Monday, 2 November 2015

The signs I will send will be instantly recognisable

Jesus, we will know the signs as they appear. I believe we have seen some already. Please help our little Crusade Prayer Group in Boonah grow. Give us direction always in how You would like it to run. We know by the fruits that our community will be saved through the little efforts we can accomplish.

The signs I will send will be instantly recognisable

February 2, 2013

"My dearly beloved daughter, I love you and I Am with you every second in this Holy Work. I Am present, guiding you in every task you undertake, to ensure that My Word is spread to every one of God’s children.

Never allow interference, or setbacks, to stop you and delay what is now an urgent Mission to save humanity.

As My followers gather in Prayer groups, they will also feel My Divine Presence and I will make myself known to them in various ways. The signs I will send will be instantly recognisable.

I will pour down My Love, My Healing, My Graces and My Blessings. This is an age where nothing is impossible for the good of all, if it is according to the Will of God.

Now that My Prayer Groups are linking together, My remnant army will blossom and grow. Just as the seeds were planted in just a few hearts, in the beginning, they have grown and multiplied into over 200 countries, many of which are unknown to you My dearest followers.

Keep building the foundation every step at a time. Every stone overturned is important because, finally, it will create the Stairway to Heaven.

Your Jesus"

God the Father: I will wipe out those Nations who spit in My Face

God's Patience has run out!! Time is now! He will bring His Hand of Justice on those Nations who are doing everything to control their people and bring injustice by way of murder to The Innocents and those who die at the hands of euthanasia for example. Atrocity that God has had enough of!

Leaders will die as a result of their evil. This will be evident soon. Nations will experience chastisement according to the level of evil they have created. Our prayers have mitigated much, by now humanity would have self-destructed!

Wake up! Pray! Hope that God will wipe evil from our midst quickly. We are at His Mercy. Prepare and be ready! Trust in The Seal of the Living God! He is Protecting His Remnant always!

God the Father: I will wipe out those Nations who spit in My Face

February 1, 2013

"My dearest daughter, how My Heart is breaking at this time, as man, through the wickedness of his sins, have finally tried My patience. My hurt and pain is compounded by My Anger, as I cannot allow the infestation, which has befallen humanity on such a level, to continue.

My Hand of Justice now falls on nations who defy, blatantly, My Laws. The hatred man has for his fellow brothers and sisters is palpable, throughout the earth, and takes many forms. To mortal man My Message is: “Stop now your evil deeds, or My punishment will wipe out everything you do and you will suffer eternal pain.”

You do not have the authority to take life, for I Am the Author of Life. Only I give life. It does not come from any other source. Only I can take it away. When you interfere with My Divine Plan, you will be stopped. This Plan has been belittled by you, a creature, for whom I have given so much. It has been attacked and torn apart, as if it is of little consequence.

Your wars will escalate, for I will bring death to your wicked leaders. I will find you, take you, and cast you into the abyss, where the beast will be your eternal companion. You will tear your eyes out in suffering, because of the atrocities you have committed against My children.

It is for the sins against the innocent, whose lives you have destroyed, that My chastisement will be cast down upon you. No nation will escape this punishment and the level of My punishment will be according to the depths of the sins, to which you have lowered yourselves.

You may think that My chastisement is harsh, but without it, you would destroy each other. Were I not to intervene, the world would cease to exist; for you, with the wicked technologies, which you have created, would break it in half.

I will not allow you to do this. My Power is Almighty and you will now witness My punishments, as they befall humanity.

Repent. Pray for your fellow sinners, and especially, those who have been infested by the darkness of the evil one. I will wipe out those nations who spit in My Face and who have lost control. Those who persecute others will suffer the pain which they inflict on others.

Your Father

God the Most High"

Mother of God: The remnant army of Christ will Triumph

How we must surely understand that when we recite the Crusade Prayers each and every day or at least part thereof, we are in effect saving 30 times the souls than usual in God's Will. This has so far been unknown to us, but Blessed Mother has been given permission to give us this Truth.

Is this not a significant reason to find any spare time in the day that we can to pray? This Mission is on target to save billions of souls and present them to The Lord at the Gates of the New Paradise.

Can you imagine?

