Friday, 2 February 2018

Not one of you is capable of understanding Divine Laws

Lord Jesus we must at all costs stay true to the Truth. Only that which You have permitted us to know is all we need to be concerned about, nothing more, nothing less! The Truth is simple! It doesn't confound! It doesn't require additions! Truth is Truth!

Part of being a soldier in God's Remnant Army is knowing that we really know very little and in some cases the limitation exists because they remain The Mystery of God! I used to ask my mother some very difficult questions when I was a child and I always remember her saying 'Not all things are for us to know, some things are Mysteries as God sees fit". So in my innocence and my childishness, that answer was enough for me - I didn't need to ask the same question each time.

God's Mystery! This should be enough for us! If we live in God's Will and we have trust in Him like little children, then just as I accepted the words from my mother, so too, as adults we should accept the Words of Our Heavenly Father. His Word is Truth and It is Final!

Jesus is the Instructor here in this Message, so all He tells us is all we need to know. No use supposing the future, supposing our position in that future - only The Holy Trinity knows. Those in high positions now in the Church of any denomination accept their responsibility but tend to relish in their position of authority and forget what their purpose for being there really is - to serve God and to serve His children! It seems that they are more hungry for all the trimmings and how they are perceived in the world and of the world.

It becomes the greater role of playing a part, but not living the part - the role of imparter of God's Truth. Jesus is disheartened with some of these servants whom He entrusted His Church to. They are not committed and central to Christ's Teachings in all circumstances. We pray for their souls to be encouraged by Truth and the simplicity that Jesus desires.

We may not all want to hear the simple Truth of the matter, but this doesn't make the Truth anything other than Truth, whether we want to believe it or not!

Whether bread is buttered or not, it's still bread!

Not one of you is capable of understanding Divine Laws

Thursday, June 26th, 2014 @ 14:00

My dearly beloved daughter, you must never believe that My Word, given to the world, through these Messages will be accepted easily. Those who do not accept them will struggle from time to time to live these Messages and all that I ask of them. Instead of living the Messages and adapting their lives accordingly, they will question and question every Word that comes from My Sacred Mouth. If they were, instead, to adhere to My Teachings, which have never changed, then they would serve Me better.

Not one of you is capable of understanding the Divine Laws, which come from My beloved Father. When you try to analyse the Mysteries of the Divinity of the Holy Trinity, you will fail, for not all is for your knowing. Any one of you who believes that they understand the events leading up to and beyond My Second Coming must know this. I reveal certain events only to help you prepare your souls. My Revelations are not given to you to cause sensation, controversy or hatred amongst you, for I would never inflict such confusion. Confusion stems from a lack of trust in Me and a burning human curiosity, which is understandable. You must simply remain true to My Holy Word – that is all that I ask.

I lived a simple life when I walked the Earth. I taught My Word in a simply way, so that My Teachings would be understood by all. I showed My abhorrence at those who professed to represent God and whose duty it was to ensure that the Ten Commandments were honoured. Yet, these learned men, bursting with pride, wore bejeweled garments and boasted of their positions within the Temple of God. So intent were they in their acts of posturing; dictating; admonishing the poor, the humble and the ignorant; that they forgot one important fact. Their role was to serve God. And to serve God, they had to serve His children. Instead, they demanded respect; sought adulation and coveted each other’s positions of power within the hierarchy that existed within the Temples. At no stage did I encourage sensationalism, although My Word delivered to the masses, albeit in a very simple way, created controversy. For only the Word of God, which is simple and straightforward, can offend in this way. The Truth creates division for many people because they cannot face it. Yet, it is only the Truth - the Word of God – that you need concern yourselves with. To analyse My Word or to argue over the meaning of the Truth and sensationalize the Word of God is a waste of your time. Far better you serve Me by serving others in My Name.

Do not be fearful of the Truth; do not reject it; dismiss it or create new interpretations of it. The Truth remains the same as it always has. My Word is My Word. What I say will Be. God’s Will cannot be tampered with. By accepting the Truth, it will bring clarity of mind; peace within your souls and a desire to be obedient to My Word – as it is given – at all times. There is nothing that you can add to it, for it will remain intact for eternity.

Your Jesus

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