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Mother of Salvation: After The Warning will come a great desire to give glory to God

Mother of Salvation how You give such generous comfort to us, Your children! Thankyou for allaying the fears and doubts about the future that by human nature, we have from time to time. We must hold on to Your every word and that of Your Son's. It is by the Grace of God that we have been allowed to receive the Gift of this Mission to bring our souls, Salvation!

It is confidence and trust that we must search in our hearts to desire in order to gain the humility and with it the strength and courage that God permits through His Goodness and Mercy! While we have been waiting with great anticipation, the Illumination of Conscience, we know that Jesus has asked God permission to delay the Great Event simply because He wants more souls to be awakened to the Holy Spirit's Guidance in preparation to accept and give gratitude for It!

We do know it isn't long away and we need always to bear in mind that each day that goes by now is Granted by God to allow our souls further cleansing of our sinful ways and pasts by way of the Sacrament of Confession or if non- Catholic, Crusade Prayer #8. Please don't lose this chance of giving your souls a good 'spring clean'. We want to see Jesus during the Warning with as little stain as possible, so we can just enjoy His Company for those vital minutes.

Wouldn't it be just lovely to be simply present with Him to have a little chat without all those images of our sinfulness that would marr this beautiful, Sacred Get-together?

Mother of Salvation: After The Warning will come a great desire to give glory to God

Sunday, March 9th, 2014 @ 17:25

 My children, you will always be under my protection when you call on me, the Mother of Salvation, throughout this Mission. I am a servant of God and my role is to serve my Son, Jesus Christ, and help Him in His quest for souls, which will cover the whole Earth. Not one nation will be excluded by Him. My Son’s Plans, to prepare the world, include every race, nation, creed and every man, woman and child will be aware that He is coming to help them. He does this because of the deep Love, which God holds in His Heart for His children.

Many people, who do not practice any religion, will be unable to ignore the Intervention in the world by my Son, Jesus Christ. They will be overcome and unable to comprehend, at first, the extraordinary spiritual experience they will feel, in every fibre of their hearts and souls. What a joy The Warning will be for many people, as it will bring with it the proof of my Son’s Existence. With this Gift, many will be filled with a peace they will have never felt before, as well as a great longing to be in the company of Jesus.

 While all doubts about the Existence of my Son will flee from the minds of those who are blind to the Truth of the Word of God – for many, they will need spiritual direction once the Truth of The Warning is revealed. After The Warning will come a great desire to give glory to God. This will be a period of great trials; because the enemies of God will do everything possible to convince the world that The Warning – the Illumination of Conscience – did not take place.

 When God humbles Himself to call out to His children and when He begs them to listen to Him, this is one of the greatest Acts of Generosity on His part. Children, accept The Warning with good Grace, because for many it will be the lifeline they need to live in the world without end. Never reject great acts or miracles from Heaven, for they are for the good of all, so that salvation is granted to the masses and not just the few.

 Always give thanks for my Son’s Great Mercy. You have heard how Generous He is and soon you will bear witness to the extent of His Mercy, which will encompass the world.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

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