Sunday, 17 June 2018

God the Father: My Love will conquer evil and hatred.


You Who Loves us so much Dearest Father, God of all Creation, God the Most High, grant us Grace and Protection through Your Hierarchy of Angels. Enable us to focus on Your Love for each of Your children, no matter how they offend You. Help us to spread the news of the Final Covenant to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, without fear in our hearts. (excerpt from Crusade Prayer 140 Protection of Hierarchy of Angels: Thursday, March 13th, 2014 @ 20:45)

We love You God! We console You! We honour You! We will hold ourselves close to You! Please enter our hearts, our minds, our souls, our bodies so that we become Your Essence to bring You to others. We cannot live without You! We cannot breathe without Your Permission! Each part of us must commit solely to Your Mission through Your Beloved Son to bring the Truth to those who are blind to It! Please Father, help us always to remember the Love You Are! The Love You need us to be! The Love You have for EACH of Your children! You are the Creator! You are our Protection! In Jesus' Name. Amen.
Remember that God loves us even in our sinfulness! But He hates sin! We must try with all our might to stay within His Loving Arms to enable us to defy satan and all his traps. The Seal of The Living God is available in forms to enable us to have it with us every day!

Take one in our wallets, take one in the car, take one to our desk at work, have the framed one in our homes. Don't be afraid to show it! Others may see it and wonder what It Is! But maybe, just maybe, they might read it when we are not around and later ask what It Is and ask for one themselves! 

We don't know how the Holy Spirit works! 

But we must be a conduit for His Progress in all souls!

He will Intervene in a very short while to separate the wheat from the chaff! Who do we want to be - wheat or chaff? A flower or a weed? It is now that we need to ask God for the strength to remain loyal to Him - satan will not rest until he tries for each of our souls to take them with him to perdition! God is Inviting us to use the Protection He has Given! We have our Defence - it is time to draw the line in the sand! The Holy Trinity or the unholy trinity! We don't have anymore than 2 choices - so choosing is as it is!
Black and white!

 God the Father: My Love will conquer evil and hatred.

 Monday, September 29th, 2014 @ 20:50

 My dearest daughter, My Love, when it is accepted by you can produce great fruits. But when it is rejected by man this results in a withered earth. Without My Love there is no life, no joy, no peace. When My Love is felt by man, it creates great wonder, awe and a feeling of deep gratitude in the soul of the person, who has been granted this Gift.

 My dear children, when you experience love in any form for another human being, this is My Love you feel. It can only come from Me for I Am Love. Love is a Gift and you must seize it when you feel it stir within your heart. To those who accept My Love, know that I will fill you with more of My Gift when you share it with those, who have not been granted this favour.

 My Love will conquer evil and hatred. Love wipes out hatred, as the evil one, the thorn in man’s side, is incapable of it. When you say you love Me, then you must fight very hard to prevent hatred, of any kind, to blemish your soul. If you love Me, you will forgive your enemies because you will see them as I see them. This requires perseverance on your part and discipline, which will prevent you from hurting another person, either verbally or physically.

 When you allow My Love to flow through your veins, you will feel complete peace and freedom. This is because you will feel no malice, no anger, no revenge nor grudge against another child of Mine. This is the Gift of My Love in its most pure form. Accept it from Me by reciting this prayer.

 Crusade Prayer (168) For the Gift of God’s Love

 O Dearest Father,  O Eternal One,   God the Most High,  Make me worthy of Your Love.  Please forgive me for hurting others and for any wrong-doing,  which has caused suffering to any of Your children.   Open my heart so that I can welcome You into my soul, and cleanse me of any hatred I may feel against another person.  Help me to forgive my enemies and to sow the seeds of Your Love everywhere I go and amongst those whom I meet every day.  Give me, dear Father, the Gifts of Perseverance and Trust, so that I can uphold Your Holy Word and thus keep alive, in a darkened world, the Flame of Your Great Love and Mercy.  Amen.

 Children, please take comfort in the knowledge that I love all of you, no matter who you are, whatever sins you have committed and whether or not you curse Me. My Love for you is unconditional.

 I must, however, separate those who are trying to blind My children to the truth of their salvation, from those who are of Me. Were I not to intervene, many would be lost to Me and I Am not prepared to sacrifice souls to those who, despite every effort on My Part, will reject Me on the final day.

 I ask that you place all your trust in Me and keep My Seal of Protection, in any form, close to you. The fight has already commenced and I will wreak justice by punishing those who try to destroy My children.

 Never forget Who I Am. I Am the Beginning and the End. All who come to Me will find Eternal Life. Allow Me to take you to safety and to a glorious life in union with My Will. I will reveal the New Paradise in My Own Time and I desire that you show patience. Live your lives in harmony with others. Look after your families as before. Come to Me in your churches as before. But, always remember that the Truth, the True Word of God, can never change for I Am the Truth. I can never change, for that can never be.

 I love you. I bless you. I protect you.

 Your Loving Father

 God the Most High

Cling to the Truth at all times, for without it, you will be living a lie

So much of this Message needs to be read again and again. There are such valuable words here that it is difficult to convey in words what Jesus has Said so simply and so explicitly!

For example: "The Eternal Word is the foundation upon which the Church sits. It is not the other way around. The Word of God is Eternal – it is cast in stone." Another words, no matter how much the Church embodies a Sacredness, it is still created as a service to the Eternal Word - The Eternal Word cannot be of service to the Church. This would mean that what is Written in Scripture can be manipulated and changed in any way to suit the Church as a structure for those who participate in it. How wrong is this? Yet isn't this exactly what is going to happen?!

The false prophet is going to change the Gospels to read in accordance with humanity - if it is 'tired', 'outdated', 'intolerant' and 'not serviceable' then change it to where the words will be 'fresh', 'in touch', 'unifying' and 'submissive' to all and sundry! WRONG HONEY!

The Gospels were Breathed upon by the Holy Spirit! They must remain the Truth as they were given! Nothing, not a word within them can be changed or modified to suit the humanists! We must remain as we have always been called to, submissive to the Truth! 

The Laws of God are Truth - unchangeable! So sin in all it's forms must remain definitive as being against God! There will be words coming from the representatives in the Church which say 'of course God will forgive sin, because He accepts sin as being part of our human nature'. Oh really???

God will never accept sin, but He will always accept the sinner will sin because of his human nature! See the subtle difference?

God cannot forgive sin if the sinner is unrepentant. Does that mean that the unrepentant sinner is not acceptable to God? Well if the sinner remains unrepentant through all the chances to redeem himself as God permits, then that sinner has a problem on his hands!

But if through given chances for Redemption, the sinner calls himself to account and tells God in humble contrition and repentance that he is sorry and remorseful of those sins he has committed then, yes! God will accept him - the sinner will no longer be a sinner in that moment! We will be in a State of Grace when we are forgiven for our sins if our contrition and repentance is acceptable in the Eyes of God, however, how long can we sustain that State? Jesus has asked for us to avail ourselves to the Sacraments each week! That's right - each week! This is because God knows our human nature. He knows that we are weak and fall into sin so quickly and easily!

Does He give up on us and say "When are you going to stop sinning, you unworthy little grub?" No! He loves us, He loves us as sinners! But He HATES our sins! While he doesn't accept sins, He doesn't condemn His children for the sins we commit, He condemns our sins because we might be happy to commit them while we are so filled with pride and arrogance that we tell God 'If I want to keep sinning that's my business - I don't want Your Forgiveness and I certainly don't NEED it!" - That cuts God's Heart in a thousand pieces!

But this is the attitude being configured by the words we will hear from the pulpits! We will be told that sin is 'just a condition' and totally acceptable to God because He accepts our sins and He will show Mercy to us regardless of how we conduct our lives!
 Care to put a wager on that piece of news being what God really thinks?

 Please read this Message that Christ has given to us carefully. It is very concise in bringing us knowledge of what deceptions lay ahead. We have to be so vigilant! Remember: Confusion, vagueness, illogical and a 'greying' of Truth comes from satan. God's Truth is clear, simple and authoritative. God is Black and White! satan is GREY!

 Cling to the Truth at all times, for without it, you will be living a lie

 Sunday, September 28th, 2014 @ 18:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, the Word of God, as laid down by Him, and the Word dictated to My Holy Apostles, was the foundation upon which My Mystical Body, the Church, was built.

