Tuesday, 11 July 2017

There is no need to worry, for God loves you all

Life in joy, harmony, happiness, peace and most importantly love! That will be our life in the New Paradise! Wow! We have our Inheritance to look forward to. Jesus is asking us not to fear the future but to embrace it - through the hard times, but welcoming in the good times to come! We just have to stick to Jesus like a bee to a honeypot! Anyone in darkness, have no fear - Jesus will Grace you Abundantly to receive His Love and Mercy if you but choose Him! He will help you choose Him too!

The Holy Spirit is so ready and giving! Humanity's face will change for the better beyond our imagining once all the evil present in the world is destroyed! This will take a bit of time, but God is working on it as we read this Message! Heaven are all working hard to bring all souls freedom from the shackles of satan that bind them! Trust and confidence is what will win our souls placement in the New Paradise.

If we trust like little children, have confidence in His Love and Mercy and His Promise of Life Eternal in His Kingdom, have true humility and love for God acceptable to Him, then this world the way we know it, will pass away from us into a beautiful Eden more perfect and more abundant for ALL!

Never lose heart, never get despondent!

Always seek the Light of Christ! Always desire to be in His Sacred Heart and be Washed with His Precious Blood!

We will overcome!


There is no need to worry, for God loves you all

Thursday, May 8th, 2014 @ 23:30

My dearly beloved daughter, look around you and you will see many people living carefree lives. You will see laughter, joy and great comradeship and you will know that only this can come from God. Many people, once they know the Truth, will embrace Me with open and grateful hearts and then we will be one.

My Plan is to gather all and flood them with great love, joy and happiness. I will delight in My New Kingdom and there will be much laughter, joy and beauty, as well as Eternal Life. Love will exude from every single creature; every single soul and life will be perfect.

When you worry about the future of the world, remember what I have told you. All will be well, once I come to gather you, into the new world, without end. There is no need to worry, for God loves you all. As for souls who live a deprived and sorrowful life, they will be gathered first, if they accept Who I Am. Those who are in terrible darkness will be given extraordinary Graces to cleanse their souls, so that I can loosen the grip of the evil one over them and take them into the safety of My Mercy. This is a battle and it will be hard fought, but the Power of the Most Holy Trinity will be exerted and souls will be enlightened, so that they will not perish.

I will raise important leaders amongst you and with an army spread in every nation, you will swell and take with you most of God’s children, into the New Paradise. Look to Me with trust and do not fear My Love, for you must know that I would never willingly frighten you, because when I make My Presence known, it will fill you with great wonder and joy. I assure you, there is no need for fear, for I Am Love, Itself. Love will soothe you and when you face Me, your Jesus, you will be struck with a sense of instant familiarity, which is only present when your heart becomes entwined with Mine.

How I love you all and how I yearn for your souls.

Your Jesus

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