Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It was for these poor souls that I cried Tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane

Share, share, share as much of our faith journey particularly encompassing this Mission with all we come in contact with. If you run a timeline on facebook, I encourage you to post the Messages as they come in. If you friend someone on facebook, give them a little reason for your love for this Mission and why Jesus Invites them to join in His Remnant Army.

Encourage them to pray the Crusade Prayers as they are most important and let them know that on facebook alone the current number of those who have given their 'fiat' to Christ to carry out this most valuable work to help Him Salvage souls. Then write the web address for the Warning website so they can discern and pray while visiting.

This social media is a network. A network is a 'branching out'.

If we all spread His Word through this media, then imagine how many souls would be 'seeded' with this information. We all need this preparation, without it, will make the events very difficult. Always promote the Seal of The Living God to help them understand God's Promise to protect those of us who pray the Crusade Prayer #33 each day in commitment for our love for God.

Now and then place the photo of the Seal on your timeline.

All these little ways of bringing this Good News to our prospective friendships will pave the way for them to help themselves and their families and friends. Also when posting on your timeline, make those posts regarding this Mission 'public' that way they will appear on Newsfeed and reach many more who we didn't know about.

Use this precious tool at our disposal well for Jesus - satan will hate us all the more for it!

This is what we want - Right?!

It was for these poor souls that I cried Tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 @ 21:00

 My dearly beloved daughter, sometimes the speed and growth of this Holy Mission can be overwhelming. It is important that My Word is heard in all countries and that the Crusade of Prayer Groups are set up in every nation and especially in countries where I Am not revered.

Never allow the intensity of this Word to overshadow the reason why I must reach out to the world. I want even the most hardened of souls, who have no desire to allow the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts, to listen and to hear what I say and to understand, My Promise.

My Plan of Salvation is not the preserve of the most faithful – it is for everyone, including those whose blackened souls may disgust you. It was for these poor souls that I cried Tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. They were the souls of the bitter, the lost – the lovers of the beast, which were displayed before Me, by Satan. He showed Me how many would still reject Me, despite My offering up to God of My willingness and My Desire to redeem the world by My death on the Cross. My Pain for these souls is excruciating and you, My daughter, must never ignore My Desire to reach out to non-believers. No matter how you are despised; spat at and cursed, you must rise above the hatred, which will always be leveled at this Mission and bring Me these souls, no matter what the cost. Bring Me My beloved followers and then those who do not know Me or those who may not know Me. Then bring Me the souls of those who hate Me. This must be the goal of each of you. When you bring Me these poor sorrowful souls I will bequeath to them great Graces, so that I can draw them into My Mercy.

 When you look around you and see the souls of those with whom you come into contact, who are oblivious to My Plan to come again, you must reach out to them and consecrate them to Me. You will bring Me great comfort and joy when you do this, for then I can do anything to unite all souls anywhere.

 Go and multiply for the way has been prepared. It has been a short time since I first called out to the world, through this Mission. Yet, it has been an arduous journey and now all paths will subdivide and branch out so that not one nation will be excluded, such is My Mercy.

 Your Jesus

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