 The Eternal Word is the foundation upon which the Church sits. It is not the other way around. The Word of God is Eternal – it is cast in stone. It is the foundation of the Truth. The foundation of My Church cannot be shaken but the edifice, which sits upon it, may be changed and amended. However, if the building changes, then the foundation may not sustain it if it deviates from the building structure for which it was designed.

 The Word of God may never be amended because it can never change. For how could it? God did not say one thing only to mean something else. The Church must be subservient to the Word of God. The Word of God is not subservient to those members of My Church who may feel differently. Dare to tamper with the Word and you will betray Me, Jesus Christ. I Am the Church. My Body is the Church and all that springs from Me is sacred. For as long as the Truth is upheld by you, those sacred servants of Mine, you can represent Me. As long as you trust and honour Me, and ensure that the proper procedures are in place within My Church, then you can say you are Mine.

 When God dictated the Gospels, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Word may have been presented using different expressions but, either way, it remained the same. When God spoke through the prophets and those apostles of Mine, blessed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, the language was clear, simple and authoritative. The same is true of today when God speaks to His prophets. The language is clear and simple and is delivered with authority, for it comes from God. The Words spoken by Me, your Redeemer, are true to My Holy Word contained in the scriptures, for they come from the same Hand. Therefore, any one who gives you a new version of the Truth, that is difficult to understand, hard to follow and vague, beware. When the Truth is twisted, a false doctrine will emanate from it. It will be full of holes; illogical and the exact opposite of the Holy Word of God.

 When you are told that God will accept sin because of His Mercy know that this is a lie. God will accept the remorseful soul, but never the sin, for this is impossible.

 Cling to the Truth at all times, for without it, you will be living a lie.
 Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: Sin is a fact. It exists, and will continue to exist until the Second Coming of Christ

How long has mankind dwelled on the earth with the knowledge of sin, as it is - wrongdoing against the Commandments of God?

How many generations have passed through this life with that certainty, that sin is the condition placed on humanity because of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve?

Why then can we suppose, that humanity in the grip of darkness in these present times, presents the new thesis that sin is not sin, evil exists in people not a place or entity and if it feels good, then it is good, so do it?! 

We can come to the conclusion then, that as foretold in Scripture, we are in the last days of the life we call ours in it's present existence! 

Our consciences are dulled down to the point of there being no recognition to good or bad - another words we have No-one to answer to, so 'it is all up to what I want!' and because lies in all forms are deception (Dah!) we can lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that 'of course you can do that - it feels right - doesn't it?' 

Well I am sure there are some hallucinogenic drugs out there that 'feel right and good'! 

We have lost the plot!

Humanity cannot see 'wrong' for what it is - WRONG! 

How is God feeling in all this? 

What is it going to take for us to get our moral compass back on track?

Let's say here that God has a Plan and it ain't going to be pretty!

We can through prayer, hold His Hand back for so long. We can through prayer, bring the souls of those who separated themselves from God, back to Him - with His Help. But surely we have to understand that there are many people out there who like the way it is and like doing 'what feels good'. 

They have no real reason to leave their sordid lives - or do they?

If they can't recognise within themselves through their deadened conscience that something has to give, then Jesus in His Extraordinary Mercy will lift the lid on their 'horrorzone' and bring them a New Light on their horizon! 

This is what it will take for mankind to turn their backs on sin! 

The Warning (The Illumination of Conscience) we have been told will happen 'when the world seems at it's worst'. Well we cannot be sure how bad it could get, but certainly it would SEEM to be pretty nasty right now! 

Let's just keep focussed on what our consciences need as nourishment - all the good, all the holy, all the Sacramental, all the prayer, all the self-sacrifice, all the self-penance and all the contrition, so we can face Jesus with worthiness and humbleness! 

Our Mother of Salvation is trying Her hardest to get us to take a good look at the states of our souls to have the best chance of being Saved. 

Time is of the essence and essentially we don't have a lot of time!

Mother of Salvation: Sin is a fact. It exists, and will continue to exist until the Second Coming of Christ

 Saturday, September 27th, 2014 @ 19:20

 My dear children, how heartbroken I am during these terrible times, when man has risen to defy God in so many ways.

 God’s Laws are being flouted all over the world because sin is no longer acknowledged as being wrong. Instead, it is justified at every opportunity so that man can no longer differentiate between right and wrong. When you embrace sin, in all its forms, and declare it to be of no consequence, then you will never be satisfied. Sin, once it is seen as merely a human fault, will lead to greater and more serious sin until, finally, it will lead to a darkness of the spirit and separation from God. This will leave a vacuum in your soul, which will bring a form of wretchedness, which it is difficult to extract from.

 Darkness comes from the spirit of evil. Light comes from God. Sin brings darkness and, unless you acknowledge sin, and seek reconciliation, it will grow and fester until it strangles the spirit. Nothing in this world will, nor can, bring the soul the relief it craves. Only reconciliation between the soul and God can free it from this stranglehold.

 Sin is a fact. It exists, and will continue to exist until the Second Coming of Christ. God’s children, who understand the Ten Commandments, laid down by Him, will know that man must ask God for forgiveness each and every time he sins. It doesn’t matter that he seeks out God and begs His Forgiveness repeatedly, because this is the only way to stay in union with Him. In this way, you will receive many Graces and you will mature and dwell in the Light of God.

 Man must accept his weakness because of the existence of sin. He must accept how sin can separate him from God. When he does not accept this fact then he is saying that he is equal to God. Without belief in the existence of sin man cannot serve God. It is then that the separation between the soul and that of his Creator becomes wider until there is no communication between man and God.

It is the desire of Satan to capture souls and prevent their salvation. Until man accepts the importance of acknowledging the Laws of God, he will deny Him.

 Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

The beauty of man, created in the Living Image of God, is indescribable

This Message is quite different in tone and enthusiasm as Jesus describes the wonderful way in which God Created man in His Image yet the only man and woman to ever be Created completely this way was Adam and Eve and this was short-lived on account of Eve falling to the serpent and Adam following on.

Never since that day (with the exception of Mary, Mother of Jesus much later) the apple was eaten, has man, woman or child been given that perfection -all because of sin. Sin entered the world when Adam and Eve were banished from Eden.

Until the day when satan is finally been thrust into the pit of hell along with all his evil angels, minions and doers, can humanity ever know the perfectly Created being God Created.

That Day when Christ Returns and He Judges for the first time, all those who are deemed worthy in God's Eyes to enter Paradise, will be the Day that we will become as Adam and Eve were pre-sin - Created perfect in the Image of God.

All sin will be erased.

Sin is the cause of age, sickness, death.

It isn't hard to imagine then that without sin, we would be nearly as beautiful as the most Beautiful of all - God Himself.

The most Beautiful Woman of course is Mary, Our Mother of Salvation!

She was born without sin, she was pure and perfect!

She is the bearer of the Title "Mother of Salvation' because God deemed it!

He lavished Her with that Honour! Her Title gives Her the task of bringing souls to Salvation.

She will also be instrumental in ridding us of satan!

She is above the Angels and Saints in the Hierarchy of Heaven!

The Queen of Heaven and earth!

The Queen of all Angels!

The Queen of all Saints!

Yet in Her Humility, She is God's Servant - His Handmaiden.

She is obedient to Him. All He asks of Her She accepts totally!

Now She is sent to warn humanity about these end of days when satan will lay out his assault on mankind.

We cannot afford to be complacent or to have ill-feeling for Our Mother as those who are non Catholic often are.

She is the very enemy of satan Whom we need on our side!

Mother of Salvation, we ask you please to Intercede on our behalf to God to rid us of the antichrist as soon as he appears and thrust satan and all evil minions to hell to free us from sin and bring us to our Salvation and our Rightful Inheritance - Paradise. We ask this through Your Beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

The beauty of man, created in the Living Image of God, is indescribable

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 @ 15:05

My dearly beloved daughter, just as My Beloved Mother was chosen by God to herald the Coming of the Messiah so, too, is she being called to prepare humanity for My Second Coming.

She has been elevated into the highest Hierarchy in Heaven and has been accorded great powers by My Eternal Father. Nevertheless, she remains as was then, and as is now, and always will be, a devoted and humble servant of God. She serves Him in His Plan to raise man to the perfect state in which he was meant to be.

