Saturday, 24 March 2018

Many people declare themselves to be Christians, but they do not love Me

Jesus is Calling each soul alive to respond to Him. Will He keep Calling even when we ignore Him - yes like a Good Shepherd. But will He be able to recover us from the brambles and thorns when we choose to go into them? Well no! He allows us to use our free will and it seems by our free will, we can turn our backs to Jesus! What a tragedy!

Those who believe they have a right to judge another on Jesus' behalf are kidding themselves! He says He feels shame for those who do terrible things in 'His Name'. So really it is totally up to us! He gives the Light in a dark world. Without the Light the darkness we think we understand would be ever so dark that we could not possibly understand the evil manifestations. So we NEED Jesus' Light.

Through loving Him the way the Love He teaches that pleases Him, we increase the intensity of His Light. This is what we are Invited to do in this Mission - spread Christ's Light to the world through the Book of Truth! As Jesus says "Come with Me, as I called you – or not at all" - that's pretty reasonable don't you think?

Many people declare themselves to be Christians, but they do not love Me

 August 5, 2014   

My dearly beloved daughter, now that the Truth of what is to come has spread, conversion has followed Me everywhere, My Prayers for humanity are recited. My Remnant will grow and multiply, as will My enemies. Where My Army goes, the enemies of this Work will follow, relentlessly. Fighting, kicking and spitting venom, you will know them by the evil, which spills from their mouths. You will know My own by the way in which they will be vilified in My Name.
You must never lose courage in the face of hatred. You must understand who is at work in these cases and not acknowledge him, for then you simply empower him. The evil one’s influence over God’s children is manifested and witnessed by the divisions which are separating nations; murders; persecution and the attempts made to wipe out Christianity.

 Many people declare themselves to be Christians, but they do not love Me. They insult Me and cause Me great shame. They judge others harshly and feel no guilt or remorse when they slander others – only a burning desire to promote hatred. Cowards, all of those who hide behind a veil of religious piety and dare to declare whether or not another human being is fit to serve Me.

They dare to dictate to others their knowledge of what they think it means to be a Christian, when they are so full of hatred for Me. You must never engage with a man with hatred in his heart, when he says he speaks in My Name. Ignore him. Pray for him. For if you truly love Me, you will show compassion for everyone. You will not judge another; slander him; spread lies about him and then dare to say you are of Me. Away from Me. Soon you will come before Me and be asked to account for your actions.

Christianity is the life force, which sustains the world. I Am the Light, which divided night and day and without Me, you would grapple in the dark. Come with Me, as I called you – or not at all.

Your Jesus

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