Saturday, 24 March 2018

God the Father: I will wipe away your tears; unite the world and bring peace

Well I'm not sure about anyone else, but this Message from God the Father telling us to wipe away our tears, actually brought a whole load to my eyes! There is a welling up of emotion when reading this from Our Creator! How much Love - real Love He has for each of us! How He wishes to expel evil so profoundly that our life in Jesus' Kingdom is something so magnificent that we want It today! Soon, soon, we will see Paradise! Many think soon is much further down the track. They would be mistaken. This is going to be soon alright!

God mentions the famine, the pestilence, the wars and earthquakes increase in frequency which really suggests that the world is experiencing this in some form or other already - this leads one to question whether that is (or may be just a bit more) all that will be needed in order to fulfil Scripture. We know that it only takes an event or a few events to fulfil Scripture in order to know It's Truth (especially for those who don't believe), so is it possible things have produced the outcomes that God has Planned.

This is just supposition on my part - me thinking out loud. It is just an interesting Message that gets one thinking about the possibilities! Nevertheless, we must not underestimate the force of evil that will be manifested on earth before God places His Hand down! So let's keep our eyes and ears open and our heart willing to respond with charity, kindness and above all, love just as Jesus has Taught us.

Loving our enemies and praying for their Salvation - a good test and a necessary one.

Our Reward will be great in Paradise and we will see those we have prayed for enjoying what might never have been theirs, were it not for our prayers and sufferings.

God Bless us all!

God the Father: I will wipe away your tears; unite the world and bring peace
August 24, 2014 

I love you child

My dearest daughter, does man truly know the extent of My Love for My children? Does he know that with love can come a terrible pain? Love that is pure can create great pain when this love is repudiated.

I love My children, My Creation, My Flesh and Blood. Because of this I feel great pain at the way in which sin has created separation between My children and Me, their Eternal Father. I cry when I see the hatred, which can fester in their hearts for each other. I cry when I witness the sins of lust, jealousy, pride, greed and their desire to outdo each other and the hurt and anguish, which they inflict upon one another.

When they take away the Life I bequeathed to man, My Pain is so great that I cry out, with such anguish, that the entire Heavens spill tears of sorrow with Me.

My Time is soon and when you hear of the wars; the pestilences; the famine and the earthquakes increase with frequency, know then that will be the hour when I say – enough!

I will banish the wicked in just one breath; the murderers with just a whisper and My enemies in the blink of an eye. Then, I will declare the hour, the time for My Son to reclaim His Rightful Kingdom.

I will wipe away your tears; unite the world and bring peace; banish those who persecuted My children and bring, into the Light of My Kingdom, those who suffered in My Name, for they will be exalted in My New Kingdom on earth.

Prepare My children for the joyful life in My New Paradise will be yours soon. The suffering on this earth will become extinct and the tears of sorrow will be replaced with tears of joy. That is My Promise.

So when you feel that you cannot take anymore know that the time is close for the New Era to dawn.

Your Eternal Father

God the Most High

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