Mother of God: The remnant army of Christ will Triumph

January 31, 2013

"My beloved children of God, I am your heavenly Mother, the Mother of Mercy, the Mother of Salvation. You are my precious children and I cover you all with my veil of salvation, as your weary souls struggle in pain.

Pray, my children, to my Son, with complete faith and trust in His Mercy. He will never let you down. While you endure pain and sadness, because you know the Truth, and feel wretched, because of the wickedness you see all around you, you must be at peace. For you are surrounded with the Love of God, my Father, and are blessed with the Graces my Son bestows on you and this enriches your souls.

You must not allow fear and worry to distract you from the role, which my Son has carved out for you. The remnant army of Christ will triumph and bring, in its trail, billions of souls, which it will present before the Throne of God.

What a blessing you have been given. Those amongst you, who will lead and help my Son’s Crusade Prayers Groups, are saving billions of souls. These prayers are like no other, as they have been given to humanity as a Gift, with special Graces attached to them. Unbeknownst to you, the souls you help to save are thirty fold more, when you say these prayers. They enable you to comfort the Heart of my Son by increasing and strengthening in numbers the souls, which He needs in order to fulfil His Plan of Salvation.

Thank you for responding to my Son’s plea from Heaven. Many Graces have been given to you in the last two weeks. The fruits of these Graces will become clearer to you as you forge ahead on the Path of Truth, towards eternal life.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation"

My Father’s intervention has already commenced and His wrath will shake the earth

Lord no one wants to see any person be given the Justice of the Father, but we know that it is inevitable because we have gone so far away from the Ten Commandments particularly, Thou Shalt not Kill. Is it no wonder that God has had enough! But in all of this, we will be a more purified humanity, freed from some of those perpetrators of murder, corruption, pure evil of many kinds and most of all those who take the lives of The Little Innocents! If there was a better way of dealing with these evils, I know Lord, You would give them every opportunity, but God cannot stand idly by now and let humanity continue on this path of destruction. Let it be Lord, You are the Potter, we are the clay. Amen

My Father’s intervention has already commenced and His wrath will shake the earth

January 30, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, the destruction of human life, by the hands of those who do not honour the importance of this Gift from God, is escalating. My Father’s rage, because of this abominable sin, has reached such a pitch, that His roars can be heard throughout the Heavens.

The Hand of His Anger will cast out this evil, as He will pluck out those wicked men and destroy them. For every man slaughtered like an animal, My Father will throw the perpetrator into the fires of Hell.

Please know that, as wars escalate, the wicked amongst those dictators will be challenged. They will be weeded out and they will be dealt the Justice which they will bring down upon themselves.

Man cannot see what I see. They do not know the extent of evil, which results in the destruction of life, the destruction of the earth and the persecution of men, by their fellow brothers and sisters.

My Father’s intervention has already commenced and His wrath will shake the earth. Enough. The failure of man to accept the Truth of God’s Existence is at the root of this evil. Man plays with life, as if he controls all that is on earth, over which he has no authority. This evil cannot be allowed to continue. It will be dealt with and the fear of God will be felt by those who do not accept His Laws.

Your Jesus"

The rise of hatred, murder and lack of charity is intense and sin has infested the earth like wildfire

Lord Jesus, Your Army is ready and waiting. You are our Company Commander . We will hear You and we will stand and defend You. We will help guard Your Holy Word and help bring the wounded back from behind enemy lines!

The rise of hatred, murder and lack of charity is intense and sin has infested the earth like wildfire

January 29, 2013

"My dearly beloved daughter, the rage of Satan pours over the earth as the Holy Spirit increases His Divine Presence within the souls of so many, through this and other Missions, sanctioned by Me.

The rise of hatred, murder and lack of charity is intense, and sin has infested the earth like wildfire.

The time for the preparation for the Great Day of My Return must now begin with great care. As you, My beloved followers respond to My Call, I will increase your faith and you will multiply everywhere.

This Mission is the culmination of all instructions given to humanity through My Father, to all those who came before you. Don’t you realise that the prophets, from the beginning, when they described  the Day of the Lord, that this refers to My Time, the time in which I will fulfil the final covenant?

