Saturday, 24 March 2018

Heed not the roars of opposition for human opinion means nothing in My Kingdom

“Jesus I am not worthy to stand before You, but do with me what You will as I will do as You desire.”

How many of us can truly say we live by these words? In all honesty, we try, we desire, but when push comes to shove, do we really?

Is it right that I can judge my neighbour and call him all sorts of names and run his reputation into the mud, then after my tyrade, head back to Church for Holy Mass and go up feeling rather worthy to receive Dearest Jesus without a care in the... world? I think not!
How many times do we feel bitter, hurt, judgemental, or when we ourselves are betrayed, ostracised, and judged? Do we offer up to Jesus each and every time these feelings come up? It is easy to forget to do this, but we must always try to have foremost in our minds - "This is happening to me right now, do I waste this opportunity or do I do something tremendous with it?" Well that tremendous thing we can do is unite all of in that moment to Jesus and the Suffering He endured for our sins and unworthiness.

Most of us can honestly say we have enemies. Have they become enemies because of our unfairness to them, or are they enemies because we try to live as Jesus Lived - loving as He Loved. No matter what form our enemies take, the main lesson we must learn, is to love them, each of them. Forgive them! How hard is that sometimes? We can't really say "Lord Jesus I forgive N my enemy" if we are still thinking of them as our enemy. The prayer needs to reflect true forgiveness -"Lord Jesus, I forgive my brother/sister N, help me to love them as You love them, forgive me for not forgiving him/her sooner". It is easy for us to say we forgive with our mouths and our thoughts, but is it really the same way in our hearts?

satan will always try to find a way to make us slip up! he will find any way especially in those ways which show our weakness, to turn our hearts from doing the right and Truthful thing. how much he despises our desire to be close to Jesus! It's like he knows the chink in our armour through which he thrusts his spear. No one is without his interference especially when we try to do the work for Jesus.

But don't lose heart in any effort we give Christ. Know that if satan is having his way with us, Jesus has us closest to His Sacred Heart. Is that a wonderful consolation in the face of adversity?

Heed not the roars of opposition for human opinion means nothing in My Kingdom
August 30, 2014

My dearly beloved daughter, perseverance in suffering brings a soul closer to Me and I reward such trials because of it. Never underestimate how My Presence in a soul never goes unnoticed by the evil one, who is drawn quickly towards those souls where My Presence is strongest. Accept suffering in My Name and understand that the reason for it is because of Me. Were I not present the evil one would ignore you.

The Graces, which I lavish on those who love Me the most, and who have shelved every aspect of self-love and pride, includes the Gift of discernment. This is a very special Gift from Heaven and blessed are those who have the grace to discern the Truth for they are the ones who will never be swayed by falsities.

Those of you who are given this Gift will bring Me souls. But for every soul you bring Me, and because of your prayers and suffering, the evil one will try to stop you. Know that the Glory of God which is present by your side will draw forth a terrible venom and you will be cursed in My Name by those weak souls, who are like fodder for Satan and every demon he has released to destroy souls on earth.

Be at peace and know that when you uphold the Truth – the Word of God – in the face of adversity, all Power of Mine is wielded to save souls. For each soul you bring Me I will lavish more Graces upon you and so it will continue. Heed not the roars of opposition for human opinion means nothing in My Kingdom. You must always see one another as if through My Eyes. Have I not told you this before? Don’t you understand the most basic lesson, which I taught during My Time on earth? Love one another as I love you. If you cannot love your enemies then you will find it more difficult to come closer to Me. If you place yourself before others, then you cannot say you love Me unconditionally for if you did you would say to Me

“Jesus I am not worthy to stand before You, but do with me, what You will, as I will do as You desire.”

Go all of you and remind yourselves as to Who I Am. Only when you live your lives according to My Teachings can you really say you are of Me. You cannot take one part of My Word and proclaim it loudly and then deny other parts. To those who declare their superiority over others, and who present their twisted versions of My Word, and when this results in the drawing of souls away from Me, I say this. The day when I withdraw My Presence in the world, will be when the mighty and the proud will cry tears of anger, and then despair, for they will know then how their deceit caused many souls to fall and the anger of God will make them tremble. There will be screaming and gnashing of teeth. But by then, they will have nowhere to turn. They will have no one to answer to for they will never see My Face.

Your Jesus

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