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Mother of Salvation: All references to Hell have been abolished and man has been misled into a false sense of security

So many adaptations of Truth fall so short of that Truth they believe they maintain, erroneously of course! There is only One Truth! There is only One Way to the Father! Paganism is virtually the driving force to the evil presented as good in our world today. Freemasonry, an insidious and evil force is behind all new age practise and idol worship - money being the big one!

The True Teachings of Christ that He instituted by His Sermons and The Holy Gospel have been thwarted left, right and centre - satan has enforced illogical streams of deceit all through history to silence the Truth! ....and many of us have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker!

A Catholic woman I met days ago told me she left the Church for the Pentecostals citing that the Catholic Church was a cult with evil prevalence all through it!

Well what do you say to that!

This lady never knew her faith properly and chose the bad over the good to make her excuse to leave the Church! Now of course we are all about to grieve our beautiful Church when She will be Crucified, but God in His Wisdom has a Plan B! He is Creating, through us, His Remnant - His Son's Remnant Church who will be instrumental in God's Plan, to bring the Truth to the people!

His Sacred Servants have let Him down through the years! Not all of course, but so many have been themselves, deceived by masonic plots to undermine Christ's Church and It's Truth!

So those that impart their knowledge do invariably become just their opinions, not the Truth.

This is also evident during this Mission. Rather than read the Messages, they are driven to distraction by opinions - their own and from others - yet the Truth they miss because of this attitude.

Our prayers are needed and will be needed to allow God's Truth to be heard! Please give what ever you can for Jesus!

Mother of Salvation: All references to Hell have been abolished and man has been misled into a false sense of security

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 @ 16:28

 My child, as long as Satan’s reign exists, on Earth, the Truth will always be suppressed.

  Since my Son’s death on the Cross, every attempt to spread His Word has been thwarted. And, since Christianity spread, many cracks appeared and the Doctrine dictated by my Son, Jesus Christ, through His disciples, was adapted. The Truth has always been tampered with, but despite this, the Word of God still remains alive in the world and the Presence of my Son, through the Holy Eucharist, has been maintained.

 The Truth, regarding the existence of Satan and the reality of Hell, has been suppressed for many decades and this has had a detrimental effect on the salvation of humanity. All references to Hell have been abolished and man has been misled into a false sense of security. So now, today, few people believe in the existence of the devil or the abyss of Hell. This lie has been the scourge of humanity and, as a result, many souls have been lost, because Hell is denied. Mortal sin is no longer deemed to be a reality and so no attempt is made to avoid it. Those who serve my Son, Jesus Christ, in His Churches have a duty to prepare souls, so that they are fit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

 Hell can be avoided, through an understanding of the consequences of mortal sin, yet not one word is mentioned of it. Souls are lost because they are never instructed properly how to avoid sin and seek repentance. To become worthy to enter my Son’s Kingdom, you must spend time living your lives, according to the Word of God. Please do not ignore the Truth, for if you do, you will be lost.

 Pray, pray, pray that humanity will accept the existence of Satan, because until they do, they will never truly accept my Son’s Promise of Redemption.

 Your beloved Mother

  Mother of Salvation

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