My Plan is to come and give you the eternal life I promised when I released you from the chains of sin, by My Death on the Cross. To those of you who are wary of Me, know that I could never deceive you in such a Mission as this one. I would not ask you to help Me save souls, fight the evil one, or encourage you to pray, were it not I, your Jesus, Who calls to you now.

My poor little ones, you are living in a wilderness, not of your own making. I Am your only way out. Unless you follow Me, now, you will waste time wandering, getting lost and being distracted.  Your faith can only be kept strong through the Holy Sacraments.  Keep your faith and follow Me. That’s all I ask. Then pray for the salvation of souls.

I will never condemn you for not accepting these, My Holy Messages. But I will never forgive  you if you blaspheme against the Word of God, given to you by the Power of the Holy Spirit. If you do not believe in My Messages, then walk away and continue with your devotion to Me.

My dear disciples,  you will move quickly to create a large army and a strong defence against the enemies of God. As this increases in strength, please encourage as many of My sacred servants, as possible, to help you. It is important that, no matter how much resistance they encounter, that they must still provide the daily Mass and the Sacrament of Holy Communion to those in need.

Your Jesus"

Soon, they will pass a law, which will outlaw the meaning of blasphemy

Lord Jesus how you must be in so much pain. This is torture for You! Your Name will always be on our lips no matter what law is passed. We will ride the storm as if in the boat with You and the Apostles. We have faith that You will calm the waters with Your Holy Command when it is in accordance with God's Will. We will ride it out patiently and in total trust in You with littleness. Be our Safeguard, be our Refuge. Hold us in the Palm of Your Hand. We adore, we Sanctify you O Lord. The new world order will never have control over our hearts for You. Never! Amen.

Soon, they will pass a law, which will outlaw the meaning of blasphemy

January 28, 2013

"My dearly beloved daughter, tell My disciples that they must never give up their devotion to My Holy Word.

The growth of atheism means that the mere mention of God, or the laws directed by Him, causes outrage. It has become, as if it were, a blasphemy to mention the role of God in your lives.

Soon, they will pass a law, which will outlaw the meaning of blasphemy, in order to stamp out any public allegiance to God.

You, My poor followers, will find it difficult to raise your voices in My Name. They will insult you and declare terrible things about Me, yet you will be unable to defend Me.

Those Christian countries, whose people honour Me, will not be allowed to declare their Christianity because of the creation of these laws, which will defy My Teachings.

So many do not want to know Me. Those of you who do will be persecuted. By this, I mean that every time you try to pray to Me, your privacy will be interrupted. Every time you try to receive the Sacraments, they will become difficult to access.

Then, when you set up Prayer Groups, you will be told to stop. Each group will find, not only opposition amongst certain quarters, but that imposters will try to infiltrate them in order to spoil the fruits, which will be generated as a result. Never before will you witness such opposition in your devotion to Me, to My Crusade Prayer Groups, or to My Messages.

Many priests and clergy are responding, quickly, to My Call, because they know Me and recognise My Voice. So, many will continue to be called, as My request to prepare the souls, to whom they have been entrusted, will be responded to.

But, as their numbers increase, others amongst their fold, will rise in outrage and condemnation. They will suffer because of their love for Me. Their enemies will consist of those who do love Me, but who are being misguided by others, to whom they pledge allegiance. Others will be tempted by the spirit of evil to denounce Me. They will do this to prevent My plan, to fulfil My Father’s Will to salvage souls and to embrace all of God’s children in His New Paradise.

You must resist such efforts, but remain dignified, at all times. Keep praying for those sacred servants of Mine who will, like Judas before them, kiss Me on one cheek, while betraying Me with the other.

I will stay with you during this torment, for even you will be shocked by the venom, which will pour from the mouths of those who claim to be My disciples.

Your Jesus"

The prophecies, contained in the Book of Revelation, are only partially known

This is a very timely Message Lord as I am being hammered on fb. But could you please explain more how Catholics who are obedient to the Church and rightly so, are wrong to assume that they have all the answers and that The Church will no longer Shepherd them when the false prophet sits in the Seat of Peter. They believe that when as Catholics we follow these Messages, that we are disobedient to the Church and as you say call us heretics and protestants etc. Quite frankly I find being called anything but a Follower of Christ and Catholic quite demoralising. Lord please open their eyes! We will pray!

