellraisers that will go to hell for the mortal sin they have committed. But truly, this programming is wrong! We have no right to judge a soul no matter their sinful state. Jesus can Infuse His Love into their hearts at His Whim. He can transform their hearts! So we should never for one minute think they have 'cooked their goose'. 

Let's give Jesus what He Needs! He needs the souls of those who kill in His Name, kill for the sake of killing, or kill for convenience. He NEEDS them! Pray for them! Ask Jesus to touch them! 

We have a duty of care for these souls! For the souls of the lost and tortured! 

This is the Mission and this is our job sheet! Miracles will be seen through the conversions which will come about! That is worth everything!

So next time, probably today, see the person as a soul needing Salvation. Pray for them in that moment. Offer their souls to Jesus - He will do the rest!

My Love for humanity is infinite

 Saturday, October 11th, 2014 @ 01:00

  My dearly beloved daughter, My Love for humanity is infinite. My Love is intense and protective. It is pure, and I overlook many faults because of My deep affection for sinners.

 I hold souls within My Compassion and there is nothing I will not do to save them, so I can unite everyone as one in Me. My tears flow, however, in great torrents at this time, because of the way God’s children are being hurt, abused, tortured, humiliated, scourged and killed by the enemies of He Who created the world. Those who cause such suffering are completely under the influence of the evil spirits, who poison their minds with lies, hatred and a disregard for human life. Not for one minute can a man ever say that he is carrying out an act in God’s Name when he kills another human being. Those who create wars and cause genocide, in any form, and who say they are working for the Glory of God, deceive not only themselves but those they recruit, to carry out their wicked intentions.

 My Love is so powerful that if you were to pray for these poor lost souls, who believe that killing others in the Name of God, is a good thing, which will bring them honour, I will show them My Mercy, by awakening, within them, the Spirit of Truth. Do not let your hearts become heavy. Instead, know that while these most vile acts, which are committed by those who destroy lives are terrifying, in My Divine Justice, I will put an end to these horrors.

 I will lift all of you, who have warm and tender hearts, in an instant, into My Sacred Heart and save you, such is My Love for you. My beloved followers you will not have to endure the pain of physical death. That I promise, if you help Me, through your prayers, to salvage the souls of those who need My Forgiveness and My Mercy the most.

 Help Me in this great endeavour and soon all will be aglow with the brightness and the Glory of My New Kingdom. Here, you will live forever without a care in the world. Love for Me, My Eternal Father, your family and friends will reign throughout the world, which will have no end.

 Go in peace to love and to serve Me.

 Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: Death will soon have no power over man

History is repeating itself. Those who appear to follow the Word of God will be pulling the strings of those who will carry out their dreadful deeds for the Church as in Jesus. What they did to Him will be what they do to what represents Him on earth today. Much is happening behind closed doors of most Churches in existence. Men (and women) are getting their opinions together and concluding that change must occur in order to move forward. Change what? Change what is Good! What is Good has become 'mundane', 'boring', 'unworkable'. Why do they think this? Because their sordid lives of convenience, comfort, ambition, greed, immorality and deceit cannot be on the same plane as God's Laws, God's Grace and God's Will! So the only way they want to 'fix' it, is to manipulate Truth to make it a deceitful way of enduring the only way of life they have known. What they actually wish to change reflects exactly what they don't want to change - THEMSELVES! How ironic!

Mother of Salvation is giving us some consolation here when She speaks of death not having power. If death had power, then Christ would not have Died on The Cross! satan's power was over that Day! This End of Times that we are now living in, replicates That Day again but this time, satan's time will end. his power will end. By Jesus' Death, He conquered over evil, He overcame! We are being given God's Promise that if we indeed stay close to His Son throughout this campaign, we will be given a Life Eternal in Paradise where our bodies will become perfect and our essence will be in Mystical Union with Christ! Praise Jesus!

We have much to look forward to but we will witness the struggle to stay True to Christ. It seems unfathomable to separate ourselves from Him, but it seems satan is efficient in his panic so he won't make it easy for us to free ourselves from his clutches to get to Jesus. This is why it is imperative to pray the Mission's Prayers each day. Make it your daily offering for souls to do this. Once a routine is established, it is more difficult to begin the day without having prayed this way. We owe it to Jesus. We owe it to all others, and we owe it to ourselves. Mother of Salvation please Intercede for Your children in these times. We need You, we love You, Help us in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Mother of Salvation: Death will soon have no power over man

Friday, October 10th, 2014 @ 13:10

 My dear children, the Crucifixion of my Son was significant, in many ways. It was not only by the hands of the Roman soldiers that He was killed but on the orders of those who claimed to be dedicated followers of the Word of God.