The beauty of man, created in the Living Image of God, is indescribable. No man, woman or child on this earth can match that, which was created when God brought forth Adam and Eve. Sin was their downfall and Lucifer their enemy. Then, this perfect state was destroyed. Stained by sin, man will never regain this perfect state again until the serpent, and all those who worship him are banished. Until that day comes, the beauty of the human body and soul will remain tarnished.

Man is God’s greatest love. The angels are His servants in that they, too, must show love for God’s Creatures. God’s Love for His family supersedes all that He created and, until He regains the souls of His children, He will never rest. God permits many sufferings, humiliations and tragedies, all of which are caused by the hatred of the one whom He held in the highest regard – the former Archangel Lucifier, who became Satan. Fallen because of his jealousy, pride and self-love, he caused My Father the greatest pain imaginable. And today, just as it was then, he still does the same.

My Father’s loyal angels, all the saints and My beloved Mother, have formed a bond, which can never be broken. Whatever My Father dictates is carried out by His Elite Hierarchy. He is never questioned. Whatever My Father desires, is the correct way and the most powerful way. It is the way in which the human race can be saved from the curse of the evil one. That is His prerogative. No one would ever dare to question Him. In His Final Plan, the final stage in which He will bring His Plan of Salvation to an end, He will intervene in many ways.

My Mother’s title, ‘The Mother of Salvation’, the final one given to her by the Eternal Father, God the Most High, is no accident. She was sent to warn the world and prepare it for the final onslaught against the human race by the evil one. She has been accorded this task and I ask that you accept this, and respond to her call for prayer at all times.

The Holy Trinity will bring about many Blessings to those who respond to this, the final mission, from Heaven – the Mission of Salvation. Accept, with thanks that such favour has been shown to humanity with love and graciousness of heart.

Your Beloved Jesus

It is easy to say you are a Christian, once you are not challenged for being one

Onward Christian Soldiers for Christ! Wars are no picnic in the sun. Wars, battles, have opposing teams. One for good and one for bad. No war would ever be waged if we all saw eye to eye.

This Spiritual war we will soon encounter (if we haven't already) is being drawn now in these last days. God on one side - satan on the other. 

As Christians, we remain with God but in order to do battle, we become instant targets for satan's team. 

The weapons we choose to battle with is love, integrity, charity, peace and joy, prayerfulness and sacrifice. 

The weapons they choose are hate, scorn, criticism, mockery, persecution even murder. 

To the unfaithful, they would believe our weapons are useless! 

But this would be a gross underestimation of the Power that Grace and Virtue have, in fighting the enemy.

Look at Our Blessed Mother - all of Her purity and love is no match for satan.

he reviles in Her Presence! in Jesus' Presence too! 

So in fighting the good fight, which it is because we are battling for souls, we choose to do it as Jesus would do it. 

When they hate and revile us, persecute and mock us, we love them, we forgive them, we offer them to Our Father in Whose Mercy they will find True Peace.

We have Heaven on our side in any battle the evil one wishes to wage. he has no way to win this battle.

It won't matter if we are thrown out on our ear in the street from the Churches, from our families, from our friends. 

The test will be, that we believe and say "God of Mercy and Love, know that I will stand firmly with my Saviour Jesus Christ Whose Blood Spilled for me and all those who persecute me. I offer all my suffering to You to save each of them"

God will not forsake any one's heart who offers all for His Son.

We will be given a very taxing time soon, no doubt about it, but we remain in Jesus for the long haul!

 It is easy to say you are a Christian, once you are not challenged for being one

 Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 @ 23:30

 My dearly beloved daughter, as I reach out to God’s children including all religions, non-believers and Christians, many will, as a result of My Call, convert to Christianity. This will be achieved through the Grace of God, by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

  In the meantime, well-meaning Christians and committed followers of Mine will find the trials, which they will have to face, very difficult. I ask them now. Who amongst you is so strong that you will stand by My Side and abide by the Truth, without My Intervention at this time? Many of you, with a good heart, will stay true to Me, but only within your own groups. Once you all agree with each other, you will find it easier to serve Me. But when you face opposition – and you will, at some stage, from My enemies who will try to entice you into a false doctrine – you will not find it easy.

When you are criticised for following the true Word of God, many of you will be too weak to defend It. Once you face opposition from your fellow Christians, and when you are coerced into accepting newly adapted, but false, scripture, you will be grief-stricken. By then, your faith will be truly tested. You will have two choices. Believe in the Truth, as it was laid down by God, and for which much blood was shed in order to reconcile man with His Maker. Or, accept a watered-down version of My Word, infiltrated with untruths.

 To choose the first option will bring you much pain, grief and suffering, for you will be held in contempt by others for remaining true to Me. But, by choosing the second option – while you may well be covered with much praise, accepted by your peers and My enemies – you will be plunged into darkness and your soul will be at risk.

 It is easy to say you are a Christian, once you are not challenged for being one. But if you are scorned, mocked, ridiculed or slandered in My Name, some of you will not be strong enough to withstand these trials. Many of you will desert Me and walk away because of the fear of public opinion. Many of you will betray Me. Many of you will turn your backs because you will be too ashamed to carry My Cross.

 Never believe that being a follower of Mine is easy, for it is not. But there will come a time when your faith will be put to the ultimate test and it is then that I will know who is of Me and who is not.

 Your Jesus

God preserves His Love for man through the family unit

Ah! I was waiting for this one! Thanks be to God!

I thought it might come in the form of a Litany, but I will take this Crusade Prayer to my heart each and every day! Thankyou Heavenly Father!

Our families are our lifeblood! We may be estranged from family members but our essence belongs to the family God Created for us. For those estranged for one reason or another, the core of rifts and hurt is borne out of unforgiveness. This is just one of these evil traits that evolve and it seems it is the hardest one to conquer.

 In our hearts we must forgive those who have hurt us and ask God for forgiveness for not reaching out to then to forgive them. In those efforts or lack of efforts, we must pray for them. Pray that the relationships heal, pray for opportunities to speak lovingly to them. Sometimes it takes a death in the family to bring up the emotions which can lead to healing. Most recently I had this experience with my siblings.

 Prayer can do so much and God knows we need to pray for our families. satan wants us – the family unit to break down. he will set up the most horrendous showdowns in families to pull apart and destroy the essence of the family bond. Through the culture of death ie drugs, abortion, birth control, same sex relationships, immorality, pornography, sexual addiction, alcohol, forced adoption, molestation, paedophilia etc etc – it seems the list can be endless these days – we are seeing the decline of united families.

 Any wonder God is emphasising the need for prayer!

 We must be thankful to Him for His Vigilance of our needs. Make special use of this 167th Crusade Prayer!

Like I said, I have been waiting for this one!

Our children need this prayer, our siblings need this prayer, our relations need this prayer, our neighbours need this prayer, our communities need this prayer, our world needs this prayer!

 Family – the Gift we were Given because God Himself wanted His Family! How much more important can it be eh!

 God preserves His Love for man through the family unit

 Sunday, September 21st, 2014 @ 17:45

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Heart belongs to all families and it is My Desire to bless every family, small, medium or large at this time. When love is present within families, this means that God’s Power is upheld, for all His children belong to Him. It was He Who created every single one of them.

 God preserves His Love for man through the family unit because it is within such circumstances that His Love naturally thrives. The love contained within families who are united yields great Graces because, the love of family members for one another is one of the greatest Gifts from God. God uses the love in the family to spread its wings, so that each member of a loving family will help to spread this love, wherever they go. Likewise, when the family unit breaks down, this will have a direct impact on your community, your society and upon your nations.

 When God created Adam and Eve, He desired a family of His Own, upon which He lavished everything. He will always strive to protect families because this is the place where love is first discovered by mortal man. When love thrives in families so, too, will it thrive in those nations. Because the love for one another evolves from the family, it is precisely for this reason, that it is attacked by Satan. Satan will use every influence he can to infest people so that they will justify every reason to break up the family unit. He will prevent families from being formed and he will try to stop it from re-uniting should that be the Will of God.

 The family, borne out of the Love of God, will always be attacked by evil. To protect your family from the evil one please recite this Crusade Prayer.

 Crusade Prayer (167) Protect my family

 O God, my Eternal Father, through the Grace of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, please protect my family, at all times, from evil.  Give us the strength to rise above evil intent and to remain unified in our love for You and one another.  Sustain us through every trial and suffering we may endure and keep alive the love we have for each other so that we are in union with Jesus. Bless our families and give us the Gift of Love, even in times of strife. Strengthen our love, so that we may share the joy of our family with others so that Your Love may be shared with the whole world. Amen.

