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Mother of Salvation: These Miracles will happen over a period of three years

Last year brought us to 2017 - the wonderful Centennial year of the Apparitions at Fatima! Fatima is too important an event to have it not be part of these final years before we Enter Paradise! This is simply an awesome Message from Our Mother of Salvation! She is very detailed in what we can expect at the Hand of God that no scientist will be able to explain away with all the mumbo jumbo!

Nature will take on some different appearances via colour - wow! This will be something to be marvelled at! Tragedies that the world will see almost manifest or perhaps what we will gasp at, will be averted by the Hand of God - then we will truly gasp!

The sun and the moon and earth will react to produce very unusual spectacles - we were told previously that we would see beautiful colours intermingle in the sky! Maybe similar or more beautiful than the Northern and Southern Auroras. Can't wait!

Then during all this Mother will present Her Own miraculous signs at Her Apparition sites. Can it get any better? Well yes! The New Heaven and the New Earth are just around the corner! All these manifestations are part of God's Heavenly Plan to bring about purification - of the earth, of our hearts and importantly of our souls!

These next years will not be boring, let me tell you! God is using all at His Disposal to bring the change needed to hearts, minds, bodies and souls for total conversion, trust and love and honour to Him, Our Almighty Father! Oh boy - seatbelts please! This is going to be one show-stopping ride!

Mother of Salvation: These Miracles will happen over a period of three years

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 @ 13:48

My child, the Miracles commanded by my Eternal Father will be made known soon in all parts of the Earth. These Miracles will defy all human reasoning, scientific knowledge and experience. The Earth, the sun and the moon will react to produce very unusual spectacles and many will know that they could only have been made possible by the Hand of God. These Miracles will happen over a period of three years and they will take place for a reason. They are to help to ignite the faith of humanity so that they will realize that everything is controlled by the Hand of God.

When wicked acts and deeds are perpetrated by man, they can be intercepted by God. The battle between the evil one and God is difficult for people to understand. When injustices take place, they are permitted for different reasons, but the main one stems from the need for purification. This may seem unfair, but this is not for man to understand, until they are given the Gift of Knowledge, which comes from the Holy Spirit. It is when souls are purified that they will begin to realize the way in which God works in order to bring His children into a state where they can recognize Him.

The Miracles I speak of will include great Acts of God, which will involve tragedies which will be averted and seem to have been impossible from a scientific point of view. They will also involve great signs in the sky; the movement of the Earth and the colours associated with nature.

My own involvement with these Miracles will be seen through the signs I will place at my apparition sites around the world. Do not fear these Miracles, as they are a Gift from God. Be thankful for His Mercy; for there is no task too great that He will not take on to ensure that the human race can be awakened so as to accept Him. This is the Will of God, for He loves every one of you.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

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