Tuesday, 15 August 2017

You do not have to understand the Ways of God – you must simply accept them

Jesus just wants SIMPLE!

So many times we see pages on facebook that pick to bits each line of the Messages, even down to grammatical errors for pity's sake just to pick holes to see where 'Maria' has slipped up!

Goodness me! We know that Jesus is Speaking and not one thing in Truth can be in error in any way!

Then we also see each day, where 'prophets' loud and proud yell out the events they have read about in the news and then 'preach' about them with all the references they can associate with Scripture.

A basic non event like a piece of satellite falling from orbit and it is translated into an end time meteoric event that God uses for punishment or purification! It was just a common piece of space junk!

Then we have seen those who are very theologian and Scripturally based that analyse too and fro each item up for 'debate' of what Jesus tells us in His Messages! Why do they feel they need to 'second guess' God or do the 'one upmanship' thing?

Do they really think they know more than Him? Arrogance!

Jesus gave us the JTM community to share our thoughts and faith. He knows we will get excited about the things to come, but He also knows that we can get too focussed on these things ie the date of the Warning, Mary's last Appearance at Apparition sights etc and get all bent out of shape when things aren't happening as quickly as we want them.

God knows what He is Doing!

Let's just forget about all the semantics and logistics of how tomorrow unfolds and concentrate on the Graces and Blessings we are given each day being part of This Mission and keep praying and speaking to Jesus like little children. He loves us just being with Him.

I had to get fireweed out of our paddock today (toxic to horses) and said "Jesus You better do as good a job as I hope to, so we can have that cup of coffee sooner rather than later!" - This is just a little conversation with Jesus, my Buddy!

We must try to include Him in everything! That keeps Him Consoled!

He is so fretful and Sorrowful when we discard Him!

Every moment should be shared with Jesus!

Those things we hate doing like the vacuum cleaning - "Jesus come on, let's do this together to get it done faster! We can have a chat while we clean!". Then speak with Him! He will answer!

The peace and gratitude we feel is enormous!

He is not 'up there'. He is right with us, every moment! Simple child-like humble LOVE!

 You do not have to understand the Ways of God – you must simply accept them

 Friday, May 23rd, 2014 @ 18:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, come, all of you who love Me, and bring Me your love, for I Am in great need of comfort. I Am your Jesus, the Son of man, Saviour of the world and yet I weep. Every Grace bequeathed to man is thrown back at Me by ungrateful souls. My generous Heart is open, so I can draw all of you to Me, but you turn away. Even those of you who do love Me do not give Me your time. Instead of talking to Me, you talk to each other about Me. Too much talk about the Mystery of God’s Plans and what is to come can cause distraction and confusion. Too much analysis and so-called intelligent debate takes away from Me.

You do not have to understand the Ways of God – you must simply accept them. I never asked you to understand the Mystery of My Divinity, because the souls who truly love Me will love Me because of Who I Am and not what I bring. They will not seek out glory for themselves. They will not develop their spirituality to merely gain a foothold in My Kingdom. They will never use their knowledge of Me in a boastful way to score points. The souls who will reside within Me are the souls who ask for nothing, only that which they ask for the good of their own souls and that of others.

 When you say you represent Me, you do not talk and shout about how much you say you know Me. You must simply show love to others and follow My Teachings with a soul, which is empty of pride. So, if you are truly Mine, you will spend less time trying to define what I have told you; what I have taught you and what I promised. I ask that you come to Me and spend more time in quiet contemplation with Me. When you do this, I will reveal Myself to you more clearly and you will know in your hearts what it really means to serve Me truly.

Your Jesus

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