 Remember that God created each one of you in His Likeness so that He could create the perfect family. Be thankful for your families for it is one of the greatest Gifts He has bestowed upon the human race. When the suffering on this earth comes to an end, and when hatred is obliterated, God will unite humanity as one in Him. You will become whole again and His Family will have Eternal Life.

 Your Jesus

I never criticised sinners. I never cursed them. I never hurt them


Jesus tells us that He lives for those who are weak. We are all weak, therefore, He lives for all of us.

No one is above another.

Those who claim this and on top of proclaiming superiority, do it with the intention of saying they know what God wants in their self-delusion, is ultimately unknowledgeable of God and Christ Who Humbled Himself willingly as a servant for mankind.

No one knows more than the Holy Trinity, yet how many we see believe they know Scripture and interpret it according to their assumptions and presumptions.

What Jesus taught is humility, love, charity. He never criticised, cursed, hurt or denounce them.

If that was the way, then what are any of us doing when doing these things to others?

Aren’t we sinners too?

This is why we are not given the Authority to make judgement on anyone else – he who is without sin, cast the first stone. It is Written!

We must try and try harder to be kind, considerate, loving, caring, non-critical and non- judgemental.

In acknowledging our sinfulness, our wretchedness, our brokenness, our weakness – we are realising our humility to change what we can and pray for the Graces to change what is too difficult on our own.

Jesus has told us before that we will take 2 steps forward and 1 step back or was it 1 step forward and 2 steps back, there is a difference of course.

So we are not to believe in any way that any of us are better than anyone else.

We can lift eachother up, of course, but we always give the Credit to The Triune God for everything we have, all we can do, all we are led to do and all we achieve.

 We cannot do it without Their Help!

 Jesus says embrace sinner. Love the sinner.

But in being Truth and seeking Truth and praying to impart Truth, we must let eachother know when we have ‘stepped over the line’ and why. This is faith in action, love in action.

One of my favourite homilists Father John Corapi said “True relationship, true marriage, true love for neighbour means that we are prepared to help them reach their Salvation.

 Helping them become the best they can be, the most courageous they can be, so that when Jesus meets them, He will say “Well done, my good and faithful servant – well done!”

This is our duty to help others reach their Salvation, not with anger, how can this work? Not with jealousy! Not with judgement! Not with rudeness and crudeness! Not with hate and vilification!


 We do it with the courage of a lion and the meekness of a lamb!

 This is Jesus’ Way!

 I never criticised sinners. I never cursed them. I never hurt them

 Saturday, September 20th, 2014 @ 16:38

 My dearly beloved daughter, know that out of human weakness I draw great strength. My Power is at its greatest when I touch the souls of the weak, for it is then that I can draw upon them to enable Me to act within them.

 To those of you who are weak, you must ask Me to give you the Gift of trust. Trust in Me, My dear little ones, and then all Power is Mine. I cannot draw upon the souls of the proud, the haughty and the arrogant, as they will not humble themselves in My Eyes. Pride is a barrier between man and God because the proud man believes that his voice is greater than Mine. That is the way it has always been. Today it is no different. I ask that you all pray for those souls who misunderstand Me and who feel the need to declare what My Word really means, according to their own interpretation.

 When a man curses another and then says this is what God would want when defending His Word, or when he justifies wrongdoing and says that this is a good thing in My Eyes, know this. When you love Me, you will never deviate from the love that I taught or the way in which you must imitate Me. I never criticised sinners. I never cursed them. I never hurt them and I never denounced them. So, too, must you do as I did.

 Embrace sinners. Pray for them. For, if you do not, you will defy My Will and your actions will serve only your own flawed view as to Who I Am. You cannot say you are of Me if you preach the opposite to what I taught. Never look down on those you believe to be sinners in My Eyes. Pray for them but never judge them for this is not your right.

 Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: Beware of the man, who declares himself to be the Son of Man

 Could this new missal Mother speaks of be the red book with the number 1 on the front with the beast embedded into it as She has told us previously?

We also have to consider these false prophets who will be literate in Scripture but will distort the Truth with lies so subtle that they will draw so many to them. Those who may know somewhat of Scripture may not be able to discern Truth from fiction. This will be what satan relies upon. 

Revelation, Mother mentions, will be particularly distorted because they will bring in a new enthusiasm for Christ's Return, however it will be their way of heralding in the man of iniquity. he who calls himself 'son of man' will be the antichrist. 

Jesus as we are again being reminded, cannot Return in human flesh.

He left Glorified on the clouds, ascending into Heaven.

He will Return the same way on the clouds where the Trumpets from Heaven will blare, the sky will peel back and the Choirs of Heavenly Angels will sing hymns of Praise.

The antichrist's appearance will bring a descent of darkness over the earth and Jesus has told us previously that thunder will roar over the earth and be particularly felt where the antichrist's birthplace. 

This won't be apparent to the guy down the street. He won't have a clue that the spawn of satan is parading himself around as the 'prince of peace', the 'messiah'. 

He will just think - 'Hey Jesus has come back like I got told about when I was a kid -Cool!' - What clue could he have anyway if he hasn't had faith all his life, wouldn't know what the inside of a Church looked like and didn't know how to pray. 

So when someone comes in looking charming and handsome and mimicking Christ, it is easy to see why the antichrist will draw so many in.

The horrible part is, good people, those who lived a good life who did all the right things, read their Bible each day and Praised Jesus, will also be drawn in by the mesmerising, hypnotic spell the antichrist will weave. All his false promises will enthral those who have no real understanding of the plain Truth.

This is why these Messages are so important.

Not all of us are Biblical scholars, or theologians or apologetists. Some of us are just run-of-the-mill faith believers who just go where the Holy Spirit Guides them through holy and humble submission. Maybe that is to our benefit! 

We are not so proud and arrogant to claim that we know Christ and His Plans better than He Himself! 

We will need to keep a stern eye out for anyone who boasts knowledge of the divine. We know we have the Truth through Christ's last prophet. 

Perhaps if there are evangelists out there who have a sense of 'celebrity' about them and behave like they are Elvis, we might think we have to be very wary indeed. The false prophet has his 'friends' in other Christian denominations or associations who are negotiating with him about the 'unified' religion to come. He has engaged with them already and when we hear them 'preach' it is astounding that their followers don't see the lies being spun.

Mother of Salvation is asking us, warning us to beware of false prophets, false preachers who spread their vile lies using snippets of the Truth as a basis. They cannot twist the Truth and get away with it. Eventually their chickens will come home to roost. Then God will empty the coop of all which does not produce decent, wholesome eggs!

 Mother of Salvation: Beware of the man, who declares himself to be the Son of Man

 Friday, September 19th, 2014 @ 13:14

  My dear child, it has been foretold that many false prophets will arise and that, during this time, they will spread untruths about the Word of God.

 They will arise in their hundreds of thousands and be endorsed by those who claim to represent my Son’s servants. They will preach in small, as well as large, groups and you will know them by the false prophecies, which they will reveal to the world. They will be seen as very holy people, and some will say that they have great healing powers of the flesh as well as the spirit. Some will wear the garments of holy men and they will promote a new missal, which will deviate from the Truth. Many people will be confused by their teachings, as they will mix their false claims with part of the Truth. One of their objectives will be to be seen to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ and they will create great anticipation of this event amongst my Son’s followers. But, it will not be my Son, Jesus Christ, they will be preparing God’s children to welcome. No. It will be the antichrist.

 Grave errors, will be revealed by them in connection with the Book of Revelation as they will twist the contents of this Holy Book. Few will know that they are being fed lies and the greatest untruth, which they will proclaim, will be this. They will say that Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, will make Himself known in the world soon. That He will come in the flesh. That he will walk amongst His people and that He will raise them up on the last day. This could never happen for my Son, who came in the flesh, the first time, through His Birth, will never come in the flesh at His Second Coming.

 Beware of the man, who declares himself to be the Son of Man, who calls you to him, for he will not be from God. My Son will come in the clouds just as He left the earth during His Ascension into Heaven so, too, will it be on the last day.

