Monday, 25 April 2016

Very few find comfort in Me. I wait patiently and yet they will not come to Me

Jesus is simply saying that if we choose to accept lies, sin for sin's sake with ease and our 'feelings of comfort' through sinful desires and lusts - whatever the world says is ok, then we are setting the path for a great battle with evil.

We are setting the tone in all this.

If we listened to Jesus and followed His Teachings and listened to His Word, then what has satan got to play with?

Jesus then says, that He will need to bring them back by showing them His Mercy. Well that tells me is that we must see some kind of battle in a more public manner (the false prophet taking further steps to nullify Christ's Presence in Mass and those who follow this schism) then the Warning will take place.

This will all happen rather suddenly and deliberately before we experience Jesus' Great Gift for us in Illuminating our hearts and souls to finally accept Jesus as our Saviour and Our Lord in entirety.

How Blessed will that Day be! By His Merciful Love we will be given another chance to love Him or those who follow satan's false promises - to deny Him.

It really is just that simple. Pray that a lot more people will accept Jesus with their whole being during the Warning.

Very few find comfort in Me. I wait patiently and yet they will not come to Me

June 25, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, My Tears flow today, as the wretchedness of evil, which has been manifested within the hearts of man, increases. So hardened have they become that their hearts of stone leave no room for Me, Jesus Christ, to find solace within.

My Heart heaves with sadness now, for Christians who have fallen away from the Truth and all I taught them. Very few find comfort in Me. I wait patiently and yet they will not come to Me. They have created a wall which separates them from Me and pay lip service to My Promise to come again. How they have forgotten what I said, what I did to save them and what I told them through My Father’s Book, to expect the time, when it draws close.

My poor, poor children. I need to awaken love for Me in their hearts, first, if they are to receive the comfort and ease of pain from their sorrowful and difficult trials in this life. They must hold out their arms and call on Me now, at this time, if I Am to make the transition painless for them.

I have no desire to inflict suffering on God’s children. But, by rejecting the Truth of My Teachings and the Laws laid down by My Father, they will be dragged into a terrible battle with the spirit of evil, before My Mercy can draw them into My Arms when I will save them.

How little trust they hold in their hearts, for the One True God. How flippant they are and how quickly they embrace falsehoods, in order to satisfy their lust for sin. How gullible they are when they accept lies, which suit their lifestyles, in order to justify sin.

Anything plausible, which justifies sin through human intellect, is the only route they choose, so that they can live their lives as they wish. The Truth is so difficult to swallow and it is hard to digest, in that sacrifices of the flesh have to be made in order to accept it. The Truth, if and when it is accepted, takes great courage and only those who have the Gift of Humility can truly embrace it with ease.

Those who genuinely seek the Truth of God are often misled by those who say that they proclaim the Word of God. The only place you will find the Truth is in the Most Holy Bible and in My Holy Word given to you through these Messages. My Messages uphold the Holy Word of God, as it is laid down in My Father’s Book.

Loving Me is not easy, for you can only come to Me as a simple child. Your airs and graces, which you present to the world in your day-to-day life, must be left to one side. You can only come to Me, as a simple, trusting child. You must lay before Me and ask Me to take you, mold you, help you to walk the right path to holiness and then to trust in Me completely.

Once you surrender all to Me, I will lift you, take away your fear and I will carry you towards My Kingdom. Even then, with the Love of God in your soul, you will find this path difficult. But, it will be as if the cobwebs have been cleared away, because once the Truth becomes clear there will be no other road you will wish to walk down. For this is the only road which will lead you to Paradise and that is the route you must take to come to Me, Jesus Christ. For, I Am the Way.

Your Jesus

Mother of God: You must remain true to what my Son taught you. He was like you in everything except sin

We don't hear from You Mother Mary as often as we would like to in this Mission, but we know that when we do, You always have a gentle, Motherly way of giving us an understanding of how we should regard Your Beloved Son.

May we, in our love for You, in response to Your Tenderness for us, always remain true to Jesus and His Teachings. We ask You to please wrap Your Holy Mantle of Protection around each of us in This Mission so we can be ready to spread the Truth of His Word always without hesitation and with zeal and courage. Jesus' Mission will succeed.

We know You will oversee souls to show them The Way! I ask this prayer through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Mother of God: You must remain true to what my Son taught you. He was like you in everything except sin

June 24, 2013

I am your beloved Mother, Queen of all the angels, Mother of God. I am the Immaculate Conception.

My children, don’t you know that my Son, at this time, is guiding all of you who come before Him with an open heart?

In order to give testimony to the Lord, God, through His only Son, you must remain true to His Teachings. They are carved in stone and as such can never change. The Truth can never change. All of God’s children were given the Truth, but not all accepted Who He was or where He came from. Those who do accept the Truth given to humanity by the Crucifixion of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, must never forget what He told you.

He explained everything to you. Nothing has changed. You must remain alert at all times, because already you are being misled and soon many of you will fall into error.

Sin is sin. It is displeasing to God, but is forgiven when remorse is shown and when you ask for redemption. The Graces of Eternal Life are for all of God’s children, who ask for these. Every child of God, through the Mercy of my Son, will be given time and then a great Gift to remind them of the Truth. In this way, most of the world’s population will and can be saved and then they will be given the Gift of Life in the New Paradise.

As a sinner, you must continue to ask for forgiveness through my Son, in order to remain in a State of Grace. You cannot be forgiven for your sins, until you ask my Son for the Gift of Reconciliation.

You must remain true to what my Son taught you. He was like you in everything except sin. God is Almighty. God is Love. God is Perfect. God, through His Son, could never be tempted into committing sin.

Go in peace, dear children, and once you remain firm and loyal to the Truth, which can only come from God, you will live a full and glorious life in body and soul and in perfect harmony with my Son.

Your Mother

Mother of Salvation

The Truth will free you. Lies will destroy you

We will see things start to unravel very shortly now that the false prophet has exposed himself as a liar and Blasphemer of Jesus! Many priests will now have to begin the process of discerning where their loyalties truly lie! With this 'pope', the false leader of Christ’s Church that they always felt sure would be a faithful shepherd of the flock as those preceding him have been, or Christ, the One Whose Church is being dismantled from within! Who will they be loyal to? Who will they have pure and unwaivering faith in?

Should it be a man with obvious character flaws and very intent on leading the Church asunder, or will it be Jesus as the Leader of all Kingdoms, the Son of God Who will come again soon to ask them why they turned their backs on Him?! 

Let us all pray fervently that it will be God and His Beloved Son that they will choose and follow until His Return as part of the Remnant Church that will rise up in God's Glory to salvage souls and bring them to Paradise! 

Begin your discernment men who have been called to be Jesus' holy priests! Jesus is waiting for your return to Him!

The Truth will free you. Lies will destroy you

June 23, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, how My Heart breaks for the suffering of My poor beloved servants, who now begin to see the confusion, which is being presented within My Church. To them, I say this. Stay and do what you must do to serve Me, under the roof of My Church. Remain firm to My Teachings. Do not accept new and so-called theological explanations, as to Who I Am; what I did for humanity or how I will return to claim all God’s children, who accept My Mercy. Trust only in My Holy Word, given to you through My apostles and in the Most Holy Bible. Anything, which differs from the Holy Sacraments or what you have been told about the need for redemption – do not accept it.

I Am the Truth. You have been given the Truth. Only the Truth can save your souls from damnation. The Truth will free you. Lies will destroy you. I solemnly promise each of you, My precious sacred servants, extraordinary Graces, in order to persevere in the face of persecution, as your faith will be tested to the limits, if you recite this prayer.

Crusade Prayer (110) For Priests to remain true to Your Holy Word

O my dearest Jesus, I beg You to keep me strong and courageous, so that I can defend the Truth in Your Most Holy Name. Give me the Grace I need – I implore – to give testimony to Your Holy Word at all times. Enable me to withstand the pressures to promote untruths, when I know in my heart that they offend You. Help me to remain true to Your Holy Word, until the day I die. Amen.

To My sacred servants, I have one more word of caution to give you.

You must defend the Gift of Reconciliation and recognise that only those who seek remorse for their sins and accept Me, Jesus Christ, as the key to their salvation, will join Me in Paradise.

Your Jesus

God the Father: When My Son is deemed to be a sinner, know that this is the greatest blasphemy

Well I guess we just have to refer to so many of the disgraceful and Blasphemous homilies out of the false prophet's mouth on this very subject. It seems that he treats Christ's Passion on the Cross as a joke! Please Lord God, Our Heavenly Father, just as Your Crusade and Litany Prayers are Authored by You, You know ahead of time just what each word will reveal in these days - like these words 'please don't let the false prophet divide Your Church' (Litany Prayer 1). Please Father, let ALL see what is in our midst and try with all our might and duty to resist such lies and deceptions - even if it comes from a 'pope'. Let us follow the wisdom of Archbishop Fulton Sheene in this matter!

God the Father: When My Son is deemed to be a sinner, know that this is the greatest blasphemy

June 23, 2013

My dearest daughter, how would a parent react if they knew that their children faced death? Would they not fight to the bone to save them from all harm? This is precisely why I now intervene in the world by instructing My Son to tell the Truth, in order to save the lives of My children.

