Friday, 2 February 2018

When trust is broken, it is usually because the culprit has allowed pride to dictate his thoughts

Jesus what You must be Seeing of humanity to cause You such Pain and torturous astonishment of mankind's narcissism! Humanity in general is at opposite poles to the Father of all Creation! He is all-Knowing, yet we know so little. He is all-Powerful, yet we are powerless on our own. He is all-Loving, yet we don't understand True Love. He is all-Infinite, yet we are so finite, so bereft of knowledge. He is all-Humble, yet we are so proud and egotistical and selfish.

When will humanity find that tiny place in their hearts and souls that houses You?

When will we acknowledge the Gift of our lives we have been given by Our Father?

When will the arrogance of humanity be overcome and replaced with humble acceptance of The Father and all His Creation?

When will we see an end to man's inhumanity towards man?

The answer is in submission!

When we finally submit to God and live in His Will as It Is in Heaven, so to be in His Will on earth. How many souls have forgotten their intrinsic nature and why they were created. We are mere creatures, Created by the Creator! He made us from clay, the earth, dust! Yet with all the trappings of man-made creation using the knowledge created in us by God, we have been duped into being of this world's making and have pushed God right out from Centre Stage!

Where did humanity go wrong! What happened to make us forget our roots and Who created us! When God gave us our own free will, He gave it so we would love Him, follow Him and obey Him! But what did we do instead?

We did things for ourselves, for our own lusts and desires, for our own self-promotion, for our own selfish acts of self-fulfilment! Wow! Did we get it wrong! So now we have to double back and bring ourselves to humility! Can we do this on our own? No way!

So God is going to show us how to get humility back! He is going to assure us that we cannot cope without Him, we cannot live without Him! How will He do this? The only way He knows how! Through suffering and sacrifice -it wasn't enough for Him to salvage us through His Son apparently as we have shown since that Dreadful Day on Calvary!

So now it will be shown by our own suffering and sacrifice - luckily for us, Jesus has given us His Mission to help facilitate these elements! We are given a way of prayer, fasting, self-sacrifice and suffering - all to be offered up for souls of others and for our own. He has found a way for us to be humbled in the love of Christ that we feel for eachother.

Only those who find it hard to move in this direction, will be shown 'other ways'. Let's pray they choose to be shown the easier way! Otherwise God will not hold back His Hand in dealing with those who won't drop their pride!

When trust is broken, it is usually because the culprit has allowed pride to dictate his thoughts

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 @ 19:59

My dearly beloved daughter, I came as a King, but now, today, I call out to you as a pauper, for I hold not one ounce of pride, as this would be impossible.

I cry out to God’s children with longing, so that I may awaken within their hardened hearts a glimmer of love – a love borne of My Eternal Father, but which lies dormant and forgotten about. I, Jesus Christ, Am also forgotten, although there is not one person in the world who has not heard of Me. They know Me, but forget Who I Am. Some know My Name, but it means nothing to them. Some love Me, but are too busy to speak with Me, other than a nod here and there in recognition of Me. Others have heard of Me, but I Am simply an icon in their eyes, something of a bygone era – a prophet, perhaps, who may or may not have been authentic. As for other souls, who have little understanding of spiritual matters, I do not Exist. I Am a figment of the imagination, a creature created in the minds of fervently devout people, who are clinging to straws in the hope that a new world will exist after this one. Let Me assure you – God is God. Humanity was created by My Eternal Father, because it was part of His Plan for the eternal universe. All Was, Is and will Be, by the Command and Will of He Who Is and Who will Be. All bow before God, including His enemies, in the world of My Father’s Creation.

As man becomes more slavishly devoted to all that he sees, touches, and feels by his physical self – his spirituality will become barren. When you believe that all begins and ends with this world, you are saying that I do not Exist. You deny Me, the Son of man, sent to salvage you from the deceit of the devil. I Am of My Father. I was part of His Great Divine Plan. We are all one, but you, my beloved children, have been living in a desert bereft of life and in ignorance of what My Divinity means. My Kingdom is perfect and was created by My Father. The human race was perfect, until it was destroyed by the greatest sin in My Father’s Eyes – the sin of pride. Be wary of the sin of pride, for this evolved because of Lucifer’s self-love. Lucifer, the highest amongst My Father’s Hierarchy, believed that because he had free will that he could do anything he wished, but he failed to understand this. He was given not only the Gift of free will, but My Father’s trust. My Father showed complete trust in all of His Creation. Sadly, this was not reciprocated.

When trust is broken, it is usually because the culprit has allowed pride to dictate his thoughts, mind and actions. Once pride sets in your soul, you will immediately create a distance between you and He Who created you out of nothing, but a handful of clay. He molded you and gave you Gifts. Pride is the greatest threat to humanity, because it convinces you that you have more knowledge than God. If you believe that, then you are not worthy to speak either in His Name or at all. And when you do, you will create an environment in which all sins will be accepted as being a good thing. When that happens you will not only deceive others, but you will only fool yourself.

Your Teacher

Your beloved Jesus

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