 Your beloved Mother
  Mother of Salvation

Mother of Salvation: Pray for my Son’s Mercy so that all suffering can be diluted

Blessed Mother of Salvation tells us: "Some of these horrors can be mitigated, but not all of them. Your prayers will, however, dilute the impact of these terrible acts, which are carried out by followers of the evil one. Please recite this Crusade Prayer to help mitigate the murder of innocents.....

....Children, when the prophecies foretold happen, it is important that you pray for my Son’s Mercy so that all suffering can be diluted and that wicked deeds, perpetrated against humanity, can be allayed."

 We must all try to be as prayerful as we can now in these times when atrocities of such great magnitude may be inflicted on God's innocent children.

These atrocities take the forms of what we have seen already ie abortion, persecution and beheading, abduction, but it will also take on far greater significance by way of global vaccination to reduce the world population so called for our own good to counter any disease (deception), more horrific torture and persecution of Christians in those countries where a religion exercises power and acknowledgement over their victims and more abortion and suicide, child killings and murders in families. 

This doesn't sound like we will ever know anything good will happen, but guess what?

This is exactly the opposite of what Mother is telling us - we can pray for these things to be mitigated or even stopped altogether.

Some things must eventuate because it is written in Scripture and must be fulfilled, but others are not necessarily needing to take place. This is all part of the purification God intends for humanity and the earth in order to make us worthy to enter the New Kingdom. 

When things appear to be at their worst, then Jesus in His Mercy will Intervene and show humanity a different way - a better way. This will come in the form of The Warning -The Great Illumination of Conscience. 

This is a Gift never seen before. It will stop people dead in their tracks ( not necessarily literally) But it will show even the most hardened of sinners, another Way! 

God is permitting certain events to bring humility back to humanity, but beyond that He is pleading with us to pray to Him to hold His Hand back from a Great Chastisement.

If more people convert then there is less reason for Him to draw the Chastisement card. Prayer is all it needs! Trust and confidence! 

We must have the Seal of The Living God as we have been instructed!

This is our Protection against all things outside! Mother is with us and begging us to pray for Her Son's Mercy. This prayer should be recited each day to help soften the hearts of those who desire to bring wickedness upon humanity. God has this in Hand!

Mother of Salvation: Pray for my Son’s Mercy so that all suffering can be diluted

 Thursday, September 18th, 2014 @ 15:30

 My dear child, you must ask everyone to ask for God’s Mercy in all those matters, which involve the destruction of humanity. I refer to the wicked plans involving wars; plans to introduce a global vaccine – which you were warned about in the message of 26 November 2010 - genocide and the murder of Christians, as well as other people of different religions, by the hands of evil men.

 When a soul is infested by Satan, it is capable of the most intense hatred for God’s children. When groups of men work together, in complete subjugation to the evil one, their wickedness is manifested in every act so as to cause death and destruction to those over whom they control.

 You must pray, all of you, to hinder the plans of evil men whose desire is to reduce the world’s population, for their own gain. Those who are spared this evil will find themselves under the control of an invisible group. I call upon each and every one of you to pray to my Son, Jesus Christ, in order to help mitigate such tragedies and wickedness. Some of these horrors can be mitigated, but not all of them. Your prayers will, however, dilute the impact of these terrible acts, which are carried out by followers of the evil one. Please recite this Crusade Prayer to help mitigate the murder of innocents.

 Crusade Prayer (166) To mitigate the murder of innocents

 Dearest Mother of Salvation, please present this, our plea to mitigate the murder of innocents, to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ. We ask, that in His Mercy, He will remove the threat of genocide, persecution and terror against God’s children, in every form.  Please, we implore you, dear Mother of Salvation, to hear our cries for love, unity and peace in this sorrowful world.  We ask that Jesus Christ, the Son of man, will protect all of us during these times of great pain and suffering on earth. Amen.

 Children, when the prophecies foretold happen, it is important that you pray for my Son’s Mercy so that all suffering can be diluted and that wicked deeds, perpetrated against humanity, can be allayed.

 Go in peace and love to serve the Lord.

  Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

To say that you are of Me is one thing. To be of Me is another.

Let's pray none of us become the pleasure of satan to see us engage in his evil campaigns of any nature. It is a hard road to travel sometimes when we innocently think we are doing the right thing only to find that there is a curious way satan can undo that good intention. Particularly regarding discernment or judgement. The two can easily cross eachother very subtly. 

We have to rely on the Holy Spirit very much in these days to ensure that good intentions stay uppermost in our hearts and minds. We don't want to feed the devil with anything he sees as 'mealtime'. 

Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life, all who wish to get to the Father, come through Him. We must have that directive firmly placed on our hearts. We know what is right and what is wrong. In that recognition we know our consciences are still alive and kicking. So we need to feed our consciences all the good stuff like the Virtues of the Holy Spirit to keep Him within us to Guide us every step of the way! 

I think most of us thought of the 3 Wise Monkeys while reading Jesus' Words. Although those critters are probably a pagan identity, for the purposes of this understanding though, it seems appropriate to mention "See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil". We need to guard our eyes, guard our ears and guard our mouths. So much sin comes from the senses! 

We love Jesus! We will counter any temptation to sin the way He describes and will pray in earnest for the Holy Spirit to remain with us each moment! God Bless us all!

 To say that you are of Me is one thing. To be of Me is another.

 Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 @ 20:25

  My dearly beloved daughter, when the world seems to be in disarray, never fear for God is in command of all things.

 He allows the evil one only so much power and He will fight to ensure that the Holy Spirit remains alive, so that good men will fight the fight successfully in My Plan of Salvation. Wickedness in all its forms is a trait of the devil. To avoid becoming infested by Satan, you must speak no evil, hear no evil or carry out evil deeds against a living person. To say that you are of Me is one thing. To be of Me is another.

 I will, when I Am truly present in a soul, do all in My Power to stop such souls from carrying out evil acts. If the soul trusts Me, completely, then he or she will find it easier to be guided by Me. If the person’s will is very strong, and if he is proud and stubborn, then he will be easily led by the deceiver who will fool him in a number of ways. He will convince the person that a wicked act, an evil tongue or an act of blasphemy is acceptable, in certain cases. And then that soul will fall for the deceit. To those souls I say this.

 Do not speak ill of another, do not succumb to slander, do not place yourself as a judge over another and do not denounce another soul in My Holy Name. Should you commit such offenses against Me, you will plunge from this level of iniquity into a darkness, which will create a great divide between us. When that divide grows, and the further you drift away from Me, you will feel a terrible emptiness – a gnawing sensation of such deep loneliness, that you will feel a sense of panic, which you will be unable to identify. Then you will feel the separation from God, which souls in Purgatory and Hell endure. If you can learn from this now, then you will find it easier to draw closer to Me.

 Remember, you must drive out all thoughts of hatred in your soul first. I cannot be present in a soul, which is full of hatred for this is impossible.

 Your Jesus

Many lay people will be elevated by My enemies and taught how to evangelise

Please keep our Catechisms (published from an earlier time), our Missals (Sunday and weekdays if possible) and of course our cherished Bibles (Douay-Rheims if possible) with us close. We must have some idea of what these new prayers and 'gospels' will read like and the only way to decipher the lies, is to have the Truth on hand!

I have been hearing that those who read from their Sunday Missals are frustrated because the words being read out by the readers and the Priest are very different from what they have. In some cases it seems quite innocent - just a newer way of rewording, but in other cases, it's downright sinister!

Most brush it off as a misprint or misread from the Lectern, but seriously? If we take the job of presenting God's Word to the faithful each day or week, then surely the words should be uniform and without error!

......except if it is done intentionally! This is what Jesus is referring to! Intentional rewording and rewriting of our Good Holy Books!

This will be the Greatest Apostasy! Jesus uses these 2 words very emphatically!
We think it is horrible, those little changes we have noticed during Mass, but this isn't a scratch on what satan has planned for the Church. The only True Church will be the Remnant! That little piece of True Light that will only follow Christ and His Teachings!

Do we lose hope in this? Do we pack our little bags and head for that deserted island?

No! Jesus wants His Remnant to be His strong warriors! We are in the battle for our very souls! We must remain prayerful and self-sacrificing! We must not accept any false doctrine in His Name, but truly have our eyes open to the deceptions and speak up. We don't have to do a mad rant to satisfy the ill pleasure of our persecutors, but we have to, with love and Truth, point out that there are errors visible and not keeping with Jesus and His Truth. If they don't like us speaking up, then we have done what Jesus needed from us with no need to engage further. The Holy Spirit will take up the bat from there on.
We just cannot let satan silence the voices that Jesus relies upon to speak His Word in Truth!