 His scourging, persecution and death were carried out under the instructions of those who led the faithful in the Temple of God. They discarded all that they knew to be the Truth, because they refused to accept that my Son, Jesus Christ, was the Messiah. Every Law, dictated by God, was flouted as they took pleasure in my Son’s execution.

 Before the Day of the Lord comes they will re-enact His Crucifixion. They will scourge Him, through their betrayal of His Holy Word. They will persecute those who remain loyal to Him and, then, they will desecrate His Body. But they will fail to kill Him, for His Body – His Church – cannot die and it will remain standing, albeit in a fragile state, until the end.

 At this time, you must remember that all life comes from God. Death has no power over God. Life, once given, can never die. Death will soon have no power over man and through the Resurrection of my Son, man will also have Eternal Life of the body and of the soul. Those who trust in Christ and stay true to Him will have life. Only those who completely reject Him will not.

 Rejoice in the knowledge that a glorious life awaits all of you, who adhere to the Holy Word of God, for death will never destroy you.

 Your Beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

Remember that after the Second Coming, Purgatory will not exist

Our Merciful Jesus is never going to give up giving each person a chance for their Salvation to be realised. But He reminds us that we are not safe. satan is hidden, so he gets away with his antics more easily. If people don't even believe he exists or that hell is an actual place - for eternity, then wrong just doesn't seem 'that' wrong. Those that are easily influenced already by wicked or immoral gestures are going to sink deeper into the black hole they put themselves in. Without our prayers to assist them to find The Light, they will not even realise that they have souls, let alone need to save them. This is such a coup for satan. he blinds those who are blind to him even more!

What Jesus is telling us is that satan can only mimick. he hasn't got any notion of being original. he can only see what Jesus Is and Does and then goes about doing the opposite. With every attempt Jesus makes to gain a soul, we can bet that satan is doing his darndest to pry that soul away. he has been winning for a while now, but his winning streak is coming to an end and a bitter one at that! 

Sin in very soon-to-be times will not be seen as sin anymore because so many consciences of people will be made soup! It is only when we challenge ourselves to do what is right and to try very hard not to sin because we know and remind ourselves how bad it is to sin, that our consciences are kept alive and healthy. Our moral compasses are better able to keep on the straight and narrow path, but those who believe and live like sin is irrelevant, couldn't care less if they have a compass of morality because to them, immoral behaviour is a good thing, a means to a very lustful end. satan is full of pride and arrogance and laughs when he parades a soul in front of Jesus with our sins. he uses our sins to mock Christ. How sad that Jesus has these sins of flesh placed before His Eyes! It is difficult for us to be placed in a situation where even a glimpse gives us chills. 

We have to always be on guard for ourselves, never to accept the wrong even when it is paraded in front of us as right - it cannot be! We have to exercise our strength and resolve to overcome such sins. We cannot give in to them even for a moment, because that is the back door that satan uses to coerce us into even deeper sin. he is so cunning. Can't we just hear his provocative, eerie voice goading and tempting us to do what he gets sick pleasure out of watching? If we imagine that when a person finds pornography exciting (perish the thought) and that satan is right there in the middle of it laughing and languishing in the lust, then surely we would all be so sickened that it just wouldn't, couldn't happen! Unfortunately when we don't believe satan exists, then it is almost impossible to see the perversion then.

This is so important - Know our enemy! Know how he operates! Know how he would speak! he is a snake don't forget! a viper! Why would any of us want to cave into what he is tempting us with?

Remember that after the Second Coming, Purgatory will not exist

Thursday, October 9th, 2014 @ 20:40

 My dearly beloved daughter, how I thirst for the love of man and how they thirst for Me. But, the division that separates man from Me, The Giver of Life, is the greatest enemy of the human race.
 Satan, whose cunning deceitful ways has meant he creates great divisions in the world. That he is hidden, gives him great power over men’s souls. His evil influence creates doubts about My Existence in those with little faith. He convinces others, who do not believe in Me, that man is responsible for whatever choices he makes. His soothing influence, as he tempts man, convinces those he gains access to that wrong is right and right is wrong. He presents love as lust; hatred as a form of desire; and envy and jealousy as a means by which to justify the destruction of another person’s life.