It is the little things in life, which have an impact on a global scale. A bee whose behaviour changes and where pollen cannot be created will have a direct effect on the life that exists on Earth. It is through the Church of My Son on Earth that life of the soul can be maintained. Without the Truth, My Son’s Church cannot sustain life. So, if lies permeate within the walls of the Church, without My interference, then this will impact on the life of the soul.

It will be when the Church turns against He Who created it, that life will be destroyed. This infestation will have a direct impact on the whole world, including those who do not believe in life hereafter. It will affect even those in other religions, which do not come from Me. When the lies infest the Mystical Body of My Son, Jesus Christ, on Earth, they will cause disease. Disease, if not tackled, will lead to death. Therefore, as God, the Father of all Creation, I will not stand back and allow My enemies to destroy the souls of My children.

When you are faced with lies, they will come tumbling out of the mouths of deceivers in a confused jumble of nonsense. The lies, which have already commenced, are couched in humble-like language, but disguise the greatest lies against the True doctrine of the Church. Know them for what they are – sent to cajole you into committing sin. When My Son is deemed to be a sinner, know that this is the greatest blasphemy, for this is impossible.

I sent My Son, as a man in the flesh and like all of you, with one exception. He was born without sin, and therefore, was incapable of it. Anyone who uses the Truth and then twists it, in order to introduce a new meaning into the Crucifixion of My beloved Son, is a liar. He does not come from Me and is an enemy of My Son.

Watch now, My little children, as the beast and the demons he has sent to take you away from Me, roam amongst you. You must be strong. You must always know that My Son gave you the Truth when He walked the Earth and when He died for your sins. He sacrificed His Body to redeem you, but He never became a sinner, for He is not one of you.

You must remain true to My Word and the Teachings of My Son. If you do not, then you will be tempted to accept lies, which will bring you nothing but eternal suffering.

Your beloved Father

God the Most High

The biggest lie is that Satan can foretell the future, but this can never be

This link is the homily of berGOGlio that God appears to be referring to!

It was taken from Vatican Radio on the 15th June and God in His Divine Wisdom and Love for His children, gave His Message to Maria on the 21st June and thankfully He did!

I am just flabbergasted at the stupidity and absurdity of the false prophet’s homily!

I am shaking my head in disbelief that Catholics and Christians will take the Apostate's words on and actually believe them! Any wonder God has, in no uncertain terms, told us point blank, just how heretical and full of blasphemy the false prophet’s words are, let alone diabolical!

Yet priests, bishops, all clergy will believe what he is saying almost buying into his plan to begin dismantling the Church, belittling the Sacrifice of Christ and denouncing the Cross calling It 'the scandal' because of his statement that Christ is a sinner for us! Lies! Lies! Jesus is God - NO SIN!

When we go to Confession, in our total love for Jesus, we would never say "Jesus these are Your sins and I WILL sin again!" My God! Have Mercy! Where is true humility! Where is the contrition! Where is the repentance in these words? As if we can let ourselves off so lightly and so insignificantly, should we utter such contemptive words as these! How dare he speak about Your Son like this! satan's lies! satan's false prophet! Take him away from us please! Never let him speak against Jesus like this! I hate seeing it! I hate those words!

Jesus I love You, make these words of the false prophet dissolve into dust! Don't let souls be snatched by the beast on account of the false prophet! Please!! Amen.

The biggest lie is that Satan can foretell the future, but this can never be

June 21, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, as paganism continues to spread like a virus throughout the world, man begins to set himself up as God. Many sects who do not accept the Existence of the True God, honour instead the beast in their temples. These poor souls, whose love of themselves, which springs from a fierce ambition, have set up temples, which brazenly honour Satan. To many outsiders, these temples seem like churches, which honour God, but do not be fooled. Their sole purpose is to adore the beast, who promises them eternal life. He promises them that by paying homage to their love of self, which replaces the love of God, they will gain an eternal paradise of pleasure.

The promises made to them by the beast, who communicates with them clearly, are designed to fool them into believing a lie. That if they place before the altar of the beast – the false god they adore instead of My beloved Father – their requests for worldly pleasures and self-gratification will be rewarded. If they put their needs first, before others, they believe they will be empowered with great wealth, control and freedom.

These people are encouraged to place themselves before God and to seek out such powers that they will be able to defeat the Divine Kingdom of God. Sadly, they will do whatever it takes to achieve their ambition for wealth and control over others through pure greed. They will destroy the lives of others. They will kill in order to achieve their objectives and they curse God every day.

When they curse God they hold black masses, many of which are held in secret and attended by powerful people, including those who say they serve God in His churches. Their satanic ceremonies are commonplace and they are proud of their acts. They proudly proclaim their buildings to be temples, for no shame do they have in their souls. These temples are set up to pay homage to Satan, not God, yet they would have you believe otherwise.

They will be punished by Me for their crimes against humanity and the profanities against God, of which they are guilty. Many of them curse My Father by using the terms which are unique to Him. My Father said: “I Am the Beginning.” “I am” is used to denote their love of self and they will emulate every holy act, deed and repeat words, which were given to the world by God, in order to defile Him.

Their temples will be, during the Great Chastisement, torn asunder by God and they will become barren and empty without any kind of power over God’s children. They will, however, like all of God’s children be given the chance to reject Satan before the Great Day. Some will accept My Hand of Mercy, but many will reject it, for they believe in the diabolic lies, which are imprinted upon their souls by the beast.

They believe that they, by controlling the world, expanding their knowledge of the universe, control life by extending human life and by depleting the global population that they will become as God.

Satan is very careful as to how he captures their souls. He shows them great visions of the future, which he tells them is theirs. He tells them of great events, which are to take place in the future, which is theirs for the taking. All are lies. None of what he tells them is true. Satan has many powers, which were given to him by God, as Lucifer, one of the most powerful angels in My Father’s hierarchy. He shows his followers beautiful images of a glorious future, which he says will be theirs if they surrender their souls to him. They believe in his promises of the future.

The biggest lie is that Satan can foretell the future, but this can never be. Prophecy can only come from God. No one has been bequeathed this Gift, which can only pour from the Lips of God. Satan cannot foretell future events, details of which can only be given to the prophets of God. If you believe in Satan’s promises, your life becomes a lie and Eternal Life cannot be yours, unless you accept the Truth.

God has promised you Eternal Life. My Promise to come again and take you to Paradise is True. Do not insult God by rejecting the Truth.

Your Jesus

I Am Love. I Am God. They are one and the same thing

An interesting parallel made by Jesus in this Message: 'Science is a Gift from God, but science cannot explain the Mystery of God.' Just as "Love cannot be scientifically explained or proved, for it comes from the Spirit of God.'

No matter what logical explanations we will be asked to give, we cannot humanly explain the Word of God as the Truth to those who are scientifically based. Nothing will satisfy them - no explanation!

If they don't believe in God in spite of having no 'scientific' basis for His Existence, then how on earth would they ever be able to sufficiently evaluate love in its total Truth when intrinsically, love comes from God and Is God? Scientists could really use a Spiritual lobotomy! (Sorry Lord for saying so)

I Am Love. I Am God. They are one and the same thing

June 19, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, My wish to form the core of My Army on Earth is being fulfilled at this time. From little acorns, they will be scattered and they will grow and spread out everywhere.

My daughter, the foundation is the important part. Just like a baby, who is formed in the womb, it takes time and careful attention in order to ensure for the wellbeing of the child, which receives nourishment from the placenta. It will grow slowly, but perfectly, until finally it will be expelled from the womb and be ready to live the life laid down for it by My Father.

The birth of My Remnant Army will be the same. It will take great preparation before it is ready to take its place in the world, but its foundation is solid and souls, who are the building blocks, will knit together as one to build a formidable Army. Then this Army will spread out and grow everywhere, at once, and with such force, that it will become difficult to ignore it. Those within My Remnant Army will be devoid of ego, pride or the need to rely on the scientific evaluation of My Word, which will be demanded of them to prove the Truth of God.

Science is a Gift from God, but science cannot explain the Mystery of God. So those who need the comfort of logical explanations, as to how I communicate to God’s children on Earth, at this time, will be disappointed. There is no answer which will satisfy them.

One of the greatest Gifts given to man is love. Love cannot be scientifically explained or proved, for it comes from the Spirit of God. It is present in all of you. You feel it. It is the link which holds humanity together, which the power of evil fails to undermine.

I Am Love. I Am God. They are one and the same thing. Without love, you could not have life. Love will unite you, keep you strong, keep you together. Love will help you to bring Me souls.

Your Jesus

God Exists in every single person born in this world, irrespective of their faith or the belief of their parents

I have always thought that before we are conceived, God has a little conversation with our souls. He asks us which family we would like to be born into for the Greatest Good, what suffering we would be prepared to offer Him, would we use our free will for good or evil.
He knew everything at the moment He Created us.
He didn't take away our opportunities, but instead gave us what He believed was for His Higher Purpose and bring Him the Greatest Glory.
He never interferes with our human wills but He knew which way we would use them anyhow.
Out of every adversity God uses for the Good, so no matter what transpires in our life, He knew it all and did what He does best!
So yes, I believe we chose our own suffering before our existence in the human sense. We started saving souls before we even came 'into the world'.

