Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Book of Truth will be the antithesis of the new false book

Oh how we need this Medal of Salvation to protect us against the persecution of heresy to come to the Church on earth. The Seal of The Living God will protect us from the mark of the beast. Divine Intervention through Jesus will give us Gifts to overcome the obstacles placed in our paths. Little children we are asked to be so that nothing will phase us because we will have total trust and abandonment to Jesus and all we are Instructed.

Have no fear for God is with us! No matter what challenges are presented to us as deceptions, falsehoods and blasphemies, know that we are being protected by Heaven! God will not allow His faithful children to be outdone by satan! This is the time that much will be bequeathed to us through God's Almighty Power.

We must continue to draw strength from the Crusade and Litany Prayers, through the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. These are our weapons! We continue to prepare for the imminent times ahead, but in total confidence that God is the Commander and Chief, we are in His Hands always and we will overcome evil in the world. Humanity is being given a choice - Heaven or hell!

Those who are lukewarm, wayward in any way in faith, questioning through doubt or just plain fence-sitting will be given fair warning to commit, unwaivering to Christ and this Mission to help save precious souls including our own. Give up the fight through the intellect and humanism and give for the fight for the Right of Inheritance Promised to all who give their 'yes' to God!

The Book of Truth will be the antithesis of the new false book

Monday, May 5th, 2014 @ 16:10

My dearly beloved daughter, all, who follow My Voice through these Messages, will continue to be given great blessings, as their endurance will be tested in ways not known since the days Christians suffered in the Middle Ages. Every one of them will be taunted by the evil one, who uses weak and proud souls to launch attacks upon those who are close to Me. Every attempt to cast aspersions will be made, both visible and invisible, upon this great Work of Mine.

As the persecution will intensify, know that Satan’s power has been curtailed and all he will do is to continue to throw stones, spread lies and try to draw souls away from Me. He will succeed in drawing souls away from this Mission, through various means. He will use visionaries to attack the Mission and this will cause great confusion.

When man continues to fall and the Word of God is no longer accepted, in its entirety, then, Heaven will always intervene. Trust Me as I tell you now – this is My Mission and if you are told otherwise, then you can be assured that you are being led astray. My Promise is to remain loyal to God’s children to the end and until a soul completely rejects the Hand of God. I will forge ahead and provide you with all the Gifts I Am bequeathing to protect you against My enemies, who come to you as wolves, dressed in sheep’s clothing. My Gifts will become the antithesis of what the world will be given by the enemies of God. The Book of Truth will be the antithesis of the new false book – full of man-made flawed doctrine, which will justify sin – soon to be inflicted upon the world. The Seal of the Living God will protect you against the mark of the beast and the Medal of Salvation against the heresy, which will tumble out of the mouths of My enemies, who will seize My Church on Earth.

Naturally, this Mission is despised by Satan and he will use, even good souls – who out of a sense of misguided loyalty to those sacred servants of Mine, who have lost the faith and who do not truly serve Me, because they no longer know how – will slam My Holy Word. You must not allow yourselves to be swayed. Do not be like those who came before you – those who rejected Me, when I walked the Earth.

I give you My Word, that all the proof you desire will be yours – soon. I give you My Promise that I come now, only to bring you Salvation, at a time when every attempt will be made by My enemies to deny you, your God-given right to Salvation, as a child of God.

Do not forsake Me, when you know in your heart that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who speaks now. Do not attempt to draw souls away from Me, if you are in any doubt as to Who I Am. Do not hurt God’s prophets or you will suffer greatly. Do not fight against My Father’s Plan to prepare the world for My Second Coming or you will incur the Wrath of My Father. Be thankful. Be generous and accept this Gift of Intervention, with love and joy, for it is for your own good and the sake of every living soul, that it is being presented to the world.

Your Jesus

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