Tuesday, 30 May 2017

God the Father: Earthquakes will strike your cities

The God of all, of the flesh, of the soul, of all forms of life is Speaking with His Heart full of sorrow, anger and sadness! He is a Father Who is bringing us to prepare for The Final Day of Reckoning.
But He is telling us in no uncertain terms, that His Hand will fall heavily on humanity, in our nations, in our cities.

Is this cause for alarm? It certainly should be! 

What does it take for man to stop his evil doing! To stop his treachery opposing God's Creative Power! What will it take for humanity to stop killing! Why are the 10 Commandments being thought of as a joke, a legend! 

God has told us throughout Scripture, through His Son that we shall not kill. Only God gives life, only He can take it away. 

Abortion! Murdering God's Little Creations is the sin so abhorrent to God that it defies belief, why we have been permitted this long on the earth without His Retribution!
Those who suicide are thought of so honourably as being courageous and heroic! Is that how humanity decides to view murder - after all it is the murder of oneself! There is nothing courageous about it. One does not give credit to God for one's own life or that life ahead has it's own Promise of Life Eternal in Paradise if it is decided to end one's life. 

Euthanasia is murder! I couldn't put down my dog this last week without backing out several times over the past weeks and still finding the decision heartwrenching - but that was a dog. We are talking about human life!

By who's authority is any one given to switch off those horrid machines that synthesise the life that God has deemed the time to return to Him? He gave us intelligence to create such technology but we chose to use it to replace God's Omnipotent Power.

Life is fragile, but through technology life can be enhanced, extended, tested, genetically modified and aborted! How is that honouring God? Any wonder this Message is a wake up! 

God has been pushed to the limit with the sinfulness of His children. He has taken a long time by our standards to finally choose the time that He will no longer tolerate humanity's depravity any longer. Why should He?! 

Now we will reap what we have sown. Our nations, our cities will bear the brunt of His Anger! He will purify this earth and humanity! 

Jesus has begged us to get our souls in order, to cleanse from our wretchedness, so we have been prepared and warned! 

God is the Author of Life! God is Supreme! 

No other advances of intelligence will ever come close! No other life but what we have on earth has been Created by Him. What foolish lies we will be told in regards to life forms outside of Earth! More the fool who believes it! 

Pray! Pray! Pray! Time has just about run out to get our souls in the state pleasing to God. He will spare those who are committed to His Son!

Where is our commitment!?

 God the Father: Earthquakes will strike your cities

  Monday, March 31st, 2014 @ 14:00
 My dearest daughter, the time has come when man, having sinned and blemished himself in My Eyes, for so long, will now sink into the final depths of depravity, when he will strive to destroy all that is sacred of Mine.

All life comes from Me. Life of the soul is Mine. Life of the flesh is also of Me. Let no man interfere with either – lest his own life be taken away by Me. Of that you can be sure. Every form of life, which has been brought forth by My Hand, will be killed at the hands of wicked men. They will take life away from those in the womb and declare this to be a form of human right. You, My children, do not have the right to destroy the life of My children – either before or after they are born – and if you do, then you will suffer a terrible chastisement. Without reconciliation and a failure to repent for this sin of abomination, I will destroy you, as well as those countries, which encourage this evil. When you destroy your own life, you offend Me, for it does not belong to you and only I have the right to give life and take it away, in My Time. By tampering with life of the flesh, you interfere with My Divinity and I will never stand back and ignore such an affront to My Creation.

 When the taking of life is not enough, man will deviously attack the life of the soul, by bringing death to My Holy Word, upon which he will trample until he grinds every part, so that it will become like gravel under his feet. Then man, arrogant and full of his own warped view of his abilities, will attempt to seek a new planet to find a new home for humanity, although this is impossible. The Gift of the very soil, upon which I placed humanity, will be deemed not to be sufficient for man’s needs. And so it will continue – this march towards self-destruction. Man will be the author of his own demise. He will systematically destroy all that is sacred to Me.
 The Gift of life, given by Me to every creature of Mine, will be stolen from Me, by man, without a shred of remorse. He will condone every part of his murderous intent, by declaring the taking of life to be a good thing. Death, by abortion, is the greatest insult of all and I warn humanity that Justice will be Mine, for I will no longer allow you to curse Me in this way.
 Earthquakes will strike your cities and for every nation that condones the taking of life, you will feel the wake of My Anger, as I strike your grievous and hateful hearts. Those who seek remorse for this wrongdoing will be spared, but know that not one nation amongst you will escape this chastisement.

The death of My Church will not be tolerated, as man, along with the false leaders he will slavishly follow, will destroy the Sacraments and recreate them, so that they will disappear. I will pull down your temples and your churches as you continue your desecration of My Son’s Body. You scourged Him, mocked Him and persecuted His followers – until you savagely murdered Him, when you crucified Him. Still, you have not learned. Your lack of humble servitude, to He Who gave you life, brought you Redemption and Who now attempts to prepare you for the Great Day, disgusts Me.

 I Am Sorrowful. I Am Saddened and I Am Angry, for you have finally succeeded in killing every form of life I gave you. I refer to both life of the flesh and life of the soul. The life I gave you is no longer enough, so I will take it back on the Last Day, from those of you who have thrown it back at Me. While your act of war against Me, the Creator of the World, of all that is, continues, I will only permit your wicked acts of destruction to last for a very short time.

 I give you, now, the time to examine the sins of humanity against everything I hold sacred, so that you can atone for the sins of the world. The final battle has begun and much life – the Gift of life created by Me – will be destroyed by man. And for that I will punish the world.

 Your Father

 God the Most High

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