Tuesday, 30 May 2017

They will lead millions of Catholics into grave error and My Churches will lose their Sanctity

Oh boy! Jesus is really laying it out flat for us to listen! Priests have to get a grip of this Apostasy about to head up in the Church! Whoever reads these Messages as a way to 'keep and eye on the 'heresy' within the Messages' better start taking the scales from the eyes! This is reality! You will see this unfold right before your eyes! What we will witness is a 'takeover'. The most treacherous coup in the history of mankind! Who will head this will be the false prophet (and we know who that is!) and his close buddy the antichrist!

Sin will be seen as 'being in the eye of the beholder' - wait wasn't that what we used to say was beauty? Oh so satan being ugly to the bone will change what we always said beauty was to being sin. So sin will be acceptable to anyone who just thinks 'hey, so what!' Well it won't be acceptable to those who remain True to Jesus - no way, not on our watch! The fallout for society's breakdown will be horrendous - anarchy, immorality, debauchery, business shams, riots, the list will be endless! And that is what we will witness.

I for one will be desisting from watching 'the news' on TV! So how do we remain positive in all this? WE PRAY! and we continue to pray! We search for a Refuge priest led by Mother of Salvation where we can hear the Mass done as Jesus taught, receive the Sacraments just as He instituted! Don't go to your average Parish church, most likely it will be so entrenched in this rot that to do so would be sending yourself to the slaughterhouse!

If you have been Blessed with a priest who is fighting for Truth, then hold close to him and pray for him not to waiver because the priests will be in the frontline and like Jesus has told us, half will turn their backs on Him and succumb to the evil lies and sacrileges! All because they get mesmerised by the false prophet with his new 'evangelisation' and 'ecumenical' vile corruptions!

Humanitarian and human respect topics will be what he sprouts, free-for-all 'communions' and 'sacraments' until he wipes those off the list too! Then bring on the new world religion! All pagan! all satanic! All devisive and communistic in it's facets! The list goes on! Where is Jesus in all this? Where is Blessed Mother of Salvation? RIGHT BY OUR SIDES! Keep praying! Please!

Our Crusade Prayers and Litany Prayers, Our Holy Rosaries, and Divine Mercy Chaplets - each day, no fail! They will Guide us! They will Instruct us! We will not be left alone to take all the burden! Jesus has Promised - those who remain True to Him without unwaivering will remain under His Protection! Those who mislead, thwart or encourage others to no tgo near or leave the Truth of this Mission will face the greatest punishment by Christ's Hand!

How many do we already know and in some cases been friends with who are now opposing this Mission in the most diabolical way? So very sad, but we pray for their souls - they are in such a perilous state!

They will lead millions of Catholics into grave error and My Churches will lose their Sanctity

 Friday, April 4th, 2014 @ 23:20

 My dearly beloved daughter, prophecies are not revealed to man, by God, to create sensation. They are given to prepare humanity for their future in My Kingdom, so that they can be forewarned of potential dangers to their souls. Every Intervention by the Command of My Father, in your lives, is for your own good and that of other souls.

 My Prophecies, given to you, My daughter, have well and truly commenced. The imposters have taken control, from within, and they will continue to fool the world into believing that a new doctrine – one where changes to the existing Holy Doctrine, laid down by God, have been made – can be amended, to suit the lives of all men and all religions. Beware of the word “ecumenical” or any attempt to take My Church on Earth and strip it of its Divinity.

 He who tampers with the Liturgy is not an authentic servant of Mine and yet, that is exactly what will happen. And what will My sacred servants do? They will bow their heads, raise their arms in glorious praise for the new false doctrine and deny All that I gave the world. Their love of worldly matters; their desire to be admired and their lofty ambitions will strip them of their vows. They will become traitors and turn their backs on Me. They will lead millions of Catholics into grave error and My Churches will lose their Sanctity. Soon after, as the kernel of My Church is desecrated, they will gather all other Christian faiths and devise new ecumenical sects, which will lead to the public declaration, which will deny the existence of Hell. Then, working backwards, in exactly the opposite direction to the Truth, all the faithful will be told that sin is in the eye of the beholder and that, because of original sin, it is impossible to avoid it. Therefore, you will be told, it is not something to worry about. Sin itself will be redefined. Once that happens, all sense of morality will die. When morals are no longer deemed to be important, then sin will become rampant. Sin will spread, escalate, until society will break down and for those who will remain true to My Church – the True Church – it will be a sight of horror to witness.

 People will boast of sin, openly flaunt their lack of morality and the new world religion will dictate that sin will never block you or damage you, in the Eyes of God. The god they will refer to is Satan, but they will never tell you this. To mock Me, they will present you with the antichrist, who will be enthusiastically received, because he will be applauded by the false prophet and idolized by him. The antichrist will do everything that contradicts My Teachings, but he will do it with charisma and charm. Millions will adore him. He will be all that I Am not. He will fool so many, that it will be easy for him to lead God’s children into heresy and terrible desolation.

 I Am preparing you all for this day. It is very difficult for many of you to hear this news, but it is the Truth. The Truth will free your souls from death. Fight the Truth and nothing good will come from this – only despair. Prevent others from remaining loyal to My Church, by encouraging them to follow the heresy, which is about to be inflicted upon the world by My Church, from within, and you will be thrown to the lions. Those who destroy the souls of others, by force, face the greatest punishment by My Hand.

Accept the Truth and prepare yourselves. Follow Me and I will lead you safely to My Kingdom. Follow the beast and he will lead you and those you bring with you into the fires of Hell for eternity.

 Your Jesus

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