God Exists in every single person born in this world, irrespective of their faith or the belief of their parents

June 15, 2013

I Am your beloved Jesus, Who works through your soul. Even when you ignore Me, I Am here. I work through your soul, for you gave it to Me, and as such, you will always suffer for Me and with Me.

Today, My daughter, I appeal to all those who say they do not believe in God. If you do not believe in God, I must now explain how you know that God really Exists. God exists in every single person born in the world, irrespective of their faith or the belief of their parents.  God brings with every form of life a sense of awe and wonder, which will never fail to create a feeling of intense love within a soul for another of God’s Creations.

Every one of you is a Creation of God. This is a fact. Some of you are born with great beauty. Some are born with defects. Others are born with terrible imperfections. Yet all are born because God permits it.

Many of you will justify the prevention of life in God’s children, who are imperfect. Some of you will murder children of God within the womb and then justify it, most of which will be for selfish reasons.  For this, you will be condemned, unless you ask Me to forgive you.  You will be forgiven, but only if you are truly sorry for what you have done to curse My Father.

Some of you are born with imperfections, which create trauma in your lives. Hard though this may be, you are given this suffering to save others, who would otherwise cease to exist. You see, those souls who dishonour My Father and who will never ask for the forgiveness of their sins will end up in the fires of Hell, for all eternity. Your suffering will help save them, for they cannot and will not save themselves. You choose this suffering before you were born. You may accept this now or perhaps later, but you are safe in My Kingdom for Glory will be yours for eternity.

Your Jesus

It will be within the Roman Empire that the great abomination will rise up against Me

Even those priests who will abandon Jesus during the Crucifixion of the Church and thus Christ's Mystical Body will not be abandoned by Him. That is the powerful Love of Jesus for all His sacred servants. Even then when they spit in His Face, He will gather up His lambs in His Remnant Army to expose the Truth everywhere with courage of lions and this will in turn help those wayward priests to be claimed back by Jesus.

What wonderful hope there is for every one of them. He loves them so much!

We can take a step back from all the events that are to come and the agenda the antichrist and false prophet have, to just in a single moment, KNOW and TRUST that Jesus will take care of all His sacred servants.

Pray that none of them side with the beast until the last moments of his reign! Pray that before his crushing, that all of Christ's sacred servants will realise they were deceived and bring themselves prostrate before The Lord just as they did at their ordinations to beg for His Love and Mercy. He will not forsake them.

The rest of us need to get a grip on our reality and our work in this Mission. Take up your sword, your armament of all the Sacramentals you can lay your hands on and be the lions and the lambs on every street corner to gain as many souls for Jesus as you can.

Time is short!

It will be within the Roman Empire that the great abomination will rise up against Me

June 15, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, just as I walked alone during the slow and painful walk to the top of Mount Calvary, so too will walk My Remnant Army.

When I walked this torturous hill, I was surrounded by hundreds of Roman soldiers who blocked those along the path who wanted to give Me comfort. While it would not have been necessary for such large amounts of soldiers to guard just one man, their presence was to demonstrate a number of things. They wanted to show My followers and anyone who attempted to spread the Truth of My Teachings, who was in charge. This act of aggression was to threaten and bully those who dared to show allegiance to Me.

The Jews denied Me and then betrayed Me. The Romans crucified Me and it was in Rome that My beloved apostle Peter was instructed to form My Church on Earth, for I wished that My Church be formed amongst those who persecuted Me.

As My Second Coming is to take place soon and as My Final Mission to come back in order to bring humanity the final salvation I promised is unveiled, history will be repeated. The Jews will still deny Me, until The Warning takes place. The enemies of God will rise against Me, everywhere. Those who love Me and those who say that they represent Me will betray Me.

It will be within the Roman Empire that the great abomination will rise up against Me. Babylon, home of the Roman Empire and where the nations which have abandoned God in favour of false gods are located, will be the seat from which all lies will spew forth.

The beast with the ten horns is Europe and in Rome an army will rise up against Me. They will be responsible, yet again, for the crucifixion before the Great Day. They will bring about the final insult, when they crucify and destroy My Mystical Body on Earth. My Body is My Church. Those who separate from My Body, by choosing to follow a new doctrine, will betray Me and yet they will have the nerve to stand up and say that they come from Me.

On that day when the new One World religion is made known, which will be endorsed by sections within the Catholic Church, as foretold, the skies will darken and a great thunder will descend upon the Earth. It will be as it was the second I drew My last breath on the Cross, when the Anger of My Father was cast down upon the Hill of Calvary. When that happens and the sign that My One True Church has been taken away and a false pagan abomination has replaced it, you must know this. This is when the chastisements will rain down upon the human race, everywhere.

Every sign will be given from Heaven to warn those who side with the false prophet and his soon-to-be cohort, the antichrist, that their days will be numbered. They will be shown what it will be like to experience the Anger of My Father. Many bishops and priests will realise the Truth at that stage and will fight against this wickedness. They will not abandon Me and will continue to lead My True Church on Earth. Sadly, many will not have the courage to do this and they will be like lambs being led to the slaughter, but they will be comforted to know that I will never abandon them. I will send them much help and My Remnant Army will rise and spread the Gospels, when they will have been pushed to one side, everywhere. They will preach in every corner of the world and they will be fearless. Their love for Me will conquer the work of the antichrist. Their obedience to Me and their response to My Crusade Prayers will save billions of souls.

And then, My Plan will be completed.

Your Jesus

God does not expect you to spend your time ignoring day-to-day matters or the time you spend with family and friends

Thankyou Lord Jesus for showing us that we can still have an abundant life without the fancy trimmings. We often feel guilty if we have a good laugh because others have to suffer or we are afraid to go and do something with our family and take all day out ( maybe as entertainment) so our prayers for this Mission are neglected.

This is a biggy for me.

I know You accept us in the state we are in and we have a responsibility to our family, so it is important to hear that even if we can offer thanks to You for our day and all the Blessings You gave with it, and offer up our activities as a prayer, our sufferings as a prayer to save souls and our personal sacrifices as another tool to save even more souls always offering thanks, then we might consider these acts of faith as a way of helping others in the smallest detail.

Then we can make the next day count even more for Your Mission. This takes a load of many of us Lord and helps us keep confidence that You will accept any of our efforts.

Like Luisa Piccaretta always reminded us in her daily offerings of love and thanks for You on every leaf of every tree ever grown and every grain of sand on the shores of every shore on earth since Adam until the last man born on earth, being offered up to You for every soul on earth.

What multiplication of offerings that is? How many loving thankyou's given as a simple gift to You? If we can manage to place a smile on Your Heavenly Face each day, surely we will be united to Your Sacred Heart in serenity.

Please Grant us this favour in our daily duties Jesus. Amen.

God does not expect you to spend your time ignoring day-to-day matters or the time you spend with family and friends

June 14, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, when a man begins to believe in his invincibility, he is lost.

So many people, who do not accept that life on Earth is but just a small part of their spiritual journey towards My Kingdom, are wasting so much precious time. The time I refer to is that given to you by God, in which you must live according to His Commandments, if you are to achieve Eternal Life. If you do not accept God, then you cut yourself away from Him. When you do that, your life will be cut short, and so instead of the Gift of Eternal Life, your life will end when you die in this one. You must not waste the time given to you in this life by spending it chasing useless things, which will be but dust, in time.

God does not expect you to spend your time ignoring day-to-day matters or the time you spend with family and friends. It does not mean, if you enjoy the fruits of life on Earth, that you cannot adhere to the ways of the Lord. You can.

My daughter, I wish to make it known that there is much confusion as to My wishes for humanity when I desire them to follow My Teachings.

Laughter is good. Companionship is important. Enjoying a fulfilling life is good, once you show humility and praise for God and then offer thanks even for the smallest of pleasures. Any Gifts you receive in this life, for the good of others, can only come from God. How you use these Gifts will be important in the salvation of your soul, when the Gifts provided by God are shared with others. Some are given great talents, but all souls are born with Gifts. They are meant to help you to help others. Those born with a talent for business, have an obligation to ensure that this is put to good use, for the benefit of others. Others will use their Gifts to care for their neighbour and to bring joy into other people’s lives. And then there are the souls who suffer. Their suffering is also a Gift, for they will help save the souls of others, and by doing so, will gain the greatest Gift of all – Eternal Life.

Life is given by God, for a reason. It is to give Glory to God and to encourage His children to unite with Him, finally, when life will change. God’s children are being prepared for this change, when finally, the glorious Eternal Life promised to Adam and Eve will become theirs.

It is important to try and show much love and compassion to each other, just as you would expect to be treated by Me, when I come to Judge. Every day you must ask yourself, for every deed you carry out, would this please God? Am I doing enough to follow God’s Commandments? Am I breaking the Laws of God, and if so, what will the consequences be?

