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God the Father: The Power of the Blessed Trinity is beyond the interference of man

It takes a lifetime for some of us to get that every single fibre of our being is Given by God as a Gift! 

If we truly understood that and how it is by His Divine Providence that we breathe each breath, wouldn't we be the most grateful creatures He has ever Created?

So why does something as simple as the acknowledgement of God and His Divine Order of things escape most of us or take so long to capture in our hearts?

Even then, no matter the years that go by, no matter the experiences we have - good or bad, we can't seem to assimilate in our feeble minds something so intrinsically simple! 

It is by God that all things exist!

It is by God that every cell of our bodies was Created! 

Not one single scientist on the face of the earth can tell us HOW we were created! Not one! That is because there is not sufficient scientific evaluation that could answer this fundamental state of fact! 

So if science can't answer it, then it must be higher than one's intelligence to understand! If this is the case, then why do human beings in spite of their intelligence, not give God the Credit He is Due? 

Then of course God speaks about the Holy Trinity, the Triune God! It is by His Providence again, that His Son Whom He had Begotten, through His Holy Spirit and made Himself Flesh to walk amongst us! 

If we accept God and most people who believe the Bible and Creation, do accept Him, then why do some religions and faiths find it so hard to accept Jesus and the Holy Spirit - One cannot exist without the other. 

You might as well say "Well God I accept that You 2 arms and 2 legs, a pair of eyes and a mouth, Created man out of dust, woman out of his rib, the earth, the Universe etc, but I absolutely cannot accept that You made Yourself into a man through bringing Your Own Flesh to the world and I certainly cannot accept that as a Spiritual Creator, that You could possible have the capacity to be The Holy Spirit as well!" 

'Gee God You must think I'm gullible or something!" 

Well I'm not sure how this little conversation might end, but you can bet, it really leaves God bewildered that our small minds can be so narrow and closed, that we package Our Great God and Creator into a finite little box so that that is all we can try to understand or accept. 

It seems so ridiculous to me, but I mention this because some well known 'religions' and 'faiths' actually contain God in this little box!

Let's give God what He needs from us - total acceptance, total openness, total obedience and total gratitude! 

Doesn't the One Who Created you in all your glory, deserve at least that much?

 God the Father: The Power of the Blessed Trinity is beyond the interference of man

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 @ 12:25

My dearest daughter, My Desire is that each one of you respond to the Call of the Most Holy Trinity at this time. The Power of the Blessed Trinity is beyond the interference of man and by the Grace of My Love, I reach out to humanity to declare the Truth.

Be not afraid of your Father, for I Am yours and you are Mine. All Power is in My Hands and I make great exceptions in order to unite the world. Many souls are indifferent to Me. They shun Me, deny My Existence and insult My Divinity by placing false gods, made of molten gold, before Me. All that is made of clay will be replaced by a renewed existence. Nothing on this Earth is eternal. Everything turns back into dust. All that is eternal is not of your world. I created man in My Likeness. I blew forth life and you were given breath and it is I Who will take it away. All begins and ends with Me and no man can or will dictate how I will unite My children. That task is Mine – not yours. My Plans to salvage souls – the good, the bad and the wretched, will not be destroyed. Damaged, perhaps, but never ruined, for all that I say will be and all that I desire will come to pass.

I know each of you, as you were born out of My Love. Whatever your circumstances, they evolved because of Divine Providence and there is a reason for everything. Those of you who do not know Me – you are also Mine, for I created you. You did not evolve from the species. To believe that, is to deceive yourself and serves only as a means, planted by the deceiver in your hearts, to deny Me. By denying Me, your Eternal Father, you deny Eternal Salvation. And by denying the Truth of My Existence, you will separate yourself from an existence of eternal glory.

All Mercy is Mine. I lavish My Mercy on those whose hearts are pure; who have love in their souls because they have allowed Me to enter into them. The main obstacle to receiving Eternal Life is the pride of humanity. Pride is the single biggest barrier to uniting yourself to Me. You may know Me, through My Son; understand My Word, but you do not practice what you have been taught. Love comes from Me. When there is pride in the soul, love dies within it and is replaced with hatred. Pride comes from Satan and it is abhorrent to Me, just as it is distressing.

Let Me love you by accepting My Word and the Gifts I gave the world through the biggest Sacrifice of My Son’s death on the Cross. I gave you life. I gave you Myself, through the Manifestation of My Son. I lowered Myself, in humility before you, in order to defeat the sin of pride. I taught you through the prophets. I gave you the Gift of free will but you abused it to satisfy your own lusts and desires. The Gift of free will has a dual purpose – to give you the freedom to choose, so that you do not come to Me out of fear, but out of love and to defeat the power of the devil. It is your free will that Satan covets most of all and he will use every deceit to get you to hand it over to him. When souls do this, through the sin of pride, new age practices and the occult, they become enslaved by the evil one. He will then manifest, within the souls who hand him over their free will, every single one of his traits. You will know them by their behaviour. But the one sign that their free will has been given to the evil one is when these souls constantly seek to publicly mock My Son, Jesus Christ, and His Mother, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of the World. Satan despises both of them.

If, instead, you use the free will I gave you, for the good of your soul and to love one another, this is a powerful means by which to dilute the power of Satan. But, it is those souls who give to Me, through My Son, Jesus Christ, the gift of their free will, that give the most powerful gift of all. It will be through these souls that I will defeat the evil one and the means by which I can save the souls of those who have completely separated themselves from Me.

That is My Promise. I will save the souls of even the most hopeless cases because of the sacrifices of those who give Me this gift of their free will, through My Son, Jesus Christ.

Your Eternal Father

God the Most High

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