 Sometimes I hear of people who won't pray in groups because they say 'prayer is private and personal'. Well yes I guess it can be, but if we all treated prayer that way, how on earth would any of us know when some soul needs praying for.

One of my pet 'hates' (if I can say that word for a moment) is when someone hands to the Priest a Mass Intention for a loved one. The Priest says he will offer Mass - ok. But then you find out through his silence, that he offered the intention privately during Mass! Um! How is that meant to work? How do all the prayerful parishioners get to know that this person needs prayer and that all of them could offer the Mass for that soul. Two or more gathered in My Name  pray - our prayers will be heard! It isn't just the priest who can offer up Mass for someone - we can all do that through the priest.

It might be subtle and it might sound like I am a nit-picker (don't you just love the visual on that one) but these are serious, subtle little flaws which can trap young players, so Jesus again is asking us, actually begging us to keep our eyes and ears open on all we read and hear and ask questions and wait for the response. It's amazing how much fun it is to pick up on the body language of those who need to find a 'good' answer to get you away from them!

 satan is a snake and snakes writhe! 

Many lay people will be elevated by My enemies and taught how to evangelise

Sunday, September 14th, 2014 @ 17:45

 My dearly beloved daughter come what may, the True Word of God will still be kept alive, although it will only be upheld by a remnant of My Church.

 The false prophets, foretold, will rise in their multitudes to spread lies, through a deceitful global form of evangelism. They will be given authority by those who claim to represent Me, so as to entice millions into their new, so called, modernised version of My Holy Church on earth. Oh how they will mislead so many with their twisted version of My Word, which will disguise many heresies. Only the astute will recognise these untruths, for they will be carefully hidden within a false doctrine, which will be seen to be a breath of fresh air.

 Much praise will be lavished upon those enemies of Mine, who have infiltrated My Church, to prepare it for the arrival of the antichrist. They will create much noise in their public gatherings and, while they will curse Me with their lies, untrue revelations will also be made about Me – Who I really Am; My Relationship with My Eternal Father; My Teachings and My Divinity. They will mix the Truth with lies in order to deceive Christians for fear that they will be seen for what they are.

 Many lay people will be elevated by My enemies and taught how to evangelise. Many will become willing vessels of the beast, who will fill them with the words of the doctrine from Hell. You, My beloved followers, must question everything you are told to listen to, which they, My enemies, will tell you is to give new life to the Word contained in Holy Scripture. You will be given new prayers by these false prophets, which insult Me and blaspheme against My Divinity. As millions will rise and recite these new prayers, so too, will those false prophets. They will teach God’s children how to idolise the beast, through a new form of religious ceremony. This new ceremony will lead all those who rise and follow the false prophets into the one world church, which will honour the beast.

 Those of My sacred servants who will understand, fairly quickly, the devious plan in place to mislead My followers, will feel helpless. Many will fall for the deceit, because they will have so little faith that they will hardly bother to read the new false doctrine and so, therefore, it will be adapted into Churches without much opposition.

 When My Word is desecrated, nothing good will come from it and evil will thrive. I give you this warning for the good of your souls and to prepare you for the greatest apostasy in human history, which will devour the Word of God.

 Your Jesus

Among the evangelists, there will rise many false prophets.

 As with all tug-o-wars, there is a STRONG side and a less strong side. This is a war between two sides - Jesus and all who follow Him and satan and all who follow him. 

Because Jesus' side show all the good things to represent Jesus and what He Taught, satan's side are really very miffed about it and so they 'think' they can 'win' a battle against God's Team!

They think they are going to win - how stupid!

Any way satan can, he will do whatever he believes it will take to 'bring down' Christianity in it's True form and replace it with his little band of merriment, that he egotistically thinks will swipe many millions away from True faith. 

What satan hasn't considered is that God has a short fuse! God will not permit him to take His children away from His Son's Kingdom to come! 

We will see this tugging from all sides of the Christian field - there will be those who follow the True Doctrines and remain rigid and firm without bowing to the temptations of a false doctrine, then there will be those with a protestant faith (weakened) who will think that a more worldly, modern format would suit their needs more and be more 'enjoyable'. Then there will be the 'ring-ins'. The ones who have no faith, who actually believe religion is for bigots. They will be very intrigued by this irreligious framework which seems more 'tolerant' and 'forgiving' and 'inclusive'.

There will be quite a few little 'drawcards' that will be brought in by the false prophet and the antichrist in these imminent days. Already the 'Family' Synod held in October will see many of these items on satan's menu! Watch this space!

Remember the most vital clue to whatever shapes up as the new format, will be 'too good' to be true. It will get this new 'flavour' which will tempt many a tastebud! 

If it is an easy, enjoyable, entertaining and mesmerising indoctrination, then you can bet it ain't the narrow path through the narrow gate that Jesus has us on! 

Remember how hard it is for the camel to get through the eye of the needle, being actually easier than to get us to Heaven? - so what this new religion has in the pipeline is doing is disregarding the difficult and treacherous and replacing it with free and easy! Hmmm! I think we all know what we need to do and Who we stick close to eh! 

JESUS! Always!

 Among the evangelists, there will rise many false prophets.
  Saturday, September 13th, 2014 @ 22:50

 My dearly beloved daughter, soon the changes I foretold, concerning My Church on earth, will be revealed.

 The secular sects will shortly attempt to take everything, which My followers hold sacred, and introduce a new modern movement, within the Church. This modernism, they will say, will be to help recruit new sacred servants and to introduce more acceptable formats of giving glory to God, so that a new younger generation can be drawn back into the Churches of God. All of these new rituals, prayers and forums – which they will present as a new and more modern interpretation of My Holy Word – will mask an empty doctrine and it will not be of Me.

 The new movement will be promoted as part of global evangelism, where the false doctrine, which will be carefully worded, so that it is seen to be theologically perfect, will entice millions. So many people will be drawn into this form of modernism and because of this, they will turn away from the True Faith. In what will be seen to be a radical revival of the Christian faith, it will denounce the Truth.

 Many will be deceived and among the evangelists, there will rise many false prophets. These false prophets will promote false Christianity, which will replace the Holy Gospels, as laid down by Me and My Apostles. As the voices of apostasy are heard in every country, in different tongues and amongst different races, the True Word of God will be forgotten about. And, from the lips of these false prophets and self-proclaimed preachers of the faith, will pour many lies. My Scripture will be declared to be out of touch with the needs of mankind and desires of people living in the 21st Century.

 For many people, their lack of faith in Me, has meant that they have had no interest in My Holy Word, up to now. Soon, they will turn and enthusiastically embrace the greatest deceit the world will have ever witnessed. And while many will grasp, what they will believe to be a refreshing revival of Christianity, all that they will be fed, will be dictated by the enemies of God.

 Let it be known, that man can never live on false doctrine and it will bring about total destruction in its wake, when souls will be devoured by blasphemy. That which does not come from Me, will lead to a global group, which will be applauded by people everywhere. Then, the time will have come for the new world religion to be announced and welcomed into My Church. This will then lead to the antichrist taking up his seat of honour in My Church, as foretold, when he will be invited in as an honoured guest by those who work in complete subjugation to Satan.

 To those of you who will be tempted to indulge in this false doctrine, I warn you that man cannot live on bread alone but only on the Word, which comes from the Mouth of God.

 Your Jesus

Do not fear these events, as they will pass quickly

Keep our eyes open for anything unusual around us. There will be events small or not so small which will be shown to us and which we must question especially that which is unusual. 

So many sufferings may be averted or lessened simply by spending 1 hour of prayer each day focussing on what Christ has taught us particularly the Crusade Prayers we pray. 

Any events which brings us fear, Jesus is telling us, stay with Him, close to this Mission where all is being revealed and preparation for each step, given. 

There is nothing to fear if we just have the faith to know that the Holy Spirit's Grace far outweighs man's evil towards man. 

Heaven in on our side remember! 

Christ's Love can overcome all adversity. 

Even when in the grip of terror - call on His Love to bring hardened hearts their peace!

It's all going to be alright! 

Trust in Jesus' Mercy!