The prophecies, contained in the Book of Revelation, are only partially known

January 27, 2013

"My dearly beloved daughter, I Am bound to inform My followers that you will become chastised, by certain sacred servants of Mine. You will soon be instructed, by some of them, to walk away from this Work.

You will be treated just as My disciples were, by the priests of their time. They, too, were told to walk away from Me and many were not allowed to enter the temples to pay homage to God, My Eternal Father.

Much misunderstanding of My Promises to humanity will be used as a tool to encourage others to reject Me, as I communicate My Holy Word to the whole world, at this time.

You, My disciples, will be accused of heresy and told that you are not following Holy Doctrine.

Terrible errors will be made by My sacred servants when they will follow the wrong fork in the road to My Kingdom. They will do this through ignorance, for many of them assume that they already know the prophecies I Am still to reveal to the world, before My Second Coming.

Oh how they will be confused when they are instructed to do the wrong thing by rejecting My warnings given to all, for the salvation of souls. The prophecies, contained in the Book of Revelation, are only partially known.

No sacred servant in My Church understands the Book of Revelation, yet. They will be informed, and this I will do in parts. It is only for your knowing when I decide the time is right.

Please open your hearts to the Truth. Be careful when you judge the Word of God, given to His chosen prophets. Judge them harshly, and you will be judged, accordingly. Reject them cruelly, and you, too, will be rejected by My Hand of Justice. Accept them with love, and I will envelop you in My Holy Arms.

Nothing I give you now contradicts My Father’s Book, for this is not possible. I come, now, to conclude the Teachings set out by Me during My time on earth. When My Work is completed, My Covenant will finally be fulfilled. Then, I bring the Most Glorious Gift of Eternal Life.

Your Jesus"

God the Father: This is why only a miracle can save the human race

Let's pray that Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI will be kept safe and well during the trial to come, and that the false prophet's days in the Chair will be short in number, then the Warning will convert billions, yes billions! of souls! This is when our prayers must be upgraded as the antichrist steps up his campaign to snatch those billions back! This must never be allowed to occur! Don't take our eyes of The Prize for a moment. Gaze upon Jesus and know we must hold tight to Him and to His Precious Souls! We will be victorious!

God the Father: This is why only a miracle can save the human race

January 26, 2013

My dearest daughter, My Precious Son, who suffered such a cruel death, on behalf of My children, is preparing for His Great Mercy.

I have granted Him, up to now, the time required to bring as many souls as possible under His Divine Mercy without having to forgo one stray soul. The time is very near for My Gift to humanity.

The time when My Son, the Messiah, came to live on earth was squandered by humanity, They rejected Him. The second time, as I grant permission for Him to come again, will be no different. He will be rejected.

This is why only a miracle can save the human race. But this miracle can only be when I, God the Creator of all that is, can ensure that the free will of man remains untouched. This Gift of free will can never be interfered with. When a person offers it up as a gift to Me, it is the most precious and perfect gift of all.

By presenting to them the proof of their sins, My Son can encourage souls to respond to His call. Then when remorse is shown, His Mercy will encompass billions of souls, who could never have been saved otherwise.

I beseech you, dear children, to prepare well.

Your Loving Father

God the Most High

They will sob with relief when they realise that they have a future where death does not exist

This Message is of great significance for the hope that it gives us knowing now that Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit to surge into the hearts of humanity. Not one soul will be without this awakening within them. We must pray that when the soul is touched by the Holy Spirit that they will wish to know more about these Messages.

There is a wind of change. Hearts are being softened and opened. They are asking questions. They have hunger pangs that they cannot explain. Hungry for what? Hungry, ravenous for The Holy Word in Scripture and in these Messages. The two are as one.

The doubters will finally come to realise that this communication from Heaven is what It Is! Thankyou Jesus for Gracing us at this time in response to Your Joy for all Your Remnant Army who want to please You in this Crusade always!

They will sob with relief when they realise that they have a future where death does not exist

January 25, 2013

"My dearly beloved daughter, My Power is surging through the Power of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of man at this time. Even cold and distant souls will be converted through the Gifts I shower over humanity because of your generous response to My Call from Heaven.

Not one nation will fail to accept the Power of the Holy Spirit; not one stone will be left unturned; not one priest unaware of My Messages; not one beloved disciple of Mine left untouched, by the news that I bring. Even those who reject Me will come back a second time to hear My Word because My Spirit touches their hearts.