Ignore the needs of others and your needs will be ignored. Hurt any of God’s children with deliberate intent and you will suffer. Kill any of God’s children and you will have no life. Life on Earth, although it can bring much love, joy and hope, is full of trials. Each trial must be faced and you must accept that it is part of God’s plan in the purification of His children.

When you live your life without acknowledging God, you are living life to suit your own desires. When you do not set standards, laid down by God, you will lose your way. If you wander so far away that you cannot find your way back, then you must pray for God’s Grace to help you.

Every single request made to God, if it is for the good of your soul and for the needs of those who you love, is always answered.

Your Jesus

Never do this, for it is the one sin which, by its hypocrisy, disgusts Me

Lord Jesus, we hear Your Voice and respond to Your Call, but those who are hard of hearing, please encourage them now to know the Truth through Your Holy Word as we enter the next phase of the Great Tribulation. Amen.

God, You need to speak loudly and clearly because humanity has dulled out Your Voice. Through their own pursuits, through their own materialism and self-knowledge for a false and empty happiness, they don't seem to be able to hear You as You need them to. Aside from their deafness, they are also blind. Please, through the Holy Spirit, enliven their hearts once again, heal them of pride, arrogance and naivety so they can give themselves the best chance to hear Your Truth, understand finally why Your Death on the Cross was for their Salvation and an acceptance of The Promise in giving their Rightful Inheritance to them to finally be united with You in Paradise. Hear the prayers of your faithful and enkindle in us, the Fire of Your Love. Amen.

Never do this, for it is the one sin which, by its hypocrisy, disgusts Me

June 12, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, as I try with all My Might to ignite the souls of believers, first and foremost, in these My Holy Messages for the world, I must warn those who speak ill of My Holy Word, yet again. While I seek out the souls of those lukewarm in their faith, why must those of you who profess to speak in My Name, denounce the Truth, when it is given to you from the Lamb of God through these Messages?

What man would speak to you in this way, in My Holy Name and dare to stand before you? No one. Only because of the Power of God can My Word be made known to you in plain language.

Man will continue to sin, whether he commits sins, which are the same amongst all of you in the world or whether they are of a grave nature. You are all sinners.

One sinner can never condone another in My Name, unless it be by My Authority, through the Act of Confession, which frees you from sin, for a short while. No sinner can condemn another sinner in My Name, for that is not their right. When you condemn another sinner, whether they are guilty of even the most serious act against God, you will become as blackened a soul as that person whom you openly condemn in My Name.

Don’t you know how you cause Me Pain and grief when you hurt one another? Have you not understood Me at all? Did you not learn why I died for you? To those of you who still do not understand the Truth, you must listen now. I do not condemn you for your sins, for I love you and will forgive you for any sin, no matter how terrible it may be. But when you declare yourself, in My Name, to be equal to Me and judge another sinner using My Name, I will condemn you too.

Not one of you, no matter how I love you, can judge another. Only I, Jesus Christ, have been given the Authority by My Father to Judge humanity – no one else. If you commit this sin, you will have to face My Judgement. Never do this, for it is the one sin which, by its hypocrisy, disgusts Me.

The time is almost upon humanity for the Truth to be witnessed. Not many, including those who profess allegiance to Me, will respond to My Call, until My Father casts down many punishments. So blind are you to the Truth of Eternal Life, so immune are you to hearing the Word of God, that the only way you will listen is when chastisements are brought down upon you.

When the first of many befall you, many will say that they are natural catastrophes, but when they rain down upon you so quickly, and when you have nowhere to run, only then will you know that it is the Hand of God, which befalls you.

My Father will shake the entire world. Those of you, who doubt that He Exists, will know that these events cannot be attributed to nature alone. Those of you who believe in Me, but who ridicule these Divine Messages, will eat your words and you will want to cut out your tongues, because you will realise soon, how your vile words insult Me. Not only do you curse God, but you prevent this Divine Mission from saving souls.

For every soul you deny Me, you will suffer an eternity. When you stand defiant in the Face of God you will not be permitted to do so. Remember, no matter how I love you, I will intervene, should you attempt to sabotage the Work of God in this the Final Mission to save humanity.

The time for the Book of Truth to be given to the world has now taken place. If you follow Me, but do not accept Me now, as I Call you, do not worry, for I will not Judge you. But if you try to prevent Me from saving God’s children, I will strike you down.

Your Jesus

You must not be frightened, for what I Promise is yours and it is your Inheritance

How many of us like bungy jumping? - Not me, but Jesus is basically saying to trust in Him, trust that if we need to jump into the unknown, which may seem frightening and disturbing, to just put all of our faith and trust and confidence in Him. We will be held up by Jesus! He will help us fly!

You must not be frightened, for what I Promise is yours and it is your Inheritance

June 10, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, the world must be told that My Time to return is close. My Time has already begun, as I strive to turn humanity towards Me, before My Great Day.

I Am preparing all of you at this time, although many will turn a deaf ear. I do this with love, for every single one of you for whom I love, for every single one of you for whom I gave up My Body. You are going to witness My Intervention, when I will open the eyes of humanity and which will be clearly witnessed.

Miracles will take place when My Mission is accepted. My Presence will be felt and I will make Myself known through Acts of Great Mercy. This plan is to entice you back, to turn those of you who no longer believe that I Exist, towards My Glorious Salvation.

I Am the King, Who will Reign over the New Paradise promised to Me by My Father. To those who do not know Me, hear Me now. You are Mine. I bring you LIfe, not as you know it on this Earth, but Eternal Life.

You must not be frightened, for what I promise is yours and it is your Inheritance.

This Kingdom is what you were born for, so that God, My beloved Father, could re-create the world, as it was in the beginning. He is the Beginning, for He created it. He is the End, for when the Great Day comes there will be no more suffering, for the New Beginning – Eternal Life – will be presented to those who accept God’s Love. You must become more trusting, less cynical and accept the Great Gift of Life, which can only come from a perfect God.

Only God could create such a miracle – the Gift of Life.

Only God can give you Eternal Life, where death will be conquered, and with it all evil.

You must look to the future with anticipation. You must try to listen to these Messages, for they will be the lifeline you will need, as the days ahead will become darker.

It is My Desire that none of you should fret, feel worried, frightened and sad, for My Glorious Day will mean that I will wipe every tear, pain, sadness and suffering from you and cleanse you with My Great Glory.

You will experience pure everlasting happiness, at last. Everything you ever imagined to be a state of Heaven, will be yours.

If you cannot respond to Me now, because of a lack of trust, I will help you if you call on Me. Ask Me for the Gift of Trust through this Crusade Prayer.

Crusade Prayer (109) for the Gift of Trust

O my dearest Jesus, Help me to trust You. To trust in Your Promise to come again. To accept the Truth of Your Second Coming. To trust in the Promise of God the Father when He said He would give You Your Kingdom. Help me to trust in Your Teachings, in Your Plan to save the world. Help me to accept, with Grace, Your Gifts. Help me to trust in You, so that I lose my fear and so that I can allow Your Love to flood my heart and soul. Amen.

Oh, how I yearn to comfort you, ease your fears, worries and concerns. How I desire to make the transition as painless as possible, so that you won’t have to suffer by the hand of the beast, whose work will be seen through the enemies of God.

If you trust in Me completely and surrender yourself to My Mercy, I solemnly promise that My Mercy will shorten the time when human suffering will escalate because of the wickedness of those who want to cause your suffering.

I pledge that My Intervention, through miracles, will awaken those most in need of help – an awareness of the Truth. When the Truth of God, is accepted by those who do not really understand My Promise to come again, but who accept it, within their hearts, then suffering will be reduced and I will show Mercy to billions of souls.

Your trust in Me, however, will help you to see the Truth. When you accept the Truth, you accept the Keys to My New Kingdom.

Your Jesus

When the New Jerusalem comes down upon the world to the sound of trumpets, the lights will fill the skies and all will be silent

Thankyou Maria for suffering as you are in your garden of Gethsemene. Without you giving every human effort to Jesus for His Mission to save souls, many souls would be devoured by the beast in hell. Please God keep her strong. Keep her protected from those who despise her for bringing us Your Truth. We are so looking forward to being in All Your Company and that of all the Angels and Saints finally in the New Jerusalem. Please help us to get there as the little children you need us to be. Amen.

When the New Jerusalem comes down upon the world to the sound of trumpets, the lights will fill the skies and all will be silent

June 9, 2013

My beloved daughter, the pain you endure physically at this time is to save souls, who are so far removed from Me, that were you not to offer this to Me as a victim soul, they would be lost to Me forever. Always remember how much it hurts Me and breaks My Heart when I lose even just one soul.

My Love for humanity remains intact, for nothing could ever stop Me from loving each precious soul. I love them so much that the Gifts I have given you, My daughter, of seeing all of God’s children, as He sees them, with a purity of heart, is never ending. This is why you suffer so much, My little one. It is not because of those whose anger insults you, but it is because of those souls who are in terrible darkness and whose destiny terrifies you, that you endure these new physical afflictions.

