Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The time for sin to be declared no more is drawing nearer

The notion that sin will no longer be deemed sin is at opposite poles to Christ and the very meaning of our existence. We were brought into sin through the sins of our first parents, Adam and Eve, so I guess they will be made to be fictional characters of a novel! Anarchy is all we'll be left with if we no longer are responsible for doing wrong! Sin will always be contrary to God and His Commandments. One does not counter the other, to the contrary one is the Instruction given to not sin or to take responsible action to not sin.

We are human, we are of this condition. Jesus accepts us in the state we are in, but He teaches us to know our sins, give our sins to Him and beg for His Forgiveness and Mercy if acceptable in God's Eyes. If we don't need accountability anymore than that negates Jesus and what He stands for! How can this be? IT CAN'T! Sin is satan's influence in our daily lives. The chains of his are still around our legs! Jesus Died on The Cross to free us from satan's chains, but we choose to continue to allow him to place his shackles about us!

Our free will does this! Now it seems the Church will use the free will God gave as an Inherent Gift and use it to chain us to satan even more! So Jesus is firmly telling us that we are never to accept this falsehood!! This deception! Always know that sin is wrong, sin separates us from God, sin hurts ourselves and others simultaneously! Society cannot survive when wrong-doing is no longer needing explanation, apology or reparation! It will breakdown very quickly and in earnest.

Babies having been aborted for so long will now become even more, the victim of this salacious, diabolical enslavery of mankind! God will Intervene for us! He will rid the earth of evil and evil-doers! The Promise of Paradise for those who remain intact and unwaivering for His Teachings, His Doctrines and His Holy Sacraments will be given! It is up to each of us to rise above all the evil trappings awaiting us! Please God strengthen our resolve in these days!

The time for sin to be declared no more is drawing nearer

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 @ 16:45

My dearly beloved daughter, the times are close now, when the sins of man will be deemed, by My Church, to be insignificant and inoffensive in My Eyes.

Sin is not something which is deemed by Me to be a weakness or a fault. Sin is created because of these two traits, but comes about because of the existence of Satan. My Church will soon soothe My followers by misleading them into accepting the lie that sin is merely a metaphor that it is used as a symbol to God’s children to urge them to stay on a path, which is pleasing to God. Sin should not make you feel separate from others, they will say. Sin, they will say, does not really matter, because God is All-Forgiving. Yes, I Am All-Forgiving and forgive every sin – except for eternal sin – once remorse is shown by the sinner and efforts are made by him to remove all temptation to avoid repeating that sin. You cannot ask Me to forgive sin when you live by that sin. A murderer, who murders, maims and kills, cannot ask Me to forgive him, while he continues to murder and has no intention of stopping his crimes. What is the use of asking Me to redeem you from sin, if you do not accept that you sin in the first place?

Sin is caused by weakness and I forgive the sinner, who truly repents. When the sinner no longer believes that he is guilty of sin, it becomes ingrained in the soul. The time for sin to be declared no more is drawing nearer. When that time comes, there will be great relief and celebration, because what was once deemed to be a sin in My Eyes will no longer be considered to be the case.

Sin will be seen as a natural thing and one which you all should accept. You will not be told to merely love the sinner, as I do. No. You will be encouraged to accept that sin does not exist. All this will lead to the ultimate betrayal of My Divinity, when the world will idolize itself, its talents, its intelligence, until it declares its greatness, in direct defiance of God, the Eternal Father.

Oh how many will be led into error, despair and wrongdoing. My Church will be used to declare heresy in My Holy Name. Those misguided, will turn it upside down and inside out and not one part of these changes will be directed by Me, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will not preside over the abomination and there will be great confusion, great sorrow and a sense of helplessness, on the part of those who will remain true to the Teachings of My Church. The traditional teachings will no longer be tolerated. Then, when all that is held sacred collapses, the time will be ready for the man of perdition to take up his seat in My Church.

Your Jesus

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