 Every idea, every desire, every longing and craving he plants in the souls of men, leads them into sin. So much infestation amongst mankind, at this time, has meant that pure love, which comes from God, has been replaced with lust. Everything, which springs from the serpent, will be presented within the hearts of the sinner as being a good thing. Sin, is always justified by sinners who succumb to the devil. Sin, once justified, is then glorified until it resembles a great act – worthy of recognition.

 Woe to the man who dares to challenge those who glorify sin. The sinner who embraces sin, with great rejoicing, will influence others to do the same. Today, the influence of the evil one can be seen everywhere. Whereas once, sinful acts were carefully hidden, now they have no shame in presenting them for the world to witness. All that is abhorrent to Me is being embraced with great relish. Wrong is presented as being right and all that is right, according to the Laws of God, is deemed to be wrong. When the devil is at work, everything will be presented back to front and the exact opposite to that, which comes from Me. Know that when My Word is declared to be wrong that the influence of the evil one has reached its peak.

 Remember that after the Second Coming, Purgatory will not exist. Heaven and earth will become one and Hell will become the dwelling place for those, who idolise the devil, and all that comes from him. The fumes of his evil and wicked ways have infested both those who believe in Me, as well as those who reject Me. No one is safe.

 Prayer, My beloved followers, is your refuge. Uphold My Word and pray, not for yourself, but for those who have entered into a contract with the evil one. They need your prayers, morning, noon and night.

 Your Jesus

I give you now, the final Crusade Prayer

Jesus tells us the saddest of Messages so far, He is inconsolable now as He sees the many of His sacred servants confused, defiant or just plain scared. The time for the last Crusade Prayer to be given in this Mission had to come sooner or later and it seems appropriate that the last one should be for Jesus' priests! 

Will they recite this prayer daily? Only Jesus Himself knows who will and who won't. But I think to make up for those priests who are blind, proud and arrogant, we should all pray this prayer daily as an offering on their behalf. 

We cannot leave Jesus alone! He sees the path of destruction His sacred servants are on and for those who are close to Him, the persecution they will receive in staying by His Pierced Side! 

None of us can imagine how Jesus is hurting now. He has been privy to the goings on behind closed doors at this Synod taking place for still another 5 days. He can hear what they are saying, what they are arguing about, what they are planning and the tears some of them are shedding! Some cardinals, bishops and priests must be grieving over what is being construed at this time by the false prophet even though they are unaware they are in his midst. They can see that the Doctrines and Teachings Christ set down are being dismantled! They are in turmoil! Then the others are clapping their hands with glee knowing what is coming! 

Let's try as hard as we can to offer up some comfort to Jesus by praying this prayer on behalf of all sacred servants everywhere no matter what denomination. They need to make a clear choice who they will follow. Just today I have emailed this Message to a local priest full of pride who refuses these Messages and I simply asked him a few questions in line with the choices he must make - for or against Christ. Simple!

But it won't be simple for those priests who are so full of love for Christ to refuse what is being handed down the pike from the Vatican when all they know is to be obedient to 'holy' father - admirable at least when we had a Holy Father! But now their obedience must sideline the false prophet and side with Christ and only Christ! 

Yes Jesus is Weeping like He did in the Garden of Gethsemane all over again! We must put our arms around Him as He Weeps and tell Him "Jesus I will stay by Your Side while the Pain is so Great for You, take my veil and wipe Your Tears".

St Veronica, Pray for us!

I give you now, the final Crusade Prayer

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @ 21:10

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Heart is so broken at this time. The traitors have pierced My Side and the earth is now being flooded with an outpouring of My Grief, which is so intense, that I cannot be comforted.

  I ask now, who among My sacred servants will be strong enough to uphold the Truth?

 I give you, the final Crusade Prayer. It is for priests. I ask that My sacred servants recite it daily.

 Crusade Prayer (170) To uphold the Holy Word of God.

 O Dear Lord, my beloved Jesus Christ  Hold me. Protect me.  Keep me in the Light of Your Face, as my persecution intensifies, when my only sin is to uphold the Truth, the Holy Word of God.

 Help me to find the courage to serve you faithfully at all times.

 Give me Your Courage and Your Strength, as I fight to defend Your Teachings against fierce opposition.

