Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Paradise, created by My Father for His children, is to be returned to them, finally, in all its original Glory

This Message is so full of detail that it is hard to place any words of significance to enhance what we are digesting. So much is yet to happen, but it is all in the Bible. Not one stone has been left unturned, but what God has decided will remain untold until He says otherwise. The Seals are being broken so there is no need to decide for ourselves that all we will ever need to know, is all there in the Bible. Actually you would be mistaken. Revelation is not a completed Book.

The contents of the Seals have not all been broken. But all that was told to John the Evangelist by the Holy Angel is coming to fruition now and our soon-to-be future. We are being prepared. This is what this Mission is setting in stone for us. We are being given knowledge that is a privilege to learn. We have been chosen to lead humanity in God's Remnant Army. It doesn't make us elitist but it does give us an elite position to play in the Salvation of all souls. We are here to make up for those who don't want to hear Jesus' Call to humanity.

Our prayers are being prayed for them! They are the souls Jesus needs the most. He has us to help Him. A privilege! We have nothing to fear except God's Wrath for all those who harm His children. He will make His Presence felt to them. His Power will rid the world of evil and evil doers who show no remorse or repentance for their calculated deeds to harm God's children. satan's power is coming to a bitter end. his days are now final. That last day is coming to him. But I sense that God will take those who He shows favour, through their love for Him and their humility, to His Paradise thus we will be largely unaffected by what comes to bear on earth in those last days.

We will be saved from witnessing Armeggedon. Only those who need more time to come to God fully and without reservation may be those who witness all the Seals opened in entireity. Though I'm no Biblical scholar, not by a long shot, I just get certain feelings of comfort when I read Jesus' Messages to us. So this is my own understanding which might be very different from your own.

The upshot is simple - have total trust and abandonment in God's Love and God's Will. Have an open and pure heart, soft enough to be guided by the Power of the Holy Spirit then no evil will touch us.

God Loves us with such Love that He will not leave one soul by the wayside without doing all He can to bring us Our Rightful Inheritance. Jesus will see to it that He knocks on our doors constantly to bring us yet another extended Hand to lift us out of the quagmire of deception coming our way. It's all good everyone! Nothing to fear! Everything to get excited about!

The Paradise, created by My Father for His children, is to be returned to them, finally, in all its original Glory

Sunday, March 16th, 2014 @ 18:00

My dearly beloved daughter, when the Word was made Flesh, through My birth, this meant that the Holy Word of God materialized, as prophesied in My Father’s Book.

The Word of God is very clear and it does not change. It will last for eternity. Anyone who tears the Word of God apart and amends it to suit himself, or others, is guilty of heresy. When I came into the world, God’s children – and especially His learned servants in His Temples on Earth – knew the prophecies contained in My Father’s Book. It was no secret that My Father was sending His Messiah to redeem mankind and this fact was taught in the temples and included in every reading of the Holy Scriptures. Everything, which comes from My Father, is the Truth. He does not lie. The Word of God is cast in stone. What My Father said in the beginning will happen. What He promised will be fulfilled, irrespective as to whether mankind is accepting of the fact or not.

My Father gave the world His Word, then His Flesh, through My birth – His only Son Jesus Christ - and then promised man Eternal Salvation. Every Word contained in the Holy Bible, as it was given in its original format, including the Book of Revelation, is the Truth. Therefore, My Father’s Promise to the world that He would send His Son again – only this time to judge the living and the dead – must never be rejected. The period before this Great Day will be a turbulent one and details of the time leading up to My Second Coming are contained in the Book of Revelation, as dictated to John by the Angel of the Lord.

To say that you accept one part of My Father’s Book and not the other is to deny the Word of God. You cannot accept one part of the Truth and declare the rest of the Word of God to be a lie. The Book of Truth was foretold to Daniel and then given in parts to John the Evangelist. Much of what is contained in the Book of Revelation is still to unfold. Many people fear its contents and, as such, will try to deny them, for the Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. And yet, the Truth, when it is accepted, is something you can grasp much more easily because with it comes clarity. Clarity means that you can prepare more readily and with peace in your soul and joy in your heart, because you know that I Am coming to renew the world. You will know that the Paradise created by My Father, for His children, is to be returned to them, finally, in all its original Glory.

No man can truly understand the Book of Revelation, for not every event is recorded in detail or in sequence, nor is it meant to be. But know this. You can be sure that this is the period when Satan’s reign dies and as he reaches the end, he will inflict every punishment upon Me. He will do this by infiltrating My Church on Earth from within. He will steal souls from Me and desecrate My Body, the Holy Eucharist. But I Am the Church and I will lead My people. Satan cannot destroy Me, for this is impossible. He can, however, destroy many souls by deceiving them into believing that he is Me.

Just as the world was prepared for My First Coming, so also is it now being prepared for My Second Coming. To those who oppose Me, in My Efforts to save souls and who embrace My enemies, know this. You will never defeat the Power of God. You will never destroy the Word. You will never desecrate My Body and be allowed to stay standing.

When the prophecies, which are contained in the Book of Revelation, unfold, you must never despair, for be assured that the Love of God for His children means that He will deal with His enemies harshly and strive to bring all of His children, who recognise Me, His only Son, into His Divine Haven of Peace. And while the enemies of God will steal the souls of many, through a veneer of charm and deceit, many people will pour scorn on the True Word of God.

For those who are blessed with vision, fear not My enemies, but the Wrath of God, as it descends on those who try to steal the souls of those who are none the wiser as to what is taking place.

God’s Love is Almighty and His Allegiance to the survival of every person is infinite. But His Punishment upon His enemies is as fierce as it is final.

 Your Jesus

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