Friday, 13 October 2017

Mother of Salvation: I ask those who follow these Messages to pray for this Mission

Well looks like satan is pretty miffed about the Medal of Salvation being made available so he is stepping up his campaign against the Mission and those who follow it. We don't have anything to be concerned about because Jesus has told us that all those who follow His Instructions and pray the Crusade Prayers and Litany Prayers and remain obedient to Him, will be protected.

Mother of Salvation is telling us this again, however to be assured that satan won't have his way with any of us, the Mission, those who receive Messages from Christ and especially Maria, we are being asked to pray earnestly our prayers given to us, but also to pray this Crusade Prayer #155 to ensure that we all and those of the True prophets will continue to serve Jesus in the fulfilment of His Final Covenant!

This is our duty as followers of this Mission. By our prayers, satan will lose power. he will lose the ability to snatch souls. Let's do as Mother asks of us so that on That Great Day, Jesus can show us Paradise for each and every one!

Mother of Salvation: I ask those who follow these Messages to pray for this Mission

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 @ 14:45

My child, may I ask those who follow these Messages to pray for this Mission? Your Prayers are asked so that this Work is protected from all wicked snares and deeds of the evil one, through those who serve and honour him. Never before have your Prayers been needed as they are at this time. The work of the evil one against this Mission of Salvation is intense and his hatred is mounting. If you do not ask God to dilute his hatred and influence over humanity, his works will prosper and destroy souls, whose only hope of salvation will be through the Gifts, which God gives His children.

I ask you, dear children, to pray for all those who devote their lives to God’s Call and for this Mission. This Prayer is to be said for all of God’s prophets, visionaries and holy servants, so that they continue to serve Him as He fulfills the Final Covenant.

Crusade Prayer (155) For Protection of the Mission of Salvation:

O dearest Mother of Salvation, hear our call for the protection of the Mission of Salvation and for the protection of God’s children. We pray for those who defy the Will of God in this great moment in history. We ask that you protect all those who respond to your call and the Word of God, to save everyone from the enemies of God. Please help release those souls, who fall prey to the deceit of the devil and open their eyes to the Truth.

O Mother of Salvation, help us poor sinners to be made worthy, to receive the Grace of perseverance at our time of suffering in the Name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Protect this Mission from harm. Protect your children from persecution. Cover all of us with your Most Holy Mantle and favour us with the Gift of retaining our faith, every time we are challenged for speaking the Truth, for conveying the Holy Word of God, for the rest of our days now and forever. Amen.

My beloved children, you must present your Prayers each day to my Son, for the protection of this Mission against the hatred of Satan. When you do this, every Blessing will be given to you. To those of you who are able, please have Masses offered up, as often as you can, for God’s prophet Maria Divine Mercy and for all of God’s servants, so that through God’s Mercy, all souls will be united with Him in His Kingdom, forever.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

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