 Never desert me, Jesus, in my time of need and provide me with everything I need to continue to serve You,

through the provision of the Holy Sacraments and Your Precious Body and Blood, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

 Bless me Jesus.  Walk with me.  Rest in me.  Stay with me.


 Your Jesus

My Church, My True Church, will crawl on its belly

Now would probably be a good time to ask ourselves 'Am I strong enough to stand by the Truth for Jesus in His Remnant Church?' There will come a time when the Church we always knew and relied upon will be unrecognisable. 

Are we strong enough to not be fearful in standing up for Truth as Jesus set down? 

Will we defend His Truth when the lies are spewed forth from the pulpits? 

What will our reaction be to these things which will happen to Crucify Christ's Body - His Own Church? 

Will we sit biting our bottom lip, move uncomfortably in our seats, smile when someone looks at us and then leave when it's over?

Or will we get up and speak out and say "No! This is not Truth! This is not what Christ Taught! We cannot sit here and allow falsification of the Teachings of Christ for His Church! This is the Apostasy! People open your eyes, lift off the veil which blinds you!" 

Well for some of us that thought makes us just shudder! It does for me! But how can we call ourselves Christ's Remnant faithful if we stay silent, without a word to help others to shake themselves from their stupor? 

It is probable that we may not be allowed to return to the Church- but would we actually want to, if they are bringing the 'new evangelisation' against God out in the open? 

Perhaps we will be better off to wait for Christ to lead us to the Refuges and seek to give Spiritual Communion in those days. It is a question that really none of us knows the answer to. 

We are who we are, but I think in these times, we cannot afford to be little squirrels - we have to be courageous as lions and meek as lambs in order to remain in Christ's Favour. 

It will be very difficult, no doubt about it, but we already know that those who persevere and continue against the tide will see Christ's Face for Eternity. 

So yes, now would be a good time to teach ourselves all about being strong and forthright in Truth, so that we won't get 'caught up' in the quagmire of deception!

My Church, My True Church, will crawl on its belly

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @ 20:45

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Church will be toppled and those who remain true to the Laws of God will suffer greatly because of this.

 My Church, My True Church, will crawl on its belly as every insult upon My Divinity and the Laws, laid down by My Eternal Father, is hurled at it. Locked within the gates of a gilded prison, many of My servants will be forced to swallow heresy. Not only that, but they will be made to preach it and to convince innocents, that the re-written Word of God, is acceptable in today’s world.

 The Anger of My Father, at this time has provoked outrage for, very soon, the Church – having changed beyond recognition – will prepare new rituals, new rules and practices, so that nothing will resemble the Church built by Me.

 All of these things have been permitted by My Father, as Satan tests the faith of those who are of Me. Woe to those who betray Me for they will take away with them, the souls of those whose names have been kept for Me. I will fight for these souls. I will punish those enemies of Mine because, through their deceit and cunning, they seduced souls and took them away from Me. For these sins, they will be lost to Me.

 My Church sprung from My Loins. I gave you My Body in death and this became My Church. Now it will be defiled and My Body will be crucified again. Not one ounce of shame will My enemies feel, for their lofty ambitions and self-gratification have nothing to do with Me.

 How easily led are those whose faith is weak. How easily led will be those souls, with a strong faith, for they will be fearful of defending the Truth. It will only be the remnant, and those with true allegiance to My Word, who will remain loyal to My Church. And it will be because of them that My Church will never die.

Your Jesus

When love diminishes, God is diminished in your lives


Our hearts in the physical sense keep beating to keep the blood flowing through our entire bodies to ensure that our organs, our tissues, our cells and our bones all function to their best capacity. We need to exercise our hearts to be full of energy and vitality. We often think of our hearts as just another organ, but truly without it's functioning we become weaker and weaker to the point of death. So we all know our heart is important to life. 

Ok with that said, God in His All Powerful Intelligence, did something a little more exciting for us when He Created our heart. He made it more than just an organ - He made it have a wisdom, a feeling, an emotion, a shelter to house God's Love - a Love that is innate in all humanity. But what happens to our hearts when they no longer allow love within it? Well it becomes weaker and weaker to the point of desolation, even hatred. It dies!

What God would like for us and what Jesus is telling us, is that we must ensure that we exercise our hearts in love and consideration for others, in selfless desire to grow opportunities to help others. Being compassionate by nature, we need to keep being compassionate. God Created us in His Image, so it is true to say that love was infused in each and every one of us, however, through free will, we decided along the way, that our hearts weren't worth being the shelters for love but moreover, shelters for hatred. How this must hurt Our Father tremendously. This is not what He Created our hearts to become. 

