Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Oh woe to those chosen by the Lord to serve Him in the last days, for they will not be awake to My Call

Lord Jesus we are not worthy to be called forth to help bring Salvation to souls, but in our unworthiness and recognition of that unworthiness, we have nothing else to offer You but our prayers, sufferings and personal sacrifices. We are sinners and we need to gain humility and love for God acceptable in His Eyes. We are broken, shattered and torn, but with all that we are and all that we have, we give it all to You to help You gain those who are lost.

There will come a time when Your sacred servants, those who have been chosen by You will still be blinded to Truth, will still follow those men they believe have all the power, but it will be for nought! It is time for the separation of the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, the sheath from the wheat. How Sorrowful You must be and how Your Mother's Tears flow from Her Cheeks. Her Sons have left Her out in the cold.

We pray that those priests with Marian devotion will somehow be strong enough to withstand the Apostasy and cling to Her Holy Mantle of Protection to keep them from falling over the precipice. We need strong and courageous, battle-ready priests willing to be on the frontline and ready to Shepherd their flock the Way You have always taught us!

Who will bat for You Lord out on the field of desolation?

Who will guard God's Word with jealousy?

Who will endure the trials ahead with unwaivering love and loyalty to You?

Please Jesus accept the prayers of your faithful and enkindle in us the Fire of Your Love. We will remain by Your Side during Your Calvary!

Oh woe to those chosen by the Lord to serve Him in the last days, for they will not be awake to My Call

 Sunday, March 30th, 2014 @ 20:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, you must never take for granted My Words to you, for they are given to you as an Act of Great Mercy. They are not given to the world because man is worthy, but rather because he is starving of the Word.

Every Gift given to man, through the intercession of My Mother, since My death on the Cross, was to help all sinners prepare for the Great Day. My Mother responded to the Divine Will of My Father when she gave birth to Me, the Saviour and Redeemer of the world. She, in turn, was appointed as the intercessor between man and the Divine Justice of God. It is her role to intercede on behalf of sinners, in order to warn them and to prepare them to receive Me, her Son, on the last Day.

 Every single apparition of My beloved and Blessed Mother, which took place in the world, was by the Authority of My Father. All that she foretold will now come to pass and all that she declared has been forgotten by most of My sacred servants, who have chosen to ignore her warnings.

 Oh woe to those chosen by the Lord to serve Him in the last days, for they will not be awake to My Call. Deaf and blind, they will follow a watered-down version of My Father’s Book and instead of the fruit they have been called to yield forth, nothing but rotten fruit will pour forth from their mouths. Haughty and arrogant, they have denied My Mother’s intercessions, her apparitions and her call to gather them, in order to bring them into the wisdom of the Heavenly Hierarchy, where Truth reigns as King. Truth has evaded them and, instead of prostrating themselves in naked humility before the Throne of God, they follow the rules of man - fallible man – who does not know the Truth of the Promises made by God to His people.

 The world today may have made great advances in medicine, in technology and in knowledge, but they have traded in the wisdom of what is necessary to enter My Kingdom in exchange for money, wealth and power. All things of this world – money, power, possessions, positions of power in government – are nothing in My Eyes. I can wipe them away with just one swipe of My Hand. Respect for human knowledge and advances in science are worthless, for they do not come from you – they are talents given to man from God because of His Love for His children. Were He to take them away, along with all the material comforts you have, what then would you be left with? Nothing.

 Those who know Me, truly, would care about nothing, because they know that when they are Mine, they will only gain relief when they trust in Me completely, because they know I would never leave them to fend for themselves. Why then do you seek out things that are not of Me – things that will never fulfil you? The more you reject Me and seek out empty promises, the more you will feel isolated, as the time comes for Me to divide the chaff from the wheat.

 The only choice you can make is to become a true child of God, without Whom you are nothing. It is not who you are, what position you hold in this life, what part you play that counts. It is only because you are loved by God that you will be saved. No man is fit to stand before Me. No man is so pure of soul that he can attain sainthood. No one amongst you can be elevated to My Kingdom on your merits. It is only because of My Mercy that you will be made worthy to live Eternal Life.

 Your Jesus

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