Thursday, 30 March 2017

My Tears will have ceased by then, but My Sadness will be never ending

How our Beautiful Saviour IS His Name! In Hebrew "God Saves". Oh YES He does!

The rope might only be so long, but goodness, how long it is! Jesus will not let go of His end of the rope until we ourselves tell Him - 'No way, no how!" - What soul can do this?! 

It is the soul who has allowed themselves to be manipulated deviously by satan to draw himself closer to evil and evil doers and doings.  It is the soul who did not WANT to give himself the chance of True freedom and True liberty! 

It is the soul, for one reason or another, self-sabotaging his True happiness in Christ - experiencing all the joy and magnitude of being Christ's child!

But is that Jesus' fault? Of course not!  Jesus came to save, that is what His Name means! 

He came into the world as the Sacrificial Lamb sent by God the Father, to redeem the world from sin and take sinners, all clean and purified to His Bosom onward to their Rightful Inheritance! 

But Jesus throughout all of this is still pining for those who hurt Him the most! For those who deny Him, turn their back on Him, allow satan to draw them away from Him!

Those souls can but only be filled with such pride and arrogance, that no matter what is shown to them, what experience is placed in their path to bring them Home, will never be good enough for them! 

They will seek out the pleasures of sin because satan will inspire their hearts to believe that sin is good! he will give them false promises of all he has ready for them - will he tell them that his abyss is waiting full of fire and brimstone? 

Will he tell them that he lied, that there is nothing for them but misery? Of course not!

That liar would never tell the Truth! 

So the poor soul is in a tug-of-war between Good and evil! Jesus on one end and satan on the other! Jesus is the stronger opponent, but because He is Full of Unconditional Love and Compassion, would he 'tempt' the soul to come His Way?


He lets the soul use the Gift God gave him at birth to make his own choice, not for lack of trying, to beg for Jesus, to beg for His Mercy and Forgiveness! 

But alas, the soul CHOOSES evil over Good!

We must always pray and offer our sufferings for those souls! Always offer even that slightest ailment like a headache or a stubbed toe to Jesus for the souls so precious to Him who are lost and without hope - nothing is wasted! 

Give of yourself - FOR THEM!

My Tears will have ceased by then, but My Sadness will be never ending

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 @ 21:08

My dearly beloved daughter, when a man separates from Me, I follow him to the ends of the Earth to draw him back to Me. He may insult Me, commit terrible atrocities and go as far as to idolize everything evil, including making himself a slave of the devil, but I will never give up.

I will intervene in his life in many ways. I will introduce real love into his life; I will open his heart to love for other people; I will tug at his conscience; I will allow him to suffer at the hands of others – only to make him humble and, therefore more open to Me, Jesus Christ. I will let him see the simplicity of the world in all its glorious beauty, as created by My Father, to entice him away from falsities, which blight his life. I will, through little children, show him the importance of putting the needs of those who rely on him before his own. I will bring him laughter, show him great acts of kindness, through pure souls, and I will show him examples of his own weakness, so that he knows that he is not greater than God. I may allow him to become ill, if it will make him surrender to Me and, in such cases, then My Mercy will be at its greatest. For it is such souls who are most likely to turn to Me and then they will and can be saved by Me.

 How much effort is made by Me, your beloved Jesus Christ, to take each of you into the safety of My Arms – My Refuge. And how many of you still turn the other way and ignore Me.

 I intervene through messages, given to genuine seers and visionaries, and these have converted millions. I send signs; I pour Graces from Heaven; I bring you Gifts through the Holy Sacraments and millions have converted. Sadly, not enough have turned to Me and this is why I will not rest until every sign, every miracle, every Gift, every prophecy and every Intervention has been exhausted, before I come to judge.

 It will be a sad day if those who refuse My Gifts and My Intervention have to stand before Me on the Great Day and still deny Me. Even then, when I give them the chance to put their pride to one side and come to Me, they will still refuse. By then, there will be nothing more that I can do to bring them Eternal Life, as they will not welcome it. You may wonder why this is the case and so I will explain.

 When the devil tempts the soul, it takes some time before he gains a strong foothold within the person. But once he devours him, he dictates every move that person makes – how he thinks, how he communicates with people, how he sins and the kind of sin he wants that soul to indulge in. The greatest hold that Satan has over them is to convince them that God is evil. Satan will convince the soul that he is God and that God is, in fact, the evil one. That is how these souls will be destroyed through the devious cunning and manipulation of the devil. So dark will these souls become, that to stand in My Light will be excruciatingly painful for them and they will hide their faces from Me. My Tears will have ceased by then, but My Sadness will be never ending.

  Your Jesus

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