Ok - over to You Jesus, Our Saviour
Do not fear these events, as they will pass quickly

  Thursday, September 11th, 2014 @ 14:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, many wicked acts against humanity, are ready to be unleashed by those secret sects, I warned My followers about.

  You must remain vigilant at all times and question everything, which may seem unusual. Remember what I told you and keep your eyes focused on Me at all times. Spend at least one hour a day in prayer so that the impact of such trials may be reduced and, in some cases, eradicated. Soon I will come to bring an end to all suffering.

 My beloved followers, please heed My Warnings. Do not ignore them. When you are prepared for such events, and when you place all your trust in My Mercy, I will bring you comfort and free you from your anguish. All will be well but know this. During the great battle, those souls I call upon, to assist Me, will struggle. Every single one of them will find it difficult to trust in Me, this Mission or you, My beloved daughter. Not for one second will the king of lies, the evil one, stop in his quest to destroy this Mission of Mine. Every vile lie will be spread to discourage souls from listening to My Voice. Many will allow doubts to stop them from carrying out My Instructions, but nothing they can do, will prevent the Intervention of God, the Eternal Father, from saving His children.

 Every one of you must understand, clearly, that it is I, your Jesus, Who is the Guiding Hand in all which is done to spread My Word and provide the Gifts, which Heaven bequeaths to the world, during these difficult times. The power of man is strong when it is used to spread evil and defy the Word of God. But the power of man, when God provides him with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, cannot be surpassed. Do not allow My Work to become sullied; desecrated by wicked rumours or vile gossip for it is I, your Jesus, who is betrayed not the souls I have chosen to proclaim My Holy Word.

 Your Jesus

God the Father: Love Me as I love you

Sometimes when we are so down, so depleted, filled with grief or just plain sorrow, we often find it so hard to string a few words together verbally or on paper. This is because of the heart break we feel in that moment. We have all this emotion within us, yet we are unable to move or feel like we are unable to breath because of the sheer weight of the burden on our hearts.

This Message from God is heartbreaking! Here is God, the Almighty One, the Omnipotent One Whose Heart so filled with Tenderness, Love and Nurturing like that of a loving parent, Who cannot place more than a few lines for us to read! Imagine how He is Feeling! He is the Creator of Love and Longing! He is Crying for us to come to Him, speak with Him, give our troubles to Him.

I imagine God as more a Grandfather than a Father Who to me has all these milleniums of Wisdom! He exudes a Grandfather's kindness and patience. A Grandfather's longing to hear from his grandchildren who forget to write, forget phone calling, packing away the old fishing rods with no time to spend with him anymore. It's so sad for God! 

Let's write God a love-letter today! Let's tell Him what we want to be for Him! Let's cheer Him up and give Him a promise to keep in touch! Place "I love You Heavenly Father' on it as many times as we can. Tell Him we can't wait to be with Him and His Glory forever! Don't let today go past without thinking about Him and honouring Him in some way! 

Aren't we grateful for our lives? Every breath we take? Isn't He worth everything in our day? 

He loves us so much! He will take us into His Bounty if we can just make ourselves worthy of His Gift! 

God the Father: Love Me as I love you

 Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 @ 03:00

 My dearest daughter, let it be known that every time a man sins against Me, I will forgive him. Sin may separate him from Me but I still love the sinner. Let it be known that I love those who are oblivious to Me. I desire all those who may feel that I do not Exist to listen now.

 I Am within your grasp. Please call out to Me. I want you. I love you. I need you, for you are part of My Flesh. And, as part of My Flesh I feel lost when you do not respond to Me. Like a parent who gives life to a child, I await your response. A baby naturally responds to a parent. A parent naturally loves its child for this is part of the Gift that I bestow upon humanity.

 I Am your Father. I Am your Creator. I Am Who I Am. Don’t you know that I love you all with a longing that is only known to those of you who have become parents? I cry Tears of great sorrow when you do not know Who I Am. My Heart is heavy as I call out to you now. Love Me as I love you.

 Your Eternal Father

  God the Most High

Those who curse My Prophets, curse Me.

We need to pray always for the Gift of Discernment through the Holy Spirit while in a State of Grace to understand what is Truth from what is fiction or variances of the Truth. Those chosen by God and who have given their fiat to be His prophets do so knowing that they too must pray to discern the ‘Spirit’ speaking with them. Those who choose to follow the Messages given through Maria have done so because they through the Grace of Discernment have to come to know this is Truth. Same for those who seek other Messages through other prophets. We cannot know for certain who God’s prophets are for by name n these end times because there will be false ones as well. It is a matter for our free will to pray and discern. Just as we do here and now.

 Those filled with pride and arrogance may miss vital opportunities to hear Heaven speaking to us now to prepare us in these times simply because by not using their own process of prayer and discernment, would rather out of fear and ignorance, choose to listen to those used by satan to attempt to thwart the Truth. Those who do this will know the Wrath of God!

Then there are those who use Scripture as a war weapon to mock and persecute those who follow Christ’s Word in these Messages. Is this acceptable to God?

 We see all-too-often the Truth in Scripture being distorted and touted as an argument with no basis to stand against the Ten Commandments as well. So many ways are devised by satan to destroy the Truth and somehow we have to negotiate our way through it and remain calm. Not only calm but as Jesus says “Silent!”

So we just need to take His advice! Allow God to Guide the path of the seeker or the scared to eventually come to Truth. Sometimes He allows our deviations on the path to act as stepping stones to the fork in the road where a decision has to be made: ‘Do I follow Jesus and His true Word or do I cut myself off from Him by remaining ignorant and proud?”

Lord Jesus, Help us all to traverse the slippery slope we encounter from time to time on this arduous journey, so we will always end up on the Right Path which eventually, will lead us to Eternal Unity with You. Amen

 Those who curse My Prophets, curse Me.

 Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 @ 17:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Heart heaves with great sadness at this time. There are those amongst you, who having embraced My Word, given through these holy Messages, because of My Love and Compassion, have betrayed Me in the most cruel way. This betrayal is no different to that which was inflicted upon Me during My Time on earth.

 The seeds of doubt are being implanted in others by those who have been led into error, because of the lies and hatred, which the evil one has placed in their hearts. He, who hates Me, will continue to incite hatred against Me by infesting some of those involved with this, and other missions from Heaven, to save souls. He will lie and cast aspersions upon My chosen ones, so that he can turn souls away from Me. To those who turn their backs on Me, know that your betrayal cuts My Heart in two. Know that what you do against Me is your own business, because your free will is your own. But when you use your influence to take souls away from Me, I will hold you personally responsible for each and every soul you manage to take away from My Great Mercy. Woe to the man who incites hatred against Me, Jesus Christ, when My only desire is to take, with Me, every child of God.

 I come to envelop souls into My Mercy and if you create obstacles, spread lies and cause others to despise My prophets, then I will punish you severely, for this is one of the greatest sins against God. When you deliberately try to interfere with My Plan of Salvation, I will call you before Me on the last day, and you will be held accountable for the sin of depriving Me of those souls who have been lost to the evil one, because of your actions. And, when you declare that the Word of God comes from the spirit of evil, I will never forgive you for this wickedness. Silence. Do not commit this grave offence against God. If you no longer accept My Mission, then walk away with dignity and do not utter one word. Your silence will save you. If you utter evil against Me, I will cast you into the wilderness and you will never be part of My Kingdom.

 My Heart is broken but My Resolve is not. Fear not your error, but the Wrath of God, for those who curse My Prophets, curse Me.

 Jesus Christ

 The Son of Man

The antichrist will take up position because he will be invited to do so

The nemesis of Christ will sit in the Seat of God by invitation!

he will be seen as a 'messiah'. But not so abruptly at first. he will run some business behind the scenes as he already is where all the disruptions are around the world, then he will concentrate his motives on Christianity! 

he will tell us of his 'conversion' to Christianity firstly but in his cunning viper-like state, he will mesmerise those in the Church to believe that he comes to unite the Church which is all of God's people in a one world unified pagan church. Of course this will be done by the false prophet (is being done already) so that all will be laid out in preparation to herald in the antichrist in the Seat of Peter. 

Jesus will no longer be significant in His Church - but the Remnant are His True Church which hell will not prevail against and we will rise up lead by those priests and clergy who will stand against the changes to the Doctrines and the Church's Missals, the Holy Sacraments and the Creed! They will see the writing on the wall, if they aren't already! Many priests can see the changes being brought about ever so quietly and can see the Truth is being distorted. 