The only way we can counter the darkness and hardness in our hearts is to acknowledge He Who is Love! He Who placed love in our hearts! 

He is the Key to unlock our hardened, stone-cold hearts! Are we prepared to help our hearts become more loving by beckoning Him to Breathe His Love back into our hearts in order to be love to others? Isn't that the only Way we will soften and return our hearts back to holy shelters? 

Let's give over our hearts back to He Who gave them to us! Ask God to restore the love and beauty of Him into these hearts of ours, make them vital again and full of loving energy! So that we can bring our hearts to those who know innately that their hardened hearts truly desire to be loving again!

When love diminishes, God is diminished in your lives

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @ 20:25

My dearly beloved daughter, how cold the hearts of men have become. How little do they care for the needs of others or the Gift of life. They have allowed their hearts to fester because they no longer have the capacity for true love to reign within their souls. Once love is weakened, and when charity for each other’s needs becomes scarce, then nothing but injustice will be forthcoming.

 When love diminishes, God is diminished in your lives. For those who may once have loved Me, and who no longer believe in Me, their hearts will turn to stone. When you turn your back on love for one another, you will become barren and restless. Your lack of love will lead you into accepting every kind of practice, which is abhorrent to Me. Everything that I stand for will be dismissed by you. All life, given to humanity, by the Power of God, will be tampered with and, in many cases, destroyed by you. Your respect for God’s Laws and human life no longer mean anything. Your attachment to all earthly things, and the worldly goods they yield, will leave you without satisfaction.

 When you harden your hearts against God, humanity suffers greatly. When the power of evil replaces the love that the world once had for Me, Jesus Christ, know then that the times are almost upon you.

 Give up your wayward and foolhardy pursuits of pleasure. Do not attempt to change the Laws of God to suit your sinful lives. Ask, ask, ask for My Intervention, so that I can show you the Way. If you do not turn back to the path of Eternal Life, which was carved out for every child of God, then you can never be part of My Kingdom.

Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: The Laws of God will soon be overturned by millions

Mother of Salvation reminds us to recite the Ten Commandments as often as possible to understand and acknowledge exactly what is expected of us as God's children. This way too, we will recognise much more vividly those who oppose God and the Commandments He Gave.

It seems that those who oppose the Truth of God's Word as It Is Given will find God's Mercy harder to come by. Yes God is Merciful and yes God will Forgive, but finish the sentence.......only when we are truly remorseful and contrite and willing to repent and repair for the sins committed. It can only be this way to be acceptable in God's Eyes.

However it will become apparent that anything and everything will be flaunted in front of us, even on the Altars of Christ's Church, the horrendous sinfulness that can never be acceptable to God! They will have us believe that everything is good in God's Eyes. How on earth can that be swallowed!

Don't think for a moment this will all go undetected by He Who Sees All! They will pay dearly for committing their offences and dragging the millions along with them. Our prayers must continue to help Christ gain these poor souls who cannot see the deceptions they have been drawn into. They cannot because they refuse to acknowledge the Truth in these Messages. 

Just today I was unfortunate to be the brunt of condemnation from a couple of Traditionalists who through pride and arrogance cannot bring themselves in humility to even read the Messages when shown to them. They counter everything said with 'you cannot answer with Scriptural integrity' - fine maybe I am not adept at Scripture like they all are, but I would rather remain in my naivity knowing that I listen to the Words Jesus Speaks in this Mission and understand them as best as one can. His Words are the best words we can use to enlighten others.

Jesus knows the only way He can safeguard us is to remind us to pray for those who attack us so it is water off a duck's back when they tell us we are part of a cult (which cannot exist within the Catholic Church).

Again we are encouraged to follow Christ's Teachings and God's Commandments and remain ever vigilant to the snares satan places before us.

 Mother of Salvation: The Laws of God will soon be overturned by millions

Monday, October 6th, 2014 @ 13:55

 My dear children, the Ten Commandments laid down by God can never be re-written, because that would be a sacrilege. Man can never tamper with the Word and the day will come when the Wrath of God will descend upon humanity, when the Ten Commandments are deemed by man to be flawed. When this happens, know that God’s Word will no longer be revered and that humanity will be led into grave error.

