Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death.

We must make amends with a true and contrite heart while still alive on earth, in order for us to enter Paradise. Otherwise if we are to die before all this takes place and our sins have not been acknowledged by us and God's forgiveness and mercy asked for, then we will have a couple of choices Purgatory or Hell. This is not new, but we need to be reminded. If we are hit by a bus tomorrow, what did we do today to prepare our souls for death? Do as Jesus is telling us - go to Confession weekly, Say an Act of Contrition each night before going to sleep, ( O, My God I am heartily sorry, that I have sinned against You, because You are So Good, I ask You to strengthen me against my weakness so that I will not sin again) or if Non Catholic, Pray Crusade Prayer 24 for Plenary Indulgence. This must happen for us to seek Salvation. There are no gold passes to get to Paradise.

Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death

"My dearly beloved daughter I allow you this intense physical suffering to save more souls today. Offer this pain for those selected souls you must help Me salvage. This pain will not last long but when you are relieved know that many souls were saved from the fires of Hell and are now in Purgatory awaiting purification.
As a victim soul you must accept that I can allow you moments of suffering to help save the souls of God’s children. You will, some day, meet these souls and then you will understand how much happiness this brings My Father. Know that when you suffer, I suffer with you in order to easy your pain. You are not alone. When you feel you cannot breath, this is the same feeling of suffocation felt by souls who, after death, face the fumes of the fires of Hell.
If only people knew the Truth of life after death. After the soul leaves the body, whether it is in a state of Grace or not, Satan torments through the power of seduction. He tries, even then, to draw souls to him. Prayer for such souls is very important.
I draw souls towards My Light. But only those who are in a State of Grace can withstand the Power of My Light of Mercy. If they are not pure of soul then they must be cleansed in Purgatory.
There are, My daughter, many layers in Purgatory and, depending on the sins committed by the soul, they will be filled with the cleansing Fire of the Holy Spirit.
Purgatory is painful for the soul and those who have to spend time there feel it like a physical pain as though they were still alive.
Let no man underestimate the sacrifices needed to keep their souls in a state worthy of My Father’s Kingdom.
My Father loves all His children but souls must earn the right to be fit to enter My Father’s Kingdom.  To be worthy they must redeem themselves in My Eyes while they are still alive. They must atone for their sins with a sincere heart.
Even at the point of death, a sinner can avail of My Great Mercy by asking Me to forgive him his sins. I will snatch him and take him into My Arms. I will then pour out My Mercy over him and then take him by the hand to the Gates of Paradise.
Sin can be forgiven when you are alive. Not after death.
Your Jesus"