Saturday, 24 March 2018

Mother of Salvation: Pray for peace in the world

May we all pray for peace - True peace, the peace that only God can give, for all the Nations on earth - our own Nation. No one can know True Peace without the love for God. There is on earth at this present time, so much unrest, so much division and hatred. This happens because those that are involved do not know the Peace of God. What happened the night of Christ's Birth? There was a gentle hush, a beautiful serenity over Bethlehem. The Star bright but silent, gave a Peace to those who followed it with calm resolve to reach the Messiah. We sing Silent Night, Holy Night at Christmas, but truly, if there was True Peace throughout the earth we would sing this each and every night and day!

Peace can only come from God, so we pray for those lost souls who do not know peace because they do not know God. Sure they can say and do a lot in the 'Name of God' but as a recent Message spoke of, these souls do not know the God of Love, the God of Humility - The God of PEACE!

Let's continue to pray, but especially pray each day this new Crusade Prayer given to us through Blessed Mother of Salvation, so She too can Intercede for our souls, our Nations and those in particular who are lost and who deny God and Her Beloved Son.

Remember - every day - to restore True Peace.

Mother of Salvation: Pray for peace in the world
August 24, 2014

My dear children, I urge you to pray for peace in the world, for very soon many countries will be involved in wars, which will be difficult to contain and many innocent lives will be destroyed.

The peace I ask you to implore of my Dear Son is to reduce the impact of hatred, sown in the hearts of the misguided, who inflict terror on others. Peace, when poured upon the earth, through the Power of God, will deliver an insight as to how you must treat one another with love and respect, irrespective of your differences.

I ask that you recite this Crusade Prayer, the Prayer of Peace each and every day for your nations.

Crusade Prayer (164) Prayer of Peace for Nations

O Jesus bring me peace.Bring peace to my nation and all those countries torn asunder because of war and division.

Sow the seeds of peace amongst those hardened hearts who cause suffering to others in the name of justice.

Give all of God’s children the Graces to receive Your Peace so that love and harmony can thrive;so that love for God will triumph over evil and that souls can be saved from the corruption of falsities, cruelty and evil ambition.

Let peace reign over all of those who devote their lives to the Truth of Your Holy Word and those who don’t know You at all.


Peace be yours dear children and remember that without love for God you can never find true peace.

Your Beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

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