Tuesday, 30 May 2017

What good is it to Me if a man is brought before Me dragging and kicking his heels? It is useless

Jesus does His Best to show us what tools we have at our disposal to gain souls for Him. One thing I take from this Mission is that it is a selfless journey. While I came back to the Church many years ago, I really thought it was about my soul and that of those just in my immediate family and a few close friends thrown in! But when this Mission unfolded it's Sacred Contents to me, it was not at all long before I realised just how beneficial this Mission is for everyone 'out there'! This is the most Glorious way we can share in God's Family by showing our love to others through our prayers, our personal sacrifices and our sufferings. 

Of course they will never know what we are offering on their behalf - that's a good thing, but through The Holy Spirit our efforts will draw souls back to the Light of Truth. Jesus places an extension on this journey - remember His Teaching "Love thy enemies"? 

Well this is where it doesn't matter who has hurt us, why they hurt us or what our part was to play in the situation - the reality is, that each time we are given a great opportunity to include them in our Mission here. The Crusade Prayers - all of them and Litany Prayers are all showing us that our love must bridge the gap between the 'haves' (of faith) and the 'have nots' (of faith) We cannot determine the state of any one else's soul. 

Sometimes we are unable to know the state of our own as God sees it, so there is no judgement. But we can determine how this or that person has touched us whether positive or negative - they are souls! They need to be given their Rightful Inheritance! We are not to choose between them! 

So for the Sake of Our Dear Lord Who Suffered so much for each one of us - draw strength from Jesus' Words in this Message to love your enemies and search whatever means possible to bring them to Christ. With love in our hearts, we can achieve so much with so little effort.

Any time someone negates to be kind and Christian to us, we can feel the love of Christ emanate from us engulfing them with the warmth of His Precious Blood, silently praying for God to Bless them and show them The Way! 

It is amazing how something such as a harsh moment from someone can be turned into a Sacrament of Grace and Blessing. Then of course we continue to pray for that person to be enlightened in God's Will - this will happen- it's a seed planted. 

All our experiences are tests of faith in The Holy Spirit.

Can we pass these tests adequately to place a Smile on Jesus' Face?

What good is it to Me if a man is brought before Me dragging and kicking his heels? It is useless

 Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 @ 11:30

 My dearly beloved daughter, it is important to extend the love any of you has for your family, outside of your home. I urge all of you to view those you know, those you don’t, your enemies, as well as those close to you, just as you would if they were your natural siblings. So many people have forgotten how to love others, just as I have loved you. It is not easy to love strangers, but I say to you – be kind to others and show them respect, even if they reject you. Above all you must show them charity. You must care for the needs of others, as if I have sent you to care for them directly.

 When I gave you My Word, it was My Desire that all souls be saved. In order to be saved, you must not be selfish and attend only to your own souls. You, My beloved followers, have a duty to share the Gifts I bring you now, through these Messages, to others. Share My Love with others and especially your enemies. Pray for all those who need My Intervention. Treat them with patience. When you give them My Gifts, My Prayers and the Seal of the Living God Protection, then you must withdraw and allow them time to turn to Me.

I do not instruct you to force people to accept the Book of Truth. By their free will it will be their own choice as to whether or not they wish to listen to Me. Assure those people that every Intervention will be made by Me, Jesus Christ, to win over their souls. The weakest amongst them will respond, in some way, to My Call. Those who have hatred in their souls for Me will find, at some stage, a softening of their hearts and they will not understand why this is. So you must always bring Me souls, through love and patience.

 What good is it to Me if a man is brought before Me dragging and kicking his heels? It is useless. The Crusade Prayers, which I have given the world, are so powerful, that through God’s Love the souls of all those for whom you pray will be shown great Love, Compassion and Mercy by Me. All you have to do is to give them the Prayers and then ask Me to draw these souls to Myself. For I never reject the sinner who is in most need of My Mercy.

 Your Jesus

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