Please understand that when you become impatient and upset, because of these painful trials, that they are nothing compared to the intense suffering which faces those souls who will be taken by the beast. It will mean nothing when compared to souls who must endure the pain of suffering in Purgatory. How little this will mean to you when you see how I will pluck those souls, who otherwise would not be able to save themselves, from the evil grasp of the beast.

My daughter, no matter how painful this suffering is, it will not matter when I unite God’s children, when the most Glorious Paradise will descend on the Great Day. When the New Jerusalem comes down upon the world to the sound of trumpets, the lights will fill the skies and all will be silent then before the sound of angels, whose singing will reach every soul before the final moment. This will be the last hour when I come to Judge the living and the dead.

Your Jesus

My children’s obsession with worldly goods and the adulation of personal wealth separates them from God

How strange we must seem to our family and friends when we don't appear impressed when they bring around their latest big car or boat or the house they just bought. How we are judged to be 'jealous'.

I have a little chuckle to myself when their faces are ashen thinking their new 'toys' didn't make an impression at all on me. Goodness me, if they think I am seriously jealous then they truly don't understand faith.

When we are brought to the bare minimum, no fancy anythings, no holidays, no latest toys etc, we are brought to a place where The Holy Spirit can work with us. How much distraction the world provides. This has to be better and bigger, that has to be better money etc. It's tiring!

I couldn't keep up with all the pursuits!

We must be content with what God has provided for us - nothing more, nothing less! He knows what our needs are when we live in His Will. Trying to gain more and more, brings less and less for our souls.

Material things only bring a token joy to us and for very little time! True joy comes from our soul's yearning to get closer to Jesus. We can be truly satisfied if we place all our trust and hope in Him.

My children would be happy in a tent, so they tell me! Maybe one day soon, that little proposition might be put to them as a test!  The Seal of the Living God will be our Refuge for all that we need.

The rest is purely 'material'!

My children’s obsession with worldly goods and the adulation of personal wealth separates them from God

June 8, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, as humanity sinks deeper into sin, they continue to search for material things, which they believe will satisfy the raw pain they feel inside, for nothing can bring them comfort when they are so far removed from Me. Not for one moment do they think of Me, so caught up are they in the pursuit of worldly goods – useless things – which bring nothing, only a longing for more and more.

Then there are those whose love of worldly attractions means that they become insatiable. They seek bigger and what they believe to be more valuable possessions. Eventually they build shrines to themselves. This is when they plunge into despair, because the more wealth and luxury they acquire, the more confused and distracted they become. They will lose interest in other people and soon they will become isolated, as they become caught in a spider’s web, spun by the spirit of evil to trap them and destroy their souls.

My children’s obsession with worldly goods and the adulation of personal wealth separates them from God. Your own love of possessions destroys your love of your neighbour. You will become selfish to the point that you will not care about the misfortunes of others. This is how you disobey the Word of God.

You must stop your pursuit of riches. Then you will become purer of heart. But allow this devious sin to cloud your mind and you will never be pure of soul, and thereby not fit to come before Me. Those who are poor have less to tempt them to separate themselves from Me. Those who are rich are poor in that they have much to learn before they can humble themselves in My Eyes.

When will you learn that when man places worldly pleasures before Me, that he will not be able to prepare his soul in order to enter My New Paradise?

Your Jesus

I will create miracles all over the world to prove to the sceptics that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who has sent My prophet to prepare all of you for My Second Coming

The image that comes to mind as I read this Message from Jesus, is that all the believers are walking along a path of Light where there is a total peace and calmness with no sound, but all the while at the edges of this path, although fuzzy like being under water, are hoards of gnashing teeth, snarling dogs, lines of anger and aggression, but we are just oblivious as we keep walking, in no rush, no panic, just total serenity towards the Gates of Paradise. Isn't that what Jesus is asking of us here? Who can touch us? Who can hurt us? We are in God's Will. We are in Jesus' Sacred Heart. The Angels of Heaven are all around us. Nothing to fear and everything to look forward to.

I will create miracles all over the world to prove to the sceptics that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who has sent My prophet to prepare all of you for My Second Coming

June 7, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, all of those who know the Truth and who accept the prophecies contained in My Father’s Book, must accept that He has granted the world the greatest Mercy.

Now that the time draws closer for My Second Coming, those who recognize My Voice and who listen to Me, must devote their time to ensure that they spread My Word and pray for the salvation of all their brothers and sisters.

My beloved disciples, My Graces are being poured over you and you must remain confident when helping others to prepare for My Second Coming. Even when they scream obscenities at you, you must remain calm. This Mission will be the most vilified since My Crucifixion, but know that it is the Mission which will save billions of souls.

This is My time. It is the time allocated to Me by My beloved Father, as agreed. It is the time for My Reign when the New Heaven and the New Earth will merge as one. Just as My Father’s Will is done in Heaven, so too will it be done on Earth. All will become one. Hatred, suffering and the power of evil will cease. Every effort you make now to salvage your own souls and your prayers to save others will be worth it, no matter how difficult it is. Let them roar at you, scourge you, abuse you, call you liars and treat you cruelly. The more you will suffer, the more souls you will bring to Me.

I have carved out this path and it is guarded by all of the angels in Heaven. Every evil spirit will cause disruption, create obstacles and try to stop you walking towards Me, but it will be useless. They cannot stop Me reaching out to you or drawing you closer. There will be billions of you. Those who refuse to prepare now will do so in time. You must not allow them to slow you down, for time is short.

Every one of you in My Remnant Army will be given special Graces and I will create miracles all over the world to prove to the sceptics that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who has sent My prophet to prepare all of you for My Second Coming.

Your Jesus

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Lies, very often, come dressed as good things

Only those with their eyes truly on Christ will see just how wicked the plans are of satan's, to 'demonise' what is good and call those atrocities he plans to control humanity, good!

Stay close to the 10 Commandments! Know each not by title but by virtue that they unveil!

Know without waivering, what is good and virtuous and throw from yourself  any derivation of such created by satan, to snatch the good souls to himself by twisting the Truth into lies! he is laughing at those who believe they are of such great faith that they could never be deceived!

I for one cannot take my faith for granted, to do so would be frivolous and boastful. But what I can do, is make very sure I stay close to those who want the Truth, stay close to Confession, to Holy Communion, to our Crusade Prayer Groups and seek out when necessary, the priests who will remain loyal to Christ and His Teachings and be our safe haven for our souls!

We are all at war with satan! To know who our enemy is in this battle will help us to stay awake and armed! This is what Christ is helping us with here. He is giving us the knowledge to know the entity we are dealing with! Thank the Dear Lord for this Gift! Without It, our souls would be fodder for satan!

Lies, very often, come dressed as good things

June 6, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, how I wish that love would multiply in the world, for then man would truly love his neighbour, just as My Father commanded and there would be no wars.

Wars are the result of a lack of belief in the One True God. They are caused by fear, hatred and pride, all of which are enkindled by the power of Satan. As more people turn away from God and reject the need to prepare their souls for a life of glorious eternity, they will fall into much error. When they cannot see the Truth, they will be predisposed to believe in lies. Lies, very often, come dressed as good things. They masquerade as desirable deeds, rightful acts, pleasure, and as alternatives to what is natural.

Evil will rarely be seen as such, because that is not how Satan plans his deceit upon mankind. He, the evil one, whose works are seen within the words, deeds and acts of weak souls, is careful never to reveal himself. He will, through the poor souls he infests, come across as caring, pleasant and will always present an attractive fa├žade. Cunning, he will draw people into committing acts of evil through temptation and he will do this by preying on their most vulnerable weaknesses. While he normally seduces through the senses, he will also appeal to those who seek the Truth in their faith. This is when he, Satan, will draw souls into a trap where they will accept evil as being good.

It will only be at a later stage, when they feel uncomfortable and uneasy that they will sense that something is wrong. By then, hatred and a disregard for their neighbour will have been manifested within their souls. Then they will believe that those actions, which they embark on, in the Name of God, but which insult God, are for the Glory of God.

When war is created in the Name of God, it is usually not to God the armies of the world pay homage to. When they murder nations and say they honour God, they distance themselves from God and side with the beast.

The beast is planning the destruction of humanity in two ways, at this point in time. In the first instance, he is destroying life through abortion, murder and war. In the second instance, he is attacking My Church on Earth so that all churches, which honour Me, Jesus Christ and My beloved Father, are destroyed. In these ways he will steal souls and prevent them from following the Truth and from inheriting My Kingdom.

Your Jesus

The rest of My sacred servants will sign a pledge of allegiance to the new one world religion

This is so sad -  so many sacred servants will turn their backs on the One who gave them their calling in the first place, in favour of the demonic and diabolical agenda planned to deny Christ's Presence in the Churches through the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist!

They will divide into 2 camps. One for Christ and one denying Christ. Will they do this with full knowledge? That is for God to know!

We can only pray that their numbers will be minimised. It is heart-wrenching for Jesus to witness what will come, yet He did already in Gethsemene.

Some are so lukewarm in their priesthood, they will be easily swayed by these new laws that will form the new world religion! But imagine those who will side with the false prophet out of loyalty to the Church and it's governance! Will they have the strength to see the Truth?

