Saturday, 25 March 2017

I Am All-Merciful. I do not seek revenge


Jesus please don't feel You need to defend Your Actions for us! You are the One Who we respect and honour with all our hearts. Any action You take is valid no matter how humanity views it! All that we endure is because God deems it that way. We are in His Holy Will and so no matter what transpires we know that our hearts are with You always. Those who go against You are more afraid of what will befall them and this is why our prayers can help them before it's too late.

Their fear is what creates their venom!

I see it like when they speak calumny, they have plastic wrap around their heads and I see them with their mouth open, I hear noise coming from them, but it is so muffled - I can't understand the poison they speak!

So thankyou Lord for allowing me to deafen my ears to their 'trumpetting'. It helps me not to be distracted and to understand that You hear all their words and You are the One who they revoke.

I unite all these experiences with Your Passion on the Cross and know that any suffering I endure will be used by You to help save those souls I am unaware of. Jesus You know how much I love You? Amen.

I Am All-Merciful. I do not seek revenge

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 @ 21:25

My dearly beloved daughter, remember that God always judges in favour of the oppressed. He will never exalt those who exalt themselves. For every man that is exalted, the lowest of the low in your world will be exalted in My Kingdom. The oppressors in your world will become the oppressed, on the Final Day of Judgement.

I Am All-Merciful. I do not seek revenge. I do not reprimand you by replicating the wrongs you did to others, the hatred you inflicted on others or the harsh way you judged others. So great is My Love, that I will forgive you any sin, except eternal sin, which curses the Word of God. I will always forgive you, no matter how you crucify Me or My servants, sent to redeem you. Not since My Crucifixion has humanity witnessed My Intervention, like now, as I bring you the Book of Truth.

The time is near now, as I gather all nations for the final reunion. I will take those who are of Me, through their acts, their words and their deeds, into a new beginning, which will become the new world, the New Paradise. My Kingdom will be yours. I will gather My people, from every corner of the Earth. Some will be Mine, while the others will be punished for their wickedness. Those who are called, as well as those of you who were chosen from the beginning of time, will be like lions. Courage will be given to you from Heaven and you will need this if you are to overcome the hatred, which will be shown against you.

Please never fear My enemies. Ignore their venom. Their voices may roar and their screams may be deafening, but they have no power over you. If you are truly Mine, then the fires of Hell will never prevail against you.

Your Jesus

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