Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My Prophecies, which reveal the arrival of the antichrist, are soon to be realised

We pray that our names are in the Book of The Living as we travail the thorny road to the New Paradise.

Many will take the evil detour that satan has placed on the road in the form of a golden highway which will appeal to those who want for earthly things, things of the flesh, a new fandangled religion dressed in the fineries of which will take them to the abyss should they partake in the satanic rituals dressed in the new-agey paganistic practices to confuse and distract away from Christ's Divinity!

We cannot afford to have our eyes closed in these days! Take the scales off and allow the Truth to revealed to you! Do not under any circumstances accept the changes and modifications however impervious, to engage you in the playground of the beast.

These days are now!
Christ will no longer be tolerated anywhere!
Be His Strong Army of followers!
Be His first line of defence!
This is a battle!
Be battle ready and armed at your post!

My Prophecies, which reveal the arrival of the antichrist, are soon to be realised

August 4, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, My Prophecies, which reveal the arrival of the antichrist, are soon to be realised.

The day for all of you to prepare your houses and your routine of prayers is upon you and all who follow Me must be willing to make sacrifices, in order to help Me to open the eyes of God’s children everywhere to this wickedness, which will turn the world upside down.

Just as any true prophet is despised and treated as a nuisance, you, My dear followers, will be seen as an annoyance when you reveal the Truth. Expect ridicule, mockery and contempt, at every corner you turn. People who surround you will bully you, criticize you and find fault, even when you do not even speak with them about My Word.

Every fallen angel and demon, who infiltrate the Earth at this time, will, through weak souls, be immediately drawn to you, in order to discourage you from this Work.

Accept this grief in My Name, for when you do, you give great glory to God and it is one of the greatest gifts you can give Me. I then use these trials of yours to defeat Satan by claiming souls, which are destined to become his.

Very few understand the Divine Laws of Heaven and the role of the Cross in your lives. Someday, all of God’s children will understand why these cruel actions must be endured. Continue with the task of spreading the Truth, ignore the hatred you will witness and do not accept direction from those who deny Me – ever.

Your march towards the New Paradise will be difficult. But with only a small army, you can defeat the severity of the punishments, which will be handed out by the antichrist upon the world. Your task is to warn others of the dangers of accepting the laws of Satan as a substitute for the Laws of God.

Only by the Command of My Father can I take with Me all of those whose names are in the Book of the Living, but who will give their allegiance to the false prophet and, with a docile acceptance, fall for the appealing demeanour of the antichrist.

Your Jesus

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