 No man, or sacred servant, has been given the authority to overturn the Ten Commandments or the Word of God. No excuse can ever be made to deny the Truth of the Word of God. The Laws of God will soon be overturned by millions of people. Then, all those who fall for the deceit, which will come about as a result, will be blinded by darkness. The Holy Spirit can never enlighten those who deny the Word or who condone sin. When the Holy Spirit is no longer present, and when the Word has been adapted, to suit the selfish needs of man, then any new laws will mean nothing in God’s Eyes.

 The enemies of God will move quickly to overthrow the Truth and My Son’s Church will be divided into two. Those who staunchly defend the Truth will be cursed for speaking it. Those who utter profanities and declare these to be the Truth will be applauded. The spirit of evil will roost in the hearts of the misguided and many souls will be lost. They will not be able to present themselves before my Son and declare themselves to be whole, because they refuse to acknowledge the Truth given to them through God’s Mercy.

 It will soon be declared that God is Merciful towards all sinners, no matter what they do to offend Him. This is true, but when they offend Him, by presenting before Him every abomination and heresy and then declare that these are acceptable to God, He will turn away from them in disgust.

Man will be so full of his own desires, to suit his sinful life, that he will pronounce unlawful acts as being desirable in God’s Eyes. This will amount to lies. And, when they dare to present these before the altars of God, these souls will be cast out. Should you allow yourselves to be led into grave error, you will place your souls in grave danger.

 I ask that you recite the Ten Commandments as often as you can. By doing so, you will know what it is that is required of you in order to truly serve God.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

The global vaccination I told you about in 2010 will soon be witnessed

Beloved Jesus just as there is haste in your words, there is also an anticipation and excitement when You will come for Your children! Yes we will see many things quickly over a short period of time and we will need to cling to our faith and stay firmly in Your Sacred Heart, but there is that calming reassurance that all is well in You! We can get through anything because You are with us! God is a Just God and a Merciful God! He will finally and forcefully show His Power upon humanity but again, there is a calmness that all is well with You! 

Soon, very soon, we will see more of what must come to pass. We are prepared, we are committed to Jesus. Do not accept this vaccination when it is offered or forced. If it is in relation to Ebola fever (just one of the many it could be about), know that Ebola is not an airborne disease. It is through intimate contact. This is where moral intention comes in and loving and praying for those who have been chosen as victim souls to receive this disease. Please don't panic. The media is carefully positioning the campaign for the global vaccination. Hold tight to Jesus.

We are in the boat with You Jesus! We need not be afraid! God has permitted temptation to hope upon hope that His children will turn from it and turn to Him. This is what we pray for! We pray that all people will respond generously to Your Mercy in gratitude for Your Mercy and a longing to be with You! That Day is coming and what a Great Day it will be! Oh Jesus my heart skips a beat when I think of Your Holy Face meeting mine in such an intimate translation of pure love and awe! Let us all feel like the long lost prodigal child about to be reunited with their Father! When these things that have been foretold come to pass as You have Instructed in these Messages, we will see with the veil lifted the Glory of God! How the Holy Angels in Heaven rejoice at God's Omnipotent Power!

 Oh my - I do believe I am about to begin the gopher dance! 😃

 The global vaccination I told you about in 2010 will soon be witnessed

Friday, October 3rd, 2014 @ 15:10

 My dearly beloved daughter, heed now My Promise. I will come again to herald a new beginning, a new world without end. All those who accept the Grace of God, when I pour My Mercy over the whole world, will be part of My Kingdom.

 I have given humanity every sign, every warning and every Grace to prepare their souls. Some have heard the Word of God, as laid down in the Holy Gospels, and taken heed. Others have heard and seen the Truth but refuse to accept it. There will come a day soon when the full Truth and the proof of Who I Am will be revealed and sinners will be given equal time to make their own decision, according to their own free will. Not one of you will be forced to accept My Mercy for only you can make that decision. Others will refuse to bear witness to the Truth, even when they will see it clearly. Sadly, they will be lost. Others will take their time before they pledge allegiance to Me, but that time, after The Warning takes place, will be short.

 I come to tell you now of events which will reveal to you the signs of these times and of My Presence in this Mission. Storms will be seen in many nations and they will last for weeks. The global vaccination I told you about in 2010 will soon be witnessed. The Hand of God, in His Divine Justice, will be seen when He permits the temptations placed before those who serve Him in My Church. When these and all the other prophecies come to fruition, I will be waiting. And then will come The Warning. It will come soon, before the Great Day when My Promise to come again will be finally fulfilled.