Rejoice, because it is only two years since this Mission began and My Word is read in over two hundred countries and in almost forty languages. I will continue to spread My Messages, in every tongue; amongst the rich and the poor; amongst atheists and sacred servants of Mine.

I do not differentiate between the person who does not believe in God and those who devote their lives to Me, their Jesus. Each soul is every much as important to Me as those who hurt Me; those who betray Me; who make Me weep; those who assault Me; crucify Me and hate Me – I Love them all. Therefore, I Am patient. I know that when the Truth sinks in, they will come to Me. Then they will sob, with relief, when they realise that they have a future where death does not exist.

This is My Promise and when you are troubled, scourged, abused and made to look like fools, this is all you need focus on. This New Paradise is for all of you. When you fight to save souls, keep this promise in your hearts.

Your beloved Jesus"

I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the power of My Crusade Prayer Groups

By now, since being asked to begin Crusade Prayer groups many of us are already in one somewhere in the world. We pray these will increase in number as well as those in attendance. Please don't feel that because the number in your group is small. Any number above 1 is significant to Jesus and remember what Jesus has said 'wherever there are 2 or more in prayer, I will be in your midst'. If another friend or family member would like to pray along with us, then He is right there with us. Jesus will do the rest. Many, many hundreds of prayer groups are already in over 200 countries in the world as Jesus has told us, so every little effort we give will be well received in Heaven.

I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the power of My Crusade Prayer Groups

January 25, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, I desire to instruct My Crusade Prayer Groups to be vigilant when setting up in their nations. They must keep Holy Water close by, have a Crucifix of Me present and recite this special Crusade Prayer to Bless and Protect your Crusade Prayer Group.

Crusade Prayer (96) to Bless and Protect our Crusade Prayer Group

O my dearest Jesus, please bless and protect us, Your Crusade Prayer Group, so that we become immune to the wicked assaults of the devil, and to any evil spirits, which may torment us in this Sacred Mission to save souls.

May we remain loyal and strong, as we persevere to keep Your Holy Name before the world and never waive in our struggle to spread the Truth of Your Holy Word.


Please recite this prayer before and after every prayer meeting.

I must also instruct you, My beloved disciples, to ensure that prayer forms the basis for every prayer meeting. I do not wish you to contemplate negativity or create fear amongst yourselves, because all I bring is Love and Mercy.

My Messages are full of hope and I will mitigate much of the suffering foretold, through the power of My Crusade Prayer Groups. The purpose of this Mission is to save souls. It has never been about anything else. My Messages are given to enlighten you, to alert you to the dangers, which affect your faith, and to prepare you for My New Paradise.

Go now, in Peace. I will cover each Crusade Prayer Group with My Abundance of Graces, including the Gift of Discernment.

Your Jesus"

I urge My followers to remind people of the importance of reading the Holy Bible

Even just 5 minutes a day of reading Scripture will please Our Dear Lord.

I urge My followers to remind people of the importance of reading the Holy Bible

January 23, 2013

"My dearly beloved daughter, I Am joyful and pleased because of the love, which My disciples hold in their hearts for Me.

Heaven rejoices at the speed in which My Divine Messages and Prayers are spreading throughout the world. This is the time, foretold, so very long ago, when My Holy Gospel will be preached throughout the whole world.

I urge My followers to remind people of the importance of reading the Holy Bible, the Word set out, according to the Will of My Father.

Today, My Word is spoken, yet again, to instil in the minds of people, today, the importance of My Teachings. Failure to accept the Word of God results in the death of the soul.

Every man on earth was born with free will. For every man, given life by My Father, the Sacrament of Baptism was made available, but not every child of God was given access to this important Gift, which cleanses the soul and rids it of demons.

Every man was entitled to the Truth of My Teachings, yet not every man was given the Truth. In its place, false religions were fed into the souls of innocents. This led to hatred for one another, as the lies, created and spread by such false religions, infested the hearts of man.

The Truth is that My Holy Word is the food of the soul. Without it the soul withers. When it is empty of the peace, which My Love brings to it, it then seeks solace in the arms of worldly things, which drain it of every comfort, eventually.

