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My Word, they will say, causes so much offense that it will be deemed to be politically incorrect

Jesus describes 3 ways why Christianity is being hated by others:

1. By the Apostasy in the Church driven by the antichrist who will deceive many by his 'Christ-likeness' by throwing Jesus out of His Own Church on earth.

2. By those who believe they know Christ and His Teachings, but are stuffed with pride, will bend and rationalise the Truth to suit their agenda of falsifying Christ's Teachings then modify and supplement the Truth and use arguments based on realism to make ...their 'new evangelisaton' logical and humanistic. Which will never by acceptable to Jesus but will be acceptable to those who want 'convenience' and licentious freedom.

3. By those who have a deep and intense hatred for Jesus, who vilify Him, mock Him, ignore Him and deny Him who would rather kill Christians than have to hear Jesus' Name being honoured, revered and Glorified.

There will come a time soon, when evil will be so manifest as satan makes his last stand, that anything that represents Christ will be trampled on including people. It won't be pork or ham taken off the menu for political correctness to satisfy non-Christian religions, it will be Christ Himself and His Teachings and His Doctrines, His Crucifixes, His Image which will be taken off the menu!

The Dark Night of the soul, the Spiritual Desolation, the outcasting into the Desert, the wilderness will be manifest as the antichrist continues his short but horrendous reign of terror. But fear not! Jesus is with us!

His Plan is that His children who follow Him, trust in Him, stay close to the Messages and His Instructions, pray intensely the prayers He has given, stay close to the True Sacraments (for Catholics) and those prayers in place of the Sacraments for non-Catholics and keep ourselves in a state of Grace, staying in His Light, then He will help us in all ways to not succumb to the antichrist's plans. We have been given valuable tools in this Mission which can be given out freely to others. The Medal of Salvation, The Seal of The Living God, the Crusade and Litany Prayers, the Holy Rosary, and Chaplet of Divine Mercy - we are given these to stay focussed and stay strong. Jesus will not abandon us during all the trials and tribulations.

My Word, they will say, causes so much offense that it will be deemed to be politically incorrect

August 7, 2014       

My dearly beloved daughter were it not for My Patience, My Punishment would be inflicted now upon the unjust who scourge My Church on earth.The hatred against Christianity is being inflicted upon you in three ways.

The first is the global apostasy, which is spearheaded by My nemesis who deceives the world into rejecting all that is of Me and tossing Me onto a wasteland left to rot.

 The second comes about because of the rationalism and human interference in My Word, spread by scholars of My Word who are not filled with the spirit of Truth but who are, instead, stuffed with self-righteousness, which is fuelled by pride. So well versed do they believe they are in interpreting My Teachings that they will add in new codicils* and adjust what I taught to suit their own selfish needs.

And then, there are those whose hearts are made of stone – cold, unfeeling and filled with a deep intense hatred for Me and anyone who practices Christianity for all to see.
The influence of the devil is manifested in so many ways that man, alone, will be incapable of withstanding the demands made upon him by all of these three groups who will try to stop him from proclaiming the True Word of God. My Word, they will say, causes so much offence that it will be deemed to be politically incorrect and so this will be given as the main reason to radically change the face of Christianity. Only the simple, the people whose love for Me is likened to that of little children, will be loyal to Me because the rest will be too busy implementing the changes regarding the interpretation of My Word. And all during this time, the priests whom I have called to bear witness to the Truth will be preparing to preserve the Truth.

To hide the Truth will bring about a terrible darkness. To change it is a mockery of My Crucifixion. To present a substitute for the Truth is to deny Me completely. Yet, the greatest perpetrators will be those who boast of their knowledge of Me – their holiness masks falsities and their words and actions will never draw you to Me for the Holy Spirit will not be present in their souls. When the Holy Spirit is not present they will – these traitors of My Word – draw out the darkness in others who will enthusiastically embrace their lies. All of these falsities will bear the sign of the evil one – the sin of pride – the doorway into the desert. Once this door opens all other iniquities will flow through and the souls of all those who succumb to the heresy will become barren.

Without the Truth you will live in a world where nothing you hear will bring you peace. Without the Light of My Presence the sun will not shine- it will become dull and languid and then it will become a haze until, by the hand of mortal man, it will fail to bring light so that those who have eyes and who refused to see will no longer see, while those who saw and accepted the Spirit of God will see.

Your Jesus

*Codicil=law : a document that adds or changes something in a will


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