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Date: June 13, 2016Author: mdmnewsbulletinboard

Dear fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors,


The purpose of this page is very simple. That is, to have a place where fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors can check in to see if there is any late-breaking VITAL news taking place regarding the Mission of Salvation that we are aware of. This page is NOT being directed by Maria, but rather is being put together by a couple of fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors that recognize the need to keep our eyes and ears open and to share any vital information with others in the Remnant as major developments occur.

Therefore, since this blog is for VITAL NEWS ONLY, (that which is absolutely pertinent to Crusade Prayer Warriors), the only posts on it will be when something CRITICAL is needing to be reported to the Remnant.  Please keep in mind, our focus here is very precise. This is not a news channel but rather a place to report only those EXTREMELY VITAL pieces of information for the Holy Remnant in regards to the Mission of Salvation.


Thousands and thousands of Crusade Prayer Warriors are currently on facebook. We know that at some point in the near future we will be loosing our facebook pages and accounts completely. That is a given. Let us reflect upon that for a moment in terms of the Mission of Salvation. Facebook has been a very important tool for the Mission of Salvation, but this Holy Mission from God WILL carry on past our days using facebook. When we loose facebook completely, then that means that thousands and thousands of Crusade Prayer Warriors will immediately loose a majority of their communications with others in the Remnant Army. This upcoming facebook “BLACK-OUT” as we could call it, will indeed have a dramatic impact on the Mission of Salvation. For most of us, facebook has become our EYES and EARS of what is taking place in the Mission of Salvation. It is very probable that this “BLACK-OUT” will be very sudden and will take most people by surprise. One day we will be communicating with our friends like we have plenty of time left… and the next morning, we find out that we do not have access to our own facebook accounts and they have been stripped from us. ONLY THEN at that stage will we then truly recognize that we SHOULD HAVE had the FORESIGHT to see the importance of collecting email addresses and contact information for those whom we normally communicate with on facebook. Let us be honest here but for most of us, we are 100% dependent on facebook in order to keep those Crusade Prayer friendships and contacts together. Is that not true? This “BLACK-OUT” will INDEED happen but there are some very important steps that we can take ahead of time that will have a dramatic impact on maintaining our “EYES” and “EARS” with what is taking place within the Remnant. THIS is WHY this page has been created.

Let us consider this analogy. If we were all in a large room, with the lights on, conversing and praying with one another, and we know that at some point, someone (satan) is going to turn those lights off PERMENENTLY, then what would be the smart thing to do ahead of time to offset such a situation? How about equipping everyone with FLASHLIGHTS so that when the lights are shut down, people can turn their flashlights on to SEE? Makes common sense after the fact, but while the lights are on, most people fail to recognize the need to have a “flashlight” on them at all times in case of emergency. While it would be incredible if the Remnant was able to create a backup “facebook” website so that we can continue to communicating with others in the Remnant Army, realistically that is not going to take place. Therefore it important for us to equip ourselves NOW with our “flashlights” so that when the lights ARE PERMANENTLY OUT, people can still SEE. Is that not correct? That is what this project is about. Giving people a way to still check in to see what is taking place, that Crusade Prayer Warriors need to know.

The firefly5913 project is being built so that we do not completely loose our EYES and EARS when we loose facebook. This blog itself will act as a hub where people can check in to see if there is any late breaking vital news, but we are really DEPENDENT on everyone to be the eyes and ears of the Remnant. This way if anyone in the Remnant sees something that should be reported back to others, they can email that information to and then we can get that posted to pass on to others. Although it is indeed a given that we will all loose facebook, if we work together to keep an eye out for one another, then we can easily have a hub like this to report back vital information to the Holy Remnant.


What now?

Our first recommendation is to print off, or copy this information below and to put it with your Crusade Prayer Book. It would probably also be prudent to go to each of the websites listed below and save a bookmark of each of them in your web browser. This way, when we do loose facebook, each of us will have a place to go to check in to see if there are any new developments. (This blog is actively live now so it does not hurt to check in once a day just to see if anything has been reported.)




Our second recommendation which each of us should do right away is to act like we may not have our facebook pages even tomorrow. If you lost your facebook account tomorrow, do you already have BACKUP CONTACT INFORMATION for those Crusade Prayer friends of yours with whom you speak with the most on facebook? Or are you completely dependent on facebook to have those friendships; and when facebook gets lost, so too are those friends? Only after we loose facebook altogether suddenly, then will we truly understand the need to obtain contact information ahead of time for those who we talk to the most. By no means are we talking about making a list of 700 contacts off of facebook. What we are talking about is taking a look at those TOP 5 or 10 Crusade Prayer GOOD FRIENDS with whom you talk with the most and ask for their backup contact information. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN “GOOD FRIENDS” AND “ACQUAINTANCES”. Those who you have come to know over the last couple of years VERY WELL and who have become good friends that you know you can TRUST, then that is prudent to maintain those relationships and contact information. BUT FROM A SECURITY STANDPOINT, IF SOMEONE ASKS FOR YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION, REGARDLESS IF THEY ARE ON YOUR FRIEND LIST ON FACEBOOK OR NOT, BUT WHO YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW THEM, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. What we recommend here is keeping in contact with those CLOSE friends that you have acquired along the way so that you can remain in contact with them. If you do not feel comfortable giving your information, then don’t. Always side on the err of caution, but truthfully people know in their hearts who those 5-10 friends are on facebook that have prayed along with them over the years and who have nurtured their faith in the Holy Mission of Salvation and those are the friendships well worth staying in contact with.

So please do this right away, to take a look at your friend list and see if there are a handful of people that you want to remain in contact with. It is always advisable to give an email address as opposed to a phone number. Phone numbers should only be reserved for those with whom you know you can trust. Emails can get ignored if it were to come to that. (I thought that this distinction was important to clarify at this time.)

May God bless the Holy Remnant, Maria Divine Mercy and the Mission of Salvation and may the Mother of Salvation watch out for us and may she always be our eyes. God bless.

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