Friday, 2 February 2018

Mother of Salvation: Jesus Christ, is not loved by humanity as He once was

Mother of Salvation's Heart is breaking for humanity as Her Son will be discarded by all nations as 'yesterday's news'. We cannot imagine our faith being taunted and ridiculed as will happen soon. It is difficult to fathom that we will be told to be silent because their poor ears cannot be brought to hearing Jesus' Name! Publically we will see a very visible and shocking display of all things anti Christ so because this will be acceptable, any talk of Jesus will be met vehemently with criticism.

Sin will become the 'norm'. So if the Truth of Christ and the Ten Commandments was spoken of, they would be tortured with that Truth and rather than 'take it on the chin' they will scream like banshees and writhe in pain at the mere mention of anything representing Good!

We have really no idea at this present time, how massively distorted things around us are going to become, but throughout all of what we experience first hand or what we read in the papers or see on the news, remember that Mother and Jesus both hold us close to Their Two Hearts and we have nothing to fear. They will help calm our resolve to press on during times of turbulence. We must not underestimate God's Timing in all things. Remember Jesus in the boat with His Apostles.

God will take painstaking efforts to remove all evil and those who commit evil away from us, so His Paradise can come soon.

Mother of Salvation: Jesus Christ, is not loved by humanity as He once was

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 @ 16:50

My dear children, my Son, Jesus Christ, is not loved by humanity as He once was. The indifference to His Existence has developed into a distaste of all Who He is, all that He represents and all that He promised. This has brought me much pain and sorrow.

As apostasy grows and spreads, He, Jesus Christ, will be denounced by every nation, until those who love Him and who follow His Teachings will be unable to declare their allegiance to Him, without having to suffer ridicule, mockery and slander. Those who are loyal to Him will be unable to proclaim the Truth unless they spend time in prayer, begging Him to help them to cope with the opposition they will have to face every day.

In order to remain loyal to Jesus Christ, you must love Him unconditionally. To love Him truly is a great blessing and is also a Gift from God. To those whose love for my Son has weakened, I ask that you recite this Prayer.

Crusade Prayer (160) Help me to love You more:

O Jesus of mine, Saviour of the world, help me to love You more. Help me to grow in my love for You. Fill my heart with Your Love and Compassion, so that I can attain the Graces to love You in the way that You love me.

Fill my ungrateful soul with a deep and abiding love for You and all that You represent. By the Power of Your Graces help me to love my neighbour as You love every child of God and to show compassion to those who are in need of Your Love and who are without faith.

Unite me in union with You, so that I can lead the Christian life, which You taught us by Your example during Your Time on Earth. Amen.

Love my Son, children, and He will spread His Love, so that every child of God will be drawn into His Great Mercy.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

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