Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I will raise up, within My Church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth

Ok everyone time to give Jesus a great big warm, fuzzy hug! 

See how God has everything under Control! See how Jesus has all we need to follow so we are never left in a quandary? 

We can never allow ourselves to blindly follow the Apostasy once we know these Messages and the Instructions they give! It's just not Spiritually couture!

Jesus will never, never leave us flailing like a wingless bird! Give Him credit for knowing all that needs to be known in God's Will to show us The Way!

What on earth have we to be concerned about, with Jesus at the Helm!

Whoever this special man is that Jesus will raise up to lead by him speaking out to the world about the Truth, know that he is being chosen, because he will do a ripper of a job! Jesus wouldn't choose 'just' anyone! 

Is it Pope Benedict XVI? - I don't really think so, because Jesus has told us before already in words, that Benedict will lead the New Jerusalem (The Remnant Army) to Paradise! So in this Message, Jesus is keeping His cards closer to His Chest! Although my guess would be Cardinal Raymond Burke who is very active in response to the false prophet's dismantling of Christ's Teachings.

Let's just concentrate on what we know now - Jesus is preparing the Way for His Second Coming each and every day! We are closer and closer to seeing Him again! Gotta love that!!!!

I will raise up, within My Church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth

Saturday, May 10th, 2014 @ 17:30

My dearly beloved daughter, it is not for you to understand now, but know that I will raise up, within My Church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth. He will do this at a time when no other Cardinal, Bishop, priest or any sacred servant of Mine will have the courage to do so. When the new false doctrine engulfs the Church, many, within it, will know in their hearts how flawed it will be. They will be alarmed, but too frightened to raise their voices. So outnumbered will they be, by those whose faith is so weak, that they will readily accept whatever heresy is placed before God’s children, in My Holy Name.

The man I will raise is a brave soul and many will be relieved when he speaks up. When he does this, many more will rise up and speak out, thereby saving many souls. When he is raised, I have other plans to bring all those faiths together, who do not accept Me, Jesus Christ, as being the Son of God. All of these Divine Plans have been foretold and millions and millions of people from across the world will then realise the Truth. They will then swell and be blessed by Me, so they can gather all creeds together, with the sole purpose of ensuring that the True Word of God is proclaimed. The Faith will then spread so that My Word, as contained in the Holy Gospels, will be preached by men, women and their sons and daughters, in all four corners of the world. They will prophesy by revealing to the world these Divine Messages and My Presence will cover them to give them the strength and courage they will need.

So powerful will this generation of Mine be, in spreading the Truth, that many of those who were misguided and who were led down a path of great error will turn and come running back to Me. They will spread so quickly that for every heresy committed against Me, millions of souls will be converted. I will draw the heathen first, for they have not been given the Truth, and so the world will be in no doubt as to how powerful My Intervention will be. Then, I will draw all other religions together and they will be shown, clearly, that there is only one way to My Father and that can only be through Me. And while I will draw millions of souls towards Me, and the Truth of Who I Am, millions of other souls will be drawn into a man-made religion, designed and created by the spirit of evil.

The evil one’s great plan is as elaborate as it is simple and that is to bring damnation to as many souls as possible, by destroying their belief in Me, Jesus Christ. They will do this by denying the Truth. While the new religion will devour souls, through lies, I will regain three times that amount, by ensuring that God’s children do not forget the Truth.

Your Jesus

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