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I will intervene in ways which will astonish the world

Some of us may have experienced at one time or other being held accountable for our weaknesses and sinfulness because we are known as "Traditionals" or "Conservatives" or "Jesus lovers" even "God-botherers".

We will enter the Church, Bless ourselves with Holy Water and genuflect in the centre of the Church in line with (hopefully) the Blessed Sacrament. We are the ones who genuflect before going into the pews. Then we genuflect or kneel for Holy Communion - shudder the thought of still referring to the Body of Christ as Holy Communion!

Anyhow you get what my drift here - so here you are praying the Rosary in Church before Mass begins and there are looks, you know the kind of looks that say "Oh so you're one of THOSE Catholics".

So if we have slipped up for example, being caught out speaking with a friend of a friend who just happens to be the sister of the lady who looks at you this way and you just happen to gossip simply by partaking in the conversation of gossiping (are you still with me here?) Ok well then they are shocked and dismayed that such a 'good' Catholic would do such a thing and so must be seen as a hypocrite. Then the same Catholic 'sprouts' on about Christ's Mission - do you see where I am going with this?

Ok so now you have a similar situation to what satan is trying to do with good souls who slip up!

he wants to grab us in our weakness and parade us in front of Christ - mockingly saying 'see Jesus, You really thought this one was one of Yours!' (then he does that horrific evil laugh)
Can you see what Jesus is saying in this Message?

We have to be well guarded against any evil pleasure satan gets at Jesus' and our expense!
We must never give in to temptation just because it is our weakness and if we do we have to make imminent use of the Sacrament of Confession (if Non-Catholic Crusade Prayer #8) to make doubly sure that our souls are not the receiver of the aforementioned pleasure for satan!
How do we withstand his jibes?

Well first thing is to understand and acknowledge our weaknesses.
If we can name them and shame ourselves as a way of self -penance into never giving in to these weaknesses, then we might stand a chance of kicking that amoeba to the curb!

But we must be brutally honest with ourselves.

Even writing down what it is that holds us in a state of suspended animation so that we can offer it up as a prayer of offering to Jesus to save souls with it. Unite all of it to Jesus in His Will. This is God's Will being done.

Even though Jesus accepts the state we are in, He desires for us to keep ourselves in a State of Grace and unless we acknowledge our failings and weaknesses, we cannot change them.

A famous head shrinker (not politically correct) says: "You can't change what you don't acknowledge".

So to give satan the heave-ho, give Jesus the pleasure of telling satan 'fallen angel, you just lost another one to Me!'

Jesus will help us. He will show us and manifest Graces in so many ways that will be instantly recognisable!

But in the meantime, in order to not be roadkill for satan, be one step ahead and be strong for what it is that needs to be changed within.

I will intervene in ways which will astonish the world
August 28, 2014 

My dearly beloved daughter, I know My Own and they know Me. They also know those who are of Me, just as they know those who do not come from Me. Those who are of Me are tender of heart, full of love for all sinners including My enemies, and full of humility for they know they are nothing without Me. Their souls are free of malice, spite, hatred and they suffer because of this.

They shine like beacons, their souls full of the Light of God. It is this Light, which Satan and every fallen angel target with every kind of temptation. These are the souls who are most sought out by the evil one and in the times, which lie ahead, they will be swayed by lies.

Some will fall away from the Truth completely. Others will cling to it but will struggle to do so, while those who have the Grace of the Divine Will of God in their hearts, will never forsake the Truth.

The world will turn into a great battlefield, where confusion will reign, and it is the souls who are of Me, who will face the greatest trials. It is Satan’s desire to take away from Me, those who know Me. These are the souls who are the closest to My Heart, for they represent the greatest prize. It will be such souls who will, should they fall into error, be paraded before Me by My greatest enemy. I will be mocked because of their betrayal and I will cry bitter tears of remorse for these poor children of God. But know this. I will fight for these souls.

I will intervene in ways, which will astonish the world so that I can snatch them from the claws of deceit and they will know when I do this. On that day I will ask them again “Are you of Me or not?”. Then they will know it is I, and I will reclaim them and take them into My New Kingdom. Those who remain strong, because of their unshakable faith in My Holy Word, will lead those who are of Me. It will be because of these souls – My Remnant – that My Mercy will extend far and beyond that which is visible to the eye.

I now call out to those who know Me. I desire that you live every day as if there is no tomorrow. Trust in Me. Ask Me for protection and call on Me for special favours in your journey towards My New Era of Peace. I will come to your aid every time and shower upon you, extraordinary Graces.

Then you will fear nothing for you will know that I walk with you. I will hold your hand as I guide you towards the Refuge of My Peace and My Great Glory. Come to Me and do not fear for My Great Day will dawn unexpectedly and suddenly, and not one more tear will you shed for you will be united with the Divine Will of God for eternity.

Accept My Love, My Blessings and My Great Mercy, for when you do, you can truly claim to be of Me.

Your Jesus

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