This is what we must pray for! Jesus will show those who unwittingly side with the false prophet 'pope francis', His Mercy. Can you imagine the dark day that it will be when Christ's Presence will no longer be welcomed in His Own Church! What betrayal! Our Lady crush satan's head soon please!

The rest of My sacred servants will sign a pledge of allegiance to the new one world religion

June 5, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, more of My sacred servants are, at last, responding to My Call, although by doing so it means a very lonely journey for them.

Their duty is to their superiors, for I have given My Church on Earth the authority to assert itself over all of God’s children. They, My sacred servants, must adhere to all instructions given to them by My Church, until the day My Sacraments are changed. Then, their duty will be to Me.

To those of My sacred servants who do not believe in the prophecies foretold, where My Church on Earth will be destroyed from within, you need to pray, so that I will keep you strong and loyal to My Teachings, until the day of darkness will wipe out all Presence of Me in the Holy Tabernacles around the world. For when that happens, your only duty will be to Me, Jesus Christ.

Do not let your hearts be troubled, because once you proclaim only the Truth of My Teachings and administer the Sacraments in the ways in which you were taught, this will be your saving Grace. If, and when, you are instructed to reject the Truth of My Church on Earth, then this is when you will have to discern.

This day has not yet come, but when you are asked by those within your highest ranks to discard the Holy Eucharist, you will know then that you were given the Truth.

When you are asked to accept certain doctrines, before that day comes, which you will know in your hearts could never be condoned by Me, you will realise the awful reality of the destruction, which faces the Church.

It will only be the brave and the courageous amongst you, who will stand up for the Truth when they try to make you accept pagan lies, who will remain loyal to Me. You will continue to administer the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, Confession, Confirmation, Marriage and Extreme Unction.

The rest of My sacred servants will sign a pledge of allegiance to the new one world religion. It will be then that you will be divided into two – those who follow the Truth and those who will accept laws, which amount to only one thing – the adulation of false gods and the condonement of sin.

Many of you will no longer honour Me. If you do not remain loyal to Me and feed My flock with lies, many will be lost to Me. Yet, when these souls realise that they have been deceived, I will show great Mercy. You, however, having been trained to understand My Teachings, to honour My Holy Word and administer the Most Holy Sacraments, will betray Me.

Your Jesus

My Way is very simple. You may follow Me any way you will, but you must honour Me in My Christian Churches

Life demands much but to satisfy for our sins, Jesus is asking us to climb the Road to Calvary WITH Him! We all have our crosses to bear, our sufferings - physically, mentally, emotionally! So with what we already have on offer, make it a winning post by placing it all on Jesus' Cross and asking Him to help us carry it to the top of the mountain - that hard, treacherous climb all the way without the 'woe is me' stuff which satan just has the biggest laugh over.

Even ask for more! Ask for more suffering - you think I'm being silly right?

I'm actually serious - the times I have asked for more and I know this about others in the Mission - it seems that Jesus takes most of the suffering away - our desire is to help Him the most that we can, but for some beautiful God-given reason, Jesus heals us and enables us to carry on - almost like that big brother who sees us struggling with Mum's grocery bags but his heart melts because he sees just how much effort we are putting in to lighten his own load - so he takes his first, then comes back and takes ours - see what I mean?

Jesus is doing that for us! So always offer more and know that if it is in God's Will, we will be aided from Heaven to give us the boost we need to keep going!

My Way is very simple. You may follow Me any way you will, but you must honour Me in My Christian Churches

June 4, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, many will enthusiastically climb this difficult Path of Truth, just as it was on the way to Mount Calvary.

This is a challenging journey, fraught with many obstacles. For most people, they will find this climb painful, as many realisations will come to pass, including the fact that you will be despised for following Me. Others will try to stop you and will use every argument to pull you back, so that you will walk away from Me. Others will scream terrible things and will accuse you, not as a soldier of Christ, but as a tool of Satan.

Then, for those of you priests and servants among you, you will be ordered to leave Me in this final climb to the top. This climb is symbolic of the Way of the Cross.

All who follow Me, to help the Truth of My Teachings to be re-discovered in the world today – where people wear blindfolds and cannot differentiate between fact and fiction – will suffer a different kind of cruelty. They, My beloved followers, will be tormented with accusations that they belong to a cult. This particular insult suggests that they are deluded and not of sound mind. You must realise that this type of accusation is designed to create doubts in your mind.

My Way is very simple. You may follow Me any way you will. But you must honour Me in My Christian Churches, everywhere, for I have no other houses on Earth. Cults use other houses outside of My Church. When you are asked to leave My Church, it will be no different to the time My apostles, during My Time on Earth, were asked to do the same thing.

Ignore the taunts, the ridicule and those who use My Teachings and who then twist them, so that they can denounce My Messages given to you today.

Walk tall and march forward with confidence, for this battle will defeat the evil and the lies, planted by the deceiver, which casts a terrible darkness over innocent people, who cannot see what is happening.

Those who will find that they do not have the strength or the bravery to continue, please do not fear, for I will give you special Graces if you say this Crusade Prayer (108) Climbing the Hill of Calvary

Jesus, help me to find the courage, the bravery and the nerve, to stand up and be counted, so that I can join Your Remnant Army and climb the same Hill of Calvary, which You had to endure for My Sins.

Give me the power to carry Your Cross and Your load, so that I can help You save souls. Rid me of my weakness. Dispel my fears. Crush all my doubts. Open my eyes to the Truth.

Help me, and all those who respond to the Call to carry Your Cross, to follow You with a deep and humble heart and that by my example, others will pluck up the courage to do likewise. Amen.

Your beloved Jesus

Your pagan practices will lead you to Hell

Ok well Jesus isn't mucking around here. He knows and explains exactly what new age occultism and paganism really are!

Take it from someone who has been there with all the trimmings - ME! that this stuff is real and it is soul destroying. During my deep involvement I was given the evil power of 'seeing' people's past and future. I got paid! I was 'good' at what I did! People came back again and again!

But it was satan who gripped my senses! It was satan who caused this power to evolve. Had I used it for good, I would have given that bastard no power to corrupt me, but that wasn't the case. I used it for all it was worth and enjoyed the accolades!

Humility doesn't play any part. It's all about self, self-preservation, self-love, self-fulfilment! I attracted pagan souls. Buddha was my favourite! Levitation was a past time like a hobby! If only these people who are still so steeped in this abominable lifestyle would truly realise that their souls are literally given to satan on a silver platter for him to devour!

The only thing that saved me was my mother's dogged tenacity to get me to Confession! Through this Sacrament that took a very long time in the one session, God gave me the Grace to accept that my sins offended Him to the enth degree!

He gave me the willingness to see all that I did wrong and make my promise to Him that I would never touch that stuff again! Many things had to change. I got rid of all my books, written material, letters from 'pagan friends', all my stones, runes and cards, all the statues and crystals! All of it in the one or two hours it took for me to clean my house!

I have never looked back.

I am free to love The Holy Trinity the way I should.

This was a wake up call I needed to take stock of where I was heading and trust me, I wouldn't have needed a woolly jumper where I was going!

If any one of you are still involved with this new age occultism, I beg you please find the strength to draw yourself away!

I was lucky to have my prayerful mother by my side to push me in the right direction. Most of us do not have this luxury!

We must do this ourselves. But understand this, once you break the chains that bind you to satan, make no mistake, Christ is ready to bring you to Him in His Sacred Heart!~ Jesus loves you!

Your pagan practices will lead you to Hell

June 3, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, the scourging which I endure at this time is not just because of the pending betrayal of Me within My Own Church, but it has to do with the false, pagan idols who replace Me in today’s world.

Paganism is growing very quickly and is embraced as a new popular culture, an alternative to the belief in the One True God. It takes many forms. Most importantly, it will be presented as being harmless fun for those who dabble in new age practices and as being an important part of personal development – a form of humanism and love of self.

This global paganism was foretold for the end times and for many people they cannot see it, for what it is. It is a love of self and of false gods in whom many place their faith, for the so-called magical benefits they believe they have to offer.

Many, who look for diversions, in order to fill the emptiness in their souls, do this through the adulation of Buddha statues, which become central to their lives, their homes and places of work. They are lulled into a sense of spiritual calm when they practice new age paganism, such as yoga, reiki and so-called meditation. Soon afterwards, they will become attracted to a deep longing and will continue to believe in all the false promises made by those who practice this abomination. For this is what it is – a form of the occult, which blinds many millions of souls to the Truth of God.

Whatever doctrine, new age or otherwise, promises you great spiritual comfort and which is designed to empower you for selfish means, know that this could never come from God. Any doctrine which dictates that you honour such statues, which are not of God, or where you are asked to participate in practices which involve the occult, must be avoided at all costs. Don’t you know what these do to your soul, your mind and your body? They destroy them.

So many souls become infested by these practices, which open the door to your soul and allow Satan and his demons to devour you. These – and make no mistake – are powerful practices, in that they attract evil spirits. The use of tarot cards, yoga, reiki and certain types of meditations, which embrace pagan practices, will contaminate you. In time you may become ill and full of black despair, as the spirits of evil enter your lives, from which there is little escape.