 You must trust in My Goodness, My Love and My Mercy. If you do, you will be strong enough to face any trial and insults which are flung at you in My Name and the grace to remain true to My Holy Word.

 Remain in peace and in hope, for My Love for you, and your love for Me, will destroy the evil which has taken over the souls of those who have separated themselves from Me.

Your Jesus

Put down your armour, for it will be crushed into tiny pieces

To all those who oppose Jesus in this time of prophecy to prepare the world for His Second Coming, those who oppose these Messages and the messenger Maria Divine Mercy, those who believe they know Christ yet choose to ignore what He is telling us through these Divine Messages and those who oppose God's Laws, who run the Global Elite, who lead countries but whose laws are contrary to God's Laws, who act unjustly, who persecute others, who murder innocent people and unborn babies, know that God very soon is going to Chastise the earth to rid humanity from the scourge of evil and corruption and immorality. 

No longer able to hold His Hand back, Jesus is telling us here that God will stop all of this abruptly! 

It is time!

God has told us through these Messages that He will help humanity get back on track. He will stop those who set out to hurt His children. Those who are ignorant of God and who don't know the right way to live because they have never known God will be shown Mercy, however, this is not the same necessarily for those who know what they are doing very well and choose to go against God anyhow. Their punishment will be harsh.

As Jesus says "Put down your armour, for it will be crushed into tiny pieces by the Hand of My Eternal Father. Oppose God and you will suffer for this - You will have no time to seek God’s Mercy." This is devastating news for those who wish to carry on with their godless ways! Our prayers and sufferings and those sacrifices chosen children will offer for the opposers will be all they have to give them even half a chance of being saved. If they still on the last day tell God 'take a híke', then woe to them - their eternity will be spent in perdition!

Humanity is in great need of the Warning, but this being Jesus' Great Gift to humanity will only be given if the stubborn and proud are sorted out a little by God to bring them to some sort of humility in order to have the chance to accept Christ's Mercy and beg Him for forgiveness. That is why God chastises us. He needs us to get on our knees and finally relent from our pride and arrogance and say "God I need You now". The greatest and most emotional conversions I have known personally are from those who were atheists with all the stubbornness they could muster, but through a Divine Gift no matter what it was, they turned from their cold heartedness and got on their knees sobbing, knowing that they finally 'Got God'. It isn't the fact that God was not there for them - it is that they did not want to be given over to God! 

Let's pray this Crusade Prayer #169 with fervour!

There are many souls who, though they are unaware of it, need it and rely on it for their Salvation!

 Put down your armour, for it will be crushed into tiny pieces

 Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 @ 23:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, My enemies may scorn My Word – the Truth – but the day will come when they will hang their heads in shame and remorse when they stand before Me.

 In the days of Noah, he and those chosen to help him to prepare for the Justice of God, were ridiculed. They were sneered at, persecuted and every attempt was made to discredit the instructions given to Noah by God. Obedient to the last, Noah begged for mercy for their souls. He urged them to seek refuge with him but he was ignored. And so it will be up to the Great Day of the Lord. Only a remnant will be ready to greet Me along with all those, who will find it in their hearts to accept My Mercy, during the Warning.

 I ask all those who believe in Me, and My Promise to come again in great glory, to pray for those who scorn this mission for they have been given the Gift of the Truth but choose to throw it back in My Face. All those with warm and tender hearts, and a meekness of soul, will be drawn into My Arms, no matter what faith or creed they follow, for they are of Me. Those who do not know the Word of God will be shown great mercy and those who convert during the Warning will also dwell in My Arms. I will reach out to all souls, whose hearts are warm and who show love and mercy to their brothers and sisters.

 The greatest battle will be when I reach out to the arrogant and proud, who lack true love and who are without a generous spirit. It is for these souls that I urge your prayers. But, it will be for those who have sold their souls to the devil, in the full knowledge of what they have done, that I ask you to beg for My Mercy the most. They will not come to Me, on their own accord, and so it will only be through the suffering of chosen souls, who have consecrated themselves to Me, and your own offerings, that they can be saved. Please recite this prayer to save all sinners.