Now that My Holy Word is being ignited in the hearts of jaded men, My Love will spread when the Truth is given to humanity. This Love will draw hungry souls, and so My Plan of Salvation will continue. I will exhaust every avenue, using the hearts of humble souls – who truly love Me – in order to save the whole of the human race. It does not matter what god they idolise because, very soon, the Truth will be revealed to them. Then, they will want for nothing, only My Glorious Presence.

Your Jesus"

Virgin Mary: It is by the power of prayer that my Son’s Mercy can be spread throughout the world

Thankyou Our Lady for reminding us that these Crusade Prayers are so powerful in mitigating the worst of circumstances which could befall the world. We have been given a great responsibility and I for one, needed this Crusade Prayer to help me find the time each day and not be distracted to the point that I do not commit myself to praying them. I might miss a day here and there, but it is still my duty to help save precious souls, so now I must allocate this special time every day to be in intimate company with Jesus knowing without doubt that He has allocated His time to listen.

Virgin Mary: It is by the power of prayer that my Son’s Mercy can be spread throughout the world

January 23, 2013

"My children, you must strive to devote at least fifteen minutes a day in the recital of the Crusade Prayers, as this is very important.

You must find the time to say these prayers, as they are already mitigating many tragedies in the world, which are caused by those wicked people who carry out acts of evil.

You must never forget the power of prayer, or the fact that, through my intercession, I can help you in your struggle with your Faith.

Many of you are busy with other matters in your lives, but you must make every effort to pay homage to my Son. Prayer can be difficult for many.

It can be difficult to pray in private, and for those who cannot see the most perfect and beautiful Face of my Son, Jesus Christ, they are easily distracted.

Here is a little Crusade Prayer (95) To help find time for prayer.

O Mother of Salvation, come to my aid, as I struggle to find the time for prayer.

Help me to give, to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the time He deserves to show Him how much I love Him.

I ask that you, my Blessed Mother of Salvation, seek for me the Graces I need and ask your dear Son for every grace and favour, so that He can envelop me into the Bosom of His Sacred Heart.


Children, to follow the Path of Truth, all you need do is give the time, which is needed, to prayer. It is by the power of prayer that my Son’s Mercy can be spread throughout the world. It will be by your recital of the Crusade Prayers that the Covenant can be fulfilled by my Son to salvage the world.

Your Beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation"

We welcome Lord, these Gifts which You will grant our Nations to wake up to Your Presence and Love for us. These floods and winds which have wreaked havoc on our coastline for the past days is one way I believe You are speaking to our hearts. But please Lord, change those who believe that this is 'mother nature' at work. Give them a clue that You are in command, You are in charge and it is You that will right the wrongs in our land. Change the hearts of our atheistic leaders, so that they too, will know Your Justice is at hand. We must be purified! We must see the winds of change from secularity to Christianity! We have the potential as a Nation to be a witness to others. We welcome Your Insistence Lord!

With the Gift of the Holy Spirit, you will prophecy in My Holy Name all over the world

January 22, 2013

"My dearly beloved daughter, My Light will now shine over those nations who have not been taught the Truth.

Where there is no mention of God, My Divine Presence, will now fill every corner of those nations who do not honour Me, although they are aware of Who I Am. The veil of darkness will be lifted and, at last, these starved souls will drink My Holy Spirit and devour My Holy Word. After all this time, they, through the spread of My Prayer Groups, will be given the Truth.

I refer to those nations where your churches lie empty, where the Sacraments are rarely made available, and where daily Masses are no longer celebrated. It is up to you, My beloved disciples, to spread My Holy Word, so that dark souls, and those who know nothing about Me, are enlightened and encouraged, gently, to come to Me.

I bless you, and by the Power of My deep Love for each and every one of you, I will increase your numbers, greatly. My Prayer Groups will be set up in every country, and with the Gift of the Holy Spirit, you will prophecy in My Holy Name all over the world.

Remind all of My Teachings. Remind souls to read the Holy Bible, one of the greatest Gifts given to you by My Father. Recite My Prayers; read My Glorious Messages and pray that you can reach even the most hardened of hearts.

I will grant you many Gifts and I will instruct you for every step you take on the Path of Truth.

Your Jesus"