This will get worse before we see God take the devil by the horns and thrust him into hell with all those who took opportunities away from God to bring His children to His Son Jesus. They will pay in some way or other by not following the One Whom they are meant to represent!

It is hard to imagine that publically, we will see this 'coronation' of the antichrist in the Church (by then no longer with Jesus Present) and the celebrations that will take place! Hard to imagine too, that people will replace the Image of Christ in their homes with framed pictures of the antichrist instead! Mind-boggling!
Once he makes his appearance known, we must continue to pray in earnest the Crusade Prayers which ask to stop the antichrist and his vile plans. 

Those priests and clergy who are teetering between their loyalty to bergoglio and their loyalty to Christ will see all the prophecies foretold come to bear and then the decision is entirely up to them whose side they choose. Let's pray they choose Christ and His True Church, not the counterfeit one! 

The antichrist will take up position because he will be invited to do so

Sunday, September 7th, 2014 @ 19:30

 My dear children, be on your guard for the signs of the times, when the antichrist will take his seat in my Son’s Church on earth, so that this will be clear for you to see.

 Do not believe, for one moment, that the antichrist will stride into my Son’s Church and take it aggressively, by force. Inspired and driven by the deceiver himself, the antichrist will take up position because he will be invited to do so.

 All the adjustments in the Church’s missals will be made known soon and the reason given will be they reflect a modern world, so they must become inclusive, in order to suit other denominations and religions. Once the True Word of God and Teachings of my Son, Jesus Christ, are changed, they will become barren, for they will not reflect the Truth, given to the world by my Son.

 The antichrist will become popular because of his political skills first. Then he will turn his attention to various religions, but his main focus will be on Christianity. Christ is his greatest enemy and the object of his hatred, and so his ultimate goal will be to destroy my Son’s Church. The Church will be dismantled in different ways before he, the antichrist, will be asked to become involved. He will be involved with the decision making in the plan to launch a new one world religion. All these changes – where the Church, having publicly called for the unification of all religions – will take place before the antichrist takes up his seat on my Son’s Throne on earth. Then the path will be cleared for the beast to walk freely in my Son’s Church where a place of honour will be accorded to him. Eventually, it will be announced that he will become the leader of the one world order and a lavish coronation will take place. This event will be seen all over the world, attended by politicians, dignitaries and celebrities and when the crown is placed on his head, it will be as if the final nail has been driven into the Body of my Son. On that day the Catholic Church will be desecrated and many bishops and priests will flee, because they will, by then, understand that the prophecies foretold have unravelled before their eyes.

 From that day forward, when the Seat of God has been presented to the antichrist, he will display great physical signs, which will convince people of his holiness. The antichrist will, they will say, display the signs of the stigmata and he will be seen to cure the sick and the terminally ill. Great miracles will be attributed to him and he will convince many, in time, that he is Jesus Christ and that his elevation to the top of this false church, is a sign of the Second Coming. And while the laity may have been responsible for establishing the kernel of the remnant church, that which is left of the Church established by my Son on earth, it will be the priests who will lead it from this time onwards. The Holy Spirit will sustain the True Church, during the reign of the antichrist and he, and every enemy of my Son, will never prevail against it.

 The Truth will never die. The Word of God, while desecrated, will never die. The Church can never die, though it may be flung into the wilderness. Even at its weakest hour, life will still remain, and no matter how much my Son’s Church is attacked, God will never permit it to be destroyed.

 During those days ahead you must never allow yourselves to be swayed into accepting such deceit. You will be seduced by the antichrist, and he will be endorsed by the enemies of my Son’s Church. He will be embraced by false leaders in the churches and proclaimed for his charitable works, the world over. He will receive great honours in many countries and people will have framed photos of him in their homes. He, the antichrist, will be idolised more than God but it will be by the Hand of God that he will be thrust into the abyss along with those who stole the souls of God’s children when they participated in the attempted destruction of my Son’s Church.

 Your Beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

Soon, a man will come and tell you he is revealing to you the Truth of My Existence

The world is being distracted right now with wars and rumours of wars. My own country have just sent personnel over to Iraq though not on the ground. My husband works at the Airbase where 8 Super Hornets have been deployed from and these are his babies. So this is very close to home for my family.

It appears though that Jesus is again referring to the antichrist who we know will be the 'prince of peace' but he will also claim to be 'the messiah'. Yet we have been told that the antichrist will appear when the world is in such disarray that he will look like a 'knight in shining armour' ready to save this world from the precipice. 

Jesus is not referring to war on this occasion. He is telling us of an even more significant event which will befall the world which will pale into significance the effects or outfall of war. It will be the complete destruction of His Holy Word. His Identity and that of the Existence of the Most Holy Trinity will come under scrutiny by scholars to the point they will place doubts in the minds and consequently, hearts of those who do not know His Word properly. The facts of the Bible are already being distorted - by theologians!~even Catholic Cardinals are saying Adam and Eve were 'literary devices'. 

The antichrist will swan in and appear to prove that Christ's Existence and details of His Second Coming must be falsely claimed in Scripture because he 'the christ' will be in front of us, sprouting on in the flesh about how he has come to judge the living and the dead - on earth! NOT TRUE! 

Jesus intimates this when He says "I, Jesus Christ, will come again to judge the living and the dead and this will not, nor can it, happen on this earth.'

But how many will be mesmerised by this man of iniquity! How many will fall at his feet when he claims all these things in Jesus' Name! How dare he!

We know that Christ will never Return in His Second Coming as a man! He cannot do this, it is impossible! He left Glorified, not in flesh! 

I am not even sure how anyone can claim doubts about the Most Holy Trinity when in faith, They are a Mystery only explained to us when we reach Paradise! How can this mimicker of Christ come to turn people's belief around like that! But he will and we will be exact about it! 

This is why Jesus is so desperate for us to stay close to these Messages and Prayer in this Mission and the preparation we are being given. We cannot afford to take our eyes off The Prize. We cannot afford to be charmed by the likes of satan's spawn! 

I am so glad Jesus does 'simple' because my feeble attempts at understanding those who know Scripture from left to right and all the Church theology gets lost in translation on me. These Messages fit like hand in glove for me and I hope this is for all of us who listen with open ears and hearts to His Messages through Maria Divine Mercy - His 7th Angel!

Soon, a man will come and tell you he is revealing to you the Truth of My Existence

Saturday, September 6th, 2014 @ 16:00

My dearly beloved daughter, My Wisdom is of Divine Origin and man is incapable of understanding the extent of Who I Am.

 I impart enough knowledge, given through the Gift of the Holy Spirit, to mankind. My Teachings were given to the world in a simple format so that every man could understand the Truth. Wisdom from God is never complicated and is given so that man receives the clarity needed, to prepare his soul for My Kingdom. Love is pure. Love is simple. True love is reciprocated. It is My only desire that souls respond to My Love so that they will, empowered by the Gift of the Holy Spirit, understand, in an instant, what is required of them, so that they can be part of My Kingdom.

 I send you messengers so that you will be given the clarity to understand. However, the Truth is not easy to accept in your daily lives because of the confusion, which exists. My Word is continually contradicted, re-examined, re-analysed, re-evaluated and misunderstood so this makes it difficult to adhere to the True Word of God. When you openly state that you believe in My Word, My Teachings and My Sacraments then, soon, you will be mocked because of this.

 Many self-proclaimed church scholars will soon question My True identity and the Existence of the Most Holy Trinity. They will use grandiose arguments to blind you to the True Word of God, and use every kind of theological argument, to prove that all religions are the same. Soon they will reject the Truth – the Word of God. They will desecrate the Word of God with complicated and contradictory doctrines, and Church-goers everywhere, will be none the wiser as they are fed with nonsense. My Word will be hidden away and left to gather dust. Always remember, that My Word must be understood as it was given. Details of My Divinity and the Mystery of God were not revealed to humanity for this was not to be until the New Era of Peace begins. Soon, a man will come and tell you he is revealing to you the Truth of My Existence and details of My Second Coming. He will enthrall the world. Then, he will claim to be Me. Many will believe him because they failed to understand the Word as it was laid down in the Holy Bible.

  I, Jesus Christ, will come again to judge the living and the dead and this will not, nor can it, happen on this earth.

 Your Jesus