Wednesday, 31 May 2017

There is only one path to God and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. There is no other route

The shocking display of cunning we are seeing. The Masses I have attended have each left out very important details - like it is now a common observance that sentences are not being finished! When the Sacrament of Confirmation was given on a Saturday Vigil, 'rejecting satan' was the third question! and it wasn't a full sentence "Do you reject satan, all his works and all his empty promises"! The first one was 'do you reject sin?' In the most recent Baptismal Promises there was no reference to satan or sin at all - just do we accept good instead of evil. Jesus Come Back Quickly!!!

The Creed wasn't touched and nowhere was the word 'Catholic' spoken - it's all about 'Christian'.

Great so where is our Catholic Identity anymore? Then to see 8 elect get Baptised, Confirmed and then given Holy Communion - what? Where on earth did their First Confession go?! What excuse is there for giving the Candidates a sacrilegious Communion! Am I wrong about this?

Organ playing all through after the Creed from Holy Thursday Night up till and including the Creed on Saturday night! Arggh! And to think it's going to get a whole lot worse - more than we could possibly imagine!

But you know who comes to mind? Prophet Daniel! I just love that guy!

The faith, unwaivering and that of his 3 friends! Example of fine confidence and trust in God the Almighty Father! They would not bow to the king and his grotesque statue! They stood and prayed to the Father! They were sent into the fire but emerged victorious! Daniel wept for them but continued with his trusting prayers to save them! Then to be sent to the lion's den! What would we have done? Would we cower and give up and just let the inevitable happen? Or faced with any tribulation, any tragedy would we just keep praying with unshakeable faith! praying with depth and trust that the God of Mercy will hear our prayers and reward our fortitude and confidence in Him! To emerge victorious! Of course He Will! He will not leave us!

We are going to see what befalls the Church but we cannot for one moment lose faith in God and His Providence! As long as we are committed to Christ and His Teachings and His Sacraments, His Doctrines sanctioned by the Holy Spirit, we cannot fail! He will Guide us to the Refuges to enjoy in peace and safety His True Mass, His True Sacraments!

Do not fall for the deception that lies ahead of us! Never place man above God! Our charity is in our hearts for those who are poor in Spirit! Our prayers will help them! Those who are temporally poor will be part of God's Plan and will be given His Abundance in Paradise for all their suffering on earth, but don't fall for the false prophet's and the antichrist's agenda of making them the focus of their evil plan! They will place guilt into our hearts if we let them to place the poor in human terms, their plight and the plight of those who are less than looked after by those in power as their weapon to engage us into placing the needs of humanity and humanitarianism above God, above Jesus! It's all about souls not bodies for our Salvation!

Our churches will be open to all and sundry! Athiests and eastern mysticism will replace those praying the Holy Rosary on their knees in pious love for Blessed Mother and Her Beloved Son! Please keep the fire of love in your hearts always for Christ's True Church - His Remnant Church lead by God's Remnant Army and Holy Father Pope Benedict that is already formed and still forming which hell cannot prevail against! Christ is yesterday, today and tomorrow! That is how it is!

There is only one path to God and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. There is no other route

 Friday, April 18th, 2014 @ 23:24

 My dearly beloved daughter, the world will arise again, out of the ashes, out of the carnage. I will, I promise, wipe the plague of the antichrist off the face of the Earth. I will destroy the enemies of God and those responsible for bringing misery, injustice and suffering to God’s children.

 The evil, which grips the hearts of man today, in every part of the world, takes different forms. In its brutal form, people are tortured, murdered and punished harshly. Then in other ways, people have to endure great hardships, including lack of food, lack of housing and terrible poverty, while their leaders devour every right that is theirs. Then there are the unfair laws, which favour the powerful, make wealthy men richer and poor men poorer, where little mercy or love is shown to those in great need. Finally, there is the persecution of Christians – My followers – all over the world. They are despised, more than any others, and suffer terribly in My Name. Christians are hated by followers of the evil one, who uses his agents to silence them in various ways. Many of their plans involve censorship or the right to declare, openly, their allegiance to Me. And while governments, today, will staunchly defend the rights of every other creed or civil right, they will not bend to the rights of Christians.

 Christians will soon be banned from practicing their faith in public places, in schools, in colleges, until eventually in the Temples of God. You may say – surely this is impossible – to prevent Christians from practicing their faith, in their own churches? This will come about in the most cunning way, where millions will be deceived, with little notice paid, as every single detail of the Word, as it is now, will change, but this will pass quietly. Only those who pay attention will see the changes and, after a while, it will become acceptable to open all Christian churches to welcome all faiths, including those who do not believe in Me. However, not all those who follow faiths, which do not idolize the Triune God, will be forced into the new one world church. No. It will be the Christians, who will be made to idolize paganism, which will be carefully presented as a new church and which will embrace a new form of ‘communion’ – a church for everyone – where I, Jesus Christ, will not feature.

As and from this year, My Crosses will begin to disappear and while My Churches, and those who say they serve Me, talk about the importance of humanism, you will not hear talk of the importance of surrendering to Me, Jesus Christ, your Saviour. You, therefore, will not be prepared for Eternal Salvation. The importance of following My path to My Father will not be mentioned, nor will the importance of the Holy Sacraments be discussed. Instead, you will be told of the importance of looking after the needs and welfare of others, which will be used as a substitute for adoring Me. I Am the Church. My Body is My Church, but in time, I will be brushed completely to one side. Your heads will be filled with untruths. You will be told of every type of path, which is needed to bring you closer to God. But every path you will be told to walk down will be in the opposite direction.

 Know now, that there is only one Truth. There is only one path to God and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. There is no other route.

Your Jesus

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