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Mother of Salvation: You may not meet my Son physically but you will get to know Him in every way

How Mother loves Her Son! One thing about these Messages is the intimacy and personal nature they take on because of the clear and defined relationship between a mother and her son. This is the relationship between our Mother of Salvation and Her Dearly Beloved Son! Wow!

When Blessed Mother tells us about Jesus' traits and points out that we too, can experience Him within these traits if we are Blessed to encapsulate them, then we get to know a little more about a personal relationship with Jesus. Our happiness and joy is united to His Happiness and Joy. Our sorrows and sufferings are united to His Sorrows and Sufferings. All the Good Stuff we know comes from Jesus and we can make it ours if we choose Him above all others.

Of course the flipside is that all the bad stuff comes from satan and it seems harder sometimes to shake these traits from us. But if we reach out to Christ even when we fall, then He is waiting to pick us up and give us Graces to help us start over. It seems that Jesus will go to great lengths to ensure we stay with Him. As Mother points out, if we have had this relationship but have turned our backs on Jesus, then we will never feel peace within.

You can imagine a bridge with a void below - Jesus on the other side with His Arms outstretched - are we afraid to cross to reach Him? are we reluctant to take the first step? are we happy to strive and take risks to get to Him? - if it is a bridge too far, do we pack our bag and head back under our rock? If we do decide to take that step towards Him, are we prepared for the challenge risking everything - falling, delaying or failing but determined to cross over to Him?

How many of us shy away from the things that present real challenges - things that challenge our trust, our confidence, or perseverance? Does it matter to Jesus if we take baby steps? Of course not! He has never placed any demands on us, but He certainly beckons us to keep moving forward towards Him - that is real progress!

So it's time to maybe take up Mother's challenge to meet with Her Son, it won't be a physical happening in our everyday, but Jesus does many little things to get our attention - let's try to notice Him in our every day!

Mother of Salvation: You may not meet my Son physically but you will get to know Him in every way
August 16, 2014   

My dear children many people seek out my Son, Jesus Christ, in their lives, at some time. When a soul discovers my Son, it is a journey of different paths and of different stages that must be walked. When you become close to my Son it will be a struggle and so you must expect this. As you draw closer to Him, you will become more like Him and His Traits will become familiar to you.

You may not meet my Son physically but you will get to know Him in every way. His Love you will feel. His Pain will become yours. His gentleness will be shared with you and the joy He experiences, because of His unconditional Love for humanity, will become yours. His Patience will be instilled in your soul and His Word will be ingrained within you and with an understanding, which will be given to you by the Holy Spirit.

When you truly love my Son you will become humble like Him and with a burning desire to serve Him, whatever the cost. Some souls reach the spiritual path of perfection over time, but they will not complete this journey unless they hand over all their trust to God. If a soul falters along the way, he will be given the graces to pick himself up and continue on his journey. But if a soul competes with my Son, and considers himself worthy to challenge the Word made Flesh, then he will separate from God.

The person who finds Jesus in this life on earth and who serves Him faithfully will have peace. Little else in this world will ever satisfy him again. If a soul, having become intimate with my Son, then separates from Him, he will endure a terrible pain. Having known Him and lived within His Heart, this pain of separation from my Son is the worst pain known to man.

When you are tempted to challenge the Teachings of Christ or when you are bullied into rejecting Him in any way, know that nothing of this world will ever bring you the peace, love or joy which comes from Him.
Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

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