Friday, 2 February 2018

God the Father: When My Will is established peace will reign

I do hope as many people will read God the Father's Message here! Any doubts of His Love for each of us will be washed away. He has so much Love and He will show Himself through His Son Jesus, very soon. Because we have always prayed the "Our Father' we have been Gifted with knowledge that God's Will will be done on earth as It Is in Heaven. This has been a rather stupendous clue we have had all along but the timing was never discussed - until now. Although God will not and need not reveal the hour, He has been Gracious to help us understand more fully and to the point that we are the Chosen Generation who will see God's Kingdom restored in a new earth and a new Heaven.

Paradise is assured for all those who return to The Father, all their love, their commitment, their trust and their confidence, that He IS the Creator of ALL things! He is the Master of His Own Canvas, He will restore all that is Good! Evil has no place in God's Plan for Paradise. The Plan that is already prepared and given. In the blink of an eye, we will be assumed into the Paradise Promised, rid of hate, hurt, sorrow, grief, deception, narcissism etc. His Will on earth! Trust in His Divine Intervention - have faith that He will not do anything to hurt those who choose Him above all others.

He gave us the Ten Commandments - we must live by them down to the letter - all 'I's' dotted and all 'T's' crossed! He will not continue to tolerate evil and evil doers. Those who are hardened, He will give chances to through Graces to change from their wicked ways, but lo those who ignore these opportunities - He has been patient up til now, but He is giving fair warning, that if we don't turn back to Him, He will cast us out! It is completely our choice. There is no point believing that if we are permissive, tolerant and supportive of all things against His Will and Creation, that we will not be held to account!

We are living in a fool's paradise if this how we reckon our actions. Be awake! Know that everything is under the watchful Eye of God - He knows the number of hairs on our heads! He has a very long memory!

God the Father: When My Will is established peace will reign

Friday, July 18th, 2014 @ 15:52

My dearest daughter, the world is Mine and I belong to all of My children. I Am yours.

My offspring will face a great upheaval, as I send My angels to bring forth My faithful, and all evil will be banished soon. My enemies, I will crush until every trace of pain and sorrow, which humanity endures, is wiped clean. No more tears, no more sorrow, no more pain, for all Power is Mine.

My Plan is already unfolding, though few people will be aware of it. But I tell you this. Wipe away your tears. Do not fear My Intervention, for it is My Will that will be adjoined to that of My children – soon. When My Will is established, peace will reign, not only within your hearts, but on Earth as it is in Heaven. Trust in Me.

Fear not My Hand, for only those who completely reject Me will suffer. I do not desire revenge and I will penetrate the hearts of even those who curse Me. My Mercy means that very few will want to be separated from Me, when I make Myself known through My Son, Jesus Christ. The weak will become strong. The fearful will become courageous and those with hatred in their hearts will be infused with My Love.

I love and desire all of My children and because of this I will regain My Kingdom with the least amount of suffering possible.

Please trust in Me, completely. For the day is near when only the Light of My Divinity will reign on Earth and all peace will be yours.

Your Eternal Father

God the Most High

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