Friday, 2 February 2018

Do not cut off ties with those who hate you because of Me

This Message from Jesus come as a great relief! Personally I grieve over not committing time to being with those around me or making plans for the near future ie holiday away etc because I think it's all about the Mission, it's all about spending time in prayer or on facebook saving souls. Well thankfully we understand that this is not necessarily how Jesus desires us to be in this Mission. He desires us to have a relationship with Him that deepens day by day to become an 'involvement' in everything we do, everything we say, everything we think and everything we pray. He wants us to involve Him!

This is living in His Divine Will! Each moment becomes prayer.

If we absolutely know that we need to weed the garden, but can't stomach the thought of actually doing it or think we must postpone it because souls need saving in the Mission, then grab that spade and say "Jesus I can do this with Your Help, I wish to offer my reluctance and lack of motivation to weed the garden up for those precious souls You desire". So weeding isn't a chore anymore - it becomes a Salvific tool!

The guilt we can feel from time to time can be overcome now as we read this Message - that our families and their welfare are just as important to Jesus as spending time praying and being part of His Remnant. He wants us to be there for them too! So each day, offer up and involve Jesus in everything we do - this is the intimacy He wishes to have with us - a deepening, abiding love.

Our prayers help everyone, even those estranged from us - nothing is wasted!

Don't waste precious time arguing the toss with others, just pray for them. So much more can be achieved this way. These souls will be saved! This is Jesus' Promise to us for selflessly and charitably offering all we can for them to receive their Inheritance.

Do not cut off ties with those who hate you because of Me

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 @ 23:37

My dearly beloved daughter, there is no need for people to stop all their normal day-to-day activities when they pledge allegiance to Me. I Am not a God that commands you to fall down at My Feet, to the detriment of your daily responsibilities. I do not preen; stand majestically, with a proud demeanor, to rule the human race, nor do I dictate your every move or try to stifle you into subservience to Me. That is not Who I Am, for I came as a humble servant to free man from bondage to the devil.

I came to save you and I come again to complete My Plan of Salvation. I Am here to serve you. I come to draw you to Me and while I delight in your love for Me and the time you devote to Me, My intention is to do this in a way which does not cause you undue distress. While I welcome the time you give to Me and the prayers you offer up, you still have to live your lives in order to feed and clothe yourselves and your families. All I ask is that you live your lives in the way that is necessary in order to serve Me. And as your relationship with Me deepens, you will feel a compelling desire to speak with Me through your thoughts and words.

I ask that you treat others with the respect that you show Me. Do not argue or lose your temper with others over Me. Never justify the actions or words, however, of those who insult Me – just pray for them. As your love for Me grows, your relationship with Me will become more intimate. When that happens, that will be the time when you will draw down upon you the wrath of those whose faith is weak. Expect this to happen and do not be alarmed or distressed, for when you are in union with Me, then you will be hated for this. Be patient with these people. Be kind. Be polite. Do not bother to argue, for nothing you say will make a difference. Instead, show them the meaning of Christianity by responding to hatred with love.

Do not cut off ties with those who hate you because of Me. Instead, please pray for them. You must try to keep a balance in your life when you are in union with Me. While I desire your company I also desire that you love those who need Me, but who cannot see Me; who cannot find it in their hearts to accept Me or who have no concept of what Eternal Life means. Your duty is to Me and My Desire is that you use your time wisely to love these souls. Through your words, deeds, actions and prayers, you can and will bring Me these souls.

Your Jesus

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