  Crusade Prayer (169) For the salvation of those who reject Christ

  Dearest Jesus, by Your Compassion and Mercy,  I beg you for the salvation of those who have rejected You;  Who deny Your Existence;  Who deliberately oppose Your Holy Word and whose bitter hearts have poisoned their souls against the Light and the Truth of Your Divinity.  Have Mercy on all sinners.  Forgive those who blaspheme against the Holy Trinity and  Help me, in my own way, and through my personal sacrifices, to embrace within Your Loving Arms, those sinners who need Your Mercy the most.  I give You my promise, that through my thoughts, my actions and the spoken word, to serve You as best I can in Your Mission of Salvation.  Amen.

  Go all of you and gather in prayer, for the Justice of God will be seen soon for the world to witness. It is because of the wickedness of man, his peevish actions and his hatred for his fellow man that God will stop him from the devastation, which is being orchestrated in every way against the human race.

 Put down your armour, for it will be crushed into tiny pieces by the Hand of My Eternal Father. Oppose God and you will suffer for this. But when you try to hurt humanity on a large scale through the abuse of power, you will be stopped abruptly. You will have no time to seek God’s Mercy.

 Your Jesus

You either serve God, or give in to the folly of men

How many of us believe from time to time that we are such wicked sinners who cannot possibly be worthy enough to ask Jesus for Forgiveness and Mercy? Most of us I dare say. But the Truth is, our sinful states are something that God Our Creator is more than understanding about. He knows that through the fall of Adam and Eve our souls would be rendered with a legacy of Original Sin until our Baptism and from then on through the fall of lucifer, our souls would be at his disposal through our misguided choices. 

We see then that even though we are sinners and wicked ones at that, we still need to drop our pride and our careless assumptions and self-administered exile and beg Our Dear Lord to Forgive us and restore our souls to purity. This is why the Holy Sacrament of Confession for Catholics and the Crusade Prayer #8 are so needed. Our priests tell us little about the benefits of the Confessional and the Graces we receive when we avail ourselves. This is part of the ‘dumbing down’ or ‘watering down’ of the Truth and our need to hear it from the pulpit. 

I guess if we are given the choice to be divided into two halves on the Last Day by the Angels of Heaven at God’s Command, then I hope most of us would adequately prepare our souls to be in the best position possible to be placed on the correct side! 

Let’s not cut our noses off to spite our faces! Let’s grasp our humanness in all its misery in times of sin and look at it as an opportunity for cleansing and repairing. A new hope for our future reunion with Christ in His Kingdom. We owe it to ourselves and our priests owe it to us to tell us the absolute Truth no matter how hard it might be to hear. Preparing us for the battle for our souls. Any weapon in any battle needs the appropriate preparation to work properly. So too our souls when we have to fight off satan!

 You either serve God, or give in to the folly of men

 Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 @ 21:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, the betrayal of Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, is rampant amongst those who say they serve Me. Even those who say they are My loyal servants have deserted Me and their faith is but just a glimmer of its former state. What began with a love and compassion for Me, has been reduced to a fraction of what it was before and this has been caused by many things.

 So much disdain for My Church came about because of fallen souls within it who were led into grave sin. Many innocent sacred servants of Mine suffered because of the sins of others, and this brought them great shame. Then, when the Laws of God were pushed to one side and barely spoken about, many forgot that the Commandments of God had to be upheld at all costs. If My sacred servants stopped preaching the Truth, and dismissed the importance of addressing the existence of sin, how then could God’s children be any the wiser? My sacred servants have a moral duty to uphold the Word of God and to warn God’s children about the danger of sin. But this, they have decided not to do. Many are afraid to preach the Truth for fear of being persecuted by those who will blame them for the sins of others.

 During My time on earth I never hesitated to preach about the punishment, which man will face lest he seeks God’s forgiveness for his sins. Fear of God’s punishment should not be the reason to avoid sin but only so that you, the sinner, can be saved. Sin is something you have to live with but you must never accept it. You must fight it for I desire to save your souls. Why would I not desire to save your souls, whatever the cost? Did I not suffer for you and die an agonising death on the Cross so that you could be redeemed in God’s Eyes? Why then do My sacred servants not preach about the absolute necessity to seek eternal life? If you do not seek Eternal Life, then you will not find it.

 It is the duty of all those who serve Me to help save man from eternal damnation. The Truth has been hidden for so long that many souls, due to their complacency, have been lost to Me. Know that I will send forth My Angels on the last day and that man will be divided into two halves – those who have committed atrocities and those who are of Me. I ask you, My sacred servants, to tell the Truth for if you do not, then you will lose Me many souls and for that I will never forgive you.

 You either serve God, or give in to the folly of men.

 Your Jesus