Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How many men are given to believe in wrongdoing, in the name of justice?

This is going to sound a little 'off-base' but I liken what Jesus is saying here to 'ART'. You know when artists mock God and Jesus by painting something anti Christ or sculpture or an exposition of a composition any way they like, call it ART and because it is art, it is up to the individual's interpretation, so it can't be criticised or one is looked upon as a degenerate piece of rubbish for daring to say to the exhibitor 'It's pure filth!' Well that is what it is right? Well should we in society, view respond with tolerance, acceptance and condoning??

If we know as Christians, as Catholics that the depictions are crude, mocking, depraved and sickening - sinful in God's Eyes. Isn't it sinful to view it? Shouldn't we stand up with the backbone we have been given and call it as it is - sacrilege! Are we afraid of being thrown out of the gallery? I guess if we are True to Christ we will have to just be thrown out of the gallery then!

We cannot be afraid of 'ruffling' a few feathers of those who have rubbished God because by not doing so, we too then are responsible and complicit in their sin. I for one don't want God judging me because I didn't do enough to defend Him.

When our Mass becomes pagan, our Creed changes to an anti-creed, when our Sacraments are mocked to include those not living by God's Commandments and the Teachings of Christ, then be ready to be thrown out of the Church when it's time to speak up justly for Jesus!

How many men are given to believe in wrongdoing, in the name of justice?

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 @ 20:02

My dearly beloved daughter, the reason My Word is rejected by so many is because the Truth is like a thorn in the side of those who are embarrassed to openly proclaim My Teachings.

The man, who believes that freedom of expression is more important than adhesion to the Word of God, walks a very dangerous path. Any man who believes in his right to declare his views, as being sacrosanct, when they condone sin, is a traitor of Mine.

How many men are given to believe in wrongdoing, in the name of justice? Such men, who dictate your laws, including those, which govern your Church, would have you believe that the right to freedom of expression surpasses every Law of God, even when it glorifies sin.

Sin covers many facets and in today’s world, every single sin is explained away, by proclaiming each person’s individual right to do what pleases him. While not one of you has the right to judge anybody, in My Name, none of you has the right to declare wrongdoing as being a good thing.

Your Jesus

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