Saturday, 25 March 2017

The ‘god’ they will proclaim, will not be My beloved Father

 We might be of the opinion that they couldn't possibly trick us into believing in their 'god', but our complacency could see us falling for the dupe ahead.

We must stay so close to Scripture and these Messages if we are to remain in Christ's Light to understand just what the enemy has in store.

 Keep the scales from our eyes and we should remain vigilant to what is going on. satan will not spare any expense in getting souls of those who believe, so be on guard!

The ‘god’ they will proclaim, will not be My beloved Father

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 @ 13:50

My dearly beloved daughter, it has been foretold that humanity’s hatred for God will reach unprecedented proportions in the end times. People then will not be able to differentiate between good and evil. Much confusion will blight them and there will reign, within them, a darkness of the soul, which will bring them little peace.

God will be denied. I, His only Son, will be mocked and My Deity rejected. All who love Me will be tempted to turn away from all that I taught them. Every person who denies Me, will try to justify their reason for doing so. Their reasons will be this. “Jesus – they will say – is simply a figurehead, a prophet, sent to teach people the Truth.” They will soon believe that My Divinity was a lie and that only allegiance to God – a God of Goodness – is all that is needed, for all religions, so that they can be united as one.

The ‘god’ they will proclaim, will not be My beloved Father. Instead, they will idolize false spirits, disguised as angels of God. As the world rejoices, along with the Christians, who remain true to Me, and the Jews, who will remain loyal to My Father, the Time for My Second Coming will descend so suddenly that very few will be ready. Then the persecutors will be silenced, the wicked destroyed and those whose names are in the Book of the Living will unite and live a life of eternal glory.

Your Jesus

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