These are the signs of Satanic influences in the world and many demons come disguised as angels of light. This is why those who become obsessed with angel cards and who accept so-called ascended masters, within this angel culture, are embracing the spirit of evil, which is presented as harmless fun.

The other form of paganism lies in the practice of atheism. Those of you who are proud of your atheism and who may practice good lives, in that you are kind and loving to others and treat your neighbours with respect, know that the Kingdom of Heaven is not yours. I can never accept you into My Kingdom once you draw your last breath, no matter how this will break My Heart. If you do not beg Me to accept you and before you die, I cannot help you then, for I cannot intervene with your free will. Anyone who tells you that atheism does not matter is a liar. The Truth is that only those who accept Me and who acknowledge God can enter My Kingdom.

So many of you who live such confused lives, and believe that all will be well, have much to learn. This is why My Father has permitted The Warning to take place, for without it many souls would plunge straight into the fires of Hell.

Be thankful that the Truth is being given to you, for very few of my appointed servants preach of the dangers of the sinful lives you are living today and the terrible consequences, which they will bring about.

Your pagan practices will lead you to Hell. Your atheism will separate you from Me. Only repentance can save you. Listen and accept the Truth, distasteful though you may find it to be, and you will be given the Gift of Eternal Life – a life, which you crave for right now, but which will never be yours, if you continue to idolise false gods and reject Me, Jesus Christ. The choice is yours, only. No one else can make this choice, for God has given you the free will to choose between good and evil and He will never take this away from you, even when you choose the wrong path.

Your Jesus

I Am Present in the Most Holy Eucharist through the Act of Transubstantiation

 A favourite hymn to dedicate to Our Lord's Message today.

Lord, to Whom Shall We Go by Michael Herry

Lord, to whom shall we go? You are our bread, broken and shared.
Lord, to whom shall we go? Yours are the words of life
Our fathers ate, yet their hunger remained. Their hearts were not satisfied.
Lord, to whom shall we go?
You are our bread, broken and shared.
Lord, to whom shall we go? Yours are the words of life

O Lord, you feed us with the finest of wheat, our pledge of eternal life.
Lord, to whom shall we go?
You are our bread, broken and shared.
Lord, to whom shall we go? Yours are the words of life. 

The bread you give is the living bread, your flesh for the life of the world.
Lord, to whom shall we go? You are our bread, broken and shared.
Lord, to whom shall we go? Yours are the words of life

Your word, O Lord, is a lamp for my steps; a light for my path of life.
Lord, to whom shall we go?
You are our bread, broken and shared.
Lord, to whom shall we go? Yours are the words of life.

In my father's house there are many rooms, and I go to prepare you a home.
Lord, to whom shall we go? You are our bread, broken and shared,
Lord, to whom shall we go? Yours are the words of life

Come you whom my Father has blessed. Enter the joy of the Lord.
Lord, to whom shall we go? You are our bread, broken and shared,
Lord, to whom shall we go? Yours are the words of life

I Am Present in the Most Holy Eucharist through the Act of Transubstantiation

June 2, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, I must remind all of God’s children of the Truth of My Promise to give humanity the Gift of the Holy Eucharist.

I must remind you of the Power of the Most Holy Eucharist and of the fact that it is I, your beloved Jesus, Who is truly Present. I gave up My Body to save you from eternal damnation. I gave you My Body so that I could remain within your souls.

I Am Present in the Most Holy Eucharist through the Act of Transubstantiation. I explained this very clearly to My apostles at the Last Supper. So why do so many of you not accept this great Gift given to you at a great cost. This is My Gift to you. My Body and Blood will strengthen your soul. My Divine Presence sustains your soul and provides all those who accept My Holy Eucharist with a special Grace, which will bring you closer to Me.

When you keep Me company during Eucharist Adoration, I will pour out the greatest Gifts over you. Soon you will find it difficult to pull away from Me and I will become closer to you. Your heart will become entwined with My Sacred Heart.

You must never forget the Power of My Holy Eucharist, for it retains the Light of My Presence in the world. Without My True Presence in the Holy Eucharist, you would be lost and you would be unable to remain in a state of Grace.

When you are deprived of My Body, you will begin to feel empty. You will be separated from Me and while you may still love Me, you will struggle to stay in union with Me.

Your Jesus

God is not boastful. God is not proud. God is gentle, loving and yet firm in His instruction to humanity

Maria is a True prophet - the last prophet chosen before Jesus Returns to earth. She has never slandered or said anything against another prophet or messenger. Never. Yet others I have read, definitely have said many things against Maria. There is a jealousy amongst those chosen to bring Christ's Word to the world but unfortunately, there is even more jealousy amongst theologians who believe they have the authority to denounce the True prophets, but Maria has remained humble and obedient to Christ in all regards.

This is a Message which makes clear the difference of who is with the Holy Spirit and who is not. Please pray for those who have been given the Word of God in these times. They are under tremendous suffering and pressure by those opposers.

God has them under His Guidance, but our prayers will surely make for a more joyful journey for them while they continue to save millions of souls through their dedication and loyalty. Those who claim much through boastfulness and pride are not given power by the Holy Spirit. God does not work like that. Their self-given authority is of their own presumptions and delusions. We must always pray for them too, they are loved by God and He does not wish to see them take the wrong path away from His Truth and lead others to do the same.

God is not boastful. God is not proud. God is gentle, loving and yet firm in His instruction to humanity

May 31, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, the way in which I show Myself to God’s children on this Earth is through only one source and that is the Holy Spirit. I cannot make Myself known to them through any other way.

Without the Presence of the Holy Spirit My Voice cannot be heard. So when the Holy Spirit descends on a chosen soul My Voice can be made known. But be aware. The Holy Spirit can only reside in souls who listen and simply communicate what is given to them.

The Holy Spirit may inspire people to speak the Word of God, but such souls cannot deviate from this. Anyone who writes, communicates, speaks and says that he represents the Word of God, given to him by the Power of the Holy Spirit, must never give his own interpretation of My Most Holy Word.

Anyone who proclaims the Word of God and who has been empowered by the Holy Spirit will never boast of this fact. They will never condemn another in My Name, speak ill of others or slander them. When you see this happening you will know that the Holy Spirit is not present.

So many false prophets shout at the top of their voices, boasting of the fact that they have been given the Gift of the Holy Spirit, but this is a lie. Know the liar when he says he is knowledgeable, has a great education in theology – and therefore knows more about Me than others – and then claims to have been given the authority to condemn others, who say they speak in My Name. This arrogance could never come from God.

God is not boastful. God is not proud. God is gentle, loving and yet firm in His Instruction to humanity. He would never give permission to any genuine prophet, true disciple or holy servant to hurt or insult another in My Name.

Beware of the false prophets who do not have the Gift of the Holy Spirit, for they will lead you astray. They will lead you in the opposite direction to the path I have chosen for each of you.

Your Jesus

God the Father: I will strike every nation according to the extent of the number of innocents they have murdered

People must now hear the Words of God in this urgent Message to mankind!

God has run out of patience with humanity's defiance of the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill"

This Commandment is being abused by those who partake in the sin of abortion, this is murder.

God is telling us that He alone gives life, He alone takes life all in His Will.

Man cannot get away with taking the life of another UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

He will not allow this abomination to continue. Those nations who allow this horrendous law to pass will be punished. The earth will shake and those who are guilty without remorse, with full knowledge of what they are doing, particularly the global elite trying to control the world population will know God's Hand is upon them!

Nations will weep and lament in the aftermath! We have been warned long enough! We are godless nations who have succumbed to the beast! We must pray that the chastisements God has planned will be mitigated for our nations' good people. All will suffer as the punishments must come to pass, but He has promised that those with the Seal of the Living God will be safe.

Do you believe this? Do you believe that you will be spared by having the Seal and praying Crusade Prayer #33 daily?

Please know that God keeps His Promises.

God the Father: I will strike every nation according to the extent of the number of innocents they have murdered

May 29, 2013

My beloved daughter, I Am the Beginning and the End. I Am the Creator of all that is and will be. I Am Master of life and death. No one has the authority to intervene in life or death, as only I, your Almighty Father, can intervene in either.

When man begins to believe that he is as good, if not more powerful than I, he will try to emulate Me. When man wants to take control over My Creation, he is being tempted by Satan to sin. When the sin of pride infests the soul to such an extent, man will defy Me by destroying life on Earth.

Why would man want to do this? He wants to obtain power over what has been given freely by Me, when he takes the life of a child in the womb. When he wants to control the population, he will destroy life before birth and kill those he feels must no longer sustain life.

There is a plan, My daughter, by a group to destroy the growth of the world’s population. And that is through the terrible evil that is enacted through abortion. The increase in abortion and the rapid introduction of it across the world is no accident. It is being spread throughout every nation. Those nations who object to abortion will be pushed to one side by the beast with the ten horns and forced to introduce this abomination.

By My Hand, I will cast a severe punishment upon those nations who have introduced abortion. You will see this happen as soon as such laws are introduced and by the punishment I will inflict. You will know that it is My Hand, which has been cast down upon such wickedness. Those of you who think that you have the right to take a life, know that this right does not exist. Take a life and you will have no life. No Eternal Life will be yours, if you assist in any act, which brings such wicked laws into existence. The same punishment will be inflicted on those of you who dare to justify euthanasia.

My Mercy is abundant and I will forgive those who do not understand the difference between right and wrong. But when you deliberately take part in the global plan to destroy life, as part of a satanic group, you are doomed. Your future has been sealed by the promise you have made to the beast, and shortly, your alliance with the antichrist.

By taking the life of the innocent and forcing such laws into being, you are openly defying one of My most important Commandments – thou shalt not kill. When you plan such genocide on such a global basis, you are carrying out the work of the devil and for this, I will destroy you.

I Am giving you warnings first, and then, if these wicked laws are not curtailed, you leave Me with no choice. The Earth will shake with such force that it will swallow you. I will strike every nation according to the extent of the number of innocents they have murdered. If I do not intervene, very soon your nations will be devoured by the beast and no one will be left. I need you to know that sin has infested the Earth to such an extent, that there is only a flicker of Light left. That Light is the Light of God and it is present in My Son and His Mystical Body. Your sins continue to scourge Him and this will escalate until the stage when His Church will be crucified. When this happens, the darkness will descend and then will come the end.

My Anger has reached its limit. Your prayers will help to mitigate some of the punishment, which I will cast down upon this ungrateful world and upon such wicked sinners, but not all, for these punishments must take place, so that I can stop these plans from destroying you. If I did not try to halt the spread of such abominations there would be no remorse. No shame. No awareness of the fact that I, God the Most High, create life and take it away according to My Will. No one else has the power to do likewise.

My Anger has shown itself to My children down through the ages, but until now, you have withstood the punishments, which I will now pour down on those who are guilty of introducing the act of abortion.

Your Father

God the Most High

My Voice, as It rings out, will draw millions towards Me in the next stage, and then billions in the final stages

The big test for us all is patience and perseverance. We will see all the events foretold come to be very quickly in succession. I am kinda getting rather excited about all this. Yes we are going to get a lot of grief from those speaking out against the Messages, but this is more opportunity to pray that when all comes to be, they will be the first to clamber to the Gates of Paradise! I will gladly give up my spot and jump to the end of the queue! God Bless us all on this tremendous journey of hope, joy and peace. We are in this together and together we will help Jesus reclaim many millions of souls that would otherwise have been lost to the beast.

My Voice, as It rings out, will draw millions towards Me in the next stage, and then billions in the final stages

May 28, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, I Am preparing every part of the world, right now, for My Second Coming. I will sweep every nation up – not one excluded – into My Arms of Mercy, so that I can bring them into My Kingdom.

My Plan is very detailed and, yet, it is simple. My Voice, as It rings out, will draw millions towards Me, in the next stage, and then billions in the final stages. Many more will hear the Truth now, but they won’t accept it, until what I have told you happens. My Mission will expand quickly and then when everyone knows that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who makes this Call from Heaven, they will join Me. My Mission will be responded to, by even those who renounce these Messages.

You, My followers, may be disheartened because of the abuse, which you will have to endure because of Me, but it will not last long. My Love for God’s children is so great that it can be likened to that of a parent, who has a number of children. Some children will honour their mother and father and respond to the love shown to them. Other children will push their parents away, treat their brothers and sisters badly, before finally breaking all ties. Because of the ties of blood and love, every effort will be made, not only by the parents, but by the siblings, to draw those lost children back into the bosom of their family. And when that happens, all sins, anger and rejection, will be forgotten.

My followers, while you will have to face the wrath of others, you must remain calm and patient. Your perseverance will be tested and some of you will fall away. When you do, everything will be done, by My loyal followers, to bring you back, so that you can respond to My Call.

Your beloved Jesus

God the Father: I promised the world the Book of Truth and I never go back on My Holy Word

Thankyou Dearest Father for Your Love and Protection. Please strengthen our resolve to bring Your Word to the world. This Mission will go from strength to strength regardless of the evil one's attempts to thwart It! We will not deny ourselves the fortitude that You Give us when we continue in Your Remnant Army along the thorny road. We will bandage the wounded soldiers with Your Healing Words and comfort those war-weary soldiers with the Promise of Jesus' Mercy and His Second Coming. We have hope knowing You are with us! We love You always! Amen.

God the Father: I promised the world the Book of Truth and I never go back on My Holy Word

May 26, 2013

My dearest daughter, My beloved children are in disarray at this time. I wish to tell them, and especially those who doubt these Divine Messages given to you because I love them, that they must not fear.

Fear creates doubt. Doubt creates confusion. Confusion can lead to unease and, eventually, you will be blinded to the Truth. The Truth will never be easy to accept, for the Truth reveals the good and the bad. No one wants to hear the bad and rather than accept the direction given to the world through My Wishes humanity will cower in fear.

I send My prophets to remind you of My Infinite Love for every one of My precious children. I also send them to warn you of the obstacles, which will be placed before you by the evil one to take you away from Me. When I reveal these things, it is not to upset you, but to save you and to keep you from harm.

The Truth given to you in My Holy Book, the Bible, is there for you to see. Do not take it and create your own version, for it is not My Desire that you twist the Truth. I promised the world the Book of Truth and I never go back on My Holy Word. This I give you now, so that I can gather My children from the four corners of the Earth. My enemies will try to stop the spread of the contents in the Book of Truth. Do not allow them to distract you, as when this happens souls will be lost to Me.

Be thankful that I, your beloved Father, give you this great Gift, as you will need My Direction, especially now, as the antichrist will now be presented for the world to see. You will, through the Book of Truth, be shown how to protect your souls from the contamination he has planned to inflict upon the world. Every protection is being given to you to help save, not only your own souls, but the souls of billions.

The Remnant Army will be given the greatest powers to defeat the beast. It will be strong enough to do this, so never feel disheartened when My enemies try to prevent you from multiplying across all nations. Their power will be quashed and those who are weak and accept the lies, which will be presented to them, soon, in the Name of My Son, will be lost to Me. Only through your love for Me and My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and by the Power of the Holy Spirit can all of My children be saved.

I will protect you and guard you at all times. Uplift your souls to Me through your allegiance to My Son and you will be given the most Glorious Gift of My New Paradise.

Let no one stop you from claiming your rightful Inheritance. Let no one stop you from fighting for the souls of all My children, for you are being given the Graces necessary to save even the souls of those who offend Me the most. 

I love you, children. I await your response to this Call from Heaven.

Your beloved Father

I, the Mother of God, will destroy the power of the evil one, in the hearts of those who call on me

The Eternal sin - Blasphemy to The Holy Spirit!

Strong words from Our Lady, so why do those who love Her, do this?

They are placing themselves in serious spiritual jeopardy! Pray for those who do not stay silent in their unbelief!

Jesus accepts their unbelief in silence, but to speak out against His Word through His prophets is unredeemable! Goodness! There are too many who do this, please pray for them as they continue to make themselves known to us!

I, the Mother of God, will destroy the power of the evil one, in the hearts of those who call on me

May 26, 2013

My child, you must never listen to those who try to stop you in this Holy Mission. It is important that you remain in union with my beloved Son and know that those voices, who speak blasphemy against my Son, will continue to multiply. The hatred, which pours from their mouths, is not against you, but the Holy Word of my Son. Now, you know how many enemies my Son has in the world. The ones who hurt Him the most are those who say they love Him, but who reject Him now, as He speaks through the chosen prophets of God.

Those who use me, the Holy and Immaculate Mother of God, to hide behind, while they scream obscenities, fill me with tears of great sorrow. So hardened are their hearts and so filled with anger, that their hatred of these Messages will shock many. Those who believe that they defend the Word of God, and who reject those who come in His Name, must never condone those who show hatred to or slander others in His Name. When this happens and when those who claim to be prophets do this, know that these bitter attacks do not come from God, as this would be impossible.

I, the Mother of God, will destroy the power of the evil one, in the hearts of those who call on me. If they do not call on me, I cannot help them. I, as the Co-Redemptrix, could never deny the Truth, which my Son wishes to reveal to the world. My duty is to my Son. I would never tell you to reject or denounce the evil one and then deceive you by claiming to be the Mother of God.

Those who claim to honour me through my Most Holy Rosary and then say wicked things about my Son, by declaring His Messages to be lies, insult my Son and dishonour me. My Most Holy Rosary, when said slowly and from the heart, will open your hearts to the Truth of this Mission. You must never give up hope, even if you are not given the Gift of discernment. It will be given to you, if you ask me to consecrate your soul into the care of my Son. If this is done with a simple and humble spirit, my Son will reward you with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Children, you must never insult my Son’s prophets, even if you do not believe them. You must remain silent and pray for them. Should you reject my Son’s prophets, He will not hold this against you. But, if you declare that His Holy Word, given to the true prophets, to be that of the evil one, you will suffer terribly.

Remain calm, children, and place your trust completely in my Son. Surrender yourself into His Mercy and He will guide you and peace will be yours. Go, my dear children, safe in the knowledge that my Son loves you. He forgives all souls, for all sins, with the exception of eternal sin – blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation