Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I do not seek out the wicked to destroy them easily. My only desire is to save them all

Our natural, innate knowledge that God placed in our hearts and souls before we were conceived and born is that love is from God, love is all-powerful, love is never boastful. We have a natural repulsion for hatred innately. So as Jesus tells us, satan will never show us the hatred he wants to manifest in us because he wouldn't get any takers. We would naturally want to ward him off.

Instead satan cleverly wraps hatred in a little package of pride. he knows our humanity can give over very much to pride, ego and false humility. he draws unsuspecting souls into complicity to himself through us wanting exultation. Such a trap for young players!

If we reclaim what we know is our innate desire to love as God loves, keeping our souls free from sinfulness by regular attendance of the Sacraments or if non-Catholic Crusade Prayers #8 and 24, then satan loses his hold over us because we can rise above ourselves and live in God's Will and desire as God Desires. Prayer too is the important way of keeping love in our hearts.

Soon we realise that we are aghast when we see hatred in any form, pride in any form, depravity and shamelessness in any form. We become so filled with love that we feel a genuine sorrow for the souls who manifest this behaviour - we have a united sense of what Jesus feels for His precious children, no matter how they hurt Him. We must always strive to love and recognise in ourselves those traits that reflect satan's snares. Cling to Jesus! His Way must become our way!

"It Came From Above"

© Ralph Quinonez

Looking around and longing for love,

The love that I want, is from the Lord up Above.

He is my strength and all that I need,

The Love of a lifetime, We will all surely agree.

He inspires us daily, and everyone knows,

His Everlasting Light, The Spirit He gives us will always flow.

Look at all of the beauty that He has Created,

All that we want and need, just as the Lord had Stated.

His Promises to us are oh so true,

As we walk in His Path and wait in His View.

A Place he has for us, our Just Reward.

Only comes from Within Our Savior Our Holy Lord.

We must follow His Word until He comes back

The enemy will tempt us, will try to attack.

Give the Lord all you have, all of your heart.

He will keep you safe and He will never part.

Do what He willed for us, His Blood Flowed for our sins.

We thought that was the end, but that's where He Begins.

Looking about and longing for love.

I found what I needed It came from Above."

I do not seek out the wicked to destroy them easily. My only desire is to save them all

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 @ 18:00

My dearly beloved daughter, My dearest wish is to bring love, peace and happiness to all of God’s children. Never do I desire revenge, no matter how evil the deeds of men are. Nor do I seek to cause humiliation to anyone, although they may humiliate others in My Name. I never seek to ruin a man’s reputation when he is the cause of much destruction in the world. I do not seek out the wicked to destroy them easily. My only desire is to save them all. I cherish the souls of every one of God’s children. I constantly seek them out. I try to draw them to Me. Even those who do not accept My Existence are being sought out by Me every day. I make My Presence felt in their lives by filling their souls with love for others, by drawing on the goodness within them, so that it can conquer negative thoughts, deeds and acts.

Some souls are naturally receptive to Me and I delight in their generous response and tender hearts. Others have a barrier between themselves and Me, so that I find it difficult to touch their souls. But, I will keep trying to reach that soul in many different ways, until I can open their hearts to the Power of God’s Love.

Love is the driving force which leads to all good things. Love is present in every child of God from the moment they are born. God’s Gift of love helps humanity to conquer the evil one. When God intercedes and increases love in a soul, He does this to defend His children against the wickedness of the devil. Love is more powerful than hatred, but hatred is patient. Satan, full of hatred for humanity, has no love of any kind, except for himself. He infests humanity by planting hatred within souls who have been weakened because of sin. Hatred finds a ready home in the souls of those who are jealous, full of pride, lonely and confused. Satan will never tempt a soul into hatred by presenting it to the soul for what it is. Instead, he will tempt the soul through the sin of pride, always, as his first tactic. The soul will be led into believing that he must take umbrage because his own needs dictate that, because he knows best and that he is doing a good thing.

God’s Love is spreading amongst all of His children at this time. He does this out of His Mercy. He will increase the love within the hearts of man to help humanity fight against the hatred which will soon intensify in the world, when men’s hearts will become cold as stone.

I ask that you recite this Crusade Prayer to seek God’s Love at this time.

Crusade Prayer (149) To seek God’s Love

O Jesus, fill me with the Love of God. Fill me with Your Divine Light and flood me with the love I need to spread the seed of God’s Mercy amongst all nations.

Allow Your Divine Love to be spread by me amongst all those with whom I come into contact. Spread Your Love, so that it alights upon all souls, all faiths, all creeds, all nations – like a mist to enrapture all God’s children in unity.

Help us to spread God’s Love, so that It can and will conquer all evil in the world. Amen.

Always equate love with the Presence of God. Know that only love can bring Me souls. Know that only love can come from God. Only love has the power to bring peace, contentment and unity among nations. Hatred comes from Satan and wherever you witness it, you must recite the Prayer above to seek out God’s Love. Remember love will conquer all